Disney Doesn't Understand Lightsabers

  • Published on Dec 25, 2018
  • Star Wars gave us the Lightsaber. Disney threw it away. Why doesn’t Disney understand Star Wars and especially the lightsaber? We all wanted one as a kid, now, not so much. I’ll also show you which movie Rian Johnson copied for the Throne Room scene. It will surprise you. What has Kathleen Kennedy done to Star Wars?
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    Thanks to Drunk 3PO for his “Rey” lightsaber photo (check out his RU-clip channel)
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  • Kiyo
    Kiyo 3 hours ago

    I think the lightsabers only grazed finn and Kylo, it's also pre established that there are metals that can withstand lightsabers. But this movie is still dumb

  • the atomic blast
    the atomic blast 3 hours ago

    Yeah, the new movies are pretty bad, but have you guys seen how they ruined lightsabers in Star Wars: Rebels? Where do the kyber crystals go in the spinning Inquisitor's saber? How does a full on blaster fit in inside of a very compact hilt, that has no room for all of the components that go into a blaster, as well as all of the components that go into the hilt of a lighsaber?

  • TheCyanShyGuy
    TheCyanShyGuy 3 hours ago

    I was fine up until the whole renaming Luke's Lightsaber to Rey's Lightsaber... That pissed me off...

    WOLF HUNTER 4 hours ago

    (writing this before seeing full video) another insult to ruining the image of the lightsaber, in the clone wars series there is the episode i don’t remember which season or episode number but it’s when ashoka and god’s have helped the young kings find their kiber crystals and ashoka is helping to teach them how to build with the help up the badass lightsaber droid (who is probably force sensitive himself as he can kind of feel what each future jedi wants for his saber) but this episode just how personal each lightsaber is to a jedi it is one with the jedi just like the it is not just a weapon but an instrument of justice, and a symbol of who is present among regular people. and disney threw that to the mud spat on it and trampled its boot all over it and all over star wars.

  • Khyrin Pallero
    Khyrin Pallero 5 hours ago

    The part where fin gets cut in the back could be reasonable tho.. in ep. 2 count dooku cuts obiwan a couple times taking him out of the fight without cutting limbs off.
    Edit: his recovery tho was bs, he should have been out cold for a while and without a love interest lmao

  • NWL Nathan Savage
    NWL Nathan Savage 6 hours ago

    they also ruined the clone wars and are now gonna make us pay to watch it :(

  • Liam Cothran
    Liam Cothran 7 hours ago

    7:07 I wasn’t expecting that! 😂

  • Mike Black
    Mike Black 8 hours ago

    5:48 film?

  • Nhyro Tt Chino
    Nhyro Tt Chino 8 hours ago

    See how many mistakes you see in the prequels? THOSE movies have ridiculous choreography when it comes to lightsaber battles,anakin and obi wan spinning the lightsabers without any reason,maul spinning the sword stupidly fast when it isnt needed or the simple fact that the battles look like they were dancing rather than battling. The OT seems old today,but it has more credible and legit choreography than the prequels bullshit. Even sequel trilogy has better choreography,as in an actual fight not every move hits your enemy,hence why some moves in the throne room scene seem very pointless. The throne rome has a lot of errors like the guy trowing his weapon,but id definetely beats the flashy bullshit that the prequels were

  • l0ld0
    l0ld0 9 hours ago

    0:04 song name please ? sounds like a soundtrack

  • petr súkeník
    petr súkeník 9 hours ago

    its a laser stick, it have nothing in comon with sabers :D

  • Scohi
    Scohi 10 hours ago

    its just a shite version of return of the jedi

  • mrbenwest
    mrbenwest 11 hours ago

    Disney is making Star Wars better.
    The most popular movies Gerorge made was the origins ep. 4,5,6. They was the most popular Star Wars eps ever.
    As 1,2,3 was actually the least sawn ones.
    1,2,3 Was created after the origins.
    Gerorge got worser, now Disney got it good, now that's why we are talking about this, because he wanted it to become more popular.
    so please Disney haters just just ShSbsbSh

  • Andreas Egeland
    Andreas Egeland 12 hours ago

    I don't get your criticism of the phrase "laser sword". In all instances you show it's clearly being used disparagingly (maybe that's the point?).
    The tweets are referencing absurdism as a sort of defence against criticism. Luke is using the phrase to mock and discourage Reys naivety.
    Other than that, agree with everything. Especially the lack of serious harm done by lightsabers, that seems overwhelmingly Disney-esque.

