How to Grill $199 Steak - Japanese Miyazaki Wagyu A5

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
  • Today's cook is Japanese Miyazaki Wagyu A5 kobe beef on kamado joe's soap stone! With this beautiful steak I wanted my family to experience this amazing cut of beef. The soap stone seemed to be a good option for this cook today.
    I heated up the stone to 450°F / 235°C)
    * Japanese Wagyu A5 Steaks provided by Grand Western Steaks
    Their Website:
    Use Code "SVE" for 10% Off any purchase, no restrictions!
    * For Personal Touch Speak to Rep. Emilio (305)310-0559
    F.Y.I. They have picanha, TELL HIM GUGA SENT YOU!
    * INGREDIENTS * I used for todays cook
    1 Japanese Wagyu A5 24oz steak
    Salt and Pepper to taste
    * FOGO Premium Lump Charcoal - The First Ingredient.
    Fogo Charcoal:
    RU-clip Channel:
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    Mini Food Processor:
    Steak Cast Iron Plates:
    Meat Thermometer:
    Tongs Tweezers:
    Joule Sous Vide:
    Anova Sous Vide:
    Fire Starter:
    Pepper Grinder:
    Round Elevated Grate:
    Japanese Knife:
    Main Knife:
    Smoke Gun:
    Smoke Dome:
    Wood Pellets:
    Charcoal Grill:
    Slow N Sear:
    Cast Iron Griddle Round:
    Heat Resistant Glove:
    Cutting & Serving Board:
    Food Grade Gloves:
    Otto Grill:
    * The link below has EVERYTHING I USE *
    Main Camera:
    2nd Camera:
    Slow Motion Camera:
    Pocket Drone:
    Main Lens:
    Zoom Lens:
    Large Travel Camera:
    Tripod & Fluid Head:
    Voice Over Mic:
    Acoustic Isolation:
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  • VideosForWatching
    VideosForWatching 12 hours ago

    Man that shits just candy.

  • Polar Ice
    Polar Ice 4 days ago

    Just love looking at steak marbling

  • Norman Chapman
    Norman Chapman 5 days ago

    Imagine burning this

  • Pityss Pity
    Pityss Pity 6 days ago

    He reminds me of 6ix9ine

  • Δημήτρης Αθανασίου

    The most expensive Heart attack you can get...

  • southfieldspotter
    southfieldspotter 7 days ago

    For reference: A5 is the Japanese grading system for the quality/marbling of the meet. The meat is rated on yielding of meat (A, B, C categories) and the quality of the marble (rated from 1-5 scale) A being most yield. 5 being most premium, marbled cut of meat. So A5 is LITERALLY top of the line cut here.

    BMS = Beef Marbling System
    By comparison, USDA Select beef has a BMS of 1, USDA Choice is 2-3, and USDA Prime is 4-5

    USDA Select would be about $5-7 per pound
    USDA Choice would be about $10-15 per pound
    USDA Prime would be about $20 per pound

    Prices vary depending on cut of meat.

    Koby Beef Wagyu has BMS of 10,11 or 12.

  • djbashlive
    djbashlive 7 days ago

    Pls adopt me

  • Chevy sucks
    Chevy sucks 8 days ago

    At that point non of the guys would have said the little one. The little one looked better. You can keep the raw blood. Cook the big one med well and call me.

  • D Ddd
    D Ddd 8 days ago

    Fat with a little meat marbleing !!!!!!???!?!!!!!!

  • Nick Why?
    Nick Why? 8 days ago

    more fat than protein, so fat is the expensive aspect of a steak?

  • TicTac Tech
    TicTac Tech 12 days ago

    Great dad

  • Andy Smith-Akins
    Andy Smith-Akins 12 days ago

    My Bucket list of tasting:
    Real Olive Wagyu
    Real Truffle
    1996 vintage of Dom Perignon Rosé Gold

  • Arthur Nagel
    Arthur Nagel 13 days ago

    795 Vegetarians watched this Video...

  • Sofia H.
    Sofia H. 14 days ago

    Wouldn’t the fat be chewy?

  • The Truth
    The Truth 15 days ago

    I Like mine Wells Done

  • Christopher Evans
    Christopher Evans 16 days ago


  • Chainsaw Gaming
    Chainsaw Gaming 18 days ago

    Kayla😍 the steaks too🔥😂

  • Edgar Quintanilla
    Edgar Quintanilla 19 days ago

    2:44 imagine he dropped it

  • 1000 Pushups
    1000 Pushups 20 days ago

    Even Dylan has had Wagyu before 90% of the people in this comment section lmaoo.

