Tucker: Climate protests are not about the environment

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
  • In climate change, the left has found an emergency big enough to justify taking control of everything. #Tucker #FoxNews
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Comments • 4 977

  • Robert McDougle
    Robert McDougle 19 hours ago

    Trumpian logic: .@POTUS says of our public lands 'there is nothing more beautiful anywhere in the world.' Then acts to roll back protections. Does this make sense to anyone?

  • javier ruiz
    javier ruiz Day ago

    FN shoud not have apologize for greta's illness

  • www.baloofilms.org

    Satellites find less energy escaping to space in CO2 wavelengths. This is empirical evidence of anthropogenic climate change. Tucker is a buffoon.

  • MI YO
    MI YO Day ago

    This video shows the double standards of the American media. Look at their reports on the Hong Kong parade.

  • Carlcig6669420
    Carlcig6669420 Day ago +1

    Maybe if they learned something from school then they would know that all this climate change push is just a political brain wash.

  • tubetardism 20/20
    tubetardism 20/20 3 days ago

    Article 1: The Professional Grifter

  • Blob B
    Blob B 3 days ago

    It's all the adults fault the adults cant go anywhere without their phones and are constantly charging them and adults refuse to walk to school.

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith 4 days ago

    Rant, rant, rant. We hate socialism because it has been ranted about for 15+ years on talk radio and Fox News... and yet we have had it since the New Deal.

  • Singingway
    Singingway 4 days ago

    Ask a gardener, a farmer. Our ability to grow food is being diminished. While 30 gigatons of excess carbon dioxide dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels goes into the atmosphere every year.

  • Dmitrii Kharlamov
    Dmitrii Kharlamov 5 days ago

    I love Fox News

  • Master Maguilla Jiu Jitsu Old School

    Children’s of the Climate

  • Danyelpaladin the Impetuous

    Hey look! 1 million more unemployed people in 20 years!

  • Sue Osborne
    Sue Osborne 6 days ago

    Women have been forced out to work, so that their young can be taken over by left wing brainwashing. ideologies from pre school to high school !! To implement their socialist agenda !! Which is to control productivity through environmental regulation to reduce the West to poverty ,so these regulators can seize power and control !! They fund all this thru your Carbon Taxes ,cripple your nation so it ends up under IMF control and European power structure like IPCC from which you can’t be free...Ask Britain and Greece !!

  • For your Eyes
    For your Eyes 6 days ago

    She has a mental illness and her parents are exploiting her. Simple, what’s so hard about that🤗 poor child😟

    • Martin Smith
      Martin Smith 4 days ago

      For your Eyes A lack of evidence is “what’s so hard about that”.

  • dylan cooney
    dylan cooney 7 days ago

    Yeah "congratulations" on being pawns in a game you dont even remotely understand......smh

  • alin dragan
    alin dragan 7 days ago +2

    2030 is getting closer
    We will see who's lieing

    • Grant Johnson
      Grant Johnson 5 days ago +1

      Climate has cyclically changed for millions of years... the left propaganda will be losing. There are many factors but for sure we didn't have cars and planes back then... take cars, planes, or anything powered of fossil fuels and temperatures will still rise

  • Seeed 90
    Seeed 90 8 days ago +1

    I asked myself if I love the nature. The answer was yes. Then I started to finde ways to help the nature and live with "her" and not against it. I've informed myself about the effects which my behavor have to the nature, some of them where pretty clear whitout reaserch. So I changed a lot. Important is, I do not do it because the GOV tell me so, I do not do it because other ppl tell me so. I do it because I want to do it.

    HOT IRON FISTS 9 days ago

    So what's changed??? They robbed the day off. Where's the change? Has the future been rescued?

