Celebrities Speaking Russian

  • Published on Mar 5, 2016
  • Ever wondered what stars would cound like if they could speak Russian? Celebrities Speaking Russian. Hollywood stars speaking Russian.
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  • Nick Soccer
    Nick Soccer Month ago +13

    I thought it was gonna be a boring video but I’m actually very impressed and entertained. I didn’t know most of them could speak Russian

  • Inez Dyk
    Inez Dyk 2 months ago +7

    All the Slovak countries understand a bit of Russian and they’re all similar like polish and slovakian and Ukrainian

  • The Original MFA LG
    The Original MFA LG 2 months ago +1

    all of them have an accent lol

  • Omarvin Muniz
    Omarvin Muniz 2 months ago

    This for Russia people now how to speak spennish

  • Razi Watson
    Razi Watson 3 months ago +10

    Even i am From India ) and i speak Russian ) as i love Russia )

    • Ellen Wayne
      Ellen Wayne 3 months ago

      Да вот вроде и нормально отногусь к своей Стране, но не к правительству(((

  • C List
    C List 4 months ago +3

    I should have learned Russian language, the women are incredibly beautiful

    • //milky nu
      //milky nu Month ago +3

      That's a stupid and rather shallow reason but thanks for the interest

  • Evgeni Nabokov
    Evgeni Nabokov 6 months ago +5

    Sergei Brin speaks Russian with a little accent.

  • chukchee
    chukchee 6 months ago +1

    That is my God!

  • Lara Khv
    Lara Khv 6 months ago

    Покорил Джонни Вейр и усопший Антон Елчин. Про Вейра хочется побольше узнать из интернета. Хорошее видео.

  • i_notold
    i_notold 6 months ago

    Where is Olga Kurylenko? I heard her in a couple of interviews so there should be footage out there.

    • Stella Bella
      Stella Bella 2 months ago

      i_notold everyone already knows she speaks Russian because she grew up there. Same reason why irina shayk isn’t on here

  • Mad Turnip
    Mad Turnip 7 months ago +11

    If Voldemort started speaking Russian out of nowhere, I'd be so satisfied!

  • Avery Martin
    Avery Martin 7 months ago +16

    Mila Kunis is Ukrainian not Russian. There's a difference!!

    • av
      av 2 months ago +1

      yes she is Ukranian, but she speaks Russian

    • אלכסנדרה ברחטה
      אלכסנדרה ברחטה 3 months ago

      @Robin Good look maybe for her parents it was easier to talk to her on Russian than on Ukrainian it can be a reason, I can tell you about myself that I'm the same as mila, I was born in Ukraine too, to family that generations already there, and grew up in another country, just as her situation, my family all speaks on both languages fluently except of me and my sister well for obvious reason, most of the family stayed there, the reason that me and my sister speak mostly only on Russian with them it's because they work with many Russians so they get used to talk mostly on Russian with us too, even tho Ukrainian is their native language not Russian and they know Ukrainian very good, I don't know Ukrainian unfortunately only a few words but I understand better so sometimes when they talk to me on Ukrainian I get what they say, the point is it depends on many things why she doesn't know Ukrainian, and who knows maybe her reason is just as mine reason for not knowing

    • Tadeu Felipe Camargo Rodrigues
      Tadeu Felipe Camargo Rodrigues 5 months ago

      MIla Kunis is Hot AF...

    • RoadT123
      RoadT123 7 months ago +10

      she speaks russian, not ukrainian, соси))

    • Robin Good
      Robin Good 7 months ago +4

      Mila Kunis is a Ukraine-born American actress. In the video they do not say that she is Russian

  • ANS88
    ANS88 8 months ago +3

    сам не знал про некоторых

  • Gisselle S
    Gisselle S 8 months ago +10

    I 💖 the Russian language..

  • Richard Goode
    Richard Goode 9 months ago +1


  • Дональд Дак
    Дональд Дак 10 months ago +3

    Why Annet Mahendru is not there? She doesn't have an accent when she speaks Russian

  • Omega501
    Omega501 10 months ago +11

    I'm learning Russian and I really am enjoying it so far. I'm a little curious though why Johnny Weir loves Russia so much when it's very anti gay. I respect him for his passion, but I don't understand how a gay guy would love a very anti gay country. Russia isn't the worst. At least it's technically legal to be gay there, but it's not the best either. It's a little odd to me..

