Daisy Ridley Raps a Recap of All Eight Star Wars Movies (Episodes I-VIII)

  • Daisy Ridley performs a rap recapping the first eight episodes that make up Star Wars' trilogy of trilogies. Full lyrics below:
    Said a long time ago in a galaxy far far away a
    Guy named Vader tried to kidnap a Rebel Princess Leia
    So she employed a droid to record her a quick note, she said
    "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope." Go!
    Hyperspace zoom, sent off some battle plans in an R2
    C-3PO’s saying they’re doomed, until they’re bought by a farmer named Luke
    His Force is strong
    Obi-Wan hasn’t heard that name in long
    Solo shoots first, don’t say that I’m wrong
    It took him twelve parsecs for his Kessel Run
    Well, sure. Chewie was charting the course
    Luke learned the way of the Force
    Blew up the Death Star, he had no remorse
    He got a medal, he’s ready for more
    Strike back, Rebels on Hoth are attacked
    Yoda shows up and talks backwards
    Battled with Boba Fett, put up a fight but then Han got froze in carbonite, burr
    Wasn’t the plan, suddenly Luke is in need of a hand
    Lando Calrissian led them to slaughter
    And Darth Vader said to Luke
    I am your father
    What?! Jabba the Hutt, gotta admit that bikini was hot
    Yoda is dying, yes that’s why I’m crying
    Take this any longer I simply cannot
    Hey Sidious
    You were quite hideous
    Vader protected his kid, I’m not kidding, I’m serious
    Blew up a Death Star, ‘cause it was a trap
    Shout out to Ewoks, ‘cause they had our back
    Back in the day
    Little boy Anakin loved to pod race
    Padmé escaped, Darth Maul went ape
    The ending for Qui-Gon Jin wasn’t so great
    Attack of the clones
    Ten years pass, Anakin’s grown
    He falls in love but his master is captured
    His mother is killed and then that spells disaster
    Mace Windu
    Anakin loses an arm to Dooku
    Secret marriage
    Twins in the carriage
    Palpatine’s savage
    And Vader breaks through!
    I’m trying to think… Who’d I forget? What’s his name?
    Meesa called Jar Jar Binks!
    Now to today
    Jumping ahead to a scrapper named Rey (Hey!)
    Teamed up with Poe and a Stormtrooper Finn
    Who betrayed the First Order, so we let him in
    Solo vs. Solo, Han met his fate
    Rose got to work
    Kylo won’t put on a shirt
    Kylo is kind of a flirt
    Tracked down Luke he was giving me hate
    Until he saved the Resistance on Crait
    Now Skywalker's gone
    But faith in the Force remains strong
    Skywalker always lives on
    You can't stop me, I'm a Jedi from Jakku
    Fight the Dark Side from Tatooine to Naboo
    Let go of everything that you fear to lose
    Be the spark the lights the fire and May The Force Be With You
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    Daisy Ridley Raps a Recap of All Eight Star Wars Movies (Episodes I-VIII)

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  • Mr Aziz
    Mr Aziz Hour ago

    That's the hottest cringe ever

  • SpaceSocke
    SpaceSocke 4 hours ago

    How much money do they have that the Reys actress can bring into the show? 😂

  • THaT 0Ņ3 GÃMƏR GŮY lul

    Damn this rapper looks like
    Daisy Ridley

  • Aurélie Chevarier
    Aurélie Chevarier 23 hours ago

    I live in CLERMONT-FERRAND and my name is Lucie my 8

  • Aurélie Chevarier
    Aurélie Chevarier 23 hours ago

    How we write you sing welle Daisy would like to see you is me i’m french

  • A S
    A S 23 hours ago +1

    You disrespected your father at 1:06 Daisy! :)

  • Rory McIntosh
    Rory McIntosh Day ago

    I think he was one card behind here 2:04

  • Rey skywalker
    Rey skywalker Day ago

    I'm Love DAISY RIDLEY! AND you???

  • SierraJoFox
    SierraJoFox Day ago

    This is some good stuff

  • Shyngys Satkan
    Shyngys Satkan 2 days ago

    Jabba the Hutt
    gotta to admit that bikini was hot LOL😅

  • Olivia Adasczik
    Olivia Adasczik 2 days ago +1


  • Ilene Goddard
    Ilene Goddard 3 days ago +1

    Kyle kind of a flirt hits different after tros cause when me and my friends saw it we were joking around saying we shipped them and then they kissed and we were freaking sHoOoOoOoOoOk

  • Toxic_Hubos
    Toxic_Hubos 4 days ago +1


  • I♡animals
    I♡animals 4 days ago +1

    This is Amazing

  • Maizy Giles
    Maizy Giles 5 days ago +2

    I hear the words “PREQUEL TIME!”
    I jumped out of bed and prepared myself for the glory!

