Testing My 18v Cordless Drills Against Each Other #hitachi #hikoki #stanleyfatmax #aeg #ridgid

  • Published on Jan 25, 2019
  • After recently purchasing my new AEG brushless 18v drill, I thought it a good time to compare the 3 18v cordless drills I own. The hitachi and the Stanley Fatmax drills i own have served me well since i have owned them, and i'm happy to continue using them on future projects.
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    Tools/Products used:
    Stanley Fatmax drill, this isn't the exact drill I own, as that has been discontinued, but here is the updated version: www.diy.com/departments/stanley-fatmax-cordless-18v-2ah-li-ion-brushed-combi-drill-2-batteries-fmc626d2k-bqgb/1682356_BQ.prd
    Hitachi drill, this one comes with 2 x 3Ah batteries: amzn.to/2R9qBct
    AEG brushless drill (in the USA/Canada AEG is rebadged as RIDGID tools), cpc.farnell.com/aeg-power-tools/bsb18cbli-252cuk/18v-combi-drill-2x-2-5ah-bat/dp/TL19961?st=aeg
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  • Richard Frew
    Richard Frew 15 days ago

    The AEG has 2.5amp battery and the Stanley has a 2 amp battery. Stanley with the brushless model and the same battery amp output would put up a better show. I think it would be closer. Good fair testing other than that.

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  15 days ago

      Cheers, I did try to keep it as fair as possible. I know that a brushless Stanley would perform better. But I wanted to test a brushless drill against my 2 brushed motor drills. I've since got 2 other Brushless AEG drills, so perhaps I can do something testwise with them 👍

  • Alexandros Pavloy
    Alexandros Pavloy Month ago

    AEG with 5,6 or 9ah battery wins alls battery tools.
    Wins makita dewalt and milwaukee. 9 ah is beast.
    Aeg is professional with low cost from other brands

  • Brian Cullen
    Brian Cullen 6 months ago

    Dude, you set up the perfect 'average user' test but then you failed to account for the age and wear and tear on the products. E.g. The Fat max stayed indoors, probably drilled just wood (by the way draw your screw out every few seconds to clear the drill bit [it will save you both time and money in the long term]), the Hitachi had some kind of beating into concrete / brick (man when that dust gets into things it really wears the moving parts down and dampens the flow of electrical current). That AEG, man it looks so beautiful and new...
    The only real test that would actually count is if you bought them at the same time and had them perform the same type of tasks over their lifetime.


    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  6 months ago +2

      It must be fantastic to live in your perfect world. Your are assuming all these things about my drills, yet have no idea how often I have used them or not. Yes, I agree a perfect test would be to buy them all at once and test them, but I've not got £300 or more to chuck at a youtube video that won't ever make that back. Tell ya what, I'll subscribe to your channel and I'll look forward to seeing you put out a video like this one 👍

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones 8 months ago +2

    you have the drills on the wrong settings for drilling. That model of AEG is a basic one, i have a bigger brush-less model and it's a monster so much power have to watch your wrists when using large drill bits.

    • Adam Jones
      Adam Jones 8 months ago

      ​@James' Man Cave LOL yes good kit and a bucket load of unexpected fun if not careful, reminds me of my old school day's
      when we used belt sanders for drag racing.

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  8 months ago +1

      Lol, to me that's the sign of a good bit of kit.

    • Adam Jones
      Adam Jones 8 months ago +1

      @James' Man Cave yes i have a AEG 850W Hammer Drill it is insane to use i would not dare use it without the extra handle, watched a mate spin around his floor drilled with a auger bit, and it didn't even faze the drill lol

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  8 months ago +2

      The drills were all set on drilling mode/hammer/and screwing if it had it. Not sure what other mode I could have set them on. My dad had a corded AEG drill in the early 80s, and that would literally try to spin you around if the bit stopped turning

  • Kani Fuker
    Kani Fuker 8 months ago

    Just ordered a Fatmax Stanley Brushless and looking forward to using it as my 12yr old Black & Decker needs a wee rest. Great video and not bias in any ways, hats off to you.