  • Karla Polina
    Karla Polina 10 months ago +4

    I am most impressed by the figure skater. Not only he is not an ethnic Russian like many others, but he learnt by himself (as they claim) to perfection.

  • Omoikane Omake
    Omoikane Omake 10 months ago +9


  • Fear
    Fear 11 months ago


  • Мариа Алалыкина

    достаточно ващее супер😂😂

  • Андрей Соколов
    Андрей Соколов 11 months ago +11

    Теперь надо снять сколько русских говорят по английски

  • •One Bitxh•
    •One Bitxh• Year ago +7

    I wanna meet Mila Kunis, and have a whole conversation on Russian with her

  • Madi Kadyrbek
    Madi Kadyrbek Year ago +1

    Мила Кунис

  • bugimens87
    bugimens87 Year ago +5

    некоторые несколько слов по сути знают...

  • ColoredDepression
    ColoredDepression Year ago +6

    The most impressive here was me.

  • Вася Фёдоров

    Милки_))) обе)))

  • Павел Рвачёв

    Смотря на Кондолизу, хотелось у...ать ей тапком

  • арина березина

    участник рамштайн - чисто говорит.

  • The Glamour Witch
    The Glamour Witch Year ago +10

    Rip Anton

  • Margaret Tyshchenko
    Margaret Tyshchenko Year ago +1

    Nina Dobrev 💖💖💖

  • Il KS
    Il KS Year ago +21

    The russsian and german are the most beautiful languages in the world. I love them, and someday I would like to speak them to perfection.

  • Михаил Гринченко

    Антон Ельчин погиб 19 июня 2016 года

  • Anastasia Nikolaeva
    Anastasia Nikolaeva Year ago +13

    Why are people impressed with Kunis? She was 7 when she moved from Ukraine and she can barely speak Russian now.. At 7 we were already memorizing Lermontov and Pushkin poems ... and overall kids at this age already possess the ability to fluently understand and speak the language. Also, considering her family is Ukranian I assume she didn't immediately stop speaking ukranian/russian as soon as she immigrated to the US.

    • AlexRejba
      AlexRejba 10 months ago

      Simply because most of her life she lived in the US. So there is nothing surprising about her level of language.

    • DeadbySunrise24
      DeadbySunrise24 11 months ago +2

      Exactly. I also do not understand this. She should be able to speak the perfect russian but she has a strong accent not even some foreigners speaking russian have. Really nothing to be impressed about.

  • Le Revenant
    Le Revenant Year ago +8

    I've only been learning russian for a couple of months and I think I speak Russian better than most of those celebrities

    • Dyziek LaLune
      Dyziek LaLune 10 months ago

      Yeah, for sure. XD

    • Elena Kuznetsova
      Elena Kuznetsova Year ago

      Le Revenant присоединюсь и начать стоит с наших ужасных падежей)

    • obaja100500
      obaja100500 Year ago

      Le Revenant ну, давай проверим. :)

  • Yana Larina
    Yana Larina Year ago +5

    Денни Де Вито!

  • casino dog
    casino dog Year ago +8

    я тоже знаю русский

  • Reiser Wasserman
    Reiser Wasserman Year ago +5

    so many ppl know Russian language! it's so nice.

    • Mary Go
      Mary Go Year ago

      Yes,i love english. And i lurning English. I'm 10 and i know 200 English... am... 200 English! Hahaha.

  • lucky
    lucky Year ago +16

    Милла Йовович во всю шпарит по-русски.

  • ΔΜΨR
    ΔΜΨR Year ago +10

    Всем иностранным космонавтам которым нужно добраться на МКС обязательно нужно учить русский язык. Факт

    • Владимир Богомолов
      Владимир Богомолов Year ago

      AMUR DM ну это само собой. На союзах то всё еще все приборы прописаны на русском языке и вся подготовка перед запуском(около двух лет для ни разу не совершающих полет с байконура астронавтов) проходит в русскоязычной среде.

