PnB Rock - Middle Child (feat. XXXTENTACION) [Official Music Video]

  • Published on Aug 8, 2019
  • PnB Rock - Middle Child (feat. XXXTENTACION)
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    Dir: Derek Pike
    Producer: Shayna Gianelli
    Prod Co: Stories LLC
    Commissioner: Kareem Johnson
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  • Last Gamer
    Last Gamer 59 minutes ago +1

    Why did x have to leave rip x

  • Fritz Gerald Nacional

    Me: mom, can we have middle child by jcole?
    Mom: we have middle child at home
    Middle child at home: this 😑

  • Tamara Dalomba
    Tamara Dalomba Hour ago

    X’s brothers are adorable

  • Julius Chua
    Julius Chua Hour ago

    Why does X look so asian?

  • TYS-Serm
    TYS-Serm Hour ago


  • call of duty god
    call of duty god Hour ago

    this middle child is better then the j cole middle child

  • christy white
    christy white 2 hours ago +1

    Damnnn man why X 😔💔 #lljahsey

  • bob youb
    bob youb 3 hours ago

    Nice song .. this good ... I will leave you this passage top line.

  • Rambobeach86 Games and vlogs

    I love this song

  • Peter Wighton
    Peter Wighton 3 hours ago

    xxx we all love you

  • Kelvin AFCHAIN
    Kelvin AFCHAIN 4 hours ago


  • StaTiiCz Creamy
    StaTiiCz Creamy 4 hours ago

    Kid X wearing a tank top looks buff for a kid

  • Julu Christan
    Julu Christan 4 hours ago +1

    Xxtentacion has died 1year ago?

  • 123 456
    123 456 4 hours ago

    Who is the girl?

  • Harleigh wilson
    Harleigh wilson 5 hours ago

    2:17 shit poor dude

  • Evin Akbulut
    Evin Akbulut 5 hours ago

    Rip X😭

  • DooM kermit
    DooM kermit 5 hours ago

    I watched this like 50 times a day

  • DáhKid Blue
    DáhKid Blue 6 hours ago

    R.i.p xxx

  • wafles_n _syrup21
    wafles_n _syrup21 7 hours ago

    But isn't xxx dead he stupid he should have just Naruto run faster than the bullets

  • Notalkin B
    Notalkin B 7 hours ago

    The dude in the car kind of looks like lil Pete

  • aiden is garbage
    aiden is garbage 7 hours ago +2

    this song noice

  • Tizzi
    Tizzi 8 hours ago

    My Favorite Song Rn

  • chitysim
    chitysim 9 hours ago

    Rest in peace x we will miss you but I'm glad your having a great time in heaven

  • CallMeCausticVR
    CallMeCausticVR 9 hours ago

    X would’ve had a blast with this video 😓😞 sleep tight x

  • Damien Mercado
    Damien Mercado 9 hours ago

    X was the kid duh here his voice

  • Vegas Gang Ent.
    Vegas Gang Ent. 9 hours ago

    Rip X 💙

  • King_J4Y YT
    King_J4Y YT 9 hours ago +1

    why does the kid look like trippie blue

  • PuLsE_Scopez
    PuLsE_Scopez 9 hours ago

    Who wants to just die and see X in heaven

  • Andy Mendoza
    Andy Mendoza 10 hours ago

    Mini X

  • Josue Jimenez
    Josue Jimenez 10 hours ago


  • PoorBoy Vic
    PoorBoy Vic 11 hours ago

    Was is there a young Dj Akademiks 😂 😂

  • Taylor Preston
    Taylor Preston 11 hours ago

    I want x bck

  • Taylor Preston
    Taylor Preston 11 hours ago


  • RyZe Redツ
    RyZe Redツ 11 hours ago

    Hearing X's voice in a new song made me so hyped

  • prettylittlegameryt
    prettylittlegameryt 11 hours ago

    My favorite song

  • Scoop Curry Gaming
    Scoop Curry Gaming 11 hours ago

    0:45 it’s funny how they are grabbing to cups

  • Jay So litt
    Jay So litt 11 hours ago

    I wish x was there to finish the video no kap

  • Tony Heart
    Tony Heart 11 hours ago

    This sucks

  • sloke koala
    sloke koala 11 hours ago

    😨😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 LLJ only if he wasn't there that day✖️❌✖️

  • Dr. Meme
    Dr. Meme 12 hours ago +1

    *That girl probably showed him her trap juice.*

  • DarK GhosT
    DarK GhosT 12 hours ago

    resolution man it's shit

  • FADE_ mcman
    FADE_ mcman 12 hours ago

    Rip x

  • David Onoh
    David Onoh 12 hours ago

    Wow come these kids can rap better then me

  •  12 hours ago +1

    Rip xxx 1998 - 2018

  • BR desconhecido BR
    BR desconhecido BR 12 hours ago

    Os BR entendeu X nos te amamos 💔

  • Alfred or Lei
    Alfred or Lei 12 hours ago

    this is a song for X R.I.P X LLJ ;-;

  • LowPower -_-
    LowPower -_- 12 hours ago

    dammm i miss young dagger dck T-T

  • goose 8
    goose 8 13 hours ago

    Blueface: ciggies
    Pnb rock: scooter
    Lil tecca: golf carts
    Whose next

  • FireSky7
    FireSky7 13 hours ago

    Lets go! We miss u x. u the best rapper ever.

  • [Noob] Rendax
    [Noob] Rendax 13 hours ago

    old school

  • Adam Lelchuk
    Adam Lelchuk 13 hours ago

    Imagine if that’s actually a real juice

  • Jiggz Loyal Henchman
    Jiggz Loyal Henchman 13 hours ago

    *Notice they're all black people*

  • I’asia Shelton
    I’asia Shelton 13 hours ago


  • Your nan Gay
    Your nan Gay 13 hours ago

    Hes trying to be x but hes 11 and does not have a good voice yet
    He took clips and shittly put them over him talking

  • The Roccos
    The Roccos 14 hours ago

    Miss ya x

  • elmwood uwu anime wolfie uwu

    omg ew

  • juju pepers
    juju pepers 14 hours ago

    Pnb sitting here making that little version of X feel lefted out! WHY

  • Jason Major
    Jason Major 14 hours ago

    RIP.. X

  • Nicholas Glenn
    Nicholas Glenn 14 hours ago

    Man I wish xxx was a live