Boston Dynamics Spot hands-on: new dog, new tricks

  • Published on Sep 24, 2019
  • Boston Dynamics is putting Spot to work. The company has announced a new leasing program for its Spot robot (formerly SpotMini), which is aimed at construction, entertainment, and other automation-friendly industries. But is the world ready for this semi-autonomous quadruped?
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Comments • 3 189

  • The Verge
    The Verge  3 months ago +816

    With the new leasing program, there are a lot more of these robots in the world. How would you feel about seeing Spot in real life?

    • Jackson Karlson
      Jackson Karlson Day ago

      I wanna pet it

    • Phil Opal
      Phil Opal 9 days ago

      @Russell Brandom I agree
      But in the case of Chernobyl. Radiation is still high enough that it will affect the electronics and video. I'm not trying to rain on your parade... but you are right about this device doing dangerous jobs.

    • Sam O'kell
      Sam O'kell Month ago

      @Russell Brandom it's strange though Russell. Methane detection, 3D mapping or even nuclear decommissioning. Those things haven't attracted that much funding in the past. However suggest a robot dog can do it and money literally rains from the sky, from the most unusual sources. By the way have you read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury? Also if I could recommend some music to listen to while you read. You might like 'If you tolerate this then your children will be next' by the Manic Street Preachers.

    • Jeff Vader
      Jeff Vader Month ago

      @Lucas Thompson
      Safety, robots are more expendable than humans. Unless they become conscious that is...

  • Guillermo Masini
    Guillermo Masini 4 hours ago

    Skynet is coming

  • Tjark Mündlein
    Tjark Mündlein 6 hours ago

    So what if it's a bigger robot and you're not too big to step on?

  • Jon M. Taylor
    Jon M. Taylor Day ago

    They are already in the year 2660

  • sozor
    sozor 8 days ago

    A part of me is freaked out because there is a very very little chance robots will overtake the humans, but that thing is adorable to me

  • Phil Opal
    Phil Opal 9 days ago

    Can we send spot to Mars?

  • general viewer
    general viewer 9 days ago

    "obstacle too big to step on"
    *robot evil laugh*
    not for long humans
    not for long

  • Phumelele Dlamini
    Phumelele Dlamini 9 days ago +1

    it will be cool some times it looks creepy

  • Chris Michael
    Chris Michael 9 days ago

    so its a remote control dog not really a robot

  • Shane Roper
    Shane Roper 10 days ago

    HA! Wait till AI comes online and realizes how stupid, greedy and destructive we are.... which is true actually.

  • mtssvnsn
    mtssvnsn 10 days ago

    Wheres the stinger?

    KING HELLSPYCE 10 days ago

    But does it have wifi 🤔🤨

  • Romain Tahiti
    Romain Tahiti 13 days ago


  • Amerlad mad
    Amerlad mad 14 days ago +1

    ''since most of the partnership are still confedential''
    HAHA... ohh good o'l US military.
    all those scifi movies are coming to life, these things WILL be weaponized, we all know it.
    but for now they're probably buying them to test them out as minesweepers or something dangerous.

  • Tague Relyea
    Tague Relyea 14 days ago +1

    Lol Boston dynamics has contracts with the department of defense. I’m sure they’re all for non lethal reasons.

  • HyperSpace
    HyperSpace 14 days ago

    Oh oh...i have a really good about adding a system that can comprehend human logic?? ...nvrmnd it sounds just like an ai at this about having it a feeling of individualistic r sumting like that...

  • Alexander Lutz
    Alexander Lutz 15 days ago

    Oh yeah, how cool you naive morons!

  • Сергей Золоторев

    How mutch ?

  • Sylvanas
    Sylvanas 15 days ago

    Put fur on it and sell it as pet!

  • Rexarn
    Rexarn 15 days ago

    I just find it facinating how it's movement aren't robotic, it's so smooth and fluent!

  • Mark J
    Mark J 17 days ago

    Where can i get the SDK?

  • RED
    RED 19 days ago

    Looking forward to the bladewolf dlc for spot.

  • MRornge800
    MRornge800 21 day ago

    Imagine that thing with vice grip jaws and razor blades for teeth.
    Maybe even rotating blades like a blender in its mouth.
    Scenario: bites onto your leg, then spinning blades rip your flesh apart.

  • SOME_BOI 567
    SOME_BOI 567 21 day ago

    1:56 r/cursedimages

  • Rey Police
    Rey Police 21 day ago

    The next civil war will be the humans fighting robots for jobs for pay so low we will be living on the street and eating dollar menu 3 times a day . Or should I say our children and grandchildren legacy.
    When it's cheaper to make a robot do everyone"s job, then there is no need for you to exists.
    Hence UN Agenda 21 depopulation to 500 million.
    UN Agenda 2030
    Wake up they don't need slave labor anymore.

