iPhone Xs Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 & S9 Plus!

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
  • iPhone Xs Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9/S9 Plus! Is iPhone Xs Max Better? Processor, Features, Cameras, Battery Life, Full Comparison!
    Which Should You Buy?
    iPhone Xr vs Xs/Xs Max: ru-clip.net/video/CMtsy-D0Nlg/video.html
    iPhone Xs Review: ru-clip.net/video/6990loyLJXY/video.html
    iPhone Xs Clone Unboxing: ru-clip.net/video/LuX5lROjL9k/video.html
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  • daniel anokam
    daniel anokam 9 days ago


  • XxBykratos xX
    XxBykratos xX 15 days ago

    The iphone is fakeee

  • John Petrovack
    John Petrovack 18 days ago +2

    Gonna save you mad time! Note 9 wins!

  • cyrah69 **
    cyrah69 ** 25 days ago

    i just only now aware that my samsung s9plus runs only with 4 Gig of ram instead of 6 Gig memory...hahahaha get real man....


    Fack yu

  • Ali Shahid
    Ali Shahid Month ago

    Look 2:00

  • Ali Shahid
    Ali Shahid Month ago

    Thats fake iphone xs max clone

  • Hussein Joudee
    Hussein Joudee Month ago

    S9 plus has 6 GB of ram not 4 some as the note 9

  • come 1v1
    come 1v1 2 months ago

    Its fake iphone xs max!!!!!

  • MURNA- Traps
    MURNA- Traps 2 months ago

    i think you should stop making video on apple vs samsung, when you are apple fanboy and pro on apple. no one believe you what you said. only the apple fan will support you. how much apple pay you to make pros about apple brand you apple fan boy

  • Upright seo24
    Upright seo24 2 months ago +2

    How much Apple pay you?

  • Minecraft gamer
    Minecraft gamer 2 months ago

    He literally had iphone clone if you concentrate at the phone he is holding

  • Tmr Bhtt
    Tmr Bhtt 2 months ago

    "ive heard that the Apple has 8gb of ram...If that were true... it would compare to the Samsung" LOL what a joker... I know its EverythingApplePro and I guess you are a apple "pro" when you have to use made up specs to compare against verified specs .... I cant believe you've just sad that... why not just keep making stuff up... "Ive heard that Apple uses crushed diamonds to line the inside of the display... if that were true it beats the Samsung phone..."

  • nikuy .m
    nikuy .m 2 months ago

    We all know that you gona suck apple as applepro

  • luis_fernando 28_
    luis_fernando 28_ 2 months ago +1

    The Galaxy note 9 is life!

  • Zahra Alii
    Zahra Alii 3 months ago

    note 9👏👏👍👍👍

  • Melina Mobley
    Melina Mobley 3 months ago

    ewwwwww.......disgusting when people say "compare" and actually favor one over the other. not even technically right. giving and misleading with wrong facts.

  • Leah Block
    Leah Block 3 months ago

    Phone : iPhone 10r
    Labtop : chromebook
    Does it matter no

  • Vasantha Kumar
    Vasantha Kumar 3 months ago

    Xs max waste of money

  • Vasantha Kumar
    Vasantha Kumar 3 months ago

    Note9 is best

  • Carlos Colon
    Carlos Colon 3 months ago

    Apple is no match for the note.nothimg beats the note.

  • Scott E
    Scott E 3 months ago

    I love your reviews - thank you!! I haven't switched to an Apple phone because I can't find a way to increase the size of fonts & images WITHIN an app. Can you help?? thx! ScottEgner7@gmail.com

  • Steven Lacy
    Steven Lacy 3 months ago +2

    Amazing how he glanced around galaxy phone details to make the iphone appear better.

  • GAMER NO:1
    GAMER NO:1 3 months ago

    You are an i sheep

  • Rasool alerasool
    Rasool alerasool 3 months ago

    Local this video

  • Neinstein
    Neinstein 3 months ago

    Apple is scamming with the more flash storage

  • Neinstein
    Neinstein 3 months ago

    6.5" ??? lol Apple...

