My Youtube Videography Setup - #YoutubeSetup #TeamCrispy

  • Published on Apr 25, 2018
  • Often times I am asked what is my RU-clip videography setup and settings that get my videos super crispy and focused. In today’s video, I will review my videography setup for my RU-clip videos and show you what tech I use when making my RU-clip videos. From the camera cage to lenses used, off camera audio, F-LOG recording styles, and what specific cameras I use when making youtube videos, vlogs, and so forth. As always, all the tech and items discussed are linked below. ENJOY! #IAmACreator #RU-clipSetup #TeamCrispy
    Tech Used in Video
    Fuji X-T2:
    Fuji 18-55mm Lens:
    Rode Video Micro:
    Zoom H4n Audio Recorder: (discontinued by the manufacturer. Replaced with Pro model)
    SmallRig X-T2 Cage:
    SmallRig Handheld Video Stabilizer:
    SmallRig 15mm rods Aluminum:
    SmallRig Single 15mm Rod Clamp:
    SmallRig Mini Mounting Plate w/ Single 15mm Rod Clamp:
    These are affiliate links. You by no means need to purchase from them. However if you decide to, they help keep the lights on. CHEERS!
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