Can Sea Water Desalination Save The World?

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • Today, one out of three people don’t have access to safe drinking water. And that’s the result of many things, but one of them is that 96.5% of that water is found in our oceans. It’s saturated with salt, and undrinkable. Most of the freshwater is locked away in glaciers or deep underground. Less than one percent of it is available to us. So why can’t we just take all that seawater, filter out the salt, and have a nearly unlimited supply of clean, drinkable water?
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    Can Sea Water Desalination Save The World?

Comments • 4 351

  • William M
    William M 2 hours ago

    Elegant solution to brine problem: NaCl + CO2 + H2O + NH3 -> NaHCO3 + NH4Cl (products: baking soda: help reduce ocean acidification, ammonium chloride which is an excellent rice fertilizer & palm tree fertilizer). This has been known for decades (modified Solvay process aka DUAL process developed in Japan in 1980).

  • william wilson
    william wilson 5 hours ago

    Over population is the biggest problem

  • James Shelnutt
    James Shelnutt 7 hours ago

    what happens when you try to populate a world with 7.75 billion people that can effectively sustain say about 6 billion people? Well, either you figure out how to create technology to boost sustainability or 1.75 billion people are going to die. How many people can earth support? There is definitely a limit cause this planet has a finite size & finite resources. We can't just over-populate our world without consequences.

  • *db*
    *db* 7 hours ago

    Let's not beat around the Bush, you want to sell tap water.

  • Pinky Mixology
    Pinky Mixology 8 hours ago

    For brine, just pump it a bit into the desert, let the water evaporate, and build magic salt mountain.... you can ski on it all year.

  • James Alan
    James Alan 10 hours ago

    Generally, 2-8 million gallons of water may be used to frack a well. Some wells consume much more. A well may be fracked multiple times, with each frack increasing the chances of chemical leakage into the soil and local water sources

  • TomKaren94
    TomKaren94 10 hours ago

    How many thousands of streams run down the mountains of California and directly into the Pacific Ocean? Put catch basins at their termination and capture it.

  • TomKaren94
    TomKaren94 10 hours ago

    "wreck havoc..."?

  • Ken Wells
    Ken Wells 10 hours ago

    This is not a science problem. This is a corruption problem.

  • Apex Maintenance
    Apex Maintenance 11 hours ago

    Air, water, food, and shelter (to some degree. Includes clothing) is absolutely essential. Everything else is a luxury.

  • TheLeetfrog
    TheLeetfrog 12 hours ago

    anyone what the song is at the intro bit ???

  • Jay
    Jay 13 hours ago

    We are screwed..

  • arnon oren
    arnon oren 15 hours ago

    this is an invention of mister zharchin gods forbidden another clever jew... (:
    and it is practiced way back in isreal ....
    not bds and no bos can deny that !!
    mmm so few but so helpfull " adolph whoof whoof" ....

  • jacob edwards
    jacob edwards 16 hours ago

    How are they going to clean the Nuclear waste pouring in to the Ocean?

  • necro maniac
    necro maniac 16 hours ago

    Mixing technologies could lower the price of desalination while upping the efficiency just like how Jeffrey Epstein was murder in prison

  • Srishti Verma
    Srishti Verma 17 hours ago

    desalination should taken as an option, firstly we should try to harvest the rainwater, concerning upon the recharge of ground water and moreover build some technology to collect the vapor that get evaporated from the water sources like waterfalls(like Niagara falls mentioned in the video) and also by waste water management we could reduce the situation where the desalination of brine would come into practice and the task would be done more efficiently.

  • NyuuMikuru1
    NyuuMikuru1 18 hours ago

    Wormwood flavored water coming soon.

  • Gaming Princess Luna
    Gaming Princess Luna 20 hours ago

    Climate change isn't an issue truth factory shows why co2 is actually good for a green the earth.

