Ranked Battles are GARBAGE in World of Tanks

  • Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • I've played every Ranked Season in World of Tanks and finally come to the realisation it's garbage: here's why
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  • Martin Galindo
    Martin Galindo 3 days ago

    Also is not really good system for sniper tanks that only obtain half of the experience if they did not spot the target, that leads to bias aggresive tank with good turret, all go to the front playing no tactic for the win, only to obtain exp

  • Harry He
    Harry He 14 days ago

    this is so bizarre, like what actually stops WG from just using an ELO system? maybe WG want to encourage individual play instead of a team of 15?

    but then just weight your system, like to get more ELO or ranked points, you need +/-(win/loss)+X(current elo vs average game elo) + Y(in game exp) = elo gain/loss.

    season over season, you adjust the weighting of each factor and you end up with a very competitive ranked system.

  • Krunsheer
    Krunsheer 14 days ago

    In WoT Blitz there is actually more working ranking system...I wonder why they have made actual WoT ranked so complicated and unbalanced :P

  • Sébastien P
    Sébastien P 14 days ago

    Is this because some of those reasons that everybody's camping in this game?

  • Alan Clark
    Alan Clark 15 days ago

    Based on where Wargaming originated from are you surprised they use these types of underhand tactics to squeeze money out of people?

  • Rogue_Squadron
    Rogue_Squadron 17 days ago

    Ranked should be as true a test of skill and dealing with your vehicles limitations: Tech tree only, no gold or limited gold, and maybe no equipment even. separate the men from the boys.

  • Tom Degner
    Tom Degner 22 days ago

    BUFF T-62A bring back the old days when you had a good choice between the 140 and the T-62A, and no matter what you chose it wasn't wrong. Then they randomly buffed the 140 leaving the T-62 A behind....

  • furnis brastos
    furnis brastos 23 days ago

    There are a million things they can do to improve not just ranked battles, but everything else as well. Dont believe one of them could bring them more money!!!

  • Phuc Nguyen
    Phuc Nguyen 27 days ago

    Imagine what will happen when the WTF E100 comeback from the dead :/

  • RetroFit
    RetroFit 29 days ago

    Totally agree...Ranked should be Tech Tree only...the rewards could be anything but the competition needs to be on an even keel, so no premium or reward tanks, none. Only tanks everyone can get.

  • Mirelle Larouge
    Mirelle Larouge Month ago

    Why can't WG just... I don't know, balance the CW tanks?

  • Thomas Cz
    Thomas Cz Month ago

    Once I was wondering what can you buy on ebay for WOT. People selling gold league, 15 rank ,division 1. It is only question of money 😔

  • D Kaly
    D Kaly Month ago

    I wanted to play ranked battles. But being a Lone Wolf I knew I couldn't. After seeing this I'm glad I can't because I believe I would have to join a clan. And I joined a clan back around 7.2 for a while. I quit because they stated to be a mature clan with player 30+ years of age...Which was more like 15+. And the 1st thing I had to do was follow a link to a Russian site and download Aimbot. I contacted Wargaming about this...And even sent them the link. Nothing was done! And believe it or not that clan is still active. And I have done battles against their players to this day &I know for a fact they still use bots. A few weeks ago I played a battle on El Haleuf with 3 of them tooned. During the 1st half my team wiped out all but the tooned clan. We were 11 vehicles to their 3 tooned. In the last 4 min of the match they wiped us all out...Making shots I know can't be done. But once again after sending in a video to support...Nothing was done! And I played a battle today and one of them was on my team in a pub battle.

  • Janne Lassander
    Janne Lassander Month ago

    To make this fair for everyone is to put Ranked battle tanks (one of each of 5 classes) for every ones garage with ammo consumables and crew. Then you can play one or multiple games in each of those per day and your result will be average of all plays you make in each vehicle. There should be combined leaderboard for damage done, assisted and blocked. That will prevent players from camping back (they will drop down in spotting damage and blocked damage.)

  • Richard Holmes
    Richard Holmes Month ago

    Yes its total bollocks that its only for people who dont have a real job were your not home all day and you have many teir 10 tanks

  • Bob Klarquist
    Bob Klarquist Month ago

    I've given up caring about WoT. I play T6 battles with out gold ammo or sixth sense. It's fun for me and that's all that matters.

  • dovets
    dovets Month ago

    It has always been rigged to suit the WoT unicum players! Even the competition rewards are rigged! If you check out who won random tank rewards, you will realise they all belong to the best performing clans! It is an obvious joke and it is about you, and me, playing against the unicum clans... and they have SO much better victory dynamics! It is crap!

  • Marco Blais
    Marco Blais Month ago

    world of pay to win tank is simply * garbage*

  • Tomi Nagy
    Tomi Nagy Month ago

    what? WG did something wrong?
    tell me more

  • Torben Dinesen
    Torben Dinesen Month ago


  • Torben Dinesen
    Torben Dinesen Month ago

    Hi Quickybaby Try looking at Ebay that can be paid for someone to play Ranked Battles for you.

