• Published on Oct 4, 2017
  • APPLE IPHONE 8 WATERPROOF TEST! In the pool, seeing just how waterproof / resistent the iPhone 8 Plus is! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! IPHONE 8 PLUS UNBOXING / REVIEW ru-clip.net/video/pnlxYj7pYO8/video.html Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and make sure to enable notifications!
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  • SSSniperWolf
    SSSniperWolf  Year ago +20291

    iphone 8 waterproof test :D

    • Daymonic
      Daymonic Year ago +2

      Can I get the I phone please?! I never had one before🙁

    • Wolfe wolf
      Wolfe wolf Year ago +3

      SSSniperWolf Dam u hot in that

    • NovaMisfit
      NovaMisfit Year ago

      SSSniperWolf need a new phone

    • naomi hernandez
      naomi hernandez Year ago +1

      SSSniperWolf in 3 months I'll be 19 (in case your looking for a certain age group) anyways I love your videos they make my day! 🤗 keep the vids coming 👌💜🐺💜🐺AHOOO!📱

    • Paulvelo Jr
      Paulvelo Jr Year ago

      Micah Williams nvm lol

  • Gerard Espiritu
    Gerard Espiritu 53 minutes ago

    that happened to my phone too

    LADY MOON 13 hours ago

    I’ve had this phone for almost two years and I didn’t know it was water proof wow

  • jessica kelley
    jessica kelley 16 hours ago

    i love your videos please give me that phone i have never had a phone.

  • jessica kelley
    jessica kelley 16 hours ago

    2019 September

    FLORA ZHOU 16 hours ago

    omg the problem with the phone battery happend to me! i had to get a new one because of that

  • Kritty Kratt
    Kritty Kratt 17 hours ago

    She’s such a dumbass I cant

    LADY MOON 18 hours ago

    WAIIIIT , it’s water prove ?????

  • Purple Panda
    Purple Panda 20 hours ago

    They do that to the updates so u keep having to buy a new product from them

  • winston marshall
    winston marshall 21 hour ago

    So mine is Samsung and sometimes it just shuts off and it says it's full I'm like WTH BRO

  • justinplayz
    justinplayz Day ago

    Digitalnex just walkin in the background,Lol

  • Perri Vibert
    Perri Vibert Day ago

    OMG i cant belive it plz can i have the phone ur the RU-clipr i watch the most like 24,7 plz plz plz

    SHIELD Day ago

    I came here only to see the girl 😀

  • Wild Gaige
    Wild Gaige Day ago

    Then Mabel try Samson

  • Chloey Serrao
    Chloey Serrao Day ago


  • Its_Meh Lover
    Its_Meh Lover Day ago +1

    And thats why I havent updated my phone for 10 months 😀

  • M Jean
    M Jean Day ago

    Dog behind she: *OmG did she drowned? D:*

  • Cutie Pun pun :3
    Cutie Pun pun :3 Day ago +1

    I liked the video so I want the iPhone 8

  • Alexa Ayungua
    Alexa Ayungua Day ago +1

    I love York vídeos sssniperwolf🐺🐶🐶🐶

    • Alexa Ayungua
      Alexa Ayungua Day ago +1

      Sorry I did not mene to rite York I ment to rite your

  • Heather Oddi
    Heather Oddi Day ago

    Super cool 😎 love ❤️ it

  • Jazmin Osburn
    Jazmin Osburn Day ago

    Love u 💋😘❤️

  • Jazmin Osburn
    Jazmin Osburn Day ago

    I love u

  • Denny Yuwono
    Denny Yuwono Day ago

    Your phone after it went underwater is like my IPhone5 (but my phone is 5 times glitchier)your Iphone 7 in the end:my iPhone 5 never does that

  • Teodora Ivanova
    Teodora Ivanova Day ago

    Anyone watching this in September 2019

  • Chiew Joshua
    Chiew Joshua 2 days ago

    Can I pls have one iPhone x my big brother allwas teast me because I don't have water proof iPhone x

  • Hadley Cantrell
    Hadley Cantrell 2 days ago +1

    When I grow up I wanna be a youtuber like you

  • Shelby Jackson
    Shelby Jackson 2 days ago

    Who here is in 2019

  • Shahad Sadeq
    Shahad Sadeq 2 days ago

    7:53 Lia looks so different!!!

  • Fin Yard
    Fin Yard 2 days ago

    Hi hi hi

  • Daddys Girl
    Daddys Girl 3 days ago

    Love you so much ❤️❤️

  • Daddys Girl
    Daddys Girl 3 days ago

    Thanks for testing

  • EVA Squad
    EVA Squad 3 days ago +1

    I have a iPhone 8 Plus

  • Michelle Barrow
    Michelle Barrow 4 days ago

    Can I have the iPhone

  • ReeeEeE Oof
    ReeeEeE Oof 4 days ago

    I just echoed this and I loved it :D

  • L Unicorn 123
    L Unicorn 123 4 days ago


  • KrystalWithTheK
    KrystalWithTheK 4 days ago

    *sssniperwolf having a iPhone 8 in 2017*
    *me having the iPhone 7 in 2019 and my dad having iPhone 8 in 2019 too*

  • Amelia Nikolova
    Amelia Nikolova 4 days ago

    I need to get a new phone and almost 3/4 of the people that i ask say samsung a50 and the others say iphone 7 (i think samsung bc their quality is better and it is cheaper)
    What do you guys think? 😂

  • Toys world Family
    Toys world Family 4 days ago

    My dad and mom have the same passwo-
    And I oop

  • Rose Munkhtulga
    Rose Munkhtulga 5 days ago

    Meeeeeeeeee plsss

  • Jacky Robles
    Jacky Robles 5 days ago

    I wish I won kt

  • Cara Lynn
    Cara Lynn 5 days ago

    I really want that phone 📱 can I please have that phone 📱

  • ricky white
    ricky white 5 days ago

    Cortez like yo ipho

  • Kovu and the warrior cats

    Im saving up for a iphone 8 plus im close

  • TA Arctic
    TA Arctic 6 days ago

    What rich people do on there meantime

  • Gshhax Bsjsjc
    Gshhax Bsjsjc 6 days ago

    Leave this iphone you are very sexy

  • Its KookieG
    Its KookieG 6 days ago +1

    " I best go after it" Lmao you are hilarious

  • AhmaD Asim
    AhmaD Asim 6 days ago

    Anyone else watching on iPhone 8 PluS❤️

  • Teresa Kiser
    Teresa Kiser 7 days ago

    I watched all your video

  • killer kitty
    killer kitty 7 days ago


  • killer kitty
    killer kitty 7 days ago

    I know 8m late

  • killer kitty
    killer kitty 7 days ago

    Can get it?

  • Pretty Eevee :3
    Pretty Eevee :3 7 days ago +2

    That happens with my iPad but it's 7 years old so that's probably it 😂😂😂

  • Chara Best friend of asriel

    It’s glitching cause it’s wet

    XXGACHACOOKIEXX 7 days ago +5

    Anyone watching this in Semptember 2019?? Okay just me ... ;-;

  • Arup sarker
    Arup sarker 8 days ago

    nice milk

    LAER EKAF 8 days ago

    Do this is ur house?

  • anime Emina
    anime Emina 8 days ago

    She watch por*

  • Alex Ferreira
    Alex Ferreira 8 days ago +1

    Anyone watching this in 2019 September

  • Haven Leu
    Haven Leu 8 days ago +1

    You already did that you took it in the shower and used it to wash your dishes!

    Only OG fans remember

  • Hollie Cunningham
    Hollie Cunningham 8 days ago

    meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sssniperwolf me plzzzzzzzzz