  • Rey Police
    Rey Police 21 day ago

    4:35 has no concern for humans dose not recognize humans. Lease like a car $200 or more a month . Soldier cost food ,cloths, medical, legacy costs, VA.
    So if it's cheaper to lease than to train a live man what do you think the Bean counters are going to push for?
    [BD] dose not want to sell it for military application but everything gets weaponized, just look at the airplane, radio, drones, rockets,boats, computers, etc, all eventually weaponized

  • chet laux
    chet laux 23 days ago

    Our priority make it dance

  • ATY 38
    ATY 38 24 days ago

    The new war of the worlds is here!!! Sarcasm*

  • Zorrakki
    Zorrakki 24 days ago

    Я тоже такого желтого хочу.

  • mj sg
    mj sg 24 days ago

    How much?

  • Jarrod Medrano
    Jarrod Medrano 25 days ago

    The marching sound at the end is pretty unsettling

  • YaBoiDave
    YaBoiDave 26 days ago

    Spot also has a gun built into one of its Arms so that it can massacre many people

  • MIMCK Media
    MIMCK Media 26 days ago

    Beer butler 2020

  • dolphin emulator
    dolphin emulator 27 days ago

    spot is kind of like botly

  • dolphin emulator
    dolphin emulator 27 days ago

    somtimes robots don´t have feelings

  • Mockingbirds
    Mockingbirds 28 days ago +1

    These could and should be a solution for people with mobility issues. Far superior to any wheelchair currently available.

    • Мясная Жижа
      Мясная Жижа 25 days ago

      Those things can hold like 14 kg each, so unless you plan to make a chariot out of them, they're not too great. They would work as a replacement guide dogs though, considering their main feature is that they're great at navigating spaces

  • Davidsebesta
    Davidsebesta 28 days ago

    Please tell me controller will support 60 fps

  • Geoffrey Nikao Herbert

    They should of left it in the deep ditch.

  • 徐明勝
    徐明勝 28 days ago

    I want a dog

  • Venicouse
    Venicouse 29 days ago

    This will be a turret soon

  • Bunson Honeydew
    Bunson Honeydew 29 days ago

    I wonder how they handle the 45ACP?

  • dragonblade101
    dragonblade101 29 days ago

    I need those full dance videos. War is gonna be crazy in the future. Unless no one programs robots for it.

  • Thiaguinho Oitodois
    Thiaguinho Oitodois 29 days ago

    Your fingernail is gross

  • max mustermann
    max mustermann 29 days ago

    that's a ridiculous video from a ridiculous actor. i expected some kind of serious technical review until that hipster with helmet spoke his first sentence.

  • Bellof 956
    Bellof 956 Month ago

    PUT FIREEEE !!!!!!!

  • Honest Insincerity 2

    Yeahhhh, they only recognize people as obstacles too big to step on... Until they start breeding their own robots large enough and designed specifically to step on us!
    I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords. All hail Spot and his malevolent stepping!!

  • o.kagan k.
    o.kagan k. Month ago

    Spot can be a mars rover

  • MJ Kwan
    MJ Kwan Month ago

    Just makes me wanna vote for Andrew Yang

  • Dankduck
    Dankduck Month ago


  • Paulette and Ava HQ


  • Kris Maly
    Kris Maly Month ago

    Why it has to have 4 legs?
    Why not two legs like yours?

    I think they don't have answers

  • Wiley
    Wiley Month ago

    OH 1000 of them? YEAH oh YEAH? GG humans

  • Sizzling Squiggle
    Sizzling Squiggle Month ago

    "For a robot, you're just an obstacle that's to big to step on..." ... WELL WHAT IF WE MAKE THEM BIGGER?!

  • scarlet belle
    scarlet belle Month ago

    Robot puppy

  • Cozy Home
    Cozy Home Month ago

    I can't get through comments without people saying that these Spots are evil

  • Seán Birss
    Seán Birss Month ago

    So does anyone know how much one of these would set you back??

  • Mangostani
    Mangostani Month ago

    ''Really spot doesn't recognize people at all, for the robot you are just an obstacle too big to step on'' Somehow I don't feel any better....

  • josh lomax
    josh lomax Month ago

    Can't you make a bigger spot and attach a seat to it so you can ride about on it like a horse.

  • sqwert
    sqwert Month ago

    Could I possibly borrow one for weed pulling duties for a while ? Look Spot your nothing but a glorified weed waker, stop prancing around and start pulling weeds.

  • Fenris Lyulf
    Fenris Lyulf Month ago

    I welcome our new robot overlords