  • Thunberg
    Thunberg Month ago

    bruh, this is just crybabys that are jealous they cant get good tanks like i can

  • Dark Light
    Dark Light Month ago

    Rank battle.
    But only TOG.

  • Aaron Davis
    Aaron Davis Month ago

    Never tried it but it sounds like it sucks I liked the 1 on 1 tournament do I had a good pc it burned down in the camp fire do have a laptop but it sucks after 5 games

  • Jester Reaper
    Jester Reaper Month ago

    a game focus on team play, has a rank battle that screw each other over a reward on the same team

  • Edzinator
    Edzinator Month ago

    i feel all the so called special battle sets are garbage for regular players with RL to function within.

  • Khaz
    Khaz Month ago

    Wot is garbage

  • Deine mudda
    Deine mudda Month ago

    Only tech tree vehicles and no PREMIUM AMMO!

  • Jharug87
    Jharug87 Month ago

    I can't help but to feel sympathy for the tank collector having to resort to cheating like this... still man... not the way to go about it D:

  • DarkDog666
    DarkDog666 Month ago

    I have quiet all of this tanks, but i absolutley agree that "Reward Tanks" should be kicked out of Ranked Battles! You cant fight the gameplay...it will stay like it is, but at least by kicking those reward tanks will make the game mode more compatetive.

  • Stir_stick
    Stir_stick Month ago

    This video is coaching the big spenders how to win. QB comes across as a shill to me.

  • Glen Johnson
    Glen Johnson Month ago

    Matched tanks with matched crews, equipment and ammo are the only way to make skill the defining factor.

  • Bruce's Buzz
    Bruce's Buzz Month ago

    I've played since the early days of Beta and never joined a clan or played ranked, nor do I have a desire to play. However I do enjoy playing random pub games just to relax and have fun. With that said, I could care less about my stats and like to play crazy at times. With that said, I've played many FPS and been in many clans over the years. In pub games my stats were average, but in clan wars, we never lost and our clan became #1 on the WGL. Working as a team always made the difference, so seeing lower stats in pub games vs ranked can easily understood and not an indication that the account is being shared.

  • Mihael Vulchev
    Mihael Vulchev Month ago

    Well my 705A bring me the gold few times but now with 279 and T95/ fv will be nightmare.

  • Capion
    Capion Month ago

    Here you go, 101,535th view

  • Haykii03
    Haykii03 Month ago

    And the thing that Ranked = gold? I rage quit out of ranked because I didn't get hit by AP round at all... People use their credit card to win chevron, not their skills..

  • Doug Long
    Doug Long Month ago

    Boo hoo Boo hoo. Cry me a river.

  • alen borovski
    alen borovski Month ago


  • ageens
    ageens Month ago

    no sure, looks pretty normal to me, that guy with

  • knautschbart
    knautschbart Month ago

    Right now the teamplay consists of just Yolo or camping the sh*t out of the bush, but no cooperation, communication or thinking further, than just aiming at one pixel and waiting until someone is stupid enough to drive there. Just a shame, what WoT became after they fu**ed up the game by releasing hardcore-meta tanks and much too fast gameplay for the gun handling and abilities many tanks have. And one does notice it also in ranked, because in playstyle there is no difference in how you get your reward inside ranked or in normal randoms.

  • Miroslav Pavkovic
    Miroslav Pavkovic Month ago

    This is the first video from QB that I actually liked. This is the problem, the game has no skill cap, it's more about OP tanks and gold spamming (and yes, it's not "special ammo" it's gold!)

  • iurascu constantin
    iurascu constantin Month ago

    How about those who own an 279(e) and their rating is 4500 pr., and their average damage per game in 279(e) is 1100 in 300 battles? is it legal?

  • Mate Prnjak
    Mate Prnjak Month ago

    Majority of problems are easily fixed with: onli tech tree vehicles and no gold ammo.
    With that 2 this everybody can be equally competitive

  • Dan Tabla
    Dan Tabla Month ago

    2 seasons later QB gets to the same opinion I had a while ago when they released ranked battles. What's the matter QB? Are you not good enough against players of the same skill as you?
    In all seriousness, this applies even to normal rewards or missions. The top 10 means that only 33% of all players get something. Top 3 means 10% and top 1 it's just 1 out of 30, which for regular players without QB's skillset is well 1 match in let's say 50.

  • Opmehoofd
    Opmehoofd Month ago

    I love playing Light(scout) tanks. to make my team win hard and shoot at targets constantly because i light everything up.
    sadly this isnt a rewarding or encouraged playstyle since EVER. now to see a ranked battle mode where it is utterly destroyed makes me extra sad.

  • KillaBeezz
    KillaBeezz Month ago

    QuickyBaby, so glad to see this video on how broken WOT is. Either allow only tech tree tanks in Ranked or, Make all reward vehicles available for the people that can't get them by playing in clan wars. Let them be purchased if wanted. It's unbelievable how many people there are on ebay that are selling their services for anything that you want for WOT.

  • Feral Feline
    Feral Feline Month ago

    Easy fix is tech tree only tanks. No premiums or reward. That isn't the total fix but it is a start. Next would be everybody in the winning team gets a reward. Nobody on the losing team. Don't necessarily lose chevrons but don't gain any.

