Real Doctor Reacts to HOUSE M.D. #3 | "All In" | Medical Drama Review

  • Published on Jun 2, 2019
  • Welcome back to another Doctor Reacts Series Episode! House M.D is a popular medical drama and I constantly get asked both in-person and online to react to a new episode. So I dug into your comments and checked out some online sources and settled on Season 2 Episode 17 "All In".
    This episode was VERY heavy on medicine and had a lot of great nuggets when it comes to poker. If you want to check out some House M.D. episodes they are streaming on Amazon Prime here:
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches House MD / Real Doctor Reacts to House MD . If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction video please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv drama or show you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!
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Comments • 7 492

  • Jaspreet Singh
    Jaspreet Singh 44 minutes ago

    More house md

  • Rescue 24
    Rescue 24 18 hours ago

    I like how we went from cardiac arrest to great vitals lol

  • Gaia Author 97
    Gaia Author 97 19 hours ago

    I don't know if you know but rare diseases are House's specialty....which doesn't make it any less wierd that he knows stuff *snap* right off the bat.

  • Ohnest Rodriguez
    Ohnest Rodriguez 21 hour ago

    Dr. Mike .. My love do u remember these are actors ??? Lolol chest compressions hurt while acting lolol i had them done on me before lolol. It hurts lolol

  • Zagreus
    Zagreus Day ago

    A doctor watched House md this is how he lost his sanity

  • Rachel E.
    Rachel E. Day ago

    House MD is such a good show but Mike can probably never watch it in peace because House's charm is in how crazy he is

  • grape sucker
    grape sucker Day ago

    The ghetto ratchet clapping was pretty annoying...

  • SirCobbins
    SirCobbins Day ago

    That pillow looks like evidence from a murder scene.

  • Bruno Bao
    Bruno Bao Day ago

    Legend says the kid is still waiting on the chest compressions 😂😂

  • Hunter Farinhas
    Hunter Farinhas 2 days ago

    Your smile is why I choose this video btw! keep it up

  • Mr. Pink Beard
    Mr. Pink Beard 3 days ago

    I wished you reacted to that yo mama joke chase made

  • nkryptchn 02
    nkryptchn 02 3 days ago

    The fact your getting upset over this show is funny enough. It's a TV show for
    Civilians. Not Dr's lol.
    But I'm glad your enjoying it. It's getting you thinking.
    Bouncing theory off it.

  • nkryptchn 02
    nkryptchn 02 3 days ago

    3:40 - it's supposed to be Xtra. It's a TV show. Sheesh. Get with the program no pun intended.

  • Catman
    Catman 3 days ago

    who else thinks that house is way better than the good doctor

  • aqilah hamid
    aqilah hamid 3 days ago

    watching all his video.. somehow now i know when he's going to yell "chest compression" and i just start to yell with him.. he always said it 3 times.. wonder why..

  • Phrophetsam
    Phrophetsam 3 days ago +1

    He's House. He's never wrong if it's 10 minutes before the episode ends.

  • OBG Jay
    OBG Jay 3 days ago

    Nearly 2 decades in and HOUSE M.D. is still one of my favorite shows ever love Hugh Laurie

  • Arti Cuno
    Arti Cuno 3 days ago

    They 👏 are 👏 not 👏 residents👏 👏👏👏

  • Madison Vicaire
    Madison Vicaire 4 days ago

    season 4 episode 2. I want know know if what she is going through is real

  • Chris
    Chris 4 days ago

    Mike is really fidgety in this video

  • Pedro Bontempo
    Pedro Bontempo 4 days ago

    Chase, foreman and Cameron are houses team. They are not medical residents. Foreman is a neurologist, chase is a intensivist and Cameron is a immunologist. (And house a infectologist).

  • Pedro Bontempo
    Pedro Bontempo 4 days ago


  • grottoni Andréas
    grottoni Andréas 4 days ago

    I advice you to watch the last episode of house M.D, it don't had a real medical interest but for the drama, it is awesome. It think that it close this serie wonderfully well. Definitely a very good end for this amazing serie.

  • Xion Memoria
    Xion Memoria 4 days ago

    I had a colonoscopy as a kid after one case of bloody diarrhea. Waste of time. 5 years of testing later, Celiac.

