My Traumatizing Haunted House Experience

  • Published on Oct 26, 2016
  • Massive props to anyone who works in a haunted house. Just doing it for one night was enough emotional trauma for me to make a video about it.
    How far you you go to scare someone?
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    *reading the haunted house chapter in his book*

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    Who loves Halloween....👇

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    I bought ur book

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    Its bad and its old idc but I doooooooo care

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    I went to a Hunted Strip Mall. We live in Michigan, and a Strip Mall has like 8 little Stores with the best one being a Dollar store ,and one Restaurant most likely a All you can Eat Restaurant (Fast Food with no Drive In) (Big Boy,or something like it ), and everything is on a Sidewalk in a Parking lot.
    Also I was 6 years to 8 years old the year was before 2001 ,and after 1996. I think Furbies where going on their 2nd out of 14 years being sold from McDonald's, and The Texas Chain Saw Guy just had his movie come out .
    Being a Boy at the time I like the Colors : Black , Dark Blue , Grass Green , War time Brown, Fire Red , Flame Orange, Fools Gold , Ketchup , European Hair , European Eye, European Skin, and Grey .
    So I bress up as a Black Bird because Ferbies are Taking Birds . So I had my Dad's Hand we got to the last stop and a Chainless Chain Saw man came after me ,and people looked like they had thair Heart and Stomach out so I ran faster than Flash all over . I got tired out ,and everything thing was fixed I got 3 times the Candy that I started with .

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    Blacka or morgz

  • Dimple jazmeet Kaur

    Nice first time swimming with a tragedy so I was in a group with my friends and the code to was bringing us into the water so we had a feel for it and I needed to go to the toilet I hold it in the whole time and l I was so scared I thought it was so deep for some reason but it was actually just 1.02 I don't know the rest but that's it that's how deep it was it was exactly my height to my chin but that's the time I swim like a fish and other times we use the small small small pool and it was super fun I scraped my knee super hard and it bled in the water so the water was all red and the teacher told everyone to get out except and that was so weird we had to go to the big pool after I washed it off and it wasn't like bleeding anymore that's the most off of my swimming time and also like if your in yumin Primary School

  • S Frazer
    S Frazer Day ago

    Ok. So.
    Story time.
    When I was in 6th grade my group of friends and I put on a haunted house and about one hour through it I realise we had the microphone that we had access to use, so I grabbed it off the table thing we were using. And screamed very loudly into it, which scared the complete crap out of people and basically for the rest of the entire time that was what I did.
    A side from screaming into the microphone which gave me a complete sore throat at the end, I had a lot of fun screaming and scaring little kids. Hands down, best experience ever.

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    No!!!!!! Praec

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    i bet they would make some great songs together

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    Wen he sad cool the animation was better

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    Who saw Issac when he said “we had a smoke machine”

    PS. I’m not begging for likes I never got a lot of likes

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    James you will never beat me at smash bros
    I main my bois sonic and dark pit
    And I'd rek you

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    I'm A theatre kid I'm Going in Oliver Twist

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    4:49 b a L a K E !

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    2:13 this moment is why I am not currently subscribed.

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    GOT YOUR BOOK ( if you saw this from me saying “ I have your book or I got you book “ I am sorry but I love it )

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    My dad calls my brother Balake

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    Balake reminds me about homer simpson

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    When you realize more people watch the odds ones out than mha

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    really mean

  • Rylie Allen
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    I have two really mean brothers

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    They were ''eating'' her... Yeah James we know wahat you did xD

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    Can anyone talk about the never gunna give you up there

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    in haunted houses i o yoh what man when jumpscares scare me and im 12

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    That fish was mentally in pain😬😬

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    As I have a (much) older brother I can relate but he never ate one of my pets!!!!😂😂😂

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    If your watching in 2019

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    1 like = 1 prayer for Balake’s Little Brother

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    Am i the only one who realized all of his videos have more than ten million views

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    Hey james do you like friday the 13th?

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    When he screamed balake! I just lost it

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    p.s i live in Australia

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    I already read the book so meh..

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    I have 3 older brothers and too sisters and I'm the youngest person in the family