  • Edgar Vargas
    Edgar Vargas 21 day ago

    They like the big one!!! Haha no but really that looks so good!

  • Order of the True Force

    Thin, medium well for me.

  • Negão Branco
    Negão Branco 21 day ago

    Omg he put pepper, so sad

  • life of slav
    life of slav 23 days ago

    Thay all the same meat

  • DevilZ Gaming
    DevilZ Gaming 23 days ago +1

    Am I The Only One Who Think Wagyu Meat Is
    2% Meat
    98% Fat
    I Know Its Super DELICIOUSSS But Im Just wondering😀

  • Stillor's Odds
    Stillor's Odds 23 days ago

    Indeed, i do like enjoying my fat with some meat

  • JoeCnNd
    JoeCnNd 25 days ago

    I've never had it but the bigger one would be easier to cook.

  • Daniel Mendez
    Daniel Mendez 27 days ago

    Who’s Kayla

  • Valentynoskovic Traisearotu

    but is not well cooked

  • zadoww
    zadoww 27 days ago

    I was always taught that you only flip the steak once and only once, is it different with the waygu?

  • James Edward
    James Edward 28 days ago

    I don’t get it it seem like all fat

  • Ashisogi Takezo
    Ashisogi Takezo 28 days ago

    Let me know why if you can, am french and all my grandpa always said me to put the salt at midtime of cooking, they say that s cause the salt keeps too much blood in the meat. Is that true ?

  • Ham Marez
    Ham Marez 29 days ago

    You should A5 versus wagu picanha

  • Michael Gronski
    Michael Gronski 29 days ago

    Why don't you try an aged Black Angus Ribeye on your Kamado Joe once. I bet you would do a fantastic job. You can buy 1/2 an Angus beef for around $500...Just Sayin'.

  • Esquire Maxwell
    Esquire Maxwell Month ago +1

    I'm starting a wagya beef fund. You can send money to my venmo account if you like to support the cause. @Clay-Crocker-13

  • Nyx Hypnos
    Nyx Hypnos Month ago +1

    Regular steaks look so gross when you see wagyu in comparison lmao

  • Teddles Peddles
    Teddles Peddles Month ago +1

    No no I will not share that steak lol 😂

  • Sarah Simons
    Sarah Simons Month ago +13

    I love that he fed his kids and didn't even take a bite, real dad there.

    • Yousef Dwaba
      Yousef Dwaba Month ago +2

      Sarah Simons this does put a smile on my face

  • Sarah Simons
    Sarah Simons Month ago

    Yuck, way too rare. Wrecked that Kobe Beef

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    Angels girl likes little ones😂

  • Ryan Henze
    Ryan Henze Month ago

    Not to be a hater, but you didn't show at all "how" you cooked it.... e.g. how hot the stone was, how long on each side, etc.... You just talked about it then showed a montage.

  • tanner meche
    tanner meche Month ago

    Bruh guga you got ripped off there is no meat in that steak all fat

  • qwertiedota
    qwertiedota Month ago +22

    Not only did Guga cooked these for them, he let them all had a bite before him, he wasn't even trying to stop them, neither was he competing to get more bites, such a great person. If i were him, i'll do the same, except i'll only cook a quarter of what i had bought, and save the rest for myself later.

  • Carlo Tumaliuan
    Carlo Tumaliuan Month ago

    so let's duet

  • Paul Kelley
    Paul Kelley Month ago +1

    The steaks have rested, I think they need to run a few more miles

  • Paul Kelley
    Paul Kelley Month ago

    It’s all fat

  • Ramiro Lucas
    Ramiro Lucas Month ago +2

    Guga, where can I buy Australian wagyu in the USA? Please recommend me a site

  • Flornmonk
    Flornmonk Month ago +2

    Guga seems like a lovely person to be around

  • Cagefree
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    What’s picana?

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    Ok me this steak looks like a slab of cheese more than a steak ah where's the beef bro all I see or saw was. Fat I'm not paying $199.00 for a slab of fat I'll pay 1$10-$15 bucks for meat year meat a steak that looks like a steak not a piece of something that's soft but only fat no meat where's the beef. Claire you tell um where's the beef

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      Dante Valle Month ago

      bobby smith nobody is forcing you to do anything

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    My dad has never cooked me a5 waygu does that mean he doesn’t love me?

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      English is probably his second language, also he is only a kid cut the guy some slack.

  • maoristereo
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    A5 looks like it came from some sort of diseased animal.

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