Investigating TRUE Animated Stories To See If They Are Actually FAKE

  • Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • Today I'm investigating the world of "TRUE" animated stories again. However, this time, I'm actually INVESTIGATING these ridiculous stories to see if they're actually FAKE or not...
    Actually Happened:
    My Story Animated:
    Part 1 TRUE Animated Stories That Are Actually FAKE:
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Comments • 4 436

  • graciela salinas
    graciela salinas Hour ago

    Maybe she had a daughter the one that was”pregnant” I mean some moms have children at 15 so ya just saying your the best you tuber though!

  • Madeleine England
    Madeleine England 17 hours ago

    on the internet one the grandpa looks exactly like her dad

  • Bunnies Rule
    Bunnies Rule 23 hours ago +1

    I was born on planet Zurg and I am part alien.
    *actually happened*

  • Josiedotcookie
    Josiedotcookie Day ago

    My mom is 26 and I,m 9 turning 10 in June

  • kelsey young
    kelsey young Day ago

    my mom is 28 and im 10

  • Ava's Awsome Channel

    luarenzside: i wouldent call you a looser i would just say blahuah

  • Pandas Luvbamboo
    Pandas Luvbamboo Day ago +1

    Once again these people find stories or popular news articles and wiggle their way into them. Sigh

  • Michelle mc goldrick

    every like I'll add a♡

  • Madeleine Tennant

    WHAT!!!!! I would never do any of theos

  • PurpleGalaxy Queen25

    All of them were true

  • TacoBell YEET
    TacoBell YEET Day ago

    Im a ghost

  • Elizabeth Ramirez

    Wow soooo cool and so nice and so
    Galaxy :)

  • mum2daj
    mum2daj Day ago

    What about share my story

  • Cheyenne Fetterhoff

    all I half too say is YEEEEEEEET MY LIFE TO THE BREAD

  • Keira Ricklefs
    Keira Ricklefs Day ago

    My name is close to Kyra it Keira Key-air-a that's how you say my name

  • ChocolateKitty
    ChocolateKitty Day ago

    I used to want to marry my dad when i was 3. Because i love him (fAmily way)

    • Avalon Magix
      Avalon Magix 2 hours ago

      ChocolateKitty young kids are like that cuz they don’t understand what marriage is and the different kind of loves lmao

  • Michelle R.H.
    Michelle R.H. 2 days ago

    I don't know what to talk to but tit's to be braliley the and only o

  • PlayerOne_Gaming
    PlayerOne_Gaming 2 days ago

    Form the start this story is fishy

  • Braixen 99
    Braixen 99 2 days ago

    Okay I get it, the mom had financial issues or something. But you don’t need to scam innocent people who did nothing wrong. And what makes it even worse is that they wanted a child. Honestly no hate towards the mom I hope that she is doing better now and learned not to scam people.

  • Ally Cyracuse
    Ally Cyracuse 2 days ago +1

    Any one notice that the stories she picked to react to have already been watched by her.

  • TheMuggieshadow
    TheMuggieshadow 2 days ago

    My story animated and Actually happened are fake! (I think)
    First of, if you had a baby for four years, the baby would be dead soon after one and a half year, and then you wouldn’t be pregnant anymore.
    I think these people create these types of animation story videos
    To entertain people on RU-clip.
    I don’t necessarily think that is a bad thing that they are lying to the internet, but it isn’t
    exactly right. They are entertaining people-
    “She’s not exactly pregnant”
    Me: uh, oh, sorry

  • Basic bish
    Basic bish 2 days ago

    That moment sleep walking is now a disorder

  • Nevaeh Duran
    Nevaeh Duran 2 days ago

    There was a episode of why where this girl got prevent with her boyfriend and he turned out to be her biological dad

  • Skeptic100100
    Skeptic100100 3 days ago


  • 8 8 8
    8 8 8 3 days ago +1


  • Bonnie Beth Fitzpatrick

    Who saw the yt sign on the 4th video like if you did

  • Gabrielle Snow
    Gabrielle Snow 3 days ago +2

    You should watch Jarvis Johnson's videos on these animated story channels. They're really interesting.