  • Mike McCormick
    Mike McCormick 9 days ago

    No! Really ?? Not about the environment? What then? Lol. God, we’re dumb

  • Mary Mainville
    Mary Mainville 9 days ago

    all roads lead to Rome

  • Mary Mainville
    Mary Mainville 9 days ago +2

    similar to the third reich

  • Kyle Matthews
    Kyle Matthews 10 days ago

    Well, I'd skip classes if it meant no repercussions

  • Ananya Shah
    Ananya Shah 10 days ago

    you guys are so uneducated fellows and immature people. you guys put us up In this mess and now you guys criticising Greta and negotiating climate change in a wrong way. f*ck off you guys have no work
    I am just waiting for the moment when no one will be going to school.

  • Leko
    Leko 10 days ago

    pffff i was skipping school when i was sad when my football team lose

  • Jay Why
    Jay Why 10 days ago +2

    I’m feel a complete moron watching this video but after reading the majority of comments it’s seems that’s who it’s tailored to.

  • Vincent Mock
    Vincent Mock 11 days ago +1

    When’s the government going to do a study on long term ride pod consumption?

    • Blob B
      Blob B 3 days ago

      No need to the results are clear at these crazy people rave meetings.

  • random_task
    random_task 11 days ago

    Meanwhile, students in India, China, Korea, etc. are in school, learning things.

    • Aryaman Tomer
      Aryaman Tomer 10 days ago

      Meanwhile,in Texas,I am doing the same thing

  • Arthur Roberts
    Arthur Roberts 12 days ago

    British politicians voted agains democracy after the plebs voted for brexit

  • FeedMeSeymour
    FeedMeSeymour 12 days ago

    Your friendly daily reminder that the left are trash.

  • TheRedweenie
    TheRedweenie 12 days ago

    This is propaganda

  • Mick Peacher
    Mick Peacher 12 days ago +1

    I think they just fancy a day of school.

  • Olmis
    Olmis 13 days ago

    If you are a free thinking conservative who believes in climate change then I hope you see this comment.
    I’m sorry that the many of your fellow conservatives are brainwashed by propaganda. Just know that I will in fact recognize your existence even when your fellow conservatives will not and I will fight for you.

  • SamTheRedFox
    SamTheRedFox 13 days ago +1

    Fox news keeps getting worse and worse now your attacking kids who want to be able to live in a habitable world....you guys are soooo hypocritical you say that we are the laziest generation but when we take action against climate change you guys start attacking us because we want to live

    • Forever monster
      Forever monster 13 days ago

      taking part of the person opinion and get offended about it, just like the media

    • Forever monster
      Forever monster 13 days ago

      @SamTheRedFox then ur opinion are worthless

    • SamTheRedFox
      SamTheRedFox 13 days ago +1

      @Forever monster why would I want to watch a piece of propaganda?

    • Forever monster
      Forever monster 13 days ago

      I doubt u watch the whole video and actually listening what he said

  • James Curry
    James Curry 13 days ago

    The answers to many of the challenges we face in sustaining life on our beautiful but fragile planet, lie in making better use of space.

  • Zanzibar979
    Zanzibar979 13 days ago

    Spoilt little rich boy Tucker + FOX NEWS may as well broadcast from EPSTEIN's private island, where scum millionaires + scum billionaires get to practice mental and physical abuse of teenagers.

  • Verum
    Verum 14 days ago

    *Climate change...*
    The tool to convince the gullible into accepting a global government who "will solve the problem".

  • Screamboi
    Screamboi 15 days ago

    If you all believe in god’s will so much, why can’t you see that god is sending you this child to warn you of future danger? Why can’t you people respect thy neighbor? I do not understand the hate.

  • angry fannot
    angry fannot 15 days ago

    shut up

  • Moonwalker
    Moonwalker 15 days ago

    Its getting dirtier ya becouse the adults does that also you

  • Kate housington
    Kate housington 15 days ago

    Wow you know not even the children of the California Grape Growers, during the Cesar Chavez Delano Calif. strikes were allowed to participate.These were the children of the those directly effected as well, so this is insane, how many kids just wanted to dish school , lol.

