iOS 12 Beta 12! Please Update 😤

  • Published on Aug 31, 2018
  • iOS 12 Beta 12 Released, 3 Changes/Features! Don't Forget, a new iOS update is now available. Please update from the iOS 12 beta.
    Last iOS 11 Beta 11:
    New iPhone Xs Leaked:
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  • Dylan Logan
    Dylan Logan 4 months ago

    Is it bad that i’ve had this pop up since August and my phone won’t update

  • Alan Charly
    Alan Charly 9 months ago

    I’m excited

  • The Shepherd
    The Shepherd 9 months ago

    Shit😭 I didn’t know it was doing that and now my apps won’t open anymore and everything freezes now

  • poetry a.
    poetry a. 9 months ago

    i waited too long to update my phone & now my wifi is grayed out. anyone know how to remove the beta?

  • Tony Draco
    Tony Draco 9 months ago

    My capacity is 100% on the iOS 11

  • JUB
    JUB 9 months ago


  • Star Wars Dude
    Star Wars Dude 9 months ago

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  • Nabeel Momin
    Nabeel Momin 9 months ago

    Which app is used to download movies

  • Hutaman koigi
    Hutaman koigi 9 months ago

    xs max

  • Hutaman koigi
    Hutaman koigi 9 months ago

    xs max

  • Hutaman koigi
    Hutaman koigi 9 months ago

    hey pro

  • 76lacklist
    76lacklist 9 months ago

    i want that wallpaper lol

  • AW4Y
    AW4Y 9 months ago

    Not just notifications but too when u use any app

  • Hectoy G
    Hectoy G 9 months ago

    iOS 12 shld hav all its wallpapers

  • Dylan Pitts
    Dylan Pitts 9 months ago

    Where does he get the background where it says iOS 12 beta 12 on it

  • SILAS Mk
    SILAS Mk 9 months ago

    Already done

  • Imbraveheartm’s Life
    Imbraveheartm’s Life 9 months ago +1

    When is iOS 12 coming out ?

    PHD PRINCE 9 months ago

    How do u get the iOS 12 update because I still get the notification

  • rolexbbm
    rolexbbm 9 months ago


  • My Geometry Dash Vids
    My Geometry Dash Vids 9 months ago

    my SE is ready

  • Leon Klemann
    Leon Klemann 9 months ago

    Which screenprotect is he using?

  • Carlou Sacote
    Carlou Sacote 9 months ago

    So annoying

  • Daniel Romero
    Daniel Romero 9 months ago

    when are they updating for iphone 8plus ? i've been waiting for one for last update ...

  • Carlos Garza
    Carlos Garza 9 months ago

    The GM will come on wed sep 12, the question is, do we need to delete the beta profile?

  • Gamer Raum Fuzion
    Gamer Raum Fuzion 9 months ago

    I don’t get updates anymore on iOS 12

  • 張泰銘
    張泰銘 9 months ago

    iOS 12 beta 12 is still extremely buggy. The settings app freezes all the damn time. And where the hell is the update? It's been another week and the settings app is still freezing.

  • Yoni Gold
    Yoni Gold 9 months ago

    GUYS RLLY COOL CONTROL CENTER BUG ON IOS 12 turn on reduced motion and open the control center and it will have a no blur it’s super dope

  • The End
    The End 9 months ago +3

    **phone rings**
    Me: hi.
    Someone: your grandma just died
    Me: ...NOOOOOO **ends call**
    Me: I might just kill myself
    *p l e a s e u p d a t e y o u r p h o n e t o I O S 12 b e t a f i r s t*

  • MrAckers75
    MrAckers75 9 months ago

    I wish they would stop calling this ios 12.
    This is does not warrant the 12 prefix and it should be 11.5

  • karimkalwar kalwar
    karimkalwar kalwar 9 months ago +1

    sir plz change the battry oppation not good in every and good time iphone 8

  • karimkalwar kalwar
    karimkalwar kalwar 9 months ago +1

    plz sir hang nh ho gaa naaa \

  • Victor Melo
    Victor Melo 9 months ago

    Why i can’t still open some apps in 12.12???

  • CoolFast4
    CoolFast4 9 months ago

    My score is 4265 single core and 10750 multi core on my iPhone 8

  • Tushar Grewal
    Tushar Grewal 9 months ago

    how to update to new ios version
    The things to do to update new version

  • Mr. Übermensch
    Mr. Übermensch 9 months ago

    i want the new iphone

  • IISourAyyII
    IISourAyyII 9 months ago

    I'm still on iOS 10 & miss iOS 6/7

  • Royke
    Royke 9 months ago

    Add subtitles and community contributions. I will translate it to Dutch.

