• Published on Sep 11, 2018
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    I’m a crazy russian living life on the edge. I make epic prank videos and vlogs daily. It’s your life your choice do whatever you want to do and remember Villains never die.
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Comments • 961

  • Craig Chatterjee
    Craig Chatterjee Month ago

    where is this place

  • HUSAN Egamnazarov
    HUSAN Egamnazarov Month ago

    08:52 let's go to fucking swimming

  • Aric Herweck
    Aric Herweck 2 months ago

    Looks like a dream. I’d love to do these things.. see the world and have adventure

  • David Khomdram
    David Khomdram 4 months ago

    Villians never die


    Finally some quality time together after those garbage parties! And finally you take more responsibility in your actions so, NO, DO NOT DO whatever the fuck you want!

  • Matea Pachuau
    Matea Pachuau 5 months ago

    like both of couple

  • kaz smith
    kaz smith 5 months ago

    Where is this place it’s amazing 😍

  • August Thorèn
    August Thorèn 5 months ago

    i just wanna fuck her so hard

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 5 months ago

    you Very Good❤

  • Valentin Simionica
    Valentin Simionica 6 months ago

    What is pathetic?
    No what..who ?
    Who is pathetic?
    YOU !
    Why ?
    This low IQ russian, post shit on yt, anx you follow him...this generate money for him, that he can actually live hes life, on your account!
    You are dont have NOTHING to do, just to watch this guy...and maibe other's like him.

  • Noel Robleto
    Noel Robleto 6 months ago

    What’s the name of the restaurant?

  • rdbetta
    rdbetta 6 months ago

    Can eat her booty😛

  • Menissen Mootien
    Menissen Mootien 6 months ago

    Nice vlog brother..keep going!

  • Thorin
    Thorin 8 months ago

    1:07 that in your brain is a whore and devil 😂😂😂

  • Thorin
    Thorin 8 months ago

    Guys who knows song intro?
    Timeframe 0:05-0:25 name of this song please

    LOGAN 8 months ago

    What's this song called.

  • Thorin
    Thorin 9 months ago

    Which song playing in 0:06-0:26. Someone help me to find out pls.

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith 9 months ago

    She ain't shit.

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith 9 months ago

    Rhonda rousey Lmfao.

  • C J
    C J 10 months ago

    What is the name of outro music in the end?

  • Pranav Gowda
    Pranav Gowda 10 months ago

    i follow you only because off your girlfriend

  • Lim Lim
    Lim Lim 10 months ago

    Hey Bro, this girl look really really a good girl to stay in your life. Love her and keep her !

  • Razorsharp UT
    Razorsharp UT 11 months ago

    Yeah you fucktards look how Vitaly spend all the money just bcuz you dickheads liked and clicked his videos. Stupid mafuckers.

  • kristin demilo
    kristin demilo 11 months ago

    I want to take picture there

  • Sammy Sosa
    Sammy Sosa Year ago

    Did they break up?

  • CaptainChip7
    CaptainChip7 Year ago

    9:45 thank me later

  • FatGuysCanSURF2 THOMAS

    You go through girls like you eat Chicken, Spinach and 3 eggs

  • FrEdDyCuLuS
    FrEdDyCuLuS Year ago


    • FrEdDyCuLuS
      FrEdDyCuLuS Year ago


  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez Year ago

    Dam vitaly ur girl is pretty ass fuck

    AQUA MAN Year ago

    Where in Italy is this

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    Did Game of thrones shoot at the tent sight?

    JI_MEHANI Year ago

    Бритт намного лучше, чем эта девушка девушка! Бри - это настоящий бриллиант , чистый и искренний человек, верный, которого очень тяжело найти в нашей жизни, но так легко потерять, я точно такую же
    потерял, и жалею теперь, когда увидел Бри аж загорелся ) - а эта девушка жирная, прикольная, такая как все ((

  • hector ibarra
    hector ibarra Year ago

    Love the video

  • James Fureyster
    James Fureyster Year ago

    Finally you get dressed nice

  • Frank Girgenti
    Frank Girgenti Year ago

    hes just an idiot

  • xSkuli
    xSkuli Year ago +1

    Hey, where in Italy is this?
    I'd love to go visit there :)

  • James Woodford
    James Woodford Year ago

    9:45 Now I know why he is dating her. LOOK!!!!!

  • Rebel
    Rebel Year ago

    Vitaly gets me excited for his lifestyle 😁

  • Slim
    Slim Year ago

    vitaly can you please do a review of those steel supplements you took in your transformation? like ball shrinkage, test suppression etc

  • Frontlu Enddan
    Frontlu Enddan Year ago

    He uses that girl for thumbnails and other ads

  • Lsatq
    Lsatq Year ago

    You're getting a gut dude.

  • Rachy Goody
    Rachy Goody Year ago +5

    OMG you can clearly see her pusssy @ 8:52 ahahaha NICE

  • Dániel Újvári
    Dániel Újvári Year ago

    Why not shout a loud "Allahu Akbar" when swinging? :D

  • Pi Vlog
    Pi Vlog Year ago

    Vital come to kerala
    To God’s own country
    Their you can make so many crazy videos
    I will help u for the site seeing

  • kobe uy
    kobe uy Year ago

    10 million subscribers never happen

  • Claudio Bady754
    Claudio Bady754 Year ago +1

    I love italy

  • Nova Tapuyao
    Nova Tapuyao Year ago

    Awwww you guys are cute ❤

  • S B
    S B Year ago

    She is amazing.

  • Tyrannical Grim
    Tyrannical Grim Year ago +1

    9:44 Lovely big breast with a natural sag

  • Josh Pants
    Josh Pants Year ago

    chicken legs

  • Iago Fabregas
    Iago Fabregas Year ago

    Whats the name of the girl?

    • Rifter
      Rifter Year ago

      Iago Fabregas Kinsey sue

  • micger
    micger Year ago

    who's paying for mario's accomodation and meals?

  • Sirmel11
    Sirmel11 Year ago

    0:20 i like how you handed the line to yourself

  • vlog rajasthan
    vlog rajasthan Year ago

    Enjoy your life patnar bro

  • Laget Tesa
    Laget Tesa Year ago

    pasta and pizza aka. steroids

  • Dwaipayan Datta Roy


  • Dmitry Pa88
    Dmitry Pa88 Year ago

    итс герлфренд со бьютифл

  • jancent chaneco
    jancent chaneco Year ago

    You are HELLA funny fam keep it up!

  • Роман Орлов


  • chou knot
    chou knot Year ago

    Adrenaline addiction would love to do a triple gainer from that bridge