  • Patrick Stanton
    Patrick Stanton 15 days ago +1

    Plane ticket from USA to England= 400 dollars, and you get some peanuts.
    Boat ticket with Greta, 400,000 dollars, and you earn the right to berate people on topics you are clueless about.

  • Francesco Rizzo
    Francesco Rizzo 16 days ago

    Climate change deniers don't need oxygen. Oh, wait, they do

  • Ruffo Walker
    Ruffo Walker 16 days ago +1

    Aoc doesn't have a chief of staff, she has a chief of stuff.

  • Vatsal Mangal
    Vatsal Mangal 16 days ago

    Tucker is so delusional

  • Dumebi Ezenagu
    Dumebi Ezenagu 16 days ago +1

    Really “like all activists movement ?”

    TIMOTHY GIBSON 16 days ago +2

    Maybe we are doing this because the planet is dying, and in 18 months there will be irreversible damage

      TIMOTHY GIBSON 14 days ago +1

      @Pale Moogle Oh ok, I get that. I think that's good as long as you understand that there is a problem and at least attempt to fix it.

    • Pale Moogle
      Pale Moogle 14 days ago

      @TIMOTHY GIBSON I'm glad you asked (also big thanks for being nice). Anyways I'm kinda have a jurassic park mindset. As in "life will find away" (or whatever the actual quote is). But yeah I believe we have a problem on our hands & need to do what we can to halt it but I don't worry about the future because life will find a way & what we do will matter but in the big picture will probably be nothing...
      Hope I make sense & am not to crazy sounding😂

      TIMOTHY GIBSON 14 days ago +1

      @Pale Moogle What do you mean by that

    • Pale Moogle
      Pale Moogle 14 days ago

      @TIMOTHY GIBSON yeah i get what you're saying & I try to live a clean life but I believe life is going to evolve past our current relationship we have with it

      TIMOTHY GIBSON 14 days ago +1

      @Pale Moogle I don't think that is a good reason to try and not treat the planet better, even if it is changing it isn't in a good way and we should try and watch our actions.

  • The Big Lady is the BOSS!

    Climate change was all about Al Gore making money!!

  • Tahoe Jones
    Tahoe Jones 16 days ago

    Take them in, cause they don't like,
    the weather back there at home.
    Terrific. Ancestral land. Yeah right.

  • Cheesy McCheesy
    Cheesy McCheesy 16 days ago

    Its not democracy if one party is chock full of lobbyists, they're supposed to be representing the people not corporations

  • SS Skrillix
    SS Skrillix 16 days ago

    Are we sure Greta isn't David Hog wearing a wig ? - not judging just curious 😁

  • X
    X 16 days ago

    It's just another excuse for a party.

  • Pablo Silante
    Pablo Silante 16 days ago +2

    We'll forget about this in 15 minutes

  • Music Man
    Music Man 17 days ago

    Tucker, you are such a wanker.

  • JonatasAdoM
    JonatasAdoM 17 days ago +3

    Skipping class? Where do I sign?
    I'll never forget how happy were teachers I saw on strike once, they were happy because they got a day off.

  • fromala2U
    fromala2U 17 days ago

    Yeah I heard they left piles of trash behind.

  • Rafael Martins
    Rafael Martins 17 days ago

    Gosh, American TV News are so biased in the way they report news nowadays

  • Derk Doys
    Derk Doys 17 days ago


  • myanabull
    myanabull 17 days ago

    Democracy is simply mob rule. And quite frankly is turning our country blue. Democracy is bad for them for the same reason it's bad for us.

  • Aural Angst
    Aural Angst 17 days ago +1

    The problem is religious morons who believe, despite the wealth of knowledge to the contrary, that there is a God who will protect them.. and if God doesn't protect them, they're going to a place called Heaven anyway.. I understand that religion is generally evolutionarily advantageous as it reduces time and effort wasted on existential questions, but in this instance it is detrimental to both the religious and non-religious alike.. We've left the religious alone to their beliefs and now they're causing our extinction!

  • Aural Angst
    Aural Angst 17 days ago +1

    How does this turd sleep at night?