Russian Doll | Best Lines | Netflix

  • Published on Feb 19, 2019
  • "This is a safe space." Even if everything else seems uncertain, the sass is real in Russian Doll. You feel me?
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    Russian Doll | Best Lines | Netflix
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Comments • 192

  • Luis Alamo-Rivera
    Luis Alamo-Rivera 10 days ago +3

    Maxine dancing in her empty apartment “I am the party” killed me

  • Power Spirit
    Power Spirit 13 days ago

    I can only hear music.

  • VancouverMagic
    VancouverMagic Month ago +1

    Jack Nicholas @ 1:28

  • chompet123
    chompet123 Month ago +1

    You missed out "Thursday! What a concept!"

  • Marcus Zyker
    Marcus Zyker Month ago

    Thursday. What a concept

  • Marcus Zyker
    Marcus Zyker Month ago

    She would be great as Columbo

  • Luke Thomas
    Luke Thomas Month ago

    This was so damn bingeable. I recognize their story is done, but more from this team, please.

  • AlpineMind
    AlpineMind Month ago

    Rob Schneider movie trailers gave me more hope than this.

  • Israt Jahan
    Israt Jahan 2 months ago

    You missed the best line... in a office meeting, phone rings and "excuse me, I have to take this, it's my drug dealer."

  • Rising Shiva16
    Rising Shiva16 2 months ago

    "Oh! Looks like someone just threw a gauntlet right into my puss-puss." Amazing line.

  • Jan
    Jan 2 months ago

    The funniest line:
    “I was fuckin Mike from the party.” Lmao

  • Lama Z
    Lama Z 2 months ago

    when session two?

  • Mshall S
    Mshall S 2 months ago

    Great show - horrible promo mix - I can only hear the music, *not the lines* Fail.

  • M Afxarr
    M Afxarr 2 months ago +1

    Maxine really grew on me. Loved the actress and Natasha herself was amazing of course

  • AJ
    AJ 3 months ago

    The music made this unwatchable

  • cassandra
    cassandra 3 months ago

    YOU FORGOT "The universe is fucking with me and I refuse to engage!" CMON

  • ying05
    ying05 3 months ago

    "Let's fuck this party in the mouth!"

  • Svetteista Aelfwine
    Svetteista Aelfwine 3 months ago

    the gutter punks were the best part of this movie. Love the show for the ending hands down. a funny thing...

  • Emma Peel
    Emma Peel 3 months ago

    I love this show so much❤️

  • Apoorv Ambardar
    Apoorv Ambardar 3 months ago

    "What do time and morality have in common?"

  • Corse
    Corse 4 months ago

    We need a season 2 pleaseeee

  • Block Wine Party
    Block Wine Party 4 months ago +4

    Did anyone else notice how both Nadia's and Alan's outfits had a slight change in the very last episode? Nadia got the white blouse after Max threw a drink on her, and Alan got the scarf given to him at the party. I just thought it was interesting, it's he only time there has been any difference in their outfit,
    Maybe it's so we can tell which person is which when suddenly we are watching two different timelines?

  • emgee44
    emgee44 4 months ago

    One of my favourite lines "Time to fuck this party in the mouth"

  • Qadira Stephens
    Qadira Stephens 4 months ago +2

    "There was a woman on the elevator!"
    "Yeah, women don't like to take the stairs" lol

  • angiieantoinette
    angiieantoinette 4 months ago

    Gotta get home before the morning comes

  • Luis Cortez
    Luis Cortez 4 months ago

    I gave this show a try is was boring and it wasnt even funny. Not worth the watch.

  • D ES
    D ES 4 months ago +1

    Natasha was incredible ... haven't seen a show like this ina long time.

  • Ruby Thursday
    Ruby Thursday 4 months ago +2

    "Didn’t you get the news? We’re about to die."
    "It doesn’t matter I die all the time."

  • Jarin Udom
    Jarin Udom 4 months ago +1

    I can’t hear shit over the music, Netflix

  • rocket man
    rocket man 4 months ago

    Стереотипы о русских!!!! Еееее!!!!!

    MOBROOKS 4 months ago

    0:47 “oh shit. Looks like I got mixed up in something VERY nice.” One of the best lines of the show along with Natasha and Burt Young’s entire conversation outside the building.

