When My Students Found My Youtube Channel

  • Published on Aug 11, 2018
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  • Emirichu
    Emirichu  Year ago +23619

    Use the link to download Quidd and check out my 4 face stickers~! app.quidd.co/emirichu
    Have you ever discovered a teacher's secret side job? :3 If so, what was it??

    • ·Its Alessa·
      ·Its Alessa· 2 days ago

      Im the 500 comment UwU. Btw love your vids

    • b Cole
      b Cole 16 days ago

      My sub was a basket ball legend -kennith lyon-

    • Skybro Jr
      Skybro Jr 3 months ago +1

      Only doing this for 500 replies

    • slayerofthegalexy
      slayerofthegalexy 3 months ago

      and your 24 years old you sound like your 19 i should know my eldest sister is 23 and has 2 kids. i'm gonna laugh if you know her. i will give you this though greeley.co

    • slayerofthegalexy
      slayerofthegalexy 3 months ago

      enters school name brentwood or beralrumeral i hope i typed them correct because i never went to them but ironically i have a friend named katie who i have a crush on.

  • Mordix Ade
    Mordix Ade 34 minutes ago

    i need to meet this "katie"

  • Meme Kids
    Meme Kids 6 hours ago


  • Toriel Cruz
    Toriel Cruz 7 hours ago

    I'm new but u sound like cypher den:^○

  • WalmartTuba
    WalmartTuba 7 hours ago

    Why can’t I have you as a teacher? This is ultimately unfair

  • Emma Anderson
    Emma Anderson 9 hours ago

    9:16 that Hamilton reference tho😏

  • Fernando The king
    Fernando The king 10 hours ago

    I found hahaha

  • clara
    clara 11 hours ago


  • Nikol Camp307bg
    Nikol Camp307bg 12 hours ago

    I am done i just heard tokyo ghoul and attack of titan

  • ItzMeFanBoy
    ItzMeFanBoy 13 hours ago


  • Karma Killz
    Karma Killz 14 hours ago

    3 more seconds☹️

  • smasbros tamiya 4wd and more

    So is there gundam stickers

  • Hyper Nova
    Hyper Nova 17 hours ago


  • Galaxy Puppy Star 102
    Galaxy Puppy Star 102 19 hours ago +1

    When I herd that she loves MLB*
    Me: DIES of excitement

  • E01D Roblox
    E01D Roblox 19 hours ago

    I am disturbed...

  • angelo toto
    angelo toto 23 hours ago

    I like animations but I suck at drawing 😢😥

  • chazz it up
    chazz it up Day ago

    I wish my teacher liked anime

  • kiwenthzzz 41
    kiwenthzzz 41 Day ago

    That boy in fitness threw a rasengan at you.

  • Hirane
    Hirane Day ago

    I bet she knew who you were all along, I mean she wears glasses *Light reflecting on glasses*

  • Arthur Soares
    Arthur Soares Day ago

    How about that character? is based on yourself

  • Lulu Sakura
    Lulu Sakura Day ago

    My class I'm still a (student) found my old channel and so did my teacher it was scary they showed three of my speed paints during art class.... It was so embarrassing...

  • Verxor 1
    Verxor 1 Day ago

    noah get the boat

  • TGPlayz _
    TGPlayz _ Day ago

    I did

  • Cogs in the Works

    Just found you and I love your channel already! Also young old people unite!

  • Fornite Rocks
    Fornite Rocks Day ago

    Goul toykio

  • Marbrave_Otaku
    Marbrave_Otaku Day ago

    Suscribed (•

  • Joyanna Castro
    Joyanna Castro Day ago

    I have my own channel tooo can you sub pls is called YannaArts

  • First1 2Die
    First1 2Die Day ago

    Once I heard dangorampan I clicked

  • Biaa Blanca
    Biaa Blanca Day ago

    0:08 I Saw a Miraculous Ladybug sticker (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)

  • Ramen_Goes_Rawr ·

    You kinda remind me of my old computer teacher!
    She liked anime and was a weeb
    When i discovered i liked anime id always ask her for recommendations for anime she reccomended fruits basket and ouran host club

  • Anju Dizon
    Anju Dizon Day ago

    Love the artstyle!

  • bonkers !!
    bonkers !! Day ago


  • CandyThePuppy
    CandyThePuppy Day ago

    5:02 XD

  • Kronosis 27
    Kronosis 27 Day ago

    I’m sensing a common trend with Katie’s show choices😅

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee Day ago

    Am I a weeb if I only know attack on titan, glitter force, glitter force doki doki, Pokémon, Danganronpa.

  • Riley_Reynolds 005

    I heard Hamilton I love 💓 Hamilton 💓💓💚💚💜💜❤️❤️ i also heard Doki Doki god I love this video lol 💚

  • Lóránt Papp
    Lóránt Papp Day ago

    Fucking digital stickers.. Well it was good to live...

  • Renno Notestine
    Renno Notestine Day ago

    Emirichu it sounds like you did a great job for those kids

  • None O' Your Business

    This is theFirst vid I've seen and i all ready subscribed lol

  • AEG YT
    AEG YT Day ago

    The ending perfectly describes what I usually think about at night

  • Danish Mun
    Danish Mun Day ago

    So no Jojo?
    *Throws phone*

  • ItsJustin G
    ItsJustin G Day ago

    I too, also watch miraculous ladybug & catnoir

  • seoulyeong
    seoulyeong Day ago

    katie is now one of my favourite people

  • ShadowPump GT
    ShadowPump GT Day ago

    PLAY DDLC(Doki doki literature club)Pls!

  • Christopher Sutterlin

    Man I used to talk with my computer teacher about anime and Im pretty sure the frases "your waifu is trash" "fairy tail is trash" "age is just a number and jail is just a room" and "traps are not gay, well maybe a little" were said pretty often

  • BlackHeart Gaming
    BlackHeart Gaming 2 days ago

    In the daytime I'm marinet lol your turn cat noir

  • little mexican boi
    little mexican boi 2 days ago

    Wait I remember when I was in 6th grade their was this helper named ms emily

  • little mexican boi
    little mexican boi 2 days ago

    Wait where do you teach

  • Shizuroki Tadashi
    Shizuroki Tadashi 2 days ago +1

    Yuri on ice you mean a shounen TF

    JERRY MAMA 2 days ago

    I have infinite access to anime.

    ANONASSASSIN08 2 days ago

    Even though your video came to me late that was amazing

  • Jeremiah Dionio
    Jeremiah Dionio 2 days ago

    Emirichu: I love your videos so much it makes my feeling feel good when I'm a lone thank you for being here with me

  • Shadow Dreams
    Shadow Dreams 2 days ago

    I'm one hell of a butler uwu

  • King Scarlxrd
    King Scarlxrd 2 days ago

    DAAM “katie” is a anime type
    Like me..

  • Woosh Me If Gay
    Woosh Me If Gay 2 days ago +17


  • Hype Ban
    Hype Ban 2 days ago

    She is trying funny at the being of the video

  • Michael Anthony
    Michael Anthony 2 days ago

    I really gave your channel a chance, but I think it's just not for me. But, it seems like a ton of people LOVE it! For that reason, don't change a thing man. Good luck!

  • JJBA fan 101 lol
    JJBA fan 101 lol 2 days ago

    Le anim is ebinc

  • Sean.J Animations
    Sean.J Animations 2 days ago

    Not to be rude or anything, but you sound VERY similar to Jaiden Animations.

  • A_person
    A_person 2 days ago

    Fuck you