  • Elliott La Casse
    Elliott La Casse 4 days ago

    If I had any patient, regardless of presentation, I would not provide a differential diagnosis from a colleague in such an ominous manner to both the parents and child in such an emotionally sensitive moment.
    I commented before I watched the entire video, Dr. Mike essentially gave the same opinion around the 7 minute mark. Good on ya Dr. Mike!

  • pikamew
    pikamew 5 days ago

    To quote the great Captain Picard "It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness, that is life.”

  • Stuckyislife
    Stuckyislife 5 days ago

    Dr. Mike, I love your videos! Especially the ones about medical memes and Dr. house! Could you do a reaction to Dr house episode: Airbone?

  • Inconvenient Timing
    Inconvenient Timing 5 days ago

    This guy really cares. This is just a show and you can see how concerned he's getting for the welfare of the patients that are completely fictitious. That's somewhat incredible given how cold, egotistical, and or narcicistic doctors can be. Props to you dude

  • Marjolein van de Laar

    "Diagnostic departments" don't exist either. It's explained in House that they do all the procedures again and themselves; 'to not allow mistakes'

  • Kris Bell
    Kris Bell 5 days ago

    I hope there's more Dr. House on the way soon 😁

  • Sabin Acle
    Sabin Acle 5 days ago

    Dr. Mike would you do an episode of “ The Good Dr”?

  • Andrew Entwistle
    Andrew Entwistle 5 days ago

    I love how flabbergasted and mad he gets at House, its so good 😂 my favorite part of this video had to be when he goes "come on house!!" @8:39

  • N Muhlenkamp
    N Muhlenkamp 5 days ago +3

    You can tell Dr. Mike got anxiety when House didn’t do chest compressions. Lol 😂

  • NolanPerson
    NolanPerson 5 days ago

    Lmao dude me and my friends are really into poker and we use everyday stuff and turn it into poker talk

  • Amaya Luzon
    Amaya Luzon 5 days ago +4

    I just love his frustration with the: *chest compressions* XD

  • romee renz deloso
    romee renz deloso 5 days ago

    Hey doc, big fan... How bout try reacting to House MD season 2 episode 2 Autopsy and what do you think of the procedures they used to diagnose the kid, great vids by the way

  • Chris Hutchinson
    Chris Hutchinson 6 days ago

    If you do anymore of these I'd love to see you watch Insensitive from season 3. It has a pretty interesting concept in comparison to other episodes.

  • Brodie Tyler
    Brodie Tyler 6 days ago

    I would laugh so much because of the biopsy
    Edit: why, House

  • YoYo
    YoYo 6 days ago

    You coughed a lot , have you tried chest compression ?

  • Guilherme Santos
    Guilherme Santos 7 days ago


  • Willy Dominiak
    Willy Dominiak 7 days ago

    Erdheim Chester had less than 500 cases in history.
    It rarity is only surpassd by its complexity.

  • Dániel Mátyás
    Dániel Mátyás 7 days ago +41

    They are not residents, they are House's team. A surgeon, a neurologist and an immunologist

    • Dániel Mátyás
      Dániel Mátyás 4 hours ago

      @Audrija Pal she was, my bad sorry. I think hause was a nephrologist and infectologist

    • Audrija Pal
      Audrija Pal 4 hours ago

      Wasnt Cameron an immunologist?

    • Zlatan
      Zlatan 3 days ago +2

      Also known as best team ever 😊

  • ITZ KEKE!!!
    ITZ KEKE!!! 7 days ago +24

    Nurse: 10 year old, Keke, has strep throat

  • ITZ KEKE!!!
    ITZ KEKE!!! 7 days ago

    I had bloody diarrhea and my mom thought I was on my period.

  • Suhas C
    Suhas C 7 days ago +20

    Me : has fever
    Google : You've got small cell carcinoma
    House : You've got glioblastoma and your going to die

  • Gaye Kübra Arslan
    Gaye Kübra Arslan 7 days ago +1


  • Valmik Sonawane
    Valmik Sonawane 7 days ago +1

    Chest compressions. Chest compressions. Chest Compressions. It sounds good, when Dr. Mike says it !