  • Kawaii Kute
    Kawaii Kute Year ago +3


  • Nick Saxon
    Nick Saxon Year ago +5

    Они все евреи, потому что евреи - самые успешные

  • DoshoGaming HD
    DoshoGaming HD Year ago

    Удивительная русская клавиатура когда-либо нахожу, имея кратные темы, мне понравилось

  • tsyganko
    tsyganko Year ago +19

    Yelchin...... :(

  • Just Racoon
    Just Racoon Year ago +9

    Marojenoe, borsh, shee, blyat, pedik, jiid, kazol and Purin lohh.... I know Russian like a boss!!!!

    • Stalker
      Stalker Year ago

      lol)) you are fucking champion))

  • Kelt Viking
    Kelt Viking Year ago +6

    А зачем это в Оксфорде русский язык?Наводит на подозрения.

    • Тимур Муртуков
      Тимур Муртуков Year ago

      Ничего подозрительного в этом нет. В каждому уважающем себя университете есть кафедры (или курсы) различных иностранных языков

    • lucky
      lucky Year ago

      кстати да.ахахах

    • Zaratushtra
      Zaratushtra Year ago +4

      В Оксфорде есть кафедры всех языков.

  • mihanich
    mihanich Year ago +9

    Conodleeza's Russian was by far the best, she speaks with some accent but gramatically correct. I could only imagine what her russian sounded like back in the time when she had practice in Russian, must have been a near-native level.

    • sanchesseli
      sanchesseli Year ago +1

      Actually yes, i was suprised she knows Russian at such a good level. A couple of months practice and she would be fluent.

  • Steam Sound
    Steam Sound Year ago +7

    херня какая-то. В основном все этнические русские.

    • Stalker
      Stalker Year ago

      не в основном

  • Sofi Loren
    Sofi Loren Year ago +3

    Наталья Орейро неее говорит по русски.

    • Арина Ткачева
      Арина Ткачева Year ago

      Sofi Loren она неплохо понимает и что говорит то чисто

  • Серый
    Серый Year ago +8

    Антон Ельчин он же вроде погиб? из за несчастного случая.

  • путин затормозить

    Водой детсад дяди
    Тревог огневых достигли Осло Ричард

  • Rene Adler
    Rene Adler Year ago +2

    Hi everybody, I am russian and thanks all!

  • André Stech
    André Stech Year ago +6

    Emily Mortimer is another British actress speaking good Russian which studied in Moscow or St.Petersburg while taking acting classes, if memory serves.

  • the islander
    the islander Year ago +18

    Mila kunis speaks really fast.

    • DeadbySunrise24
      DeadbySunrise24 11 months ago +1

      Stalker It is awful. She has a strong accent which sounds very funny in a bad way

    • Stalker
      Stalker Year ago

      why awful? it's good actually

    • Anubisavi
      Anubisavi Year ago +2

      yup and her Russian is awful

  • Меня Зовут Риз :] -Riz-

    Surprisingly I understand some of this. I have been learning Russian for a month and can openly say I am obsessed. (My Russian name in my user is a joke with a friend no one will get so dw about it. Not russian..)

    • Caesar88888
      Caesar88888 Year ago

      I first thought your user pic is a piece of hair on my monitor screen ))

    • Stark
      Stark Year ago +1


  • Iv TM
    Iv TM Year ago +4

    ну все молодцы 👍

  • poby
    poby 2 years ago +12

    Эх Антон, Антон...

  • puffin96
    puffin96 2 years ago +1

    they speak too fast for me

  • Gersivan Oliveira
    Gersivan Oliveira 2 years ago +9

    00:13 - Mila Kunis
    00:57 - Sergey Brin (Desenvolvedor - Google)
    01:31 - Aiden McGeady
    01:59 - Milla Jovovich (senhora Residente Evil e Lagoa Azul)
    02:31 - Anton Yelchin
    03:14 - Natália Oreiro
    03:37 - Kate Beckinsale
    04:04 - Paul Landers
    04:36 - Ralph Fiennes (cineasta)
    05:21 - Johnny Weir
    05:48 - Condoleezza Rice
    06:18 - Chris Hadfield
    06:41 - Caroline Wozniacki

  • Alan Berserk Rose
    Alan Berserk Rose 2 years ago +1

    Speaks russian better than russians