  • Azamat bikebayev
    Azamat bikebayev 13 hours ago

    Y’know the scene, where one of the stormtroopers uses one of those batons, that was capable of deflecting a lightsaber. I’m not jumping to conclusions or anything but what if it was made out of that metal used in the legends, that was used by normal soldiers in some long ago era against lightsaber wielders.
    Well, the rest of what u explained was a whole story that I agree with.

  • Maruchan Nuudle
    Maruchan Nuudle 14 hours ago

    Disney added their unique style of orchestra to the movies. Taking away any bit of drama that the old movies used to have where it would focus on their emotion. Rather than loud Disney style music, the same style you’d find in Fantasia.

  • dahjo13
    dahjo13 14 hours ago

    Disney? Sure, but you do realize even GL hisself refers to them as laser swords, which is stupid. It’s plasma sword not a laser.

  • Legendary Legend of Legend Legend

    I've seen people compare the moment in the old republic trailer when Kao Cen Darach hits Vindican in the face with a lightsaber and nobody complains about that. Well Vindican took a glancing blow to the face with a helmet on and it still fucked his face up so hard. Also Sith Pureblood skin is tougher than human. The strike that hit Kylo should've killed him: he was helmetless and took a proper strike.

  • Benjamin A. Stanton
    Benjamin A. Stanton 16 hours ago +1

    Thanks buddy. You made me love the throne room scene even more than I did watching in the theatre! It is insane to think you compared it to The Wizard Of Oz. I see no resemblance, even while watching this entire video. Also, you failed to compliment the part where Kylo Ren killed the Sith Lord remotely. Luke taught his Jedi to do that in the academy.

  • CRaZy_OhHeyItsKyle62
    CRaZy_OhHeyItsKyle62 17 hours ago

    When you type likes lightsaber on google and it says Rey’s light saber I makes me wanna barf

  • Cương Ngô Văn
    Cương Ngô Văn 22 hours ago +1

    The true Sith lord of all time: "Darth Disney".

  • Charzey
    Charzey 23 hours ago

    Don't feel sorry for George, he sold it to them.

  • Jonathon Tofts
    Jonathon Tofts 23 hours ago


  • Charles Wolfenstein
    Charles Wolfenstein 23 hours ago

    Thats not the only saga, just look at Avengers. The whole Avengers series Is sad, they invade planet and wars and you see no destruction or dead bodies. I mean, an airport empty? Lmao

  • Your Neighborhood Grandpa


  • Kensaku
    Kensaku Day ago

    The Dark Saber was used by regular people, however it was made as a symbol of people and a culture. Had deep meaning, tho I'm yet to see it get ripped apart over a tantrum

  • Andrew Wolf
    Andrew Wolf Day ago

    Pissed me off that Luke projects himself to save the rebels but he not only projects himself but he projects objects too .... something some Disney moron decided to come up with and all those morons looked at each other like OMG WHAT A GREAT IDEA WE WILL MAKE HIM A COWARD AND A MAGICIAN

  • Captain Kody
    Captain Kody Day ago

    I love laser swords and they are easy to use

  • Scott Harrison
    Scott Harrison Day ago

    To my knowledge of the legends canon, anyone could use a lightsaber but it's nothing more than a hot stick that can cut things in the hands of a non force sensitive person.
    Doesn't excuse how bad TLJ was.

  • Mo Ana
    Mo Ana Day ago

    Where I come from there called “ life savers “

  • Mo Ana
    Mo Ana Day ago

    I thought they were called “ life savers or lite savers ..”!!!