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  8 months ago +1

      Thanks, I have no bias to any tool or brand, as I think they are all great drills. I think you will notice the difference with your new drill, I personally think stanley fatmax is a great range of tools, I use my fatmax drill and impact driver all the time. Even after doing this test

  • MM M.
    MM M. 8 months ago +2

    Great video, I really enjoyed it.
    I just wanted to let you know that storing lithium batteries fully charged actually is not good for them. For storing it is best to keep them somewhere between 40-60% of charge.

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  8 months ago

      Thanks for the info, i've not heard this before. I will look into it

  • RamsiVTEC
    RamsiVTEC 8 months ago

    You compare a over 10 years old Hitachi (series) cordless screwdriver with current Brushless AEG cordless screwdriver? Do not understand the meaning --- Sorry

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  8 months ago +2

      Do you not understand the point! If you know nothing about brushless /brushed drills. And your wanting to buy a drill, but don't know what to go for (as all 3of these were on offer at the time of making it) then this shows you the difference. Hitachi didn't mind selling me the drill though at brand new prices even though its an old model

  • Ross Cat
    Ross Cat 8 months ago

    stanley should have won this test. ru-clip.net/video/dCRdFTwQKZU/video.html

  • Micky P
    Micky P 8 months ago

    Very nicely made video! This took a huge amount of effort to bring to the public ... for free, so, thank you ... for all that effort. Very informative and helpful!

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  8 months ago

      Thanks Michael, isn't not always appreciated how long it takes to put a video like this together. It may not be the best filmed video, but I aim to be informative and give an honest opinion. 👍

  • A Baker
    A Baker 9 months ago

    Good test. As you say it was not really comparing apples to apples. but on the majority of jobs a home diyer might do it is clear that brushless is the way to go. I have the standley fatmax brushless version of the drill driver you have. It works really well and i would very much recommend it.

    • A Baker
      A Baker 9 months ago

      @James' Man Cave that's not a huge amount of time. Ive gone for a mixture of corded and cordless tools. If I'm likely to be using them near my workbench or portability is not required then I go corded to save money. I also have 1 corded hammer drill incase my cordless can't get through more dense masonry but rarely use it.

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  9 months ago

      I do have the stanley fatmax cordless random Orbital sander as well, that is a very good tool, with quite good dust extraction, but a 4ah battery last about 25min in it

    • A Baker
      A Baker 9 months ago

      @James' Man Cave yeah once you start investing in a system It is easier to stick to it. 1 charger, sharing batteries etc. The impact driver is next on my list.

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  9 months ago +1

      Thanks. If I hadn't have gone down the AEG route, I would have definitely invested in the new cordless range of stanley tools.

  • Bruno Miguel Oliveira Costa

    But over all, great video

  • Bruno Miguel Oliveira Costa

    I think its not a fair comparison if you don't use the maximum tork located in drill position

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  9 months ago +2

      Each drill was set to the maximum torque position, I chose some tougher tests and I think maybe the age of the hitachi battery didn't cause it to perform at its best, that said, I don't think it would have performed much better any way

  • Atad Ali
    Atad Ali 9 months ago +3

    08:38 shame.. obvious lie

  • Engin Bircan
    Engin Bircan 9 months ago

    My friend. Nice, educational video. Cordless screwing product introduction and application. You can visit me if you want to see.
    Thank you.

  • Mike Coshan
    Mike Coshan 9 months ago

    Brilliant test & very fair, the AEG looks like a great buy

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  9 months ago

      Hi, thanks. I tried to make it as fair as possible. Really enjoy using the aeg drill, makes light work of things

  • Gospodăria lui Dan
    Gospodăria lui Dan 9 months ago

    Great review, thank you. I like AEG.

