DaBaby - Intro (official music video)

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Billion Dollar Baby Ent
    Dababy- Intro
    Directed by Reel Goats

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  • Markamous Prime
    Markamous Prime 16 hours ago

    I came to hate but fuck this man is talented! can't knock a true artist.

  • ROARraps
    ROARraps 17 hours ago

    This is so solid. Love the casual instrumental over some real heart-felt lyrics and personality. I'm jumping on Da Baby train!

  • Alex Maunu
    Alex Maunu 17 hours ago

    “I’m still Lil John-John, my songs, they just went platinum”. Damn. That’s hard man.

  • pablo
    pablo 17 hours ago +1

    lost my father 3 weeks ago this song hit home fr

  • Heff Ee
    Heff Ee 18 hours ago

    Rick Ross Apple Of My Eye Brought Me Here

  • brendon _40528
    brendon _40528 19 hours ago

    best song

  • Jaiden Flores
    Jaiden Flores 19 hours ago +1

    Don't like this

  • The OnlyBIGPA
    The OnlyBIGPA 20 hours ago

    I'm 42 years old what I look like calling a dude DaBaby??? That being said his music goes hard. I'm gonna call him D

  • Just memes
    Just memes 21 hour ago

    You popped off
    R I P Dababy Dad
    And His Grandma

  • Angel Tarido
    Angel Tarido 21 hour ago

    A lot of these rappers need to take notes. Old and young bc this dude doin his thing and def giving the Ppl Good music. This is what rap is all about. Artist of the year. Album of the year. Everything been a huge fan and its def good to see this man getting the shine he deserves. Long time coming Big Homie. #NeedMoreRappersLikeThis

  • Tevin Gray
    Tevin Gray 22 hours ago

    Long live Scoe got they kr tatted on my neck ru-clip.net/video/DywUGnjW_Pg/video.html da baby link big bro I body niggas for you

  • Edward bloom
    Edward bloom 22 hours ago

    Pain Muzik 💯

  • Psychツ
    Psychツ 22 hours ago

    This is the real last supper

  • milow nologic
    milow nologic 23 hours ago


  • slime 4kt
    slime 4kt Day ago +1

    Who would dislike this it's some heat

  • LilSwerve VEVO
    LilSwerve VEVO Day ago +1

    My last name KIRK Kirk you know I rock behind my daddy

  • Tumai Nei
    Tumai Nei Day ago +1

    Can someone tell me where this place is ⛰
    It looks in real

  • Harmonie Jones
    Harmonie Jones Day ago

    im from nothr colinae i can whole song

  • 7 Power
    7 Power Day ago

    Songs amazing

  • Julian Gonzalez
    Julian Gonzalez Day ago

    Me running away from the child support 1:38

  • etellerandet olsen
    etellerandet olsen Day ago +2

    like if dababy is better than lil pump


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    I'm selling popcorns for those who are watching whilst reading the comment section.

  • Casual_DropoutYT
    Casual_DropoutYT Day ago +1

    Imagine your intro going this hard🔥🔥🔥

  • fyicoop1
    fyicoop1 Day ago +1

    If you ain't fuckin with da baby? Check this joint out. Bra nice with it and deserve every blessing he receiving.💯

  • j Zayas
    j Zayas Day ago

    K camp copped ur beat

  • wavY Y
    wavY Y Day ago +1

    These really want me to grind and work to get to the nba😪just to make my family proud

  • Red Ace
    Red Ace Day ago


  • Gold Chezz men
    Gold Chezz men Day ago +1

    He dealed wit so much but he still has so much courage this is what I love about dababy

  • poeticbeauté
    poeticbeauté Day ago


    YM DRKIN Day ago

    Go support enjoy my 1st Ep open.spotify.com/album/2OoQVpCewJAVYrAUYeIcLo?si=pbotGaYFR_OLlpY0fH_XxQ thank you something different

  • Neisan lol
    Neisan lol Day ago +1

    If you listen closely in the beginning, you can hear, "wait a minute, who are you?"

  • Devante Marques
    Devante Marques Day ago

    NEW SINGLE “D’USSÉ NIGHTS” OUT NOW ‼️ ru-clip.net/video/75qpt4RouSQ/video.html

  • maryam rahman
    maryam rahman Day ago

    omg i cried listin to this this is so fye and motovating


    See all the songs off KIRK go hard as shit...but I have a problem with how juxtaposed the messages of songs like INTRO and VIBEZ are. “I’m a family man, I care about my daughter, let’s get married.” Then “I’m fucking six hoes at a time.” Those sentiments just don’t belong on the same album. I could see a case that the album is about his struggle between these two sides of himself but there really isn’t much going on in the album to suggest that’s the meaning of it

  • Randy Urbina
    Randy Urbina Day ago +1

    Dababy you're not the only one who's father died my grandpa died last year rip grandpa

  • Cj
    Cj Day ago


  • Deleto Clan
    Deleto Clan Day ago

    Instantly was my favorite song now I nonstop listen to the Kirk playlist Btw love u so much man full homo😂 keep up the great work man

  • Deleto Clan
    Deleto Clan Day ago

    Wait a minute who r u at the beginning of the song😂

  • Lauren Cantrell
    Lauren Cantrell Day ago

    why is there even a dislike button on videos because dababy doesn't deserve it

  • Lune FGC
    Lune FGC Day ago

    I like this song a lot bc it's an example of how not everything in even a successful person's life is perfect

  • Norma
    Norma Day ago

    Love it

  • adon sandiford
    adon sandiford Day ago +1

    Da baby like yes
    no comment lil pump

  • John Modest
    John Modest Day ago +1

    Meek Mill’s intros are great, but this intro.. LEGENDARY. The more I listen to DaBaby the more I feel like I understand him. The rap game was in need of an artist like this 💯.

  • Brianna Williams

    Da baby your 🔥😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • ajthegoat11 lite
    ajthegoat11 lite Day ago +1

    R.I.P Dababy family and u lost your father how i did and thats on god now i have no man in my life

  • Jay
    Jay Day ago +1


  • loganrcooke
    loganrcooke Day ago +1

    Anyone else hear the “wait a minute who are you” in the beginning lol

  • VokeKee
    VokeKee Day ago

    Why do people dislike I know they glossy

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones Day ago

    Real stuff right here

  • jeff data
    jeff data Day ago

    1:47 me when im late for the area 51 raid

  • jeff data
    jeff data Day ago

    "lets raise our kids right"

    *plays boxing with his son*

  • Ivan Rivera
    Ivan Rivera Day ago

    Keep it up Dababy 👌🏽

  • K T
    K T Day ago

    I've been sleepin on Baby and im ashamed of it 👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥

  • rhaerhae
    rhaerhae Day ago

    You will be the best person in the world if u like this

    XDSUPREME Day ago

    How I be when my mama pull a belt out 1:49

  • David Kelly
    David Kelly Day ago

    Shit raw.. 84 baby

  • 1HG dalife
    1HG dalife Day ago

    Another dope ass NC ARTIST ru-clip.net/video/gQZQ_L3Sxo8/video.html

  • Badmon Barz
    Badmon Barz Day ago

    Idk those high knees @1:38 always gets me lolol

  • werto959
    werto959 Day ago

    God is great...
    god is great..
    Got it.

  • iPhoon
    iPhoon Day ago

    ru-clip.net/video/gx7kzjCbh-g/video.html help me blow Thiz song up 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯 I promise you won’t regret it 🏆🏆🏆🏆