  • Mac Daddy
    Mac Daddy Day ago

    I only watched this once, at the theatre. Had I not been with outer people i would have walked out. Great video.

  • samedoughnut 70
    samedoughnut 70 Day ago

    I think Luke said lazer sword because he was being sarcastic

  • Thomas Owens
    Thomas Owens Day ago

    Thanks Disney for raping a culture. Again again again again again.

  • tompparaideri
    tompparaideri Day ago

    Or jumping to hyperspace. Or Luke Skywalker. Or anything Star Wars.

  • Lars G Punkt
    Lars G Punkt Day ago

    Rip Star wars

  • J T
    J T Day ago

    Disney Star Wars lightsaber fight & physics is so lame. Totally sucks and it make me sad.

  • Emperor Overking

    You dont understand how to not be retarded.

  • GT rkt
    GT rkt Day ago

    Or maybe armor isnt useless anymore

  • Wong Equals God
    Wong Equals God Day ago

    I’m getting tired of all these people making up bad excuses to hate on Disney’s Star Wars, this video is so bad, please go do something else than nitpick on every single detail and making up your own problems with Disney that don’t make any sense

    • Wong Equals God
      Wong Equals God 10 hours ago

      Wisp Wisp I agree on the point that there was a lot of humor that didn’t work, but Mark Hamill isn’t a writer, he can say that he doesn’t expect Luke to behave the way he did but that doesn’t change one thing. Every Star Wars plot involves space stuff that can’t be possible because it involves creatures that can’t exist, planets that can’t exist, space ships that can’t exist traveling at speeds that aren’t possible, weapons that can’t exist and powers that can’t exist, also, the resistance ship had shields, so if the First Order went around their ship, they would simply have to change the position of the shields and they’d be good.
      Let’s just agree to disagree, in my opinion the writing has some flaws, but is overall great, with extremely well executed plot twists and complex characters who behave in ways that aren’t out of character and you don’t think that’s the case, I can try to convince you and you can try to convince me but that’ll lead nowhere

    • Wisp Wisp
      Wisp Wisp 11 hours ago

      ​ Wong Equals God The reason i brought up the way space works is because i cant recall a situation in the other star wars movies where the main plot depended on it this directly and it seems awfully convenient. People can suspend their disbelief for things like lightspeed. But "faster and lighter" still doesnt feel like a good reason. But even if we ignore that it we still have to problem of why they couldnt have caught up by other means. Like lightspeed. The same way the falcon does it later in the film. It that case its still contradicting itself. We dont need detailed laws of physics in a science fiction but we at least need consistency.

      Luke is an entire debate on its own. The reason people are upset at his change of personality is because, while they gave us a short reason why, it feels so out of place and most fans would have liked to see that change in more detail.
      The scene when Luke considers to kill kylo in his sleep because he saw his future was not 30 in the future yet. He refused to kill darth vader in ROTJ even though he had already murdered countless and was pretty much the second most evil person in the galaxy. Only because he was his father.
      Somehow he could not do the same for his nephew. I know he said it was pure instinct and he regretted it immediately after but thats still VERY hard to believe.
      Luke would not act on instinct like that. Controlling your emotions lies at the foundation of jedi training. He had already learned that ROTJ.
      Considering this is only a few years after, and he continued learning and teaching the ways of the jedi, its unlikely he would act on pure emotion like that.

      And if we say he did because the years have made him a little soft, even with all his students dead, going into hiding for 30 years is not something luke would do.
      Mark Hamill said so himself that even after something as traumatic as that he would try to fix it as he did before. He would certainly not ever give up on his family. The fact that he would then mock kylo in their fight makes it even worse.

      However its definitely not impossible that luke would turn like that. But for all that to work we really needed a deeper understanding. It feels like there is an entire trilogy worth of character development missing and only explained in 3 short scenes. What was the worse part for most people is that he didnt get a chance to properly redeem himself.
      Saving the resistance time like he did was noble, it absolutely did not redeem him. Not completely at least. He actually barely helped the resistance at all. If he knew there was an exit he could have told them instead of hoping that they would just figure it out because of the foxes.
      He did absolutely not have to die at the end. Rian really wanted to have the binary sunset shot, which i respect and is probably the perfect way to let him go.
      But it just felt so undeserved. Especially since for many it wasnt an emotional moment but rather a "what why?" moment. Because there is a lot of out of place humor in the film it almost felt like a joke with the double twist of him force projecting but dying anyway.