  • chilltime Manatee
    chilltime Manatee 8 days ago

    I'd trust Dr. House with my chronic ill body more than you Mike. Sorry not sorry 😬

  • RustyNubs
    RustyNubs 8 days ago

    You need to do 30 chest compressions then 2 breath’s then AED

  • Dragomir Tachev
    Dragomir Tachev 8 days ago +1

    Tell me honestly :) As I'm watching after the 8 minute mark... when you are looking at the child starting to suffocate, don't you get the urge to help out...even though you are just watching a movie ? :) I'd assume you are, even the tiniest bit, because it is in your nature :)

  • tserda club
    tserda club 8 days ago

    do more house!!!

  • Dirty Dairy Daddy
    Dirty Dairy Daddy 8 days ago +1

    i love that by the time of 2:43 you said my favorite concept
    a good idea at the right time, works
    a good idea at the wrong time, fails
    a bad idea at the right time, works
    a bad idea at the wrong time, fails

    time stamp, thing that you seem to not recognize, is that, people seem to fall into the same situations.......i.e. that old story of, "history repeats itself".....maybe this is where it comes from.........and House presents the same concept when he says that EVERYONE LIES!!!!!!.......does that include his closest friends?
    whatever you deal with, you will deal with over and over
    same with me
    same with everyone
    if House knows that he commonly is present for strange cases, then he will be thinking strange case for ANYTHING that he hears
    think about that for a just a has no firm backing, only circumstantial concepts.....but think about it none the less

  • Nate
    Nate 9 days ago

    Just when you think House really does it right with accuracy with certain things, doctors just tear it up!

  • Imzadi83 FanVids
    Imzadi83 FanVids 9 days ago

    Could you please do a reaction to the Scorpion episode "Dominoes"?

  • TheNightstalker80
    TheNightstalker80 9 days ago

    Man I love House, I don't know. I understand that there is a good ammount of somehow unrealistic stuff in (all) these types of drama series but, tbh, they won't work otherwise. I think some of this is absolutely acceptable to me. Most of the unrealistic stuff is realted to procedures and organisational stuff, like who's makeing what and how you normaly would walk through a diagnostic proceedure. I don't think this is a big deal, nobody watching House or anything like that would (should) think that this is real life medicine but sometimes I think I'd prefer House over any "normal" doctor, just because he thinks in different ways and is willing to do things that others won't even try, sometimes this is what saves lifes in the real world too. But it's a tightrope walk.

    But there's also one thing that always hits me like a hammer in almost every medical based series/movie > completely messing up CPR! WHEN they do CPR in House M.D. they seem to do it almost ok but many times they just don't do it at all like in this episode. In Chicago Med (you should watch that too lol) they do it frequently but unfortunately they don't seem to know how it's done right. Their compressions are a joke and they do it fast like crazy ... I can't watch this, as a former paramedic that hurts so much ...

  • Matthew Pourciau
    Matthew Pourciau 9 days ago

    You should put more house md videos

  • Rob Meadows
    Rob Meadows 9 days ago

    Dr. Mike, your objections to this episode are completely valid, but you must remember that this show is only partially about the medicine. A majority of it is driven by the character of Dr. House, who feels he must win at all costs. Said costs occasionally include patient lives. Either you remember this when watching episodes and try to remain calm, or maybe pop a 0.25 mg. Xanax in advance. ;-)

  • akmedic49
    akmedic49 10 days ago

    I usually agree with immediate chest compressions. But I believe current ACLS states immediate defibrillation for witnessed cardiac arrest, with a shockable rhythm of course. At this point the heart is still in electrical failure, so chances are much higher for ROSC. Got a glance of the monitor and it looked like coarse VFIB, and I think someone said it too on the show, so early DFIB would have not been a wrong call, but chest compressions while getting it set up would not have been bad either.

  • Joe B
    Joe B 10 days ago +1

    I like the videos, Dr. M, but you seem to have a big online presence. When do you have time to be a doctor?

  • KrestLife
    KrestLife 10 days ago

    Ты симпатичны, но близко к сердцу все перенимаешь ☺️