SAM SMITH - Too Good At Goodbyes (Cover by Leroy Sanchez)

  • Published on Sep 12, 2017
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  • Leroy Sanchez
    Leroy Sanchez  2 years ago +1610

    Listen to my NEW Original EP "Elevated" here:
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    • Tips Beauty by Bea1
      Tips Beauty by Bea1 6 months ago

      Leroy Sanchez Sing like an Angel

    • dhjanne
      dhjanne 11 months ago

      ★ Tudo de Bom★

    • Eliseu Arruda
      Eliseu Arruda Year ago

      Meus parabéns , talvez nem ligue para o comentário , mais meus parabéns mesmo, que voz fantástica, canta demais, aproveite esse dom que Deus te deu

    • Kaylee Fields
      Kaylee Fields Year ago

      Alejandro Cante yes

  • Szaira Hilis
    Szaira Hilis 2 days ago


  • c.t.s. andy
    c.t.s. andy 3 days ago

    2019 still hurts

  • Rand Mutaz
    Rand Mutaz 4 days ago

    Leroy, have u tried to get a record deal? Boi we need to hear u everywhere

  • Brittani Langlow
    Brittani Langlow 4 days ago +1

    His singing is so awesome, his music is awesome. I wish I could sing like him!

  • GonzZ5553
    GonzZ5553 12 days ago

    como se llama eso q hizo de cambiar los acordes pero sin cambiar la tonalidad???

  • Isaiah Yanson
    Isaiah Yanson 28 days ago

    Sept 2019 here?

  • TaraTravel
    TaraTravel 28 days ago

    leroy leroy sinta buko ng papaya.

  • VOID 1001
    VOID 1001 Month ago


  • Rhel Jan Casiño
    Rhel Jan Casiño Month ago

    I only know 3 singers who can give justice to this song. Leroy Sanchez, John Mark Saga, and of course John Smith❤

  • Lídia Silva
    Lídia Silva Month ago

    2:11 refrão

  • Ewerton Silva
    Ewerton Silva Month ago

    Nenhum cover tem a voz melhor q o Sam...

  • Kate Sarin
    Kate Sarin Month ago

    I love your voice~~~~~~

  • Little Joy
    Little Joy Month ago

    Your too good😍

  • Camily Silva
    Camily Silva Month ago

    Q perfeitoo

  • FyN TwiN BeN
    FyN TwiN BeN Month ago


  • Onel Bright
    Onel Bright Month ago

    try listenng to this when u drunk..i died

  • Globo Tube
    Globo Tube Month ago


  • Eye' ee
    Eye' ee Month ago +4

    Almost 4 months since she’s gone
    I miss her so much
    Her happiness is all that ever matters

  • Josi Santos
    Josi Santos Month ago +1

    Simplesmente apaixonada😍😍♥️

  • kimberly Arocha
    kimberly Arocha Month ago


  • Irfan Azis
    Irfan Azis 2 months ago


  • Irfan Azis
    Irfan Azis 2 months ago


  • ca_liberty
    ca_liberty 2 months ago

    3:10 Leroy's fan shows up on the R to listen

  • ca_liberty
    ca_liberty 2 months ago

    1:49-1:50 is great

  • Loyola Loyola
    Loyola Loyola 2 months ago

    His looks ➕ his voice=
    I love you Leroy😍😍😳

  • Jungkook's illigirl
    Jungkook's illigirl 2 months ago +11

    I just want a deeper voice like him. Crap I sound like Doraemon 😂😂

  • Paula Nivoloni
    Paula Nivoloni 2 months ago


  • zdenka nováková
    zdenka nováková 2 months ago

    You sing so beautiful, you're good 😍 I don't have words ❤️🔥

  • Mack Scott
    Mack Scott 2 months ago

    So talented

  • Mohamed Elkotby
    Mohamed Elkotby 2 months ago

    He says:”it is hard but it is true”

  • Mohamed Elkotby
    Mohamed Elkotby 2 months ago

    He said it is hare but it is true not sad but it is true

  • Welinton Walker
    Welinton Walker 2 months ago

    The best cover 😍

  • Cassia Cristina
    Cassia Cristina 2 months ago

    Quando a música não tem como ficar mais perfeita ele vai lá e aparece😱😱😱
    Queee voozz😍😍😍

  • marco monterey
    marco monterey 2 months ago

    beatiful broh

  • Carmen Santiago
    Carmen Santiago 3 months ago

    He’s so nasty ..goosebumps all the way! High notes are on another level!

  • Logan Wreden
    Logan Wreden 3 months ago

    Love ya man

  • Rain
    Rain 3 months ago

    Okay but hid thumbnail looks like a video game character

  • Ash Carr
    Ash Carr 3 months ago

    Amazing cover, and amazing voice as always from Le Roy.. If you have time check my cover below...

  • Jéssica Cândido
    Jéssica Cândido 3 months ago


  • Joshua Holland
    Joshua Holland 4 months ago

    Im wet and im a guy

  • Brandon Rodriguez
    Brandon Rodriguez 4 months ago

    He kinda looks like Grant Gustin from the Flash

  • Chelsea Roberts
    Chelsea Roberts 4 months ago +1

    Smoothest voice on RU-clip.

  • Noah Estus
    Noah Estus 4 months ago

    This is the only person besides Sam Smith worthy to sing his songs. By the way, I think Leroy needs to borrow Sam’s songwriter cause his voice is perfect for that sound!

    • vinicius jesus
      vinicius jesus 4 months ago

      Sam wright his own songs but listen Leroy originals they are very good but underated.

  • 2legit
    2legit 4 months ago

    The subway guy sang this waaaay better than him but didn’t get near as many views. Guess everyone’s used to The African-american’s gift of doing everything amazing. to those that say, “you make everything about race”, yes I do when it comes to someone taking our culture. I don’t go around speaking like an Asian. This is our CULTURE.

  • Lady Jhanny Kardoso
    Lady Jhanny Kardoso 4 months ago

    Voz perfeita

  • Thalia Liz
    Thalia Liz 4 months ago

    I Love You♥

  • Marily Penate
    Marily Penate 4 months ago

    me encanta su voz en inglés y español Dios lo bendiga canta hermoso

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams 4 months ago

    He kills Sam Smith's songs 💣 or any song for that matter!

  • BruSforza
    BruSforza 5 months ago

    Uma das vozes mais gostosas de ouvir que já vi!! Canta perfeitamente!

  • Frankie-Lee Rodriguez-Gonzalez


  • Daniel Charles
    Daniel Charles 5 months ago +1

    2019 listen ?

  • Weiland Lozada
    Weiland Lozada 5 months ago

    Daaammmnnnn! That agility in his voice!!

  • Félix Jobin
    Félix Jobin 5 months ago

    0:50 is where the best part (imo) starts

  • jai ruhh
    jai ruhh 5 months ago


  • adeilton Gama
    adeilton Gama 5 months ago

    Sou seu Fã.

  • safina tourabi
    safina tourabi 5 months ago

    Good like from africano morroco kingdom

  • Stefaney Adkins
    Stefaney Adkins 5 months ago +1

    My main question is how come no one is making this happen? He has the voice, he has the looks, he has the equipment, and he has our support. I feel like we should help him even further to make this happen

  • Waliha Habib
    Waliha Habib 5 months ago +7

    He is already famous on RU-clip !!! The opportunity will come to him walking believe me 😎

  • Mae Mae
    Mae Mae 5 months ago +4

    Voice of an angel, still d best voice I've heard so far😍