  • BaH_ ZuRk
    BaH_ ZuRk 3 months ago

    Fuck this cunts a iPhone ass licking cunt

  • Gabe kalis
    Gabe kalis 3 months ago

    All I hear is that the note 9 is better

  • Необычный Канал

    iPhone xs max fake

  • Brandon Arrington
    Brandon Arrington 4 months ago

    Samsung is better on paper and overall. we all know that and there's no denying it. iPhones have the media and polish over the Samsung devices. it's a preference bruh. iPhones are the king of updates also, android needs to upgrade their update system. I am using a Samsung galaxy s9+ and switch between iPhone and android every upgrade, so I am unbiased. I love both. for what I use hower, as I am ultra into technology and tinkering with my settings, regardless of the clean interface of iPhones which I love, I got stick with my androids. let's quit that hate out here. this isn't 2010 where iPhones overshot aroinds by a long shot, it's a fair game now!

  • Rodel Chavez
    Rodel Chavez 4 months ago

    i just switched from iphone to s9 plus.wow i enjoyed this phone so much.

  • Steven Adetola
    Steven Adetola 4 months ago +2


  • Jughead Is Hot AF
    Jughead Is Hot AF 4 months ago

    Love the note 9

  • Gregory Bishara
    Gregory Bishara 4 months ago

    The s9+ was no competition for either

  • Joshua Harris
    Joshua Harris 4 months ago

    Do a clone version.

  • BTS and I
    BTS and I 4 months ago

    Yes the specs do speak what it is 4:33 stop trying to save iPhone when Samsung is better

  • Dion
    Dion 4 months ago

    iPhone XS Max

  • Chantel
    Chantel 5 months ago

    Apple: let's take away the headphone Jack, not include airpods and make people spend more money on airpods.. oh yeah. Let's also offer a pen for more money.
    Samsung: keep the headphone Jack, put headphones in the box AND include a s pen with the note phones
    .... hmmm

  • Chantel
    Chantel 5 months ago

    I just upgraded from the Galaxy s8 to the Note 9 and I am glad I went with the Note 9. I used to be a die hard apple user. But Samsung is SO MUCH BETTER and way more advanced in their technology.

  • Micos Pineda
    Micos Pineda 5 months ago

    Why Note 9 and S9 plus has different camera. but both are the same specs of camera?

  • Skyler Adzin
    Skyler Adzin 5 months ago

    He’s always says apple

  • Marlon Lopez
    Marlon Lopez 5 months ago

    I got the Note 9 128gb BLACK for $704 on amazon like 4 Days ago.

    • Dougefresh 711
      Dougefresh 711 4 months ago

      Marlon Lopez I got the same for $630 on ebay

  • Olivia Anderson
    Olivia Anderson 5 months ago +1

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  • Benamir Sonny
    Benamir Sonny 5 months ago +2

    What ever happens i will stay in apple.

  • Liam Morton
    Liam Morton 5 months ago

    Omg find another way to creteek the Samsung, stfu Samsung smashes iphone

  • Shayira Karim
    Shayira Karim 5 months ago

    Apple fanboy!

  • MrI’mtheboss
    MrI’mtheboss 5 months ago

    Why are u using iPhone clone this is not correct

  • CB
    CB 5 months ago

    Guys, it's a desperate way of telling people that IPhone is still a competition in 2019, come on, every year they are selling the same shit with a promise that it's better than the competition and every time they fail. Suddenly Apple understood that their users are looking for a bigger display, and ... they will sell the same shit on a higher price just because... they say it's better.

  • Mr Silence
    Mr Silence 5 months ago

    I have galaxy note 9 to

  • Krupakar Sam
    Krupakar Sam 5 months ago

    2:00 this is not fair its not an iphone fake comparison

  • Majin Tar
    Majin Tar 5 months ago


  • Shan Iqbal Adviser
    Shan Iqbal Adviser 6 months ago +1

    In 2 line make your choice..
    1: iPhone 6/7/8/X/Xs (Security High, Professional, Excellent, Smoothness, Feel Different) (My Fav)
    2: Samsung Galaxy S8/9 (Professional, Beautiful, Not So Much Smooth, BOdy Okay, Too Much Access To Every App)

    My Choice: iPhone Xs

    • Melina Mobley
      Melina Mobley 3 months ago

      you are not apple user then. the survey said 80% customer sticking to apple because of their ecosystem, not the specs...technically Samsung phones were more advanced ALWAYS. if it is slow...that is google's fault. too much access to every app? that is up to the app, what are you talking about? you kidding me? galaxy they ask before every single access and you can disable it. iPhone? no, you can note alter that for so many apps. they are still recording your geo loc in unaccessable folder.....go find facts and say something.

