How We're Picking A Winner for the $10,000 Room Transformation!


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  • Mr. Kate
    Mr. Kate  Год назад +482

    Thank the goddesses Joey's boobs stayed in his shirt amiright??? 😹 Have a great weekend my Creative Weirdos! Love you all! 😽

    • Maddy de Vera
      Maddy de Vera Год назад +4

      Mr. Kate if I got to donate money to any charity I would write it to go four the goal because in fifth grade my friend passed away from cancer. He was so sweet and was one of my closest friends. He had no hair since he had cancer and since he missed his hair he learned how to braid mine. I really miss him and everyday to him was the best day ever. I also would donate it to the best day ever which is an event that happens every June and it's actually June 10 this year so it's coming up. That event is based off of my friend and his mom runs it. They raise money and create a dream day to a sick child so that they can have the best day ever. 💕 if I don't win the room makeover that's cool but if you could please please please donate to one of those charities it would make my day. ❤️😭

    • Eyankaheys Roselle
      Eyankaheys Roselle Год назад +2

      Mr. Kate ily

    • Nikki Buggy
      Nikki Buggy Год назад

      Mr. Kate if I could I would donate to charity to pro life to help those children that are safe to get into homes!

    • MissMaree
      MissMaree Год назад +1

      Mr. Kate ahahah 😜😂❤️

  • Genevieve Lee
    Genevieve Lee 9 дней назад

    Kate kinda looks like bella thorne?

  • kethuban sivanathan
    kethuban sivanathan Месяц назад


  • Liana Herlina
    Liana Herlina Месяц назад

    get you a guy like joey girls
    he's definitely goals

  • Victoria Ratsch
    Victoria Ratsch 9 месяцев назад

    you should do a series called ripping rainbow. It would be for people that have rooms that dont really have a color pallate and want to tone down the color in their rooms

  • ItzShaky
    ItzShaky 9 месяцев назад

    St jouse

  • Emma Kate
    Emma Kate Год назад

    Almost at 2m

  • diana ran
    diana ran Год назад

    Joepie zo nice gefeliciteerd 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Beautiful and Diy's By Rosie
    Beautiful and Diy's By Rosie Год назад

    Tattoo video story yassss

  • Sarah Copham
    Sarah Copham Год назад


  • AngelicaThinks
    AngelicaThinks Год назад

    I so wish you did this sooner. I barely discovered your amazing channel.

  • WinnieXOX
    WinnieXOX Год назад

    I haven't changed my room since I was one. Like my bed has changed but that is it. I am a teenager now and I am so done with my room I hate it want it different but no one will help me get rid of toys and it just annoys me. I wish I can change it. I want like a teenager room not a room I have had for more than a decade now

  • Zainab Abdullahi
    Zainab Abdullahi Год назад

    Yo, if I won, my room would be dirty asf.

    NAIMA GONZALEZ Год назад

    When you live in Spain

  • Petra R
    Petra R Год назад

    I live outside of U.S. but I still love your vids and I wish I can enter but I can't

  • Vena Wenur
    Vena Wenur Год назад +1 the winner???? its been months. i wanna see it really

  • Allie Bengochea
    Allie Bengochea Год назад

    I just saw this...hope I'm not too late! Pretty sure there hasn't been a winner announced, but I could definitely be wrong. Good luck peeps!

  • Dalal Hussein
    Dalal Hussein Год назад

    Is this transformation for free

  • Victoria leigh
    Victoria leigh Год назад

    I love you guys so much ❤❤

  • Queen Kyah
    Queen Kyah Год назад

    Love you guise

  • Clarisse Que
    Clarisse Que Год назад

    Do we have a winner already? :)

  • Pizza Lover
    Pizza Lover Год назад

    I want to enter and be in breaking beige but I live in Australia 😢

  • Zozo Ladybug16
    Zozo Ladybug16 Год назад

    You should donate it to the Ronald McDonald House foundation

  • Jenni Villanueva
    Jenni Villanueva Год назад


  • potato lord
    potato lord Год назад

    I'm so sad that I couldn't enter cuz I live in stupid Canada

  • Год назад

    is it too late ? did u already pick the winner

  • Seraj Mohsen
    Seraj Mohsen Год назад +1


  • Annabelle Widjaja
    Annabelle Widjaja Год назад

    is breaking beige international??? or is it only for US???

  • Lillie Evers
    Lillie Evers Год назад +1

    Donate the money to Children Are People. They are a christian foundation that supplies the needs for orphans in Kenya. The person who started this foundation is a close friend to my family and has been a missionary for many many years. She now lives in Kenya with the kids she supports and we try to support and donate to her foundation, Children Are People, as much as possible. :)

  • Matt kerr
    Matt kerr Год назад

    they should do another $10,000 room transformation when they hit 2million

  • Jessi Carter
    Jessi Carter Год назад

    Kate ur killing me ... where is the winner reveal video you said it would be posted 3 days ago like yeah I'm happy for #mrkate1million but I'm so excited and it's kinda haunting me. Love you
    P.S- it's been months

  • Kaycee Bobby
    Kaycee Bobby Год назад +1

    Am I still able to enter???