  • Tommy Berkshire
    Tommy Berkshire 9 months ago


  • vinayak jain
    vinayak jain 9 months ago

    Hi #everythingapplepro i want to know that can we install older ios betas if there is already a newer one available?

  • Nasir Uddin
    Nasir Uddin 9 months ago

    i have a question! since im running ios 12 public beta profile what do i need to do to get the official GM version? do i just delete beta profile before update is available or after available and keep all my data? or should i downgrade to ios 11? please reply

  • Apple Pan
    Apple Pan 9 months ago

    Not very good on older versions of iPhone -

  • odalys barcenas
    odalys barcenas 9 months ago

    im still on ios 11.4.1 how do you update to ios 12 ? or do i just have to wait.

  • Anson Wang
    Anson Wang 9 months ago

    Yeah, I personally hate that too.

  • Cameron Richards
    Cameron Richards 9 months ago

    Yourself initial wing debate cart that pause peak reading area object.

  • Nicholas Vasilopoulos
    Nicholas Vasilopoulos 9 months ago

    You helped me so much

  • ultraboosted
    ultraboosted 9 months ago

    Hahaha i.just got this notification and it been up for a week +

  • Sus Wanto
    Sus Wanto 9 months ago

    I have another problems with iOS 12 beta 12
    1. Digital touch on iMessage, its annoying, weird writing, using Apple Pencil is terrible, it is so buggy. I am using iPad Pro 10.5
    2. I have Bluetooth headset, the sound is very very low on max volume. It is normal when it was iOS 11.4

  • Codefo
    Codefo 9 months ago

    How is the battery on iOS 12 beta 12? I'm on iOS 11.4 beta 3 (just unjailbroke) and the battery life sucks.

  • Gryggaox eo891
    Gryggaox eo891 9 months ago

    Ndhdgshsbdhsjvdjfbddjd i deleted the profile now i cant update fuck

  • Fraggle Rocks
    Fraggle Rocks 9 months ago

    I havent got update anyone plz help??
    My phone is iphone 6
    Plz help me

  • Theo Bean
    Theo Bean 9 months ago

    that annoying notification is finally gone

  • Albert Chehade
    Albert Chehade 9 months ago

    🐵 🙈
    🙉 🙊

  • Yoyo Ely Francisco
    Yoyo Ely Francisco 9 months ago

    Yeah 😁😁😁

  • vivek borntorule
    vivek borntorule 9 months ago

    Woah...!!!! iPhone Xs it’s gonna be great already my fingers are itching to have a touch of Xs and congratulations on 6 million filip 👏👏Many more to come,keep the good work going 👍Hope to see many more vedios from you and I hope that I’m gonna be the one among many winning the Xs

  • Sebby-S
    Sebby-S 9 months ago

    Hey my iPhone is still doing this and when I go to check if there is an update there is no update available for me 😬

  • Tech Decster
    Tech Decster 9 months ago

    Can yo do another give away

  • xox Merelyn
    xox Merelyn 9 months ago

    My iPhone says that there is no use date so um still on iOS 11.4.1

  • Jorge Zaragoza
    Jorge Zaragoza 9 months ago

    Share the wallpaper 😍😍😍

  • LakerzMan24
    LakerzMan24 9 months ago

    Is it safe to download it now?

  • K Obedy
    K Obedy 9 months ago

    I have had an iphone 5 since 2016 so it really sucks seeing everyone buying the new phones while I am left with the old one because I cant afford it so please choose me if you think I deserve it espically that i am a huge apple fan and a supporter of your channel. Either way I accept your decision :)

  • edward anderson
    edward anderson 9 months ago +1


  • Donnasha Wright-Wragg
    Donnasha Wright-Wragg 9 months ago


  • Kyran Ginns
    Kyran Ginns 9 months ago

    I’m glad they fix that update

  • Nate
    Nate 9 months ago

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like the new cellular / WiFi and battery font size? Looks so ugly I hope it doesn’t come to the full release.

  • Thomas Drnek
    Thomas Drnek 9 months ago

    Has you noticed that there is still a “Walkie-Talkie” setting in accessibility of the watch app? Will Apple bring it back? I understand the redundancy or possible annoyances (why it was removed) but I thought it was a neat feature and saw how it could be helpful in the real world.

  • Dracoo Kidd
    Dracoo Kidd 9 months ago

    #1EveryThingAppleProFan #1EveryThingAppleProFan #1EveryThingAppleProFan

  • Eddi3x
    Eddi3x 9 months ago

    Why did Steve have to die with all the brains!!!!

