Pokémon Battle USUM: Ash and May Vs Ash and Dawn (Pokemon Hoenn Vs Sinnoh)

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • Pokémon Battle USUM: Ash and May Vs Ash and Dawn (Pokemon Hoenn Vs Sinnoh)
    Video Type: Pokemon Battle USUM & Pokemon Wifi Battle
    Welcome to Brogamerchannel
    We make pokemon Wifi battle where pokemon trainer from various generation fight against one another, All the way from pokemon kanto, johto, hoenn, sinnoh all the way to the latest generation.
    E.g: Ash Vs Red, Ash Vs Gary, Ash Vs Brendan, Ash Vs May, Red Vs Paul.
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Comments • 66

  • Evee Girl
    Evee Girl 11 days ago +2

    Ash & May would have won easily 👌🏼

  • Jaycel Vitor
    Jaycel Vitor 15 days ago +1

    GOLD VS ALL TRAINERS XD like anyone lol.😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Chawngmuan Kima
    Chawngmuan Kima 15 days ago

    Sinnoh is the best

  • Annie
    Annie 18 days ago +1

    Back in advanced series of pokemon,May didn't had a Glacion.

  • Chottu Sahu
    Chottu Sahu 18 days ago +2


  • Prasana Mohanty
    Prasana Mohanty 18 days ago +1

    Because they get more chance to attack

  • King Gwala
    King Gwala 18 days ago


  • yuden bhutia
    yuden bhutia 22 days ago +2

    Widrew hi karte rahoge tumlog ya kuch. Battle bhi karoge😟

  • Jeli Dagam
    Jeli Dagam 22 days ago


  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 24 days ago +3

    Pachirisu kissed a lot of people today😘😘😘

  • Red 19
    Red 19 24 days ago +3

    I think it's a double battle!

  • Sunivijay E
    Sunivijay E 29 days ago +3

    5.alola(TOP 5)

  • Sunivijay E
    Sunivijay E 29 days ago +1

    Sinnoh is the best after Kalos

  • Tumpa Pal
    Tumpa Pal Month ago

    You are fack

  • Rupam Saha
    Rupam Saha Month ago


  • 如月弦太郎
    如月弦太郎 Month ago

    めざせポケモン マスターのギター verめちゃカッコいい

  • Rabi Naskar
    Rabi Naskar Month ago +3

    Dawn is my favourite poke giril

  • Rebels
    Rebels Month ago

    Ash vs Gladion
    Infernape version

  • arshaan singh
    arshaan singh Month ago

    ash and Don is best

  • Yui Komori Asuna
    Yui Komori Asuna Month ago +3

    Team may and ash stronger team
    Team dawn and ash cute team

  • simiabraz Frensh infernape

    infernape prouved again to his haters/lovers that he is awesome

    LEGENDARY SSR Month ago +1

    Seriously may has better fighting pokemon like torchic venusar glaceon etc than dawn but dawn's pokemon are meant for contest. I can't believe team dawn won

      LEGENDARY SSR 27 days ago

      @simiabraz Frensh infernape skills also doesn't matter then its all about the writers even pikachu which defeated regice and latios lost to snivy. So anyone can win.

    • simiabraz Frensh infernape
      simiabraz Frensh infernape 27 days ago +1

      stats doesn't matter in the anime dude after all that pikachu tied with a latios
      pikachu won just because the writers wanted to make Z moves shine
      PS ash's pikachu is way stronger than dawn's pachirisu common
      misty is a better trainer she is more habituate to battles than the coordinators

      LEGENDARY SSR Month ago

      @simiabraz Frensh infernape still if pikachu able to defeat it with z move then pachirisu which has higher stats than pikachu could defeat it and every other Misty's water types

    • simiabraz Frensh infernape
      simiabraz Frensh infernape Month ago

      @LEGENDARY SSR we are talking about the anime she had a mega Gyarados after all which is water dark type

      LEGENDARY SSR Month ago

      @simiabraz Frensh infernape but Misty is the gym leader of one of the starting gym in the game after Brock's gym so she would have low level pokemons in her arsenal like starmie psyduck but in alola series she has gyarados but it can be defeated by ice type mamoswine I think. Still Misty has more battling skills than others.

  • Eric Shrestha
    Eric Shrestha Month ago +2

    Dawns pachirisu is male

  • Anjana Pramodrai
    Anjana Pramodrai Month ago +1


  • Rebels
    Rebels Month ago +2

    Ash vs Gladion

  • yukito shiino
    yukito shiino Month ago


  • yukito shiino
    yukito shiino Month ago


  • yukito shiino
    yukito shiino Month ago


  • yukito shiino
    yukito shiino Month ago


  • yukito shiino
    yukito shiino Month ago


  • XxShAdowxX 101
    XxShAdowxX 101 Month ago

    I was Ash’s Toreterra was stronger 😔

  • Silver Bonnie gamer,Edit entre otros

    kalos Ash vs Kalm (Protagonist Male X and Y)

  • Amazing yashu
    Amazing yashu Month ago +4

    The worst match ever .how can you defeat ash and may.they are best couples and tag partners.
    And may is most strongest girl in all,so how can you show dawn wining.