      The little explanation that was given was just not enough. It was super confusing and disappointing for many people.

    • Wong Equals God
      Wong Equals God 13 hours ago

      Wisp Wisp most of these “problems” you seem to have are explained in the movie, I’d like to explain 2 of them in more detail here
      Space doesn’t work the way it does in real life in science fiction, I’d like to see you name one movie apart from 2001: A Space Odyssey and Interstellar in which space works the way it does in real life and nobody seems to have a problem with the fact that people don’t float around in the space ships, can travel at light speed and can create explosions in space in the other Star Wars movies, so why is it so important that this movie does everything scientifically correct all of a sudden?
      Luke isn’t exactly the same as he was in the original trilogy because he is 30 years older than he was back then, when people age, they change. And Luke has good reasons to change the way he did, he started training a new generation of Jedi knights and in just a few years one of them turned and destroyed everything he built. This made Luke see the flaws in the Jedi, so he abandoned it and got away before he could make it worse, it is perfectly explained why he isn’t the exact same character as before.
      Now I do get why people don’t like this movie, I have some big flaws with it myself, my problem is that the reasons why people hate on it just don’t make sense, if you’re gonna hate on a movie, at least have some good reason to hate on it.

    • Wisp Wisp
      Wisp Wisp 14 hours ago

      ​+Wong Equals God Its not nitpicking to say that the whole plot is completely nonsensical and breaks completely if you question anything.
      "Science Fiction" is not an excuse to not have to follow any rules in your writing.
      What i like and dont like has absolutely nothing to do with it. A script can be broken down objectively and when you do that for TLJ is inexcusably bad.
      The whole premise of the film relies on the incompetence of both the first order and the resistance.

      Why does the first order shoot the base instead of the ship? The movie would be over.
      Why does the resistance use those awful completely impractical bombers when there are y wings or anything thats somewhat useful? Because rian wanted his cool ww2 bombers and didnt consider the consequences.
      Why would Holdo not tell Finn her plan? Even when shes at gunpoint and sure her entire plan is about to be ruined anyway? The movie would be over.
      How is the rebel ship "faster and lighter" than the giant star destroyers when there is no loss of momentum in space? Does space now work differently in star wars? If thats the case why was it never explained?
      Why dont the star destroyers just light speed ahead to cut them off? The falcon could do it so why not the first order? Oh yeah, the movie would be over.
      The first order sends 3 tie fighters even though they have hundreds on board. 3 were able to take out the bridge and hangar on their own. But they apparently needed "cover" which doesnt make any sense. Poe could take out an entire ships worth of canons in a minute why cant a thousand tie fighters do the same?
      Why is luke a completely different character even but he get no good explanation as to why?
      Why is Rey so strong even though she has never trained with a jedi? The force balancing itself is a super lazy excuse.
      There is zero explanation why holdo can lightspeed ram the supremacy. Hyperspace has been established to be a separate 'dimension' that doesn't affect its surroundings.
      It makes no sense from what we know of star wars. It was done purely for the visual.

      All those are MAJOR issues that would be considered plotholes as there is no explanation given. While you dont need to explain everything in your script, things that seriously impact your plot need exposition.
      And these are just a few. There is so much more wrong with it.
      Just a few of these already make you question the entire plot. You dont need to "nitpick" every little detail to find something bad.
      Rian always took the easy way out of any situations he wrote. With little creativity and hardly any consistency this is what you call lazy writing.

      This is criticism of the writing as these are big issues that show inconsistency in the writing.
      Nitpicking would be complaining why lukes hand disappears with him even though its metal or why chewie doesnt eat the porg or something like that. Stuff that doesnt effect the core plot of the movie at all.

