HAUNTED PRISON : I Did My Halloween Makeup In Eastern State Penitentiary

  • Published on Oct 20, 2018
  • Prison Mykie goes ghost hunting in Eastern State Penitentiary, a haunted prison, while doing halloween makeup. Things get moldy. Things get spooky.
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Comments • 12 531

  • winche
    winche Day ago

    Mykie, your philly accent comes out to play occationally. It sounds like you're saying "Terra behind the walls". It's like you're an apprentice for Neil Degrasse Tyson

  • xS4L4DK1NGx
    xS4L4DK1NGx Day ago

    Mf you ain't a skeptic. You don't taunt the "ghosts" 😂
    A skeptic and taunting is Shane Madej. As a skeptic as well, compared to others who hear a crack in the floor and shit themselves, I need actual strong, evidence. Full evidence of a demon or spirit slap me on the knee pit or something

  • xS4L4DK1NGx
    xS4L4DK1NGx Day ago

    Mf you ain't a skeptic. You don't taunt the "ghosts" 😂
    A skeptic and taunting is Shane Madej. As a skeptic as well, compared to others who hear a crack in the floor and shit themselves, I need actual strong, evidence. Full evidence of a demon or spirit slap me on the knee pit or something

  • Autumn The gay
    Autumn The gay 2 days ago

    Please tell me we're you got your contacts I want some for Christmas to cosplay a Larry from sally face and some of my own Ocs it would help a lot

  • Joanna (Lady Gray)
    Joanna (Lady Gray) 2 days ago

    Chemical peeling? That is for dummies, latex is the deal to renew the skin

  • Jacob Billsborough
    Jacob Billsborough 3 days ago

    It's so cute that Americans think buildings like that are hella old... We got building older then that still used in Ireland.

  • Tapio Alatalo
    Tapio Alatalo 3 days ago

    4:55 The Office reference

  • Aspen.
    Aspen. 4 days ago

    So close to being Jean Valjean...

  • Billie eilish Fan
    Billie eilish Fan 4 days ago

    Ok Lauren

  • Turtle Person
    Turtle Person 7 days ago

    Mykie: I don't believe in the supernatural.

    Also Mykie: IT WAS A GHOOOOOST

  • Jenna Gilbert
    Jenna Gilbert 10 days ago

    This look is very scooby doo on zombie island but horrifying

  • lotty bear
    lotty bear 15 days ago

    When I was watching her do her makeup there was a white flashing light on the right side it wasn't very noticeable but it was slightly there maybe it was just my phone or........ was it a ghost?

  • zachary partridge
    zachary partridge 17 days ago

    when she said dementtors i was like: huh oh my gosh she said harry potter referance

  • Scarlet Rain
    Scarlet Rain 21 day ago

    Watching this video after this year's Halloween videos ended is wild, man. I also noticed that I haven't seen any of those dots or dust particles or whatever, which I've seen almost religiously in the videos from this year's Halloween segment. Maybe the Borden House and Salem and the infamous Holiday Inn are more haunted than an actual prison??

  • Alyssa Hall
    Alyssa Hall 24 days ago

    When I watched this a year ago, I seriously thought it was a green screen before she got up and ran around.

  • Allie
    Allie 26 days ago

    My name is weird. My first name is Alice and because my dads family had a tradition that the youngest had the middle name Robert because turns out they were all boys, I have two middle names one is my dads middle name and the other is my dads mums middle name because I Never knew her so my middle names are Robert May. So I'm Alice Robert May. which most of the time I go by Alice May. I went to a work and I don't like my first name so I went by the name Robin because for some reason lots of people are called Alice. But my friends are adamant in calling me Allie while at work I'm Robin.

  • S. Lawrence
    S. Lawrence 28 days ago

    She really does look like a mykie not a Lauren tho!!!

  • Billie Eilish
    Billie Eilish 28 days ago

    Bruuuuuuh I thought there was a green screen behind mykie 😭

  • Jess y
    Jess y Month ago

    This girl has perfect skin

  • rowan starkling
    rowan starkling Month ago

    She is so unrecognizable in that makeup she is wearing.

  • Melissa Lynn
    Melissa Lynn Month ago

    11:03 did the lights just flicker or was that just my eyes?

  • Debbie R
    Debbie R Month ago

    Wow you twerked as good as tina from bobs burgers🤣 brilliant 👌

  • Kaylynn Cavett
    Kaylynn Cavett Month ago

    9 is my lucky # too!