  • MrSquareart
    MrSquareart 20 hours ago


  • The Resurrection is coming

    doesnt matter how much brine is produced because all the water we get from the processor will return to the ocean within a year restoring the previous balance

  • Waseem M
    Waseem M Day ago

    Why not practice drinking sea water??

  • Jason Doucette
    Jason Doucette Day ago

    We don't have a clean drinking water problem. We have an over population problem. Nuff said.

  • DeShon T
    DeShon T Day ago

    Atmospheric Water Generators!!... "There are over Three Tuadrillion Gallons of Water In The Atmosphere Everyday!"..

  • Michael Kranyak
    Michael Kranyak Day ago

    A British study a few years ago stated the planet can sustain 5 billion people we are at about 9. This is not going to end well. Wealthy nations will erect walls deport migrants and the Third World will have to make due.

  • David Poulin
    David Poulin Day ago

    just mix the brine at the waste water treatment plant

  • Chris
    Chris Day ago

    You dummies need to just stop having kids or die

  • Odin Thorsdad
    Odin Thorsdad Day ago

    If it rains where you live and you have a few cubic meters of spare space it should be mandatory to have a rainwater tank to wash your clothes and flush your turds away.

  • bernarr parker
    bernarr parker Day ago

    any process that destroys the marine environment is selfish and stupid .

  • A-Disappointed-Sigh

    why not take that brine ... desalinate it again and again... then evaporate it (either to collect the steam for more water or use the power of the sun to evaporate) and then you have two products to sell: a lot of water + seasalt. Everyone needs water but people need salt too.

  • Naw Lawt Jangmaw

    I think when we have a solution that can produce energy cheap and safe or maybe if we have unlimited amount of it, we'll have solution of it

  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh Day ago

    Well ,here comes another simple yet destructive solution... Means if u hv destroyed one resource,no worries, move over to the other.. incredible
    Rather we should be focusing more upon the rainwater harvesting n bringing the climatic cycle back to its normalcy..!!!

  • Joshua Lee
    Joshua Lee Day ago

    Solution : Plant more trees! Nature will provide you with fresh water!

  • Aj Sky
    Aj Sky Day ago +1

    The alternate title should be : "The dumbest and most inefficient invention yet: Desalination plants"....Let's ask Elon.

  • Aj Sky
    Aj Sky Day ago

    So Kevin Costner was right about Waterworld??? Jeez!

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith Day ago

    Why not mix brine with salt water to lower the concentration and then put it back into the ocean more spread out? Like have a long pipe going out with a small outlet every few feet?

  • Wally Wally
    Wally Wally Day ago

    Just make it rain

  • Aisha Hussein
    Aisha Hussein Day ago

    Go vegetarian and plant trees..
    but we will fight over the ideas

  • Suyog Kulkarni
    Suyog Kulkarni Day ago

    plant more trees smart people

  • Dino A
    Dino A Day ago

    I wonder about Camels...while they are literally large in size which in my opinion might demand higher volume yet drink once a week, we humans need more water a day than a fish do!

  • Camping and Gaming
    Camping and Gaming 2 days ago

    Yea its expensive to do reverse osmosis....but what about thermal desalination? They dont even do it lol would cost nowhere near as much and is a natural method. Wouldnt cost as much energy or anything. Like wtf.

  • archer bob
    archer bob 2 days ago

    Question at 1:22 Answer: Because we polluted it...!

  • john p
    john p 2 days ago

    plenty of rainwater we are not capturing.

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones 2 days ago

    Around 1.4 billion gallons of fresh water but animals and water on land. How much can we drink?

    • Adam Jones
      Adam Jones 2 days ago

      Or how much water is available to drink? Also, how can water be so scarce? Can land not be hydrated via sea water? Here in Wales we have salt marsh sheep and lamb's that graze the salt grass. I'd love to see Africa and India mainly come into some sort abundant water source.

