Craziest NBA Moments of 2018/2019 - Part 1

  • Published on Nov 21, 2018
  • The craziest NBA plays and moments of the 2018/19 NBA Regular Season!
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Comments • 729

  • psychedelic daemon

    Derrick rose stole the highlight of this for me

  • Nathan Josh Sanchez (432NatSanc)

    yes he can and he is the best shooter ever so stop lieing.

    RANDOM GUY 21 day ago +1

    where's caruso

  • Project Sillywrunner
    Project Sillywrunner 24 days ago

    Ugh 4:56 he got beet up again

  • Project Sillywrunner
    Project Sillywrunner 24 days ago

    1:00 announcer: three pointer steph curry
    Me: so ANNOYING

  • Justin Winterholler
    Justin Winterholler 27 days ago

    Absolutely hate Jamal Murray

  • Red Egg
    Red Egg Month ago

    That 50pt game for rose...

    KIDBALLER20 Month ago

    devin boomer. hahahaha

  • Διονύσης Τρικοίλης

    Curry uses aim bot lol

  • Tonio 1 up top
    Tonio 1 up top Month ago

    Rose 50 was the best thing this season to me

  • Lil Lean
    Lil Lean Month ago

    The only problem about being a fucking warriors fan is

    Curry shoot threes all the times make them like its nothing
    Except when were in the finals and everything is at stake for example 2016 cavs game 7 and raptors 2019 game 6 he fucking chokes when his team needs the points

  • AnimeLoL !!.
    AnimeLoL !!. Month ago

    First time watching ads without skipping it

  • Miguel Bonsu
    Miguel Bonsu 2 months ago +1

    Everyone knows that wilt Chamberlain is the goat it’s either him Kobe Bryant or Jordan

  • 2KMC
    2KMC 2 months ago

    Curry in that game was like he was in mycareer. When your hot just step over half court and hit x.

  • sweetchaos Fox
    sweetchaos Fox 2 months ago

    curry cant hit not one 2 pointer but can shoot a 3 pointer like its a 2 pointer...what is he? 0:30

  • Kai Skates Zamora
    Kai Skates Zamora 2 months ago

    We all know why curry shot all those 3s he had sharpshooter takeover

  • James Robert
    James Robert 2 months ago

    As the Raptors don't even exist in the NBA.

  • Alexander Quezada
    Alexander Quezada 2 months ago

    Austin from ace family on bottom of the screen

  • Movies Miner
    Movies Miner 2 months ago +1

    1st: D-rose is the greates
    2nd : Curry

  • sage dhanani
    sage dhanani 2 months ago

    why does all the hornet's footage look so bad?

  • クズケン
    クズケン 2 months ago

    No Luka Doncic

  • Toxxinss
    Toxxinss 2 months ago

    Where tf is the kawhi shot?

  • Tyson X
    Tyson X 2 months ago +1

    3:14 so LeBron got the and-1 but he still gets 2 free throws

    • Frozen_Lies
      Frozen_Lies 2 months ago

      Its Madness were you paying attention ? You do realize the spurs went from 136 to 141 next frame right ?

  • 박서진
    박서진 2 months ago

    Awesome plays

  • Joey Jojo
    Joey Jojo 2 months ago

    it's almost as if LeChoke is sponsoring this channel! take his cock out of your mouth man! not one single highlight from the Champions? seriously? i think I saw EVERY SINGLE team except my Raptors in these highlights! i guess it's not only the NBA that's hating on Canada eh... We the North! Champions!

  • Lil Lovin
    Lil Lovin 2 months ago

    Curry in that first clip is me in 2k

  • alex axel
    alex axel 3 months ago

    Change the name of title bro make it craziest moments of my favourite players that would be more accurate

  • Josh I
    Josh I 3 months ago +3

    10:50 who else thought he missed because I swear that net did not move at all wow.

  • FishStix96
    FishStix96 3 months ago

    The one with Trey Young was goal tending

  • matt yang
    matt yang 3 months ago

    Green is a dickhead by talking to durant like that.