  • Jadyn Alexis
    Jadyn Alexis Год назад

    That hair😍😍

  • Maddalena Petrenko
    Maddalena Petrenko Год назад

    Hi mr.kate I love your videos, most of my day is spent on watching you. You guys are so funny and an adorable couple. My house is 2 floors and my room is right by the kitchen, it's almost a square but the fridge makes an indentation right by the door. I would like putter grey with teal and mint bedding and drapes. My furniture is white. I would love a desk that is gold (or whatever color). My doors are wood. The color of the doors are brown. Closet doors are the same, the doors would be whatever color color you want. That is about it love u.

  • Bonnie Petterson
    Bonnie Petterson Год назад

    Did they ever do the room transformation? i cant find it

  • V C
    V C Год назад

    Do more omg were coming over plz

  • Riad Ftouh
    Riad Ftouh Год назад

    me breaking boom

  • Samantha Abrams-Cohen
    Samantha Abrams-Cohen Год назад

    You should give to best friends animal sanctuary, witch is all about saving animals who might be otherwise executed in animal shelters if they're there too long. their hashtag is #savethemall and they have animals from cats and dogs to horses and lizards.

  • Lisa-Marie Grieco
    Lisa-Marie Grieco Год назад +3

    In the 1 million suscribers theres 500 000 people from different countries but only us people can win, you should of ask for a million american suscribers then

    RAYAANJ 3 Год назад

    The gold leaf thingy in the background looks like trump😂

    RAYAANJ 3 Год назад

    Will u film it for an episode. If yes then wheennnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!???????

  • Maria Ordaz
    Maria Ordaz Год назад


  • chanel ღ
    chanel ღ Год назад

    love you kate ! it's so kind for you to do this !

  • Victoria Limtaveemongkol
    Victoria Limtaveemongkol Год назад

    Soooo who won?

  • ParsimoniousTV
    ParsimoniousTV Год назад

    Oooo! Why does it have to be done this year??? Is there a baby on the way?!

  • Fiona Mae Editing
    Fiona Mae Editing Год назад

    Does anyone know when the giveaway ends because I just now remembered to enter and I hope it is not too late.💜

  • Elison Wonderland爱丽笙乐园

    im from malaysia i have nearly finish all ur video ! love u both !!!

  • Cindi Motis
    Cindi Motis Год назад

    Ya. Im happy found you two.😊

  • ????????????
    ???????????? Год назад


  • Hayley Hunter
    Hayley Hunter Год назад +19

    so it's been months, when are you picking a winner?

    • Elise Wang
      Elise Wang Год назад +3

      Hayley Hunter I was wondering the same thing. I was hunting through comments to see if any of them said 😄

  • Pheebs. Xox
    Pheebs. Xox Год назад

    I know it's a lot of work but please come to other countries 😉 England 😉 it would be so fun watching u in other countries Xx

  • Jessica Hutchinson
    Jessica Hutchinson Год назад +1

    Mr.kate you say one of your million subscribers but it's actually one of your subscribers that lives in the US
    I was devastated when I found out that the 10,000 room transformation was only for THE US

    • Jazmín Zesati
      Jazmín Zesati Год назад +1

      Jessica Hutchinson please unsubscribe. You don't seem like a true supporter just following for the giveaway.

  • Jessica Hutchinson
    Jessica Hutchinson Год назад

    Mr.kate why only USA

  • Jessica Hutchinson
    Jessica Hutchinson Год назад

    why only people in the USA I'm in England 😭😭

  • Jessica Hutchinson
    Jessica Hutchinson Год назад


  • Mariana Malagon
    Mariana Malagon Год назад +2

    Mr. Kate you very creative, I like watching your videos. When I grow up I want to be an interior designer 👩‍🎨 you and how hare both very awesome

  • Eicarg
    Eicarg Год назад +3


  • Adrija Majumder
    Adrija Majumder Год назад +1

    When will the winner be decided?

  • A. Laura Schwab
    A. Laura Schwab Год назад


  • Brittany Robb
    Brittany Robb Год назад

    Please do the tattoo tag! That would be awesome.

  • Sj Sj
    Sj Sj Год назад

    Omg why there's no one like u guys in my country?u guys r just sooooo creative,cool,fun.omggg😭😍

  • Rachael Walden
    Rachael Walden Год назад

    So excited to enter!