      Many people dont even notice a lot of these issues, especially on first viewing. The visuals are often distracting enough.
      All this doesnt mean people are not allowed to like this film. Nobody can tell you how you feel when watching it.
      But people have to right to criticize and point out flaws in the film. There are many dedicated fans who are giving honest and constructive criticism because they know it can be so much better if disney puts in the effort.
      While there are a lot of haters who just bandwagon and blame it all on feminism, those should not discredit the actual criticism.

      Robot head is not a serious reviewer. A lot of the things he says in his videos are just for laughs and not honest, well researched criticism.

    • Wong Equals God
      Wong Equals God 15 hours ago

      +Wisp Wisp but the writing has to be terrible for the writing to be terrible, so if that isn't the case, saying the writing is terrible because you don't like how a science fiction weapon is used is nitpicking and it doesn't make any sense

  • Dan2024
    Dan2024 Day ago

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Disney

  • Failure Team
    Failure Team Day ago

    Disney fucked star wars

  • Caleb Da Indestructible Egg

    They ruined Star Wars as a whole. I mean the Snoke chamber “battle” scene shows it all. Why would they have that lightsaber destroyed and why is Rey freely swinging twice

  • cneuhauser1
    cneuhauser1 Day ago

    Other than the original three movies (70's), Rogue One was the best Star Wars movie. All of these newer versions suck!

  • Mr Poofey
    Mr Poofey Day ago

    I liked the stuff with Luke and Rey

  • sean sproul
    sean sproul Day ago

    You do realize that in Attack of the Clones, Count Dooku struck Obi-One's leg and it did not cut of, like you said, it gust nicked it, so are you saying The Last Jedi is correct or are you saying Star Wars as a holl is wrong.

  • Erik Seavey
    Erik Seavey Day ago

    Disney sucks.

  • C-car_ 26
    C-car_ 26 Day ago

    Luke’s lightsaber is now Rey’s because Luke can’t use it anymore bitch

  • jo_kil
    jo_kil Day ago

    Why do we even consider them canon?

  • Iamdonald duck
    Iamdonald duck Day ago

    George Lucas did call it a lazer sword during an interview

  • Max Ramos
    Max Ramos Day ago

    Sorry ........but i don't get not saying that you are wrong is just that i don't know what is the diference of a Lasser Blade and a lightsaber.

    JAZZZ Day ago

    that scene where luke threw the lightsaber away
    if i were mark hamill i would leave the film set instead of doing this shit

    • Wisp Wisp
      Wisp Wisp 19 hours ago

      he probably wanted to. But im guessing he was bound by his contract.

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  • Kid Aviator
    Kid Aviator 2 days ago +2

    Now, listen to me straight here, im legit worried bout clone wars and the simpsons...
    R.I.P. Simpsons and Clone wars

  • jaredloveless
    jaredloveless 2 days ago

    My favorite part of this is how he makes the new movies look bad by comparing them to the prequel trilogy which people are always ragging on.

    • Wisp Wisp
      Wisp Wisp 19 hours ago

      because even with how bad the prequels were they still did some things better.

  • danster4713
    danster4713 2 days ago

    I wish they would just not understand lightsabers. The whole thing wouldn`t be sh... like it is maybe.

  • _ SomeGuyNamedTony _

    Thé Rise of Skywalker has only one chance to save a masterpiece, please don’t mess this one up

  • Ely Rogers
    Ely Rogers 2 days ago

    Unironically complaining that starwars apes wizard of Oz, not realizing starwars aped like so much flash gordon, Lol

  • Michael Oxford
    Michael Oxford 2 days ago

    I agree 100%

  • Tigerhouse N 2 315
    Tigerhouse N 2 315 2 days ago +1

    Tell me the throne room battle was not bad ass.

    • Wisp Wisp
      Wisp Wisp 19 hours ago +1

      Its really badass in motion when you see it for the first time. But when you pay attention to whats actually going on its just awful.