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  9 months ago +2

      Thanks, I'm really impressed with the aeg, so much in fact I've upgraded all my tools to aeg

  • Zaim Hazmin
    Zaim Hazmin 10 months ago

    juan mata is that you?

  • N1rOx
    N1rOx 10 months ago +6

    Finally a tester who makes an effort into fair testing where ever possible. I always see videos where they haven't controlled for it and it just ends up a mess with results you can't reliably trust. Thanks for making it as apples apples as you could!

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  10 months ago +1

      No problem, I always try to make things as equal as I can, mainly cus I wouldn't feel right giving something an advantage

  • Jakob
    Jakob 10 months ago

    Its a good d'amn jungle from a newbie to sense what to get and not to get.
    my 10 to 15-year-old el cheapo Toolmate extra 21.6v have more or less lost its power from its NIMH battery so was in the market for a new drill and this time with hammer function.
    The good ones cost an arm and a leg here in Denmark as everything is taxed to the moon and back as somebody needs to fund Merkel's EU club and here Denmark we sadly nr1 in who on a decade-basis pay the highest fee pr citizen to this continent tumbling-show, that we know as EU.
    anyway' I found an outlet sale here in Denmark on the HITACHI hammer drill DV18DBL2 2X5,0AH new and with 2batteries incl. for around 200 GBP original MSRP was around 690 GBP so a good deal and purchased it, bud sadly the vendor contacted me and canceled the deal as they have sold out and had no more and that was a bummer as the more I check the reviews and so' that it was one hell of a good cordless hammer drill and couldn't find any deals that where anywhere near as attractive here in Denmark.
    So I instead went bananas in el cheapo brushless cordless-gear this week and purchased almost too much but it's not bad, quite decent products imo..
    Brushless multitool
    Brushless Compact Drill with tightening clicking metal chuck
    Brushed SDS hammer drill
    It's these I purchased..i.imgur.com/ZHropYJ.jpg
    So far it's only the SDS hammer drill I have tried and that one did a great job in drilling to concrete-stone.
    Today went to a store carrying numerous brands like Dewalt, Metabo, Bosh to get a feeling qualitywise with well-known brands power tools.. and so far the quality of the above items are surprisingly decent when you have the price in mind ..btw have you tested some of Parkside brushless gear, their so-called performance lineup??
    thx for your video, great stuff the brushless AEG looks like it has way more momentum.

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  10 months ago +1

      Hi Jakob, yes indeed you are right, there is so much choice out there it's hard to know what to go for. I have done a review of the Parkside multi tool, and a basic review of the Parkside impact driver, although that one isn't brushless. For the money I don't think the Parkside range can be faulted. They are rebadged einhell tools. So easy to get replacement parts. That deal on the hitachi drill did sound fantastic, not surprised it was sold out

    • Jakob
      Jakob 10 months ago

      on the el cheapo brushless one, I got.. it weighs just under 1.2kg without battery and 1609grams with its native 2.0A Li-Ion battery
      the distance is 184mm from the back to the end of the metalchuck if you don't extend the gripping-teeth...
      a small little compact drill and overall very decent build with thick rubber coating on the body and the grip. imgur.com/a/hMv8yhC

  • donkmeister
    donkmeister 11 months ago +1

    Useful tests. I love my Hitachi gear (a mains SDS, a right-angle drill and two drill-drivers that I've acquired over the last 10 years) but that AEG was impressive. Something I have noticed is that my right-angle drill has a LOT more torque than the drill-drivers and has replaceable brushes, but it was sold only in the trades range (and also has a battery indicator!) rather than as a DIY drill.
    My best recent purchase was a Titan SDS though... I needed something with a bit more clout than the Hitachi SDS for just one project, so I didn't want to spend too much and got one of the cheapest ~6kg drills from Screwfix. I can't say anything for its longevity as I've only had it a month, but it is fantastic at what it does. Not light though, and needs to be used carefully for more delicate scutch work.