  • Victoria Dove
    Victoria Dove Год назад

    Why can't you enter when you live in another country..? I hate when that happens. I really wanted to get a chance to win.. but no... Anyways.. I love your videos and I hope that one day you'll make another contest like this but only international.. :))

  • Yu Andi
    Yu Andi Год назад


  • Jyothika Nair
    Jyothika Nair Год назад

    Im from India 😭

  • Michaela Powell
    Michaela Powell Год назад


  • Marta Bednarek
    Marta Bednarek Год назад

    Waiting fot the tattoo tag! ❤💕

  • Chaimae Elalami
    Chaimae Elalami Год назад

    I don't live in US whyyy😥😥😥😥 congrats on 1million guys🎉🎉

  • Emily Ann
    Emily Ann Год назад

    I'm too young, I went to fill out the form and it said 18 and over 😩😂

  • Jess Harcup
    Jess Harcup Год назад

    Urghhh I don't live in the US 😭😭

  • Amazing Sami
    Amazing Sami Год назад

    I am sorry I don't know what you mean by my information

  • Amazing Sami
    Amazing Sami Год назад

    Please pick me

  • Wendy Darling
    Wendy Darling Год назад

    So awesome!

  • Maddy Cummins
    Maddy Cummins Год назад


  • Andrea Marie
    Andrea Marie Год назад +1

    Oh my god! I'm soooooo excited...

  • Bailey Payne
    Bailey Payne Год назад +3

    I just signed up (a little late I know), but this channel is an amazing channel, and I think it's phenomenal that y'all are having this give away! I'm sending out luck to everyone who registered!

    • Mr. Kate
      Mr. Kate  Год назад +2

      Thank you so much, Bailey!! 💕💕

  • Derlyn Smith
    Derlyn Smith Год назад

    Pic me plzzz I never win stuff

  • Blake Vrba
    Blake Vrba Год назад

    Can't wait to see the room!!!💕

  • Crystal Malik
    Crystal Malik Год назад

    I'm so sad I wish I could sign up but I live in an apartment and we're moving when our lease is up anyway 😩

  • Jacquelyn Horvath
    Jacquelyn Horvath Год назад

    my mom works for a non-profit called Helping Childeren Worldwide you could donate to them

  • L L
    L L Год назад

    Love u x

  • Bryanne Cooper
    Bryanne Cooper Год назад

    I'm so sad it's US only!!!

  • Isabella Destinee Hernandez
    Isabella Destinee Hernandez Год назад

    Ronald McDonald House Charities would be awesome! They help the families of sick kids who were/are displaced due to treatment for the children.

  • Emily Horton
    Emily Horton Год назад

  • MichelleMarisol
    MichelleMarisol Год назад

    they probably have their dream house 😂

  • Samantha Grace
    Samantha Grace Год назад


  • yassin Sahla
    yassin Sahla Год назад +2

    Hey mr. Kate I subscribed and turned on post notifications and I liked like all ur vids love ❤️ u guys byeeeee 💕💕

  • Mylifeasvrishti YT
    Mylifeasvrishti YT Год назад

    I am sad because the $10,000 giveaway is not international 😭😭

  • CClovesPaul
    CClovesPaul Год назад

    St. Jude, habitat for humanity

  • CClovesPaul
    CClovesPaul Год назад

    Love you guys!! 👍🏻

  • Evie Shadday
    Evie Shadday Год назад

    thsi is such a great oppertunity

  • Harriet Jackson-Day
    Harriet Jackson-Day Год назад

    considering moving to the USA so i have a chance of winning this.... ? haha

  • nana shixt
    nana shixt Год назад


  • ejcahill
    ejcahill Год назад

    Love y'all💖

  • manya srivastav
    manya srivastav Год назад

    Have you already picked? When will the forms closed? (omg im so sorry if i sound needy) Also, uh, kind of stupid but I was wondering: So 10,000 means u'll only spend 10,000 and no more, or we have to pay 10,000

    • Amanda Luhrsen Robinson
      Amanda Luhrsen Robinson Год назад

      Manyes Sriracha they havent already picked. they will pay up to 10000 for your space to have a makeover

  • Heyheyhey Rey
    Heyheyhey Rey Год назад

    i know it isnt good to complain, but i really thought it was worldwide (im just so sad you never mentioned that it wasnt worldwide) i asked literally everyone i know to subscribe to you, but now knowing i have no chance to win. (or neither do my friends have a chance) it lets my heart sink. I love your channel sm (and i know this is super late reply/ comment) btw im just expressing my thoughts

  • Diana quinn
    Diana quinn Год назад

    Thank you for doing this for us 😀

  • jennifer loscialpo
    jennifer loscialpo Год назад


  • MissMaree
    MissMaree Год назад

    Damn I can't enter the room transformation since I live in AUS. But I can't wait to see the winners Room! It's soooo exciting! ahah ❤️👍

  • Olivia Kissinger
    Olivia Kissinger Год назад

    When are you announcing a winner??? I entered!