  • Soul Shadow
    Soul Shadow 2 days ago

    Star wars 8 has one of the worst writing of all time and yall talking about light sabers? jeez

  • Oliver Bunday
    Oliver Bunday 2 days ago

    Im a star wars geek and it drives me crazy when it doesn't dismember its like in attack of the clones dukku is just playing games whith anikan and gently taps anikans hand a poof its gone then you get ray somehow not devastating kilos face in the force aracens ... disappointed Disney

  • Charles Griffith
    Charles Griffith 2 days ago

    Three points, (1) i agree with most of what you said. Except, (2) we clearly see the tip, and just the tip of Kylo's saber scrape Fin's back. Were it a deeper slash then i agree he would be cleaved. (3) Lightsabers are a tool, yes it takes training. Use a hammer for the first time and you are going to smash your fingers. Along with a jedis training, they also wear heat resistant robes to protect them from the massive heat output by a lightsaber to protect themselves from accidental burns. Also however, lightsabers are focused beams of energy that create a solid light blade. So when one hits an object with resistance, it will take time to burn through. Our first seen of a lightsaber "killing" a character was Obi Wan. Only he didnt die from a saber wound. He willingly joined the force, same as Yoda, and as we saw Luke. A lightsaber is a tool anyone can use, only the trained can use it as an affective weapon.

  • Louie Man Gaming
    Louie Man Gaming 2 days ago

    George Lucas called Light Sabers Laser Swords But yes TLJ and all the other Disney SW Films are trash.

  • Louie Man Gaming
    Louie Man Gaming 2 days ago

    Many non jedi/sith SW characters have used light sabers what about Proxy from the Force Unleashed, Boba Fett (SW Legends), Cad Bane from the Clone Wars, Pre Vizsla from the Clone Wars, General Grievous and Sabine from SW: Rebels they used light sabers & they Don't use the force.

  • Barış ALTUN
    Barış ALTUN 2 days ago

    Not to be nitpicky but:
    1:02 "Is there a more iconic weapon than Lightsaber?" Excuse me?...
    M1 Garand, Thompson M1A1, Beretta 1915...

    AK47, the symbol of 20th century war, from terrorists to rebels to independence wars? The most popular rifle with estimated to be present more than 75 million and killed more people any other weapon ever existed. Mozambique national flag has AK47 on it. Several other organizations has AK47 on their amblem. It is the single most successful weapon ever existed.

  • Alex K.
    Alex K. 2 days ago

    I can unsee the mediclorians but not the sequel trilogy

  • JiisTube
    JiisTube 2 days ago

    The guard throwing his weapon, I think it's actually being knocked away by the other guard's weapon. Look closely, do you think so?
    Btw I agree with the video.

  • Turkey Sandwich
    Turkey Sandwich 2 days ago

    Ray honestly should have turned to the dark side with all the emotion she uses, especially when during a fight

  • Joshua Daye
    Joshua Daye 2 days ago

    I think what rogue one shows is that the directors don’t understand... I don’t think Disney is monitoring the films that closely...

  • 이진영
    이진영 2 days ago

    와...... 안보길 잘했다...... 처음엔 괜히 디즈니에 대한 편견인줄 알았는데 연출미스 장난아니네....

  • Lord Bukkit
    Lord Bukkit 2 days ago

    You seem to forget one thing. Lightsabers are alive now. Well the kyber crystal is kinda. So maybe it isn’t feeling it in those fights and chooses only to nick them a little. Next up pacifist lightsabers that only give you a mild burn, makes toast while you cut bread and demands soy based batteries to power it.

  • Lloyd Share
    Lloyd Share 2 days ago

    Social programming Disney is a virus

  • Roger Lareau
    Roger Lareau 2 days ago

    Yeah.... Just remember nine is coming, and if you don't think Disney threw away the Star Wars universe.... Just look at the first trailer for the movie.
    Rey being run down in a desert by a TIE fighter that she RUNS from then takes out with a back flip.
    Umm, TIE fighters have blaster cannons.. she should be a burnt hole in the desert.