  • lionel bonnett
    lionel bonnett 2 days ago

    Humans need to *-*-reduce human population, upgrade infrastructure , electronic power grid, all factory's reenginered, upgraded recycle all waste materials , for god sakes, give up this suicidal delusional dream of endless profits never paying fare share of taxes ,debt we lerarn /remember karma is debt free =no run on endless sin w/o paying the price!!!!!!!!!

  • Luna Azule
    Luna Azule 2 days ago

    We need to stop worshiping our own species so much that we destroy earth trying to keep them all happy and healthy. HOW ABOUT SOME SMART BIRTH CONTROL?!?! Drop condoms not food.

  • James Robert Coyle
    James Robert Coyle 2 days ago

    With Nuclear heat it could.

  • Daniel Paulson
    Daniel Paulson 2 days ago

    It will help the sea salt industry.

  • Aaditya Karthik
    Aaditya Karthik 2 days ago +2

    investments should be made on rainwater harvesting and STP AND ETP

    • Ally Hauptmann-Gurski
      Ally Hauptmann-Gurski Hour ago

      Surface water will not be enough for this ever growing population for growing food, cleanliness etc. Desalination will have to be from renewables (green hydrogen) and the brine needs to be used for salt production, not fed back into the sea. The tech is there, it just needs the will and capital to be implemented.

    ATAHUALPA867 2 days ago

    We must adapt and do a huge effort not to waste . Toilet and showering worse ways to waste it . We must help ourselves.
    Desalination is not new but up to now is seen as way to save this planet and people of running out of water..
    Thanks CNBC..

  • lomhow1234
    lomhow1234 2 days ago

    Time to build more power plants gamers

  • SimpleGamingF2P pc
    SimpleGamingF2P pc 2 days ago +1

    1/3 people dont have safe drinking water? bruh my whole school has safe drinking water. all my friend has safe drinking water.

  • TAVO
    TAVO 2 days ago

    we need to plant more trees don't ask me how it works but i can tell you where there trees there is fresh water in abundance and if you cut them water disappears.

  • Martin x
    Martin x 2 days ago

    The energy consumption is not a problem. Most people, when asked if they want next year either use disco ball in their appartment, or drink for a next year, they tend to pick the most survival centric issue, wich the drinking really is.

  • Mr Grey man
    Mr Grey man 2 days ago

    it isn't 'can't' it is won't.

  • Zeph
    Zeph 2 days ago

    Yes - IF the ocean's water is kept clean, this is the answer. However, rivers , which constantly flow into the ocean and run around the globe faster than one realizes, have to be kept free of industrial waste, nuclear waste, and other pollutants..

  • rob379
    rob379 2 days ago

    Warmer air holds more water. just sayin’

    • Little Bai
      Little Bai Day ago

      more water vapor traps more heat.

  • DreaD
    DreaD 3 days ago

    Just boil the brine lol not that hard

  • Aurobindo Ghosh
    Aurobindo Ghosh 3 days ago +1

    killing oceanic life and more cheap salt?

  • timbo1955
    timbo1955 3 days ago

    or can white pantys save the world ? who knows

  • Mightymousy Shnikins
    Mightymousy Shnikins 3 days ago +3

    Not if India keeps pouring waste into the Oceans.

    • Mightymousy Shnikins
      Mightymousy Shnikins Day ago

      @SV K All things are not equal by any metric. India and China are far and away the biggest polluters on the planet and it isn't even remotely close. Those two countries pollute more than every other country in the world combined. Even then the margin is ridiculous.

    • SV K
      SV K Day ago

      Come on dude you can't seriously blame just one country for the entire world's climate change,I agree what you say is true but everyone are equally involved in this.

    • Mightymousy Shnikins
      Mightymousy Shnikins Day ago

      @SV K If you have a paper cut on one arm, and a severed artery on the other, which do you treat first? This is the difference between everyone else and India.

    • SV K
      SV K Day ago

      Like no one else doesn't.. geez