  • Rhainer Cardoso
    Rhainer Cardoso 5 days ago

    very nicy, Riddley

  • hun tec
    hun tec 6 days ago


  • the ninja reylo queen
    the ninja reylo queen 6 days ago +3

    She employed a droid to record her a quick note she said help me obi wan kenobi your my only hope

  • Eric Bird
    Eric Bird 6 days ago +1

    Daisy Ridley shows off how well she will transition into an embarrassing Soccor Mom in her 40's who raps in front of her kids after picking them up from soccer practice in her mini van.

  • benjaxii 8943
    benjaxii 8943 6 days ago

    Es la mierda más escrita que he escuchado después de la de papo a cacha

  • utalksmack
    utalksmack 6 days ago

    Rey got barz!!!!!!

  • Reylo queen
    Reylo queen 6 days ago

    This is cool

  • I_Bims_Can
    I_Bims_Can 6 days ago

    Daisy Ridley I Love U❤

  • Bob Merton
    Bob Merton 7 days ago +2

    Ok.... But why do I know every word of this?

  • Sibulle Vicious
    Sibulle Vicious 8 days ago

    the music for the sequels' part!! long live John Williams

  • Gretzky Davis
    Gretzky Davis 8 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon laughs like he has a trained sniper on him

  • sorush amui
    sorush amui 9 days ago +1

    i think she is fan of reylo herself

  • irakli kandelaki
    irakli kandelaki 9 days ago

    magaria ra

  • TrollMan 75
    TrollMan 75 9 days ago +4

    Rey: u can’t stop me I’m a Jedi from jackku
    The Jedi that are stronger than Rey : uSURE AbOuT that

  • Adam Salazar
    Adam Salazar 9 days ago +1

    That was just god awful

  • AlexRazorGame
    AlexRazorGame 9 days ago +1

    Qui Gon Jinn wasn't so great
    Yeah, no one is great! Only Rey is!
    Fuck this shit

  • Nicholas Maldonado
    Nicholas Maldonado 9 days ago +1

    Rey is no jedi

  • Wilmer Lubian
    Wilmer Lubian 9 days ago +1

    I liked the prequel movies.. the third one was one of my favourite Star Wars movies
    It goes from my fav to least fav: (plz don’t hate me)
    1 Rise Of Skywalker
    2 Revenge of the Sith
    3 Last Jedi
    4 force awakens
    5 empire strikes back
    May the force be with u!

  • Sascha Berger
    Sascha Berger 9 days ago

    I'm really sorry for Daisey, the films were so bad, but she can't help it

    • The Utility Monster
      The Utility Monster 7 days ago

      You're confused. She wasn't in the bad ones, man. She was like 5 at the time.

  • Timur 56255
    Timur 56255 10 days ago

    Kinda ridiculous, but she did well.

    Also her outfit looks nice

  • Aiden Decoto
    Aiden Decoto 10 days ago +1

    She said 10 years past and he fell in love with his master? Did I hear it wrong?😂

    • Aiden Decoto
      Aiden Decoto 8 days ago

      @ostwh4 ohhhhh

    • ostwh4
      ostwh4 8 days ago +1

      He falls in love BUT his master is captured...

  • Arlindo Melo
    Arlindo Melo 10 days ago

    2:13 you know you came for this part.

  • Megan Eyeckley
    Megan Eyeckley 11 days ago +1

    They really had to do revenge of the sith like that 😐

  • Evgeny Popov
    Evgeny Popov 12 days ago

    Это круто!)

  • john eichholz
    john eichholz 12 days ago +1

    This is painful to watch !

  • Lily M
    Lily M 12 days ago

    Gah! She's so cool! LOVE HER!

  • Matthew saunders
    Matthew saunders 13 days ago +1

    No one cares about the sequals their shit

  • Spitfire Mark1A
    Spitfire Mark1A 13 days ago +2

    If this is rap then the "c" must be silent!

  • kiko 1
    kiko 1 13 days ago +5

    I just looked up the definition of "cringe" and there was no written definition, only a link to this video.

  • Black Bear
    Black Bear 13 days ago

    Liked it till the last jei part.