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  11 months ago

      Thanks for the great comment. I was over the moon with my hitachi drill when I bought it, far better then anythingm I had before. I moved to the stanley range cus I seemed to be buying more and more fatmax gear. Now, regarding the Titan SDS drill. I HAVE THE EXACT DRILL TOO! I have only used it for breaking concrete around fence posts, but the half a dozen times I have used it I cannot fault the thing. Had it about 3 years now. Interesting a tradesman thinks the same as regards the titan 👍

  • hugo Bose
    hugo Bose 11 months ago

    I must admit I didnt expect it to be any different that your results, the age of the batteries altered the results

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  11 months ago

      Now this I did consider, but although I can't speak for the hitachi, I do have a 4ah stanley battery which is about 2 months old. I tried it in the stanley, and although it perform about 10% better at drilling holes faster, it still didn't beat the AEG in any test.

  • Mitch Makes Unplugged
    Mitch Makes Unplugged 11 months ago

    Nice! love me some cordless drills! Keep it up. I received your sticker today THANKS!

  • TRA Leyton
    TRA Leyton 11 months ago +3

    Very good and fair.

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  11 months ago +1

      Thanks, I had a few more test ideas, but I thought this would be enough

  • Phils Workshop
    Phils Workshop Year ago +3

    James for what your average DIYer does that’s a sound test must admit I fancied the AEG in the shed I use makita and dewalt great vid

    • Fallet Sverige
      Fallet Sverige 6 months ago

      Great choise mate, after my Ryobi brokedown after lenting it out, i bought a dewalt brushless 18v with two 5ah batteries =).

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  11 months ago +1

      Thanks buddy, I had loads of ideas for tests, but didn't want the video to be to long. Never owed anything dewalt, have used makita drills/impact drivers in the past though, they do feel quality

  • Dragonling
    Dragonling Year ago

    Thanks for this, its a nice comparison because of the cost similarities.
    I did want to ask something though, it sounded like the clutch engaged on some of the drills did this effect anything or was it just the sound of the hammer action?
    I was also wondering if you used the phone timer, or when editing used the time taken from the video?

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  Year ago

      Great question! I think the clutch engaging noise was from the drills struggling to penetrant the wood, so I had to ease off with some of the pressure I was applying to the drills. I did edit out from this video a few clips of me setting the drills on the correct settings for each task. I.E. Hammer, screwing, drilling. Although it's not a precise way of measuring torque, it seems the hitachi lacked the most torque when doing these tasks.
      The timing was done on my phone from the moment I squeezed the trigger to the point I released it. However, I did also check these times after, when I watched the recordings back. And both were within about a quarter/third of a second of each other.

  • resinAce
    resinAce Year ago +1

    Interesting results. I buy power tools for a large organisation and my two favourite brands based on feedback from our engineers are DeWalt for drills and Hitachi for cordless screwdrivers (we do a lot of screwing) ;)

    • resinAce
      resinAce Year ago

      @James' Man Cave hahaha, don't forget to bring your Hitachi then!

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  Year ago +1

      If screwings your game, count me in on joining you at work on Monday

  • jgclark45
    jgclark45 Year ago

    I looked up the AEG and maybe the AEG is not available in the US. At least not on Amazon
    thanks for the info

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  Year ago +5

      Hi, should have mentioned it in the video, but in the US AEG is known as ridgid. Here is a link to the ridgid version of the drill www.ridgid.com/us/en/brushless-18v-compact-drill-driver

  • Pete Beardsley
    Pete Beardsley Year ago +1

    I feel inadequate now, I only have one drill and it's that Hitachi! lol In fairness I have been perfectly happy with it for the last three years of use so I'm not going to complain, especially given what I paid for it.
    I will be in the market for a new drill in the not too distant future so this is very interesting for me. Always did have a soft spot for AEG kit as well.
    Thanks for the info James, very interesting.

    • James' Man Cave
      James' Man Cave  Year ago

      Thanks Pete, I was/am perfectly happy with all my drills, I just thought it would be good to compare then against each other, and see by how much better brushless is ment to be