Migos "Get Right Witcha" (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

  • Published on Apr 5, 2017
  • Watch the official music video for "Get Right Witcha" by Migos.
    Off Migos "Culture" Album. Available Now flyt.it/CULTURE
    Directed by King Content
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Comments • 5 606

  • Crystal Perales
    Crystal Perales Day ago

    Is that Catherine from the ace family ?

  • King Huncho
    King Huncho Month ago +1

    I bet that 10k dislike are Joe Budden fans.....🖕

  • Temple of Mangas
    Temple of Mangas Month ago

    The arrival of our good old rapper behind the scenes!!!
    Both classic and cool MIGOS makes us see all the colors
    Like and subscribe please it
    link : ru-clip.net/video/xoQ7TMIJQ4o/video.html

  • Erick Moreno
    Erick Moreno Month ago

    Get right witcha just like christmas 🎄

  • Ayesha Doll
    Ayesha Doll Month ago

    Yes sir

  • Abel Preda
    Abel Preda 2 months ago

    Amigos Amigos yé yé yé 🤘

  • latrice bulger
    latrice bulger 3 months ago

    Quavo Say He'll Fucked A Bad Bitch (Nikki) Then Dismissed Her... So Y She Mad???

  • lil JBVEVO
    lil JBVEVO 3 months ago +1

    In 2020 imma do what the minis did in 2017

  • paul Anthony
    paul Anthony 3 months ago +1

    I hear too show u ahead of time told u

  • Yung Faness
    Yung Faness 4 months ago

    i Aint ReaLLy Here Ta Uh Take No Pictures

  • Yung Faness
    Yung Faness 4 months ago


  • Yung Faness
    Yung Faness 4 months ago

    Yeah HoLd Up Get Right Witcha ima Get Right Witcha

  • Kevin Dennis
    Kevin Dennis 4 months ago +2

    3:03 look at take off!! LOL:)

  • Tong Tong
    Tong Tong 4 months ago

    I'm pretty sure Migos got the same brain.

  • West Side Y
    West Side Y 4 months ago +1

    I said loud forgive me 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Darrin Robinson
    Darrin Robinson 4 months ago


  • Hope Ferrell
    Hope Ferrell 4 months ago


  • Ahmed Ali
    Ahmed Ali 4 months ago

    It's very very nice

  • Elijah Garcia
    Elijah Garcia 4 months ago

    China Mac got on lil pump for saying chinx but isn't say notin bout qauvo ? Make no sense Lol

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 4 months ago

    Cool cool 100%

  • April Dawn McQuay
    April Dawn McQuay 5 months ago

    Why does almost all of there songs start off with the word murder??

    • wiz zy
      wiz zy 2 months ago +1

      @April Dawn McQuay pleasure x

    • April Dawn McQuay
      April Dawn McQuay 2 months ago +1

      wiz zy that's very nice of you to say!! Thank u

    • wiz zy
      wiz zy 2 months ago +1

      @April Dawn McQuay btw you look Fiine 😍

    • wiz zy
      wiz zy 2 months ago +1

      @April Dawn McQuay 😉😘

    • April Dawn McQuay
      April Dawn McQuay 2 months ago

      @wiz zy oh ok

  • Amanda Rausch
    Amanda Rausch 5 months ago

    Get right witchyu 😘😘 bad bitch fukem then dismissal

  • Art Warner
    Art Warner 5 months ago

    Takeoff rap fast

  • Aziz Salah
    Aziz Salah 6 months ago

    1.2* deja vu
    1.30 love **
    1:31 you asked me a question about who is this person
    1:32 you want to pooor your money on wind
    1:33 it s your soul
    you can controle your ideas if you want
    1:39 our famous time to say don t trust nobody but you send it at 1:40 :)

  • Kaniyah Iouise
    Kaniyah Iouise 6 months ago

    *Takeoff 🚀 killed it*

  • kamau kuria
    kamau kuria 7 months ago

    whole gang itching

  • Kwabena Agyapong
    Kwabena Agyapong 7 months ago

    My best song from migos

  • April Dawn McQuay
    April Dawn McQuay 7 months ago +1

    Private life FOR REAL 💯

  • Eduardo Telles
    Eduardo Telles 7 months ago


  • Stieve Maxi
    Stieve Maxi 7 months ago

    I'm Haitian I'm like that migos cool

  • stinkingcrack
    stinkingcrack 7 months ago

    best Migos song but who's the girl?

  • Paul Tafadzwa
    Paul Tafadzwa 7 months ago

    Flash mode

  • André Castro
    André Castro 8 months ago


  • Leandro Mariano
    Leandro Mariano 9 months ago


  • EDM4Life
    EDM4Life 9 months ago

    Takeoff kill the song , like if u agree

  • HunchoFelixx
    HunchoFelixx 10 months ago +1


    6-MIX FRANCE 10 months ago


  • Joel Baraka
    Joel Baraka 10 months ago +2

    2019 anyone take ooff be killing it

  • FLASHbak Boi
    FLASHbak Boi 11 months ago

    0:57 oW thats racist tbh

  • Arfaa Abdool
    Arfaa Abdool 11 months ago

    Well i didnt know Worldstar uploaded this videos, its on their main channel also. . Both be kilking it in views making them doubke profit. . smart move

  • Oshane Tingling
    Oshane Tingling 11 months ago

    They all sound good💯

    MCV- ASMR 11 months ago +1


  • Addisu Deju
    Addisu Deju Year ago

    Epic! Lit

  • Bä D
    Bä D Year ago +1

    DZ Dz 🔥🔥🐼💔

  • KA SY
    KA SY Year ago +1


  • Germaine Joyce D. Morena

    Bling Bling....BOOOOOOOM!!!

  • Edgar Balama
    Edgar Balama Year ago +1


  • redneck living life
    redneck living life Year ago +1


  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool Year ago +3


  • Wesly Marrion
    Wesly Marrion Year ago +2

    Como podem dar dislike nessa obra prime

  • Fabio Andrade
    Fabio Andrade Year ago +8

    Takeoff riding the beat like... Damn still don't get it why he's so underrated

    • Kaziyac Blackmon
      Kaziyac Blackmon 13 days ago

      0drtyyfs yf fh fks ten fh zzz's e in de e seed egg 7f ru sudyr DH gn ht es egg ef ttb hrh egg

    • Kyro King
      Kyro King 3 months ago

      Fabio Andrade Cz he’s the humblest

  • Latrina41
    Latrina41 Year ago +1

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  • Rodelle Cole
    Rodelle Cole Year ago +2

    this yo boi fifty kole go check me out on RU-clip I'm ready

  • childs play
    childs play Year ago +1


    AOTBRUH Year ago +1

    Just 3 Nigerians making music

  • Jude Clownworld
    Jude Clownworld Year ago +1

    fine ass lil boys
    i want dem asses

  • irAte irishman
    irAte irishman Year ago +1

    zero talent

  • Trapsnipz
    Trapsnipz Year ago +2


  • killing night
    killing night Year ago +4

    0:52 What's the girl's name? PLS

  • Teresa bonita
    Teresa bonita Year ago +1

    Quavo seems beautiful