  • Eddi3x
    Eddi3x 9 months ago

    Apple should fix these stuff

  • Gerald Willis
    Gerald Willis 9 months ago

    Can you tell me why a lot of people say they are notified to update beta 12.
    I haven’t received a update, I checked for my phone for updates and it says it’s up to date ISO11.4
    How is it only some people can get the beta ISO12, but others don’t.
    Thank You, Jerry

  • Jesus of Minecraft
    Jesus of Minecraft 9 months ago

    Wtf I go to software update and it says I’m up to date but yet I still get the pop up

  • Isaiah Hernandez
    Isaiah Hernandez 9 months ago

    The new phones are so nice

  • Yahweh Buhat
    Yahweh Buhat 9 months ago


  • Charly Pico
    Charly Pico 9 months ago

    iOS 12 beta 12 ROCKS! It's smooth as a baby butt.

  • William Cameron
    William Cameron 9 months ago +1

    For all those jailbroken on 11.4 beta 3. You are familiar to this

  • ShadowRap
    ShadowRap 9 months ago

    is it me? or my fingerprint password sometimes doesn’t recognize and i can’t even make a new one.

  • X vs Y
    X vs Y 9 months ago

    My iPhone 6 didnt get iOS 12 update

    • bla bla
      bla bla 9 months ago

      Wait 12 september. Keep calm

  • Airfotogarfie Jistrum
    Airfotogarfie Jistrum 9 months ago

    Did you see that if you have a hotspot on you can see the battery of the WiFi sending device even if you aren’t coneected

    Sorry for my English 😨😂

  • Bus & train of Australia


  • Jannet Hudson
    Jannet Hudson 9 months ago

    does anyone else have trouble updating apps? I have 18 apps that just will NOT update! All I get is the circle and dot in the centre. But they do NOT update? WTF?

  • Habib Fahri
    Habib Fahri 9 months ago

    -----Change the date to august 30 worked!!!!

  • SlickMoto
    SlickMoto 9 months ago

    Why do you have on the desk a big iPhone X bos and another one that’s smaller? iphone X Plus confirmed?

  • Emilian Galani
    Emilian Galani 9 months ago

    Hy! It’s Waze working in CarPlay on the ios12 beta???

  • Himanshu Sharma
    Himanshu Sharma 9 months ago

    Hey, can you tell me what’s difference of developer beta IOS and public beta iOS please tell me

  • shio baniaga
    shio baniaga 9 months ago

    cant wait! September release!
    another informative vid!

  • Gunrattan Singh
    Gunrattan Singh 9 months ago

    Even I had the same problem with the Notification Center

  • max rules
    max rules 9 months ago +1

    Thanks man! Love your videos

  • Marcos Garcia
    Marcos Garcia 9 months ago

    My mistake for downloading the public beta. I still can’t update and I’m getting that annoying notification.

  • Enes Burak ŞAHİN
    Enes Burak ŞAHİN 9 months ago

    Xs Plus 512 GB please 😁

  • USMC MSgt
    USMC MSgt 9 months ago

    I have not received that notification on my Note 9 512 gb. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Sus Wanto
    Sus Wanto 9 months ago

    I have problem with iOS 12 beta 12, i am using phone to be hotspot for my iPad Pro 10.5 wifi only, it is connecting to hotspot, but bandwith so slow. I cant browse, cant use iMessage, cant use anything with internet connection

  • Sam-Samm 02
    Sam-Samm 02 9 months ago

    Iphone 6 I need phone replacement 😭😭. My phone is dying

  • Braden Madaj
    Braden Madaj 9 months ago


  • DeanStuff
    DeanStuff 9 months ago

    One thing for Apple though -- Why are they making their interface so girlish?

  • Freddy Cedeno
    Freddy Cedeno 9 months ago

    Let me get that iphone

  • Zac’s Google Account
    Zac’s Google Account 9 months ago

    I haven’t gotten it because I still have iOS 11

  • Zac’s Google Account
    Zac’s Google Account 9 months ago

    I like your videos there informative

  • Hareth Aqel
    Hareth Aqel 9 months ago

    Hope that Apple will add a pause button or feature while recording a video it’s really annoying to miss such basic features from apple

  • Java Viper312
    Java Viper312 9 months ago

    If you have an iPad and you have this update go to the unlock screen and swipe up mine the bottom of my screen gos white and it will take you to put in your password but the background of that is white is that a bug or is it just my iPad

  • Duncan Weir
    Duncan Weir 9 months ago

    Wonder what the final OS will look like

  • Sara Guerra
    Sara Guerra 9 months ago

    I haven’t got the update for my iPhone 6s Plus