I TRIED the ONE COLOR TRADE CHALLENGE in Adopt Me...Using Only My Favorite Color ( Roblox Adopt Me )

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • Roblox Adopt Me Trade Challenge - Today we are going to be tring the one color trade challenge in adopt me using only my favorite color! Lets see what kind of legendary items and legendary pets we can get in this super fun trade challenge in adopt me! Trading only in one color was fun!
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  • ZaiLetsPlay
    ZaiLetsPlay  Month ago +117

    Sunflower squad!!
    ● Watch VLOGMAS Day 1 ► ru-clip.net/user/RickyAndZai

    • Ely Elie
      Ely Elie 4 days ago

      I need a fly potion....ur so gold and cute girl...wow my name is ely723 on roblox and i am soo soo poor...ur so cute i love youuu

      MØØŃ SQUAD 4 days ago


    • Solomon Abate
      Solomon Abate 10 days ago

      Hey Zai can u friend me what is ur Roblox name

    • Shirley Turner
      Shirley Turner 14 days ago

      Zailetsplay I am your bigges fan I LOVE YOU so much I love all o f your children you my favorite thing to watch

    • Nancy Mira
      Nancy Mira Month ago

      Hi Zai !!!
      Can i trade my neon ride crocodile and ride shiba inu for ride and fly potion please its my dream .
      Username : gwynethvaleska2

  • Christiana Okonkwo
    Christiana Okonkwo 19 hours ago

    do it again next christmas 2020

  • Peyton SEAL
    Peyton SEAL 2 days ago

    My favourite colour is orange

  • Zara ziemele
    Zara ziemele 2 days ago


  • Daisy Brown
    Daisy Brown 2 days ago

    You should of done a neon dog

  • julie colin
    julie colin 2 days ago

    Sunflower sqaud purple yellow blue

  • EmmaThe Unicorn
    EmmaThe Unicorn 3 days ago

    Hi zai

  • Valerie Boy
    Valerie Boy 3 days ago

    Gurl you wasting your Good stuffs

  • SOUL NovaYT
    SOUL NovaYT 4 days ago

    Can you give me a lion and a fly potion please i add me my name is powerbang39 please

    MØØŃ SQUAD 4 days ago


  • montana trass
    montana trass 4 days ago

    Sorry ijm late but HAPPY NEW YR ZIAA

  • Astarli Hollebone
    Astarli Hollebone 4 days ago +1

    Can you please come into Roblox tomorrow please I want to see you on Roblox you are amazing

  • Sevim Fevzi
    Sevim Fevzi 5 days ago

    Omg lm in the video😂

  • Ashley The Krystal
    Ashley The Krystal 5 days ago

    Hi zai I was wondering if you could give me a artic reindeer because I got scammed and I really want it back plz if yes my user is YT_Cristalgonzalez and reply

  • Dolphin Plays
    Dolphin Plays 5 days ago

    Zail YOU SUCK

  • Gio_vanmaanen
    Gio_vanmaanen 5 days ago

    OML doent mean “oh my life” it means “oh my lord”

  • Alexa Torres
    Alexa Torres 5 days ago +1

    Can I have a pet

  • Petyr Petkov
    Petyr Petkov 5 days ago


  • Stamie Ceron
    Stamie Ceron 6 days ago

    Can I pls my user is AugLilyPad

  • Gamer Girl
    Gamer Girl 6 days ago

    Me to my favorite color is yellow 😉❤️

  • Fatima Mora
    Fatima Mora 6 days ago

    If you love her a lot make mine a big thumps ups thanks guys or girls

  • cynthia calvo
    cynthia calvo 6 days ago +1

    I want a flying potion

  • Merelin 45 the best
    Merelin 45 the best 9 days ago

    Can I have a shadow dragon my acc is merelin_farts

  • savage sakura
    savage sakura 9 days ago

    That was me ahhhhhhhhh

  • chiquito lies
    chiquito lies 10 days ago

    I like yellow

  • SunFlxw er
    SunFlxw er 10 days ago

    Not to be rude but rainbow wanted a lot of stuff

  • Angela Lian
    Angela Lian 11 days ago

    Please add me my name is MLGAngela666 please add me love u

  • Sousou Elie
    Sousou Elie 11 days ago

    Can i ever have something pleaseeee i want free stuff i never had robux and mum dont let me have my name is : azaz2008callounie

  • Wendy Chen
    Wendy Chen 12 days ago

    I love your videos soooooooo much!!!

