Khloé Gets North West A Hamster Without Telling Kim! | Season 16 | Keeping Up With The Kardashians

  • Published on May 28, 2019
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Comments • 3 079

  • svezbuz
    svezbuz 3 months ago +32111

    my mom said you have a huge booty.
    well your mom is not the one to talk

  • julio chino
    julio chino 18 hours ago

    The little girl is just a bit scared because you ppl watching this forget there is a man with a camara rolling following them both so you can see!, they are not just the two of them alone, khloe is used to it...

  • Andrew Park
    Andrew Park Day ago

    I don't think north is spoilt since she's to young to be spoilt if that makes sence

  • Breda Kenna
    Breda Kenna Day ago

    Sooo cute 😘

  • Maicey Forsyth
    Maicey Forsyth Day ago

    The hamster is like mine

  • georgia drs
    georgia drs 2 days ago

    Everyone: you can tell that north is Kanye's kid

    Me: the hamster cage is too small

  • alice
    alice 2 days ago

    Spoiled kids are hard to impress a fucking limo and she s like i wanted a unicorn limo....

  • nickiisgaming
    nickiisgaming 2 days ago

    north : no

  • Annie Shreeve
    Annie Shreeve 3 days ago

    She’s like 2 an her bedrooms twice the size of mine😂😬😢

  • Sarah Michaela Selvindoss

    Thank you aunty Coco!
    That part was so damn cute!

  • Skyla Garnett
    Skyla Garnett 3 days ago

    Loving auntie ❤💋klo

  • Miss Elf
    Miss Elf 3 days ago

    i think she is not realizing how rich her family is

  • reptalk vlogs
    reptalk vlogs 4 days ago


  • Hedayah Husain
    Hedayah Husain 4 days ago

    wait did she say hello northie jooooon???

  • Mark Serry
    Mark Serry 4 days ago

    Khloe: “Your very hard to like ....... impress”
    Me: Your very hard to like

  • Helena Begum
    Helena Begum 4 days ago

    She can't evan walk so fake

  • Helena Begum
    Helena Begum 4 days ago

    I dont understand why people like her ass its like a coushoin

  • twiga pritchard
    twiga pritchard 4 days ago

    *forces the kid to giver her a hug*

  • vivian Thomas
    vivian Thomas 4 days ago

    i wouldnt go out with such a kid,aye

  • Marie rose 1
    Marie rose 1 4 days ago +1

    Soo unappreciative

  • Marie rose 1
    Marie rose 1 4 days ago +1

    Shes a boilt beat

  • Happy Joy Ong
    Happy Joy Ong 4 days ago

    North's room is the size of my house 🤣

  • Darkness Silence
    Darkness Silence 5 days ago

    Khloé: Your mom says you always wanted a limo.
    North: A white unicorn limo.
    Khloé: sighs

  • Lexy Martin
    Lexy Martin 5 days ago

    I love when North told Kim, "Just trust me." Even though she didn't want to and clearly hated it, kin hold that hamster. So sweet 🌸🇦🇬

  • Radu Ionut Rusu
    Radu Ionut Rusu 5 days ago

    Just a tip. That cage is too small for a hamster. I have a hamster and they need space

  • Molly Fitzpatrick
    Molly Fitzpatrick 6 days ago

    the kardashians and the ocean have something in common they are both full of plastic :P

  • anamoon976
    anamoon976 6 days ago +7

    Is no one gonna talk about how small that hamster cage is? :(

    • I’m Cloudy
      I’m Cloudy 4 days ago

      anamoon976 EXACTLY if they are so rich just get a good hamster cage ffs

  • bmwwmb
    bmwwmb 6 days ago

    I read the title and decided oh this is such tea isn’t it

  • Gacha life Or splash your eyes?

    What's the outro music?