    The problem I have with it is go up one chevron, down 3. So get up one level and then go down one. Make it so you don't go down once going up a level. Frustrating to end a day of play in the same or lower level that I started.

  • nopedidope
    nopedidope Month ago

    Strange enough i couldnt even try ranked because the Server were soo laggy when ranked was live...unplayable. also like many other wrote this rly shows that this Game in its core is Not balanced and you are forced to Play a specific way to progress

  • Steven Werley
    Steven Werley Month ago

    I completely agree that there is a balance and competitive issue. In fact I might even stipulate that to be extremely successful in ranked battles you need to have not only competed in most all aspects of gameplay, but also have done so for a substancial amount of time.
    - have all players participating in Ranked Battles select from the same preselected tanks, 1or 2 of each class.
    - have a 2-3 perk crew available only for playing ranked battles with no crew experience games
    - have only specific equipment available to all players, or eliminate improved equipment from being used
    These things while limiting, will certainly increase the competitiveness, and focus more on a players overall skill, and not just their skill with a specific tank with 6+ perks and improved equipment.
    I have 1 tier 10 with 6+ perks, and a couple with 1-3 perks, but most were chosen for fun and comfort in specific lines rather than if they were the best in a specific class or not, and without competing in clan wars, I will not be able to acquire many of the tanks that are best in class.

  • guigui222
    guigui222 Month ago

    Anyways, with XVM activated, in the first division we were easily spoting shared accounts. Red stats playing the first ligue is pretty unusual

  • Chris Cat
    Chris Cat Month ago

    Its all correct... but it’s an absolute pay-to-win game, so I don’t get why you or anyone would expect a balanced or fair competitive system

  • guigui222
    guigui222 Month ago

    I do not agree at all,the chevrons gained following your place in the team is perfect, Being in the top 3 means you did Real good work on the battle

  • rkb100100
    rkb100100 Month ago

    16:40 Paying for stat boosting is pathetic - really, really pathetic.

  • Berk Osman ŞATIROĞLU

    Rİght. i finished golden second season but i didnt play this season because time spend.

  • Ferenc Kis
    Ferenc Kis Month ago +1

    I'm happy that you discovered too that there are many "cheating" within the game. Account sharing is the top of these...In clan wars there were places in top clans that were to buyers so they can receive the clan bonus and with that the reward tank. Hiring people to play account during the season within a good clan so the multiplier is high enough. And the cherry on top...if you get a tank by "earning it" with clan wars, you could bid on other tank with bonds that was gathered during clan wars and other events. Well paid!
    Mods and bots are other aspects of these too where you can spare time or "buy skill", and finally there is the account selling where good players with lot of free time creating new accounts adding to a top clan going high with wn8 by platoon plays, earning reward tanks and then selling account.
    All of these could be filtered by WG with some effort but they are not intend to do anything with these till they have enough payment from mods, prem account, prem tanks and paid event as Loot boxes.

  • Matt K
    Matt K Month ago

    Nerf the stats of the reward tanks to be in line with the other tier 10s. No one paid for them, so there isn't that monetary issue that everyone always complains about. Instead make the reward vehicles battle rewards greater than even premium tanks. Easy fix, stop faffing around WoT. Figure it out.

  • rakata40
    rakata40 Month ago +1

    20 minute video about QB complaining about people using 907 and "Donkeror" which he does NOT have. While he spammed ranked battles in his Obj 279 e which is THE worst one of the OP tanks he mentioned. You're so arrogant and manipulative it's insane!

    Btw the "Donkeror" requieres a skilled tanker to do well in... the Obj 279 e is easy mode. Shut up already with your silly complaints about Ranked when you yourself broke it.

  • SBlazeable
    SBlazeable Month ago

    I just think wg should maybe idk introduce weakspots on these vehicles like they did with the 62a and obj 140 back in the day where you chose the 62A over the 140 because its top of the turret weakspot and cupola were smaller and it had the best turret in the game but was average at everything else in regards to its peers nowadays everything has an impenetrable turret and dont call a slim strip of heat resistant 250mm of armor under the gun a weak spot with the way accuracy has been nerfed good luck hitting it AND penning one out fifteen shots. Everything also has dpm nowadays as well used to be exclusive to mediums for foregoing the armor and tds and if it doesnt have 10 degrees of gun depression you get a hull like the 279 e or the bobjekt 268 this game has gone downhill buffing pen and reworking entire tech trees is just about the only way to save it

  • danimardani
    danimardani Month ago

    Quicky this game is NOT A FAIR GAME, always remember that !
    Is just a money maker machine. MM comes from money maker and RNG is the tool to make money with!
    Simple as that!
    Is a shame this once upon a great game turned into shit capitalist MM...
    Beta version of ranked was the best version of it! Now, they squished too much!
    Oh, and clan wars' reward tanks NEVER should play in random, less vs. tier 8!

  • Peter Richards
    Peter Richards Month ago

    This is no secret, just log into ebay and other such platforms and you will find many account building and special tank grinding services for cash.