  • Nilda1955 Username Roblox y cine

    Really want to try to have the red car Rich who is from the mansion I really want to but I don’t have roblox can you give it to me for free I will give you mine anything you want from my inventory I really want that car really badly

  • Mary Diaz
    Mary Diaz 14 days ago

    I sent you a request on Roblox can you please accept it my roblox name is jasmingirl678❤

  • Evelyn Alvarez
    Evelyn Alvarez 14 days ago

    High you are my favorite RU-clipr I love your videos when I get mad or sad I watched your videos that calms me down and I could be happy can you please give me your phone number I will give you my phone number 😃😁

  • lxmonchild
    lxmonchild 14 days ago

    The thing I love about zai is if she gives away a legendary and someone gives her like something common that she doesn’t have she accepts and is so hyped. U GO ZAI! UR AMAZUNG

  • BTS and BLACKPINK fan
    BTS and BLACKPINK fan 15 days ago

    I dont want you to trade pets becouse you worked for them.

  • Bryce Garvin
    Bryce Garvin 15 days ago

    Get zaiplays can you give me fly ride neon or non neon unicorn is my dream pet its ok if no but if yes my user is blackoutbaby129393 👍

  • Brooke Hanson
    Brooke Hanson 16 days ago

    Hi Zai my user for roblox is softball_girly8 please please friend me so we can play adopt me with ur kids and play adopt me friend me when you have time

  • Zilan Gültekin
    Zilan Gültekin 16 days ago

    please can you be my friend in roblox

  • Lisa Medd
    Lisa Medd 17 days ago

    Add me in Roblox my name is preciousdacat

  • Aline game
    Aline game 18 days ago

    Pls accept me in Roblox pls my name is lol_slime37

  • Aline game
    Aline game 18 days ago

    Accept me in Roblox pls my name is lol_slime37

  • mynamzbusee Coban
    mynamzbusee Coban 18 days ago

    I have purple hair and purple top

  • Asiya Shahid
    Asiya Shahid 19 days ago

    You are so nice Zai 😇😇 I LOVE HOW YOU GAVE YOUR NICE STUFF TO THE PEOPLE and I like how you call everybody in your house at the end SO NICE you're the best I want to meet you in ADOPT ME and I am your biggest fan ever ❤

  • [~Namako Chan~]
    [~Namako Chan~] 19 days ago +1

    Im layal111200 in roblox my favorite color is the light blue and my dream is a fly potion 💙 im 10 years old

  • Miamore Gentry
    Miamore Gentry 21 day ago +1

    My baby sisters name is Sadie too

  • elisabedi elisabedi
    elisabedi elisabedi 21 day ago

    me to zai:) my favourite color is yellow

  • Ihsan Metin
    Ihsan Metin 22 days ago +1

    Hello Zai Im accually a girl and I play roblox. I really need a flying posion for my frost dragon.. :( Can you give me one please? My username : xXxOlex_xX (Please I will be so thankfull :3)

  • Andrew Finch
    Andrew Finch 22 days ago

    Zia! I would love a ride or fly potion you are the best it would mean a lot to me!

  • Charlotte Gibaldi
    Charlotte Gibaldi 22 days ago

    can you friend me on roblox and can i plz have a ride potion i always wanted it(unser name: uncornsiste14 and 15)PLZ

  • Leslie Cortez
    Leslie Cortez 24 days ago

    I wish I could be in one of your videos 😕

  • Nini Khutsishvili
    Nini Khutsishvili 24 days ago

    I won't fly potion and ride potion I need it I like your videoa

  • Big Qween
    Big Qween 25 days ago

    Wow I like how you used camera roll edit to colour over your king bee with blue to make it look like a queen bee

  • B
    B 27 days ago

    I would like a rideable and a flyable pet cause I’ve never get to play with you the sever is always full and I don’t have that much thinking’s to trade you with

  • Gracie Keenan
    Gracie Keenan 27 days ago

    Someone said do I want neon uni to Zia

  • Nora Sali
    Nora Sali 28 days ago


  • Nyaza Aiken
    Nyaza Aiken 29 days ago

    :( I wish I could join you but I never can and I barley got stuff

  • Abal Abal
    Abal Abal Month ago


  • Abal Abal
    Abal Abal Month ago

    Zai I’m a fan of youu! Please I want a fly Potion

  • Mayra Zavala
    Mayra Zavala Month ago


  • Koshka_ Lika
    Koshka_ Lika Month ago

    Pls give me a Fly and ride potion :(
    My NameUser: iamSonechka

  • Taylor Edwards
    Taylor Edwards Month ago

    Omg I haven’t watched you in ages😮😵😊