  • TechyTaura
    TechyTaura 7 days ago

    1:41 Wow 😂

  • Hannah S
    Hannah S 7 days ago

    They’re rich af but won’t buy a decent sized cage for their hamster :( get it out that small ass cage & get it a decent sized wheel

  • Lydia Wani
    Lydia Wani 7 days ago

    Mommy said you have a huge booty im so fricken dead

  • Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe 7 days ago +1

    she takes after her father😂😭

  • Hannah Shutt
    Hannah Shutt 7 days ago


  • Nur Dhea Dwi J
    Nur Dhea Dwi J 7 days ago

    y'all say fucked up with khloe life, but lemme tell ya, she's good with all the kids and I just can't😭😭🖤

  • Fotini Karayianni
    Fotini Karayianni 8 days ago

    how not to parent 101

  • lisipeli iongi
    lisipeli iongi 8 days ago

    I wanna have a turn s.o.s but its ok i live nz

  • stranger things fan
    stranger things fan 8 days ago

    don’t get that cage it’s to small and the hamster can die from it or get stuck ,just for the hamsters safety.please get a different cage ❤️🥵

  • Olias
    Olias 8 days ago +1

    Just checking to see how many lifeless people here to see a girl getting a hamster😑

  • It for real estate
    It for real estate 8 days ago

    just a hamster? my aunt got me a dog without knowing my dad is allergic to them.

  • Not Actif
    Not Actif 9 days ago

    That cage is super small, there isn't fancy bear hamsters pet stores just call it that to appeal to kids, it's a syrian hamster, ADOPT DON'T SHOP, that supports disgusting inhumane animal abusing mills. You should let the hamster settle for atleast 5 days without human contact and I could go on and on about how they don't even know how to care for a hamster yet they bought one to please a spoiled child. Disgusting, a hamster life is still a life nonetheless

  • Kitty Smith
    Kitty Smith 9 days ago

    Uuhm i think she is a bit spoiled

  • ozesem
    ozesem 9 days ago

    No! Thats abuse! You should scream next to a hamster!!! And the cage is to small!

  • Wendy Chu
    Wendy Chu 10 days ago

    North is literally the girl version of her dad

  • Ana Ponyflight
    Ana Ponyflight 10 days ago

    North is such a bitch

  • Lisa-Marie Hunt
    Lisa-Marie Hunt 10 days ago +1

    Spoiled brat!

  • pezprinces
    pezprinces 10 days ago

    This is hurting me, hamsters are not supposed to be in this tony cages. These are too Small for any animal

  • Boba Tea Studios
    Boba Tea Studios 10 days ago +2

    North:Hold it!
    Kim:Absolutely Not!It's gonna poop on Me!!!

  • Meusa Khan
    Meusa Khan 11 days ago

    She is like this because she is Kanye West daughter 😒

  • Re-Creator Creator
    Re-Creator Creator 11 days ago

    Khloe walk like a duck ! #Fakeass lmao

  • Jess x
    Jess x 11 days ago

    Poor hamster. Tiny cage, unwanted, K. even disgusted by "this thing", they doesn't know anything about how to care with the animal. Seems like there already gonna have neglect from the beginning. I'm gonna stop. I'm fucking disgusted by this fucking world.

  • Bertille Martin
    Bertille Martin 11 days ago

    you know something is wrong when a 6/7 year old isnt impressed by a limo party

  • Joselin Castro
    Joselin Castro 11 days ago

    West is a kind of child who say" Get me a hamter" and Khloe, ok lets go to get a hamster, or "Get me this play" and Kloe ok lets go to buyt it. In my opinion I think is bad because she is adapting to that life and children has to understand the words "not" and "yes" something.

  • Georgina Ekpuk
    Georgina Ekpuk 11 days ago

    North West smile is so cute and adorable.

  • Melissa Meli
    Melissa Meli 11 days ago

    Child are dying around the world and no one cares but when a famous girl gets a hamster everyone need to know ...

  • it's pink flamingo The virgo


  • Jasmine Isabella
    Jasmine Isabella 12 days ago

    What’s the diner name? I love the look of it! Is it in Calabasas?

  • Werewolf _Leader
    Werewolf _Leader 12 days ago

    😂❤️😂❤️ I love them so much ;w;

  • Ains K
    Ains K 12 days ago +1

    She was being really bratty

  • Hamster Passion
    Hamster Passion 12 days ago

    Trop chou North❤
    Elle veut une licorne🤣🦄