  • Mi_Cielo Vida
    Mi_Cielo Vida 4 months ago +1

    Nickys eye twitch 0.55

  • Fred Gwynn
    Fred Gwynn 4 months ago +32


    • Apoorv Ambardar
      Apoorv Ambardar 3 months ago +2

      @Shitisleip - Lizzie was a delightful character.

    • Shitisleip -
      Shitisleip - 4 months ago +3

      I also loved Lizzie's random 'I love fire escapes!'

  • Kriss De valnor
    Kriss De valnor 4 months ago +2

    Nadia is Nicky if she was straight and never gone in prison

  • Annemarie Mahoney
    Annemarie Mahoney 4 months ago

    I don't fuck with shoelaces haha

  • bozbontins
    bozbontins 4 months ago

    and also christian and hindu fundamentalists

  • bozbontins
    bozbontins 4 months ago

    must watch muslim men for education

  • Steinn Örvar
    Steinn Örvar 4 months ago +3

    The person who did the sound mix needs to be dragged out into the street and shot, you can't hear 50% of the lines.

  • Keegan Miller
    Keegan Miller 5 months ago +16

    This show and casting were incredible

  • lkeve
    lkeve 5 months ago +2

    What about its laced with cockane just like Israelis do it.

  • Gareth Johnston
    Gareth Johnston 5 months ago +2

    Brilliant series hope there is a second

  • FuriousxStylez
    FuriousxStylez 5 months ago

    is it weird that im extremely attracted to her?? god shes so fucking hot with that attitude.

  • cheesy warrior
    cheesy warrior 5 months ago

    Second season please!!!!

  • Victória Dias
    Victória Dias 5 months ago +27

    Natasha is definitely the best person to be this character

  • Mariposa Redimida
    Mariposa Redimida 5 months ago

    I don't fuck with shoelaces either, loved that line.

  • Shadow Fox
    Shadow Fox 5 months ago +1

    i'm laughing my ass on these lines i love them

  • expect goose
    expect goose 5 months ago +1

    this so called 'iconic feminist show' is just absolute garbage and shows that women cannot produce quality content. what happened to good shows like the walking dead and big bang theory? they are much better than this pseudo-intellectual empowerment bullshit. as a man, this makes me sick. cancel the show or i will end by subscription to your service. peace out. hashtag Bernie2020

  • PowerScissor
    PowerScissor 5 months ago +1

    How much money do the tobacco companies pay to be front and center of every damn show? Chain smoking for every lead character is so distracting.

  • My Instagram iidame
    My Instagram iidame 5 months ago

    Dope show but i probably wont watch season 2

  • D Harrison
    D Harrison 5 months ago

    Russian Doll was awesome

  • bagman817
    bagman817 5 months ago +18

    When you post a video highlighting dialogue, the background music really shouldn't drown out said dialogue. But hey, wtf do I know?

  • the larouso efct
    the larouso efct 5 months ago +5

    Started watching without seeing trailer. Wow. Great show. I love it

  • Usama Rehman
    Usama Rehman 5 months ago +2


  • Louise Conor
    Louise Conor 5 months ago

    Who tf did this video, the background music is way too look i couldn’t hear anything

  • huiggi
    huiggi 5 months ago +1

    yo, add subtitles, dialogs are not audible

  • lilly price
    lilly price 5 months ago

    she's my queen

  • Blast22
    Blast22 5 months ago +12

    Natasha Lyonne is such an underrated comedy treasure. She presents her lines with such genuine honesty that I wish she just told me all the facts of life in her own way.
    "Natasha, what's the weather?"
    *"Oh know, it's winter, so they got this like...some weird vortex and shit going on. You might slip and fall? I don't know. Just bring a fuckin' jacket."*
    "Thank you, Natasha."
    *"Yeah well I do my fuckin' best! Stay in school."*

  • Саша Печникова

    Oh, hello, Pugacheva!

  • Bruce Bruce
    Bruce Bruce 5 months ago

    How do you cancel Travelers without finishing the story?? Was Trevor still being molested, was Carly still getting her ass beat or Phillip still doing drugs?? Left us on a cliffhanger.

  • fede-_-
    fede-_- 5 months ago

    Season 2 !?!?!?!?!?

  • Nicky Nichols
    Nicky Nichols 5 months ago

    granny's doing a great job!

  • Enzo A
    Enzo A 5 months ago +1

    What is the french music in her birthday party ?