  • Mike Minor
    Mike Minor 6 months ago

    "This" = Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for some reason you always say the name of the iphone but not the Note 9, so just listening to this presentation is confusing.

  • Mike Minor
    Mike Minor 6 months ago

    isn't ip68 = ip68 ?

  • Randomizer
    Randomizer 6 months ago

    This guy is completely bias towards apple products. Considering the name of his channel. So if you are looking for a channel where there is no biasness, this channel is NOT FOR YOU. Unbox Therapy is probably the best none bias RU-clipr.

  • Ryan McArthur
    Ryan McArthur 6 months ago

    He was using a fake iphone xs max

  • Abdullah Shafqat
    Abdullah Shafqat 6 months ago

    Did any1 notice he is using the clone xs max

  • ut1004bp
    ut1004bp 6 months ago

    Don't like the shiny looking band on the Iphone

  • Eric Soto
    Eric Soto 6 months ago

    I'm not a Apple user or a hater. Never owned a iPhone. I have the note 9. And it's the 500gb 8 gigs of RAM model. With the tax I paid $1,367. AT&t branded. I will try apple one day. But I don't think I can leave Android. There's just so much you can get away with LOL

  • Namita Chowdhary
    Namita Chowdhary 6 months ago

    U can buy note 9 and s9 plus at the price of xs max

  • Jared Pacheco
    Jared Pacheco 6 months ago

    Man yall should search up samsung vs apple commercials the dude with the long hair man just facts bout that vid

  • Jared Pacheco
    Jared Pacheco 6 months ago

    Wait can apple use a pen which was made only for a ipad damn that dumb

  • Jared Pacheco
    Jared Pacheco 6 months ago

    No chip, screen, faster, battery no phone better than my samsung

  • Jared Pacheco
    Jared Pacheco 6 months ago

    Wait ur dongle adapter you need damn money waist , and you got that thing covering your screen at the top

  • Jared Pacheco
    Jared Pacheco 6 months ago

    Wait ur cloud storage so sim no nothing fuck apple i need a samsung wait i already have fuck apple

  • Jared Pacheco
    Jared Pacheco 6 months ago

    Wait can apple use two or 3 apps at the same time wait no oh gosh sry ios users hahahahah

  • Jared Pacheco
    Jared Pacheco 6 months ago

    Samsung is better, there is a lot of topics he missed even looked at his channel name he's an apple fan and the chip and other thimgs of samsung are better than apple so stfu and stop making memes because samsung has always been better

  • Jasmine Amer
    Jasmine Amer 6 months ago

    Lol I love how tall people talk about reachability. I am over here like : the only phone I might be able to use only one hand is a flip phone.... lol

  • ᴇᴢᴇᴄʀ1s 3̎0̎5̎

    The Samsung s9 note is better than the iPhone X Max, stop being so bias

  • Sayuri
    Sayuri 6 months ago

    iphones prices only drops to 150euro max over a year, android phones on the other hand 🤔😂

  • Sayuri
    Sayuri 6 months ago

    nice review, don't listen to the android fans they are just mad

  • Lema Jr
    Lema Jr 6 months ago

    What are you saying?? You cannot confirm for sure that a12x is faster than snapdragon 845. Snapdragon runs full fat windows 10. I am certain that if you use that a12x to run android, it will be slow af. Apple doesn't even use a12x for their MAC PCs. They borrow the processor from intel. the only way I will be convinced that a12x is faster is if it can run android or pc better than snapdragon 845. I also bet that snapdragon 845 can run IOS faster than even the A12.

  • iiMemez
    iiMemez 6 months ago

    Wow. You know apple has it bad when a guy with the name "EverythingApplePro" says the samsung device is better.

  • Hamza XD
    Hamza XD 6 months ago

    Bro the s9+ has a 6 gb of ram not 4 !!