  • Siegfried Haspel
    Siegfried Haspel 2 days ago +1


  • Giovanny Yuandra Masal

    can someone explain to me *"why after episode 3, the quality of this movie is... well, down?"*

  • Eredin Bréacc Glas
    Eredin Bréacc Glas 2 days ago

    I agree with everything except the scene at 5:38 where you added blood you can't bleed from a lightsaber hit.

  • Yaroslav-Z
    Yaroslav-Z 2 days ago

    what movie is that at 5:48? :)))

  • g6qwerty
    g6qwerty 3 days ago

    I like the theory that Ray and Fin are undercover Sith.

  • Succ The hedgehog
    Succ The hedgehog 3 days ago

    19k cpus disliked

  • arbiter569
    arbiter569 3 days ago

    I agree 100% but i dont think kylo or rey are jedi or sith. They are going to be able to harness both in equilibrium. You know? Bring BALANCE to the force?

  • Dekar V.
    Dekar V. 3 days ago

    Never seen so much whining in a video.

  • jda112799
    jda112799 3 days ago +1

    Disney doesn't know what the Star Wars fan base wants either.

  • name cannot be blank

    Ok put any other Sith lord in kylo rens place Darth maul he prefers to beat the enemy in lightsaber combat as he finds it a better way to fight, Count Dooku enjoys testing his adversaries instead of instantly wiping them out. Also imagine the lightsaber battles with regular swords if you scrape someone's skin with the tip of a sword it won't remove a limb it WILL leave a scratch

  • XLB153
    XLB153 3 days ago +1

    Bro in the new trailer Kylo picked someone up while charging at them with his lightsaber

  • Megar_ Potato
    Megar_ Potato 3 days ago

    Disney make movie not as good

  • Keegan mullins
    Keegan mullins 3 days ago

    Well general grevious guards there double ended zap sticks can block a lightsaber.
    I dont remember what there called

  • Keegan mullins
    Keegan mullins 3 days ago

    Luke called it a lazer sword as comedic effect

  • Stephen Genett
    Stephen Genett 3 days ago

    I'm getting really sick of Hollywood making sequels, prequels, and remakes of well established franchises and not knowing jack shit about the source material. What's worse is their surprise when long time fans tell them it sucks ass and they're idiots for fucking it up. Peter Jackson had a Tolkien lore expert on set to help. What's Disney's excuse?

  • Cary Hawkins
    Cary Hawkins 3 days ago

    This guy sounds like Clavicus Vile, am I right?

  • xKnightblood
    xKnightblood 3 days ago

    Disney: Lightsabers? What are Lightsabers? We only know something about Lightswords

  • Francesco Misuraca
    Francesco Misuraca 3 days ago

    Take it positive. Disney could make so much money if one of their project is to open and high precision lightsabers surgical medicine center with padawan medics. If a "padawan" is capable of not cutting a head with a lightsaber but just a small part of the neck... mmmmh... i would call it tecnology ascension.

  • J Chea
    J Chea 3 days ago

    Otherwise we wouldn't have junks like helicopter and cross guard lightsabers.

  • freakyguru777
    freakyguru777 3 days ago

    The best u can do is just ignore every film from disney about Start Wars.

  • Vladimir Krushchev
    Vladimir Krushchev 4 days ago

    okay I am done with this, kylo ren was shot by a wookie bowcaster. if you happen to know your shit you should be more upset that he didn't just die from that

  • Reap Beats
    Reap Beats 4 days ago

    George Lucas called never called it a lightsaber himself so... this who video is pointless and extremely negative

  • Puzzled Puzzler
    Puzzled Puzzler 4 days ago

    They’re like kids fighting

  • Jedi
    Jedi 4 days ago

    Where the fuck did 19k dislikes come from??

  • Courier Of Skyrim
    Courier Of Skyrim 4 days ago

    I think if Finn is revealed to be force sensitive in rise of sky walker it would be pretty cool. They have a reason to talk about how they hinted this in the first movie and it would make since. Seeing as he has had no force training I could see him not even knowing he has the powers.

  • Atomic '
    Atomic ' 4 days ago

    Rogue one > force awakens, last jedi