    • simiabraz Frensh infernape
      simiabraz Frensh infernape Month ago

      maybe because ash's sinnoh team is the 2 strongest :)
      and tokekiss and mamoswine are in uu at contrast of glaceon pikachu and torkoal :)

  • RapidSyphis [GD]
    RapidSyphis [GD] Month ago +3

    Pokemon Sword And Sheild

  • Saiyan Warrior
    Saiyan Warrior Month ago +2

    Salute infernape

  • Ian van Dijk
    Ian van Dijk Month ago +1

    Can you do Sinnoh ash and Paul vs unova Ash and Trip double battle????????????

  • Happypottile Hui
    Happypottile Hui Month ago +3

    I imagine if ash have bring infernape Goodra Ash Greninja Staraptor Pikachu and snorlax to kalos league. Ash might win Alain cause first send snorlax and use ice punch.*p.s. ash snorlax is fast* then use infernape to kill metagross with dig or flare Blitz and use Mach punch on Bisharp and infernape will survive of course cause in the sinnoh he kill half of Paul team.Then staraptor handle that flying Pokemon that Alain have. Weavile tell Pikachu to go and use thunder bolt, if spam it will kill weavile. Then at last Charizard Pikachu if survive use thunder bolt then Goodra use rain dance and dragon pulse then Ash Greninja go. Since if Ash Greninja still lose, send infernape and Alain will active the blaze for ash:) then ko Charizard x that Alain have. Easy win for ash!!!! And I love infernape which is same level as Ash Greninja or more than Ash Greninja. I love infernape not because ash, * I won’t say why*. And infernape will win Ash Greninja cause ash not good at good advantages type so infernape might win Ash Greninja

  • Bharti Sharma
    Bharti Sharma Month ago +2

    You cheap you wanted hoenn To lose

  • SteveMaple228
    SteveMaple228 Month ago +4

    I LOVE 3000, DAWN! oh and May, I loved you as a sister

  • Christian Alvarez
    Christian Alvarez Month ago +11

    Ash and may could have won

  • Pika-Critique
    Pika-Critique Month ago +2

    AG > DP

  • Pikachu Siêu Việt
    Pikachu Siêu Việt Month ago +12

    Satoshi vs Serena vs Satoshi vs Misty plzz

  • Kevon Sykes
    Kevon Sykes Month ago +6

    Go may and ash

  • Sloane Walker
    Sloane Walker Month ago

    Miraculous Ladybug team
    Ladybug: Ledian
    Chat Noir: Liepard
    Rena Rouge: Braixen/Delphox
    Carapace: Torterra
    Queen Bee Vespiquen
    Hawkmoth: Masquerain

  • Sloane Walker
    Sloane Walker Month ago +14

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Pokémon ideas
    Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Reshiram
    Obelisk: Zygarde 100% form
    Kaiser Seahorse: Kingdra
    Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon: Hydreigon
    Crush Card Virus: Spiritomb
    Fang of Critias: Mega Charizard X

    Dark Magician: Shiny Delphox
    Slifer: Mega Rayquaza
    Dark Magician Girl: Primarina
    Eye of Timaeus: Shiny Salamence
    Kuriboh: Venonat
    Exodia: Shiny Arceus or Shiny Hoopa Unbound

  • Shukito trainer
    Shukito trainer Month ago +10

    Tobias Vs Harrison please

  • Tohka
    Tohka Month ago +5

    Ash and Dawn Obviously 💙💙💙

  • Max Elsoro
    Max Elsoro Month ago +6

    Ohh my
    Misty Ash versus ash Lillie

    • Happypottile Hui
      Happypottile Hui Month ago

      No z move alola will die more rip

    • Happypottile Hui
      Happypottile Hui Month ago +1

      Max Elsoro misty and ash will win cause alola ash is sooo weak if a fighting type like infernape Mach punch will kill lycanroc and Kano Ash Charizard know seismic toss!! So easy battle for them and Lillie only have vulpix... Btw alola league only need a Pokemon and don’t have any requirement. So don’t have hope and Meltan can killed by Charizard.. so RIP alola even Kanto ash stronger than alola ash. And maybe if no z move

  • Total Blazion
    Total Blazion Month ago +2


  • Aleem Mansoori
    Aleem Mansoori Month ago +6

    RU-clip fighting your by favourite channel is give

  • Shikamaru gamerNara
    Shikamaru gamerNara Month ago +1

    Makes Ash & James Corpish, Cacnea, swellow, Meowth, scepittle, chimecho, Vs May and Jessie, skitty, seviper, beaultfly, dustox, blazikey, wobbuffet please please please 🙏🙏

  • Jerry Huang
    Jerry Huang Month ago +11

    Paul & Alain VS Gary & Sawyer anyone?

  • Frankone HR D3
    Frankone HR D3 Month ago +1

    Very good