Tik Tok Try Not To Laugh Challenge

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
  • Tik Tok, the new age vine! Home of the internet's funniest videos. Let's see if they can make old Jacksepticeye laugh, chuckle or even giggle just a little. In this hardest of try not to laugh challenges of tik tok memes. Get your laugh buckets ready!
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Comments • 13 873

  • jacksepticeye
    jacksepticeye  2 months ago +16010

    Did you LAUGH?!

  • your nan
    your nan 5 hours ago

    11:45 chainsaw fart lmao

  • Hunter Bell
    Hunter Bell 6 hours ago

    R.i.p vines vines were good

  • christopher frampton
    christopher frampton 7 hours ago


  • christopher frampton
    christopher frampton 7 hours ago

    ok boomer

  • Attila
    Attila 8 hours ago

    Tiktoks are Not funny

  • Skeeby Zeeby
    Skeeby Zeeby 9 hours ago

    Pizza cheese

  • Captain Leona
    Captain Leona 9 hours ago

    That dude at the end tho

  • MysteryMan0071 1
    MysteryMan0071 1 11 hours ago +1

    When ever he she will bring home toco bell or Domino's I got an ad for popeye's

  • Fracc
    Fracc 12 hours ago

    byte: allow us to introduce ourself

  • Lewis Spencer
    Lewis Spencer 12 hours ago


  • Vortex
    Vortex 12 hours ago

    If Tik Tok is the future, I don’t want to live

  • UrineTrouble05
    UrineTrouble05 13 hours ago

    The thing is most tiktoks were basically vines and it’s owned by China so be careful kids

  • Fool With Too Many Names

    Sean says Tik Tok is the new Vine the day Vine 2 BYTE comes out

  • firehuntertidy
    firehuntertidy 14 hours ago

    I miss vines

  • i main hanso
    i main hanso 14 hours ago

    Yeah I laugh

  • Jayda Lynn
    Jayda Lynn 15 hours ago


  • JJ the gamer!
    JJ the gamer! 15 hours ago +1

    Hey im on tik tok follow me as jjthegamer02

  • Khadeeja Tunkara
    Khadeeja Tunkara 16 hours ago

    I was tryna eat oatmeal...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • AndyHasFeet
    AndyHasFeet 17 hours ago

    i think jacks been blasted in the face before.. i think he went back and turntables.

  • Slipy61
    Slipy61 18 hours ago

    There seems to be some hidden gems here

  • King Cole
    King Cole 18 hours ago

    I laughed at the end! 😭😭😭

    LITTLE SPEAR 19 hours ago

    Ur acting is very funny Jack nice u should have been an actor great job. 👍

  • Papa E5963
    Papa E5963 19 hours ago

    12:00 I don’t get it

  • Cass Films
    Cass Films 20 hours ago

    ngl the first one got me.

  • epiclazymuffin cosplay
    epiclazymuffin cosplay 22 hours ago

    I'm crying! 😭🤣 an dying...

  • C. ROXAS
    C. ROXAS 23 hours ago

    To be completely honest I thought the guy said:
    "My sister is pregnant, i'll find who did it!"

  • Eddie Jackson
    Eddie Jackson Day ago

    I literally almost lost on the first one

  • I am nothing but a person

    Hey Jack, are you gay?

  • Chris.P Chicken
    Chris.P Chicken Day ago

    I'm just gonna say this one thing.

    Why did people dislike the video. This is content.

  • Emily 123
    Emily 123 Day ago

    The guy u drank the coke and yelled looked like m
    Mr. Wilson. I could just imagine jack yelling “MR. WILSON!!”

  • SierraRoseyyy
    SierraRoseyyy Day ago

    him saying 'i know what its like to be a tall dude' made me laugh even harder than the tiktoks

  • Zetrakil0513
    Zetrakil0513 Day ago

    I think the tiktoks your watching was Vine that the person copied and made it tiktok

  • Nicole Jackson
    Nicole Jackson Day ago

    I really don't get Tik tok. The only one I really found remotely funny was the dog one.

  • Baggy Trousers
    Baggy Trousers Day ago

    The sauna one with Closing Time in the background is flawless.

  • Jake’s Cakes
    Jake’s Cakes Day ago

    9:23 I don’t get it

  • Shannon Rae
    Shannon Rae Day ago

    10:33 hurted

  • Morgan Zakhary
    Morgan Zakhary Day ago

    Shout out to calebwfrancis !! Funniest guy on tiktok imo!

  • HamFan 1107
    HamFan 1107 Day ago +1

    The ladys dancing in the backround meanwhile the kids deep throughting the spoon

  • Billy Sparks
    Billy Sparks Day ago

    Why did he cover his mouth every time

  • shaunthesheep24
    shaunthesheep24 Day ago

    The only thing I laughed at was you supporting Google stadia.

  • Nevo Malka
    Nevo Malka Day ago

    10:56 the gailic gladiator has awoken

  • Zempt 77
    Zempt 77 Day ago

    Dont worry jack, the poop dosent get sucked out the plane, it get sucked into a tank full of crap

  • Hunter The Hentai guy


  • soup soup
    soup soup 2 days ago

    Im Aussie so for some reason the spaghetti one made sence

  • G H
    G H 2 days ago +1

    RU-clip: Hey let's change the comment section for the phone app for no reason!

  • Coralee Werdal
    Coralee Werdal 2 days ago

    Sooo close but soooo far

  • kia mcqueen
    kia mcqueen 2 days ago

    What makes them funny is when you react to them thats why people love your vids

  • Amanda Harvey
    Amanda Harvey 2 days ago


  • Amari Knight
    Amari Knight 2 days ago +2

    The Boy: Oh Mom there a little b* in the snacks
    Jack: Low effort I'm not a little b*

  • Darragh B
    Darragh B 2 days ago

    Jack: I'm trying not to laugh
    Also Jack: I didnt think these would be funny

  • Krn-Ksh 19
    Krn-Ksh 19 2 days ago

    7:56 that’s why you don’t shit on an airplane

  • Stephen Dixon
    Stephen Dixon 2 days ago

    7:29 yes I do have my balls on you

  • Plats World
    Plats World 2 days ago

    only of you watch me

  • GyaraGoldtoise
    GyaraGoldtoise 2 days ago

    The whistle made me wake up holy shit 3:05

  • Abrion Brown
    Abrion Brown 2 days ago +2

    Jack: I feel like I’m trying not to laugh at a funeral.
    Me, trying to figure out who laughs at funerals: Wh-What?

  • Twinkly Tanya Plays
    Twinkly Tanya Plays 3 days ago

    I was completely unmoved, until the chickens crossed the road. That was golden. 😂👌🏻

  • Underpantswher
    Underpantswher 3 days ago

    I got a mafia city ad in the middle of this and it took me a good 30 seconds to realize it wasn't part of the video

  • red sum
    red sum 3 days ago

    I didn't laugh once sorry mate tho I haven't lost 1 try not to largh

  • Harry Whitehouse
    Harry Whitehouse 3 days ago

    12:19 gets the laugh award for first TIK TOK to make our boy laugh.