  • Madison Patton-Graziano

    excuse me LaurenzSide my mom is 28 and I am 12, she had me when she was 16 it happens ok so if you could apologize I don't mean to seem mean but it happens so don't just go doubting it because that persons mom was 28 and her daughter was like 11

  • Tundra Dragon
    Tundra Dragon 4 days ago

    Dude i yell i will kick jump on top grab and punch in meh sleep

  • morgan robinson
    morgan robinson 4 days ago

    someone named laurensidesasha in roblox just made my day and gave me a free flying potion for my dragon

  • Lindsay Ashwin
    Lindsay Ashwin 4 days ago

    But I'm eight

  • Lindsay Ashwin
    Lindsay Ashwin 4 days ago

    My mom is 29

  • Andre Buys
    Andre Buys 4 days ago +1

    im by my grandma and grandpa and they just came back from the animal hospital because their dog died...…. can je say R.I.P. in the next video because… i really liked her and she was my life companion…. now she d in a better place now... we just couldn't let her sink in pain… to keep her...….. (btw im 10 years old)

  • Aidan Tesser
    Aidan Tesser 5 days ago +1

    My Story Animated is real. I really hope you agree

  • WooweyOwO :P
    WooweyOwO :P 5 days ago +1


  • Ja Series
    Ja Series 5 days ago +2

    The only place I could find a coed prison is Venezuela.

  • Lynn Praetorius
    Lynn Praetorius 5 days ago +1

    Lauren please do more and more and more

  • owo
    owo 5 days ago +1

    I was actually borned a lizard

  • Bom Is Queen
    Bom Is Queen 5 days ago +1

    If the mom that scammed people was a teen mom,it is possible that the story was told/written by an 11year old

  • FernwehGal
    FernwehGal 5 days ago +1

    My mother played the piano in her sleep.

  • MyaPlayz
    MyaPlayz 6 days ago +1

    when you said true i thot you were going to say troom troom

  • Luna the Killer demon

    Can I tell you something I know actually happen and I watch all the series Lauren you have to watch this one it's called I live in haunted house you have to it's so cool

  • Girleykat The mefaw
    Girleykat The mefaw 6 days ago +1

    I think they pick topics that have a lot of known websites and other stuff so then it’s harder to say it’s fake

  • rugby4life5 taylor
    rugby4life5 taylor 7 days ago

    Do storybooth instead it's actually real

  • Creamyest Cäke
    Creamyest Cäke 7 days ago

    "My mom was pregnant for 4 years"

  • sharkwolf
    sharkwolf 7 days ago

    actually happened?
    more like, actually fake.

  • Samurai Momo
    Samurai Momo 7 days ago

    most of these are real, but submitted by not the actual person so the company can make money and so can the person finding a story to make it their own.

  • Beanie Tamaki
    Beanie Tamaki 7 days ago

    My mom was dating this guy for two years and this man was like my step father. They were even planning to marry. Eventually though, my mom and him got into a big fight and broke up. He moved out and about half a year later my oldest sister started going out with him and they are now married and gave been living together for over eight years.

  • Sariya Johnson
    Sariya Johnson 8 days ago

    And I used to do it sleepwalk talent thing I sing but it stopped when I was 9

  • Sariya Johnson
    Sariya Johnson 8 days ago

    One time my aunt did that sleepwalking raiding the kitchen thing and then she had made a sandwich I was like confused

  • Angie G
    Angie G 8 days ago

    No hate but can u stop screaming *EEWW EW EW* ?

  • Vea Rutkowska
    Vea Rutkowska 8 days ago

    If the first one that you put in was real then there us a chance that all of them could be real

  • Zegee Blu
    Zegee Blu 8 days ago

    It can be real (the 4 year baby) My grandma had my uncle at seventeen. She could have too

  • Savannah Hatfield
    Savannah Hatfield 8 days ago

    My mom said once I had slept walked with a guitar in my hand playing it

  • Tam LeClair-Davies
    Tam LeClair-Davies 8 days ago +1

    ur being to generous with the trues

  • A Kayfabe
    A Kayfabe 8 days ago

    So they are based on truth but the person claiming to have had it happen is not the actual victim or person who had it happen to them

  • 대박ItzYuri
    대박ItzYuri 8 days ago

    On the thumbnail it say "My mom is pregnant for 4 years" is actually possible in muslim book

  • Emilie B
    Emilie B 8 days ago

    Who Else thought she was going to say troom troom? 0:23

  • Missed Bus
    Missed Bus 8 days ago +1

    *Video: Says That "Kelly" didn't want to share it on RU-clip*
    *Lauren's Logic: Google's "Kelly" about her Painting*

  • winter wolf
    winter wolf 8 days ago +1

    my mum had 6 miscarriages