  • Burnet Deown
    Burnet Deown 3 months ago

    arent crazy shots

  • Burnet Deown
    Burnet Deown 3 months ago

    shitty compilation

  • HiFi5280
    HiFi5280 3 months ago

    I love watching their 🐐 miss clutch free throws to ice the game

  • cr0nikz
    cr0nikz 3 months ago

    Raptors got the Larry ob tho 🤷‍♂️

  • Michelle Mims
    Michelle Mims 3 months ago +1

    when currys on the court u know u about to lose lol

  • playboymaxim
    playboymaxim 3 months ago +2

    From @0:30 to 1:36....Nothin' but net lol

  • Nate Coleman
    Nate Coleman 3 months ago

    How about Kawhi game 7 buzzer beater????

  • Mr. GoLdBaLLeR
    Mr. GoLdBaLLeR 3 months ago

    If you pause it at 22 seconds in the videos you can see on the bottom of the screen on the sidelines you can see Austin from the ace family in the purple jacket and yellow pants he made a video about that game

  • Tafta
    Tafta 3 months ago

    Is he feeling it?

  • IG: confused_melo to see proof he is garbage #Ginga

    Why didn't you show cupcake getting punked out clickbate fag

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen 3 months ago +1

    2:19 euro step dunk

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen 3 months ago +1

    1:21 the shrug

  • Medhy wolf
    Medhy wolf 3 months ago

    Curry uses aimbot

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith 3 months ago

    Curry can't do that shit in the Finals lol

  • dlion314
    dlion314 3 months ago

    Jesus Christ, Steph!

  • Jarius Bell
    Jarius Bell 3 months ago

    If klay take one dribble or a side step he dont miss ane he dont hit rim😂😂😂

  • Broderic Kartholl
    Broderic Kartholl 3 months ago +12

    Steph Curry is super human. 3 point machine.

  • gallardo girls
    gallardo girls 4 months ago +5

    when curry kept making those contested 3's, why couldn't he do that in the NBA 2019 finals against the raptors?

    • Saruati2COC
      Saruati2COC 3 months ago

      You can’t make 13 3’s whenever you want..especially when your under the pressure in the finals

    • Y Lyu
      Y Lyu 3 months ago

      I guess because only big time players make big time play? :)

    • gallardo girls
      gallardo girls 3 months ago +1

      grrr rraaa yup your right

    • Skelejah
      Skelejah 3 months ago +3

      Cause when it comes down to it, he chokes bad.

    • Sergio Ibarra
      Sergio Ibarra 4 months ago

      gallardo girls respect and 💯% agree

  • Alex and the fam
    Alex and the fam 4 months ago

    I saw astaiun mcroob

  • Mark
    Mark 4 months ago

    They need to nerf curry hes to op

  • Zod The Rod
    Zod The Rod 4 months ago

    Draymond should not have passed it up kd was to far back

  • Eve Samuels
    Eve Samuels 4 months ago

    Sicko mode beat plays so liked

  • Auro
    Auro 4 months ago

    Curry’s gotta miss some shots so people don’t realize he has aimbot

    • kevin buggage
      kevin buggage 4 months ago

      No the unanimous season bro I swear everything he threw up I was saying, yup he’s gonna hit that😂😂 nigga wasn’t even past half court sometimes

  • htown11465
    htown11465 4 months ago

    moment [noun] "a very brief period of time"

  • FishStix96
    FishStix96 4 months ago


  • Kenny Nguyen
    Kenny Nguyen 4 months ago

    Dear lord Kemba deserves better man.

  • Chucky Jr
    Chucky Jr 4 months ago

    Curry can make all these three but can’t make any during the final game with the raptors lol choking hard in the final. Lol

    • Pip Gruta
      Pip Gruta 4 months ago

      you should move on the finals already done lol

  • вща ыва
    вща ыва 4 months ago

    what a track on 5:40?

    • вща ыва
      вща ыва 4 months ago

      @No. 8 i love you , bro! Thanks!

    • No. 8
      No. 8 4 months ago

      sicko mode

  • natalie gess
    natalie gess 4 months ago

    Nick young is so bad and russel

  • Canine
    Canine 4 months ago

    11:22 Travel