  • Mia Voltri
    Mia Voltri Month ago


  • Laurens World08
    Laurens World08 Month ago +2

    I can't believe her real name is lauren because my names Lauren

  • Lauren Ryan
    Lauren Ryan Month ago

    hey im lauren and im from pennsylvania also im from perkise but now i live in north carolina

  • Carys Taylor
    Carys Taylor Month ago

    Happy belated birthday xx

  • melanie jimenez
    melanie jimenez Month ago

    hi laruen

  • jessica scolastico
    jessica scolastico Month ago

    If you search 1800’s halloween costumes on google images youll see some of the scariest welll extremely disturbing costumes ive ever seen

  • Bisexual Honey
    Bisexual Honey Month ago

    Who else thinks she should spook people with her looks and make it seem like shes a ghostie?

  • Ducks R Fun
    Ducks R Fun Month ago

    I though eastern state penn was a college in pennsylvania

  • Sandra Mendoza
    Sandra Mendoza Month ago

    26:13 the light flashes on the right side

  • Alyssa Montenegro
    Alyssa Montenegro Month ago

    HAUNTED PRISON : I Did My Halloween Makeup In Eastern State Penitentiary

  • Joanie Fai
    Joanie Fai Month ago


  • Olivia Thomas
    Olivia Thomas Month ago +1

    why isn’t she sitting in the center 😭 couldn’t finish the vid cause i was so triggered

  • Kirstyn Blake
    Kirstyn Blake Month ago +1

    “How did we get here?”
    “I-95 mostly” 😂😂

  • Lily Joan
    Lily Joan Month ago

    Am i the only one who hears Harley Quinn's laugh from Suicide squad when she laughs in the beginning of the video

  • LeslieBow
    LeslieBow Month ago

    you think November 1st is an amazing birthday try having a mom born on Friday the 13th(July 13 1962) a grandfather(moms dad) born on October 31st and then having a little brother born on December 31st and he absolutely thought the whole entire world was setting off fireworks, drinking and partying on that specific day just because he was another year older lol(I may have been the one to feed him that lie)

  • LeslieBow
    LeslieBow Month ago

    what it looks like you have on your face is a really serious case of scabies.

  • LeslieBow
    LeslieBow Month ago

    for people who are allergic to latex can you suggest anything else?

  • Lissa’s Channel
    Lissa’s Channel Month ago

    I went to eastern state penitentiary this year and they did a good job because they scared me 🤣🤣

  • rosey crystal
    rosey crystal Month ago

    I find it hilarious that she mentions asbestos cuz 2 schools near there had to be closed down cuz of asbestos

  • rosey crystal
    rosey crystal Month ago

    Lauren Michael (insert last name). Hmm cute

  • Cryssi Dodd
    Cryssi Dodd Month ago

    I feel like all camera men have the same voice. Also I 100% thought this was a green screen at first. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  • laura may
    laura may Month ago

    my name s lauren

  • Victoria Mentos Mellinger


  • Elizabeth Santos
    Elizabeth Santos Month ago +1

    i swear to god i saw a ghost right behind you not joking

  • Thorn Roseee
    Thorn Roseee Month ago

    Where can I get this shirt 😩😩😩😍

  • iwannabecrayy
    iwannabecrayy Month ago

    you’re from philly omg

  • Ryan Cole
    Ryan Cole Month ago

    Hell. No.

  • singingstar56
    singingstar56 Month ago

    are you from philly?

  • Sherlock Home
    Sherlock Home Month ago

    Hey Lauren.

  • Lisey's World!
    Lisey's World! Month ago

    That prison is 207 years old

  • Unicorn Gacha
    Unicorn Gacha Month ago

    4:55 omg the office

  • NannaBananas
    NannaBananas Month ago

    I love that her inmate number is one up from Jean Valjean! *cues Les Mis*

  • Shelby Brasfield
    Shelby Brasfield Month ago

    As a les mis fan so the jump suit makes me so mad

  • bhocolate bhip bookies

    You’re from Philly too??? I knew I liked you!

  • Mgkiddy
    Mgkiddy Month ago

    Am i the only one being distracted of the shadow in the hallway behind her?

  • Dragon Grrrl
    Dragon Grrrl Month ago

    Ok how are you not freaked?

  • Lauren Enright
    Lauren Enright Month ago

    Ik you don’t really like your first name but you have the same first name as me 😂💞🖤