  • Shameer Ismail
    Shameer Ismail 14 days ago +2

    2:13 her head 🤣

  • Shameer Ismail
    Shameer Ismail 14 days ago

    Why am i watching this for the third time today? 🤔

  • Puddin Duck
    Puddin Duck 14 days ago

    Ok she spit bars ngl

  • wraith29
    wraith29 14 days ago

    Time passed on the Original Trilogy: 1mn20 Time passed on the prequels : 0mn30 Time passed on the sequels : 0mn40. We get it, Disney’s PR. You love the OT.

  • Eon Gaming
    Eon Gaming 15 days ago


  • Average Titan16
    Average Titan16 15 days ago

    Daisy Ridley is so cute ❤️

  • Nicole Ellison
    Nicole Ellison 15 days ago +1

    She should do Star Wars in 99 seconds

  • Star Wars Mediathek
    Star Wars Mediathek 16 days ago +2

    8? I thought there were 6

  • stephanie シ
    stephanie シ 16 days ago +3

    this is straight up fire

  • El mojo De Ajo
    El mojo De Ajo 16 days ago

    She's Very talented, Spontaneous, Great Actress, Nice Attitude, she's part Of Star wars, has a Seductive Accent And She's Gorgeous. What a Lucky man Who be Her Guy.

  • Luis Acevedo
    Luis Acevedo 16 days ago

    Has she always been a rapper

  • Rey skywalker
    Rey skywalker 16 days ago

    A Long Time ago in a Galaxy far far away... ???

  • CJ ridz
    CJ ridz 16 days ago

    Daisy... Is British like me... we share surnames..

  • Casey Duran
    Casey Duran 17 days ago

    her smile in the thumb nail though

  • Aurora Just Aurora
    Aurora Just Aurora 17 days ago

    Do I remeber all the lyrics? Yes I do. Do I sing this in front of my confused family all the time? Yes I do.

  • Robert Codoceo
    Robert Codoceo 17 days ago


    GP LEVELUP 17 days ago +1

    Cade Cadê a quinta temporada5 de star vs as forças do mal 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Błażej Lewandowski
    Błażej Lewandowski 17 days ago


  • Varga Ármin
    Varga Ármin 18 days ago

    Omg how long

  • Miguelote YT
    Miguelote YT 18 days ago +1

    Anakin the secuels are evil
    Of my point of the view prequels are evil
    Then you were lost!

  • bush did9/11
    bush did9/11 18 days ago

    Does this go into my playlist

  • Dexter Dennington
    Dexter Dennington 18 days ago

    Absolutely cringe

  • Springwood Slasher
    Springwood Slasher 19 days ago

    This is fucking embarrassing and so are all you morons that like this.

  • Piesiasty
    Piesiasty 19 days ago

    Top 10 rappers Eminem was too afraid to diss
    Jokes aside, Daisy is an amazing rapper, I love her 💛

  • See you ซียู
    See you ซียู 19 days ago

    EPISODE ||| 😢😢😢😢

  • Star Wars Mediathek
    Star Wars Mediathek 19 days ago +1

    There are 6 Films
    No more no less

    • Star Wars Mediathek
      Star Wars Mediathek 13 days ago

      @Millenium yes thats why i've said from my point of view

    • Millenium
      Millenium 13 days ago

      Star Wars Mediathek they ain’t bad, you don’t like them. That a huge difference

    • Star Wars Mediathek
      Star Wars Mediathek 14 days ago

      @Millenium From my Point of View , the Sequels are Bad

    • Millenium
      Millenium 14 days ago

      There re 9 films, stop hating films that are good

    • Star Wars Mediathek
      Star Wars Mediathek 16 days ago

      @Millenium no OT and prequels

  • cool bomb prime
    cool bomb prime 19 days ago

    I've never cringed harder in my life😷

  • EmmetLive
    EmmetLive 20 days ago

    epic kamo

  • Ron Kyme
    Ron Kyme 20 days ago +2

    Notice how more people cheer when Fallon says "Prequel time"

  • felino mc
    felino mc 20 days ago

    Ya la amo

  • gary stewart
    gary stewart 20 days ago

    No slave outfit for her?

  • Spitfire Mark1A
    Spitfire Mark1A 20 days ago

    Oh dear.

  • Sophia Garrihy
    Sophia Garrihy 21 day ago

    I loooooove Star Wars Daisy and Rey


    what an embarrassment she is

  • Vinyl Rebel
    Vinyl Rebel 21 day ago

    And that’s the last nail in the coffin...