    • Enzo A
      Enzo A 5 months ago +1

      Jude Morris i love you so much

    • Jude Morris
      Jude Morris 5 months ago

      the luminanas- migas 2000

  • WatchThisNow
    WatchThisNow 5 months ago +2

    Weird seeing her without a prison uniform

  • Брюс Иванов
    Брюс Иванов 5 months ago +1

    О, Пугачева

  • çağrı ışık
    çağrı ışık 5 months ago +2

    where is lives are hard to change.

  • MajorKerina
    MajorKerina 5 months ago +2

    Now, Netflix, kindly announce you are producing the second and third seasons that Amy Poehler, Leslye Headland, and Natasha Lyonne have in mind for this masterpiece and no one gets hurts. :)

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia 5 months ago

    back to the fuckpile?

  • chfun 4fun
    chfun 4fun 5 months ago +7

    Ебать, это что, Пугачева?

  • ᴘᴀᴜʀᴇ sɔonosɔınʇǝ

    Where's season 2 trailer :c

  • fun moctail
    fun moctail 5 months ago +1

    death by stairs 😂😂

  • Шерсть Утки
    Шерсть Утки 5 months ago +2

    Русские тутачки¿

  • Ozan Dikici
    Ozan Dikici 5 months ago


  • Dana Boop
    Dana Boop 5 months ago

    Great show

  • Ben Bond
    Ben Bond 5 months ago +12

    Netflix, thank you for doing this, but like DAMN that music is too loud. 😂

  • John Von Rader
    John Von Rader 5 months ago +4

    "I'm the hole where a choice should be", later, "He is the hole where a choice should be"

  • eli hauser
    eli hauser 5 months ago

    this show fucked me the fuck up

  • Jade Nguyen
    Jade Nguyen 5 months ago +7


  • j j
    j j 5 months ago +10

    Ive watched this season THREE times lmfao...i loved it. Its even better the second time. You see all this shit you had missed

  • j j
    j j 5 months ago +1

    I fucking love natasha lyonne her whole vibe is a mood and she only picks good roles. What a boss bitch

  • Lunabear
    Lunabear 5 months ago

    Lol yea I need more! Please I loved her in Orange is the New Black

  • Kaleb Kirkevold
    Kaleb Kirkevold 5 months ago +3

    “I need to change my listing”

  • Мария Маклакова

    She does look like Alla Pugacheva!

  • Kate Nguyen
    Kate Nguyen 5 months ago

    i love the cockroach

  • Весантос
    Весантос 5 months ago +1

    fuck you american propaganda

  • Spookylady
    Spookylady 5 months ago

    SASSIEST SHOW EVER. I LOVE Natasha. She's totally my girl crush. Can't wait for season 2, cock-a-roaches!!!

  • M.AZ!Z BS
    M.AZ!Z BS 5 months ago +2

    Orange is thé new black ❤❤❤❤

  • Hoai Giang Truong
    Hoai Giang Truong 5 months ago


  • Nate Hall
    Nate Hall 5 months ago +1

    What a great show

  • Nate Hall
    Nate Hall 5 months ago


  • CJ Carter
    CJ Carter 5 months ago +17

    Audio Balancing.

  • La bomba
    La bomba 5 months ago +2

    Netflix, please put the cliffside series in a gold mine to see the visualization.

  • Daniel Raya
    Daniel Raya 5 months ago

    Get siki eng dub

  • Random Commenter
    Random Commenter 5 months ago

    Love this show

  • italo souza
    italo souza 5 months ago

    Is season 2 happening?

  • Wierdo YT
    Wierdo YT 5 months ago

    Best show ever

  • Ella Blun
    Ella Blun 5 months ago

    racist piece of crap. oh, she's russian, so her mom is insane, and her dad is mia, but luckily there's this nice, well educated western woman to adopt her and save her from her russiasness. fuck of you fucing racist americanazi scum.

  • Oma Rumunna
    Oma Rumunna 5 months ago +1

    I really have to watch this show. Watched this twice.

  • mike usiak
    mike usiak 5 months ago +324

    You forgot the best line.
    "You promise if I don’t jump, I’ll be happy?" response "“Absolutely not,” “but I can promise you that you will not be alone.”
    Dam hit em with pure truth.

  • 3lement2010
    