Robin Schulz - Sugar (feat. Francesco Yates) (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

  • Published on Jul 24, 2015
  • Official Music Video for Robin Schulz - Sugar.
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    Featuring Nathan Barnatt as Officer Finkleman (
    Releasing a string of smash hits off his September 2014 debut album “Prayer” established Robin Schulz as one of the internationally most successful German artists of the past 20 years. Now, the Osnabrück-native, superstar DJ and producer is set to release his highly-anticipated follow-up longplayer: Almost exactly one year after the release of his globally acclaimed breakthrough debut, Schulz is back on track with yet another stroke of genius: Promisingly entitled “SUGAR”, album no. 2 will be released later this year on September 18th!
    Earlier this July, Schulz was awarded Triple Gold for his tremendous hit single “Prayer in C”, Platinum for “Sun Goes Down (feat. Jasmine Thompson)” as well as Gold for his debut album “Prayer” in his home territory - just 3 on a list of over 60(!) awards already amassed by the German deep house shooting star. In light of his upcoming new longplayer “SUGAR”, Robin Schulz is now about to take the next step in his amazingly successful career:
    After his airplay #1 and global smash single “Headlights” (feat. Ilsey) which delivered the first taste of his new album’s sound, the twentysomething is set to release the eponymous second single on July 17th: “Sugar”, featuring 19-year-old Canadian singer Francesco Yates. Yates is widely considered the next big popstar in the making and his soulful falsetto vocals are quickly gaining praise by superstars such as Pharrell Williams or Justin Bieber.
    That being said, Schulz is more than likely to build on his peerless, record-breaking achievements of the past 18 months: Last year’s mega hit “Prayer in C” landed Robin Schulz the #1 spot on iTunes in 40 countries and topped the national singles charts in 17 countries, but that was just the beginning. His #1 remix of “Waves” earned him a Grammy nomination, while his Top 7 album “Prayer” received the German ECHO award for best “Dance National”, in addition to a completely sold-out US tour.
    Today, Schulz remains the first German artist to attain the #1 spot in the global Shazam charts. He runs the most successful German RU-clip music channel with a combined 330 million views, while generating downloads and streams in excess of nine figures.
    On the heels of his recent tour of the U.S., Canada, South Africa and Australia, Robin Schulz will be headlining major electro & dance festivals all over the world throughout the summer, such as Belgium’s Tomorrowland Festival.
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  • Robin Schulz
    Robin Schulz  2 months ago +618

    Did you already check out the official music video for #AllThisLove ft. Harlœ? 👉 😉

    • Miriam Arjel
      Miriam Arjel 8 days ago

      Antaños...te leía! No seguiste al parecer o bien yo me perdí..

    • Ewan Wax
      Ewan Wax 11 days ago +1

      @Luis Castellanos oui

    • Z -
      Z - 15 days ago

      This is still a banger thanks for this song man

    • Christopher Wenzlaff
      Christopher Wenzlaff 22 days ago

      How much did it cost to cast trevor from gta 5? Anyway its my favorite song to push insulin in my veins...... Sugar, how you get so fly.....

    • Layla Rose Williams
      Layla Rose Williams Month ago

      How old are you

  • Arthur Sugiura Yin
    Arthur Sugiura Yin 3 minutes ago +1

    GTA san andreas

  • ThatBlueDemon YT
    ThatBlueDemon YT 5 minutes ago

    This is *totally* what a cop does daily 😂

  • Fk Rz
    Fk Rz Hour ago

    2:04 когда во сне заматерился и пахан на утро

  • Chovies
    Chovies Hour ago +1

    damn they fucked my jam up lmao

  • Davaoeneo Gaming
    Davaoeneo Gaming 4 hours ago +1

    The original will always be better. Baby Bash ft. Frankie J. - Suga Suga.

    NOIRE 6 hours ago

    Isn't that the kid from stranger things?

  • Артем Глущенко

    Russian police

  • Honda Gaharu
    Honda Gaharu 10 hours ago

    A meme brought me here actually.

  • Klara natureza
    Klara natureza 12 hours ago +1

    Anna Klara Andrade Alves natureza filha 15 anos

  • ricko ort
    ricko ort 13 hours ago

    I don´t like the video, but the song it great

  • Alessandro Mendes
    Alessandro Mendes 16 hours ago

    eu que n vou ouvir essa música, o policial virou uma bixa doida!

  • Prod Nova
    Prod Nova 18 hours ago

    *Mosey was here*

  • Scootaloo_gamez _04
    Scootaloo_gamez _04 19 hours ago

    the guy singing is so fucking hot i swear.

  • meg light
    meg light 22 hours ago +1


  • Antea Čolić
    Antea Čolić 23 hours ago

    2019? just me......ok

  • Niki
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  • Virtua Futura
    Virtua Futura Day ago

    I’m here for Nathan Barnatt (The Cop)

  • KucingKi
    KucingKi Day ago

    Well... i set my alarm phone with this song and i dream like fly lol?

  • MeProof
    MeProof Day ago

    Dustin wtf

  • NicolasHD
    NicolasHD Day ago +5

    *Who’s here cuz Lil Moseys new beat (Stuck In A Dream) sounds like it?*

  • isaias
    isaias Day ago

    Absolutamente Eu ouvindo música

  • Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen Day ago

    I love it
    my cousin knows where you live


    La ropa que se pone al final es una referencia al rapero original del beat wtf

  • ThexXxAdaMxXx
    ThexXxAdaMxXx Day ago


  • Joshua Ortiz
    Joshua Ortiz Day ago +1

    This song still smack 🔥

  • moet zapata
    moet zapata Day ago +1

    Here I know this sugar like

  • Nemisis br
    Nemisis br Day ago



    Wowww. 😍😍😍

  • Arnaud Dele
    Arnaud Dele Day ago +2

    wtffff i never seen a bigger plagiat of instruu, baby bash suga suga

  • Altaech
    Altaech 2 days ago

    Щука хорьки сова

  • Paradoja
    Paradoja 2 days ago

    De lujp jajaj

    GAMER FIRE 2 days ago

    This is shit, very best of Marron
    I am from Brazil i nou speaking inglish

  • Pietro Glionna
    Pietro Glionna 2 days ago


  • Lyvya Manary
    Lyvya Manary 2 days ago


  • ChippySound
    ChippySound 2 days ago

    Wait... is... is... IS THAT DAD?!?

  • gokay sari
    gokay sari 3 days ago +1

    *İf you listen this song , you are LEGEND*

  • Truus
    Truus 3 days ago +1

    Camera on the front off the car spotted.

  • Röttèn Lêmøñ •

    I don't know how I got so hig- fly B)

  • Laurent De Leeuw
    Laurent De Leeuw 3 days ago

    Nathan ! outstanding performance !

  • Muse Nail
    Muse Nail 3 days ago +1

    Trevor despues de un golpe millonario !!!!!

  • Sergej Kolevski
    Sergej Kolevski 3 days ago

    This video shows how Trevor Philips looked like in 2015..

  • Mozzarella Cheez
    Mozzarella Cheez 3 days ago +3

    any music with robin schulz, Francesco yates would spice up
    btw that's what Francesco yates used to look when hes younger

  • A Really long Peen
    A Really long Peen 3 days ago +2

    so how exactly did this beat the 2003 version? I mean that mustache definitely did alot, but not that much

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Quien es ese hombre se sencuro

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Amooooo am amoooooo esa esa esa cancioooooooooon nananananananannananananannanannanananaanannanananan amo esa cancioooooooooon nananananananannananananannanannanananaanannanananan

  • Luis Domingo Alvarez Sanchez

    Quien la escucha en Septiembre 2019 ?

  • TheR0bloxian1
    TheR0bloxian1 3 days ago

    whats the old mans name

  • samara Oliveira
    samara Oliveira 3 days ago +4


  • A. Jr
    A. Jr 3 days ago +2


  • Undef Stack
    Undef Stack 3 days ago

    On Duty my sugar

  • Sebek 1100
    Sebek 1100 3 days ago +3

    Who is this? (policeman)
    And Who is this? (2:55 banditooo)

    • Kareo
      Kareo 3 days ago

      The Policeman is Nathan Barnatt.
      The "Bandito" is a tribute to Baby Bash who made the original.

  • Jacke Brown
    Jacke Brown 4 days ago +1

    2019 anyone 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

  • Ambar Murillo
    Ambar Murillo 4 days ago +2


  • stanislava zagorac kukic


  • philip hansen
    philip hansen 4 days ago

    Not a practical way to wash your car

  • FBI
    FBI 4 days ago +2


  • Yahya Çetin
    Yahya Çetin 4 days ago +1

    Gta v trevor

  • Areko V
    Areko V 4 days ago +2

    Noni Gamer :(

  • Ayden Headley
    Ayden Headley 4 days ago +16

    yo...tell me how i lost this song and i searched up "crazy poiceman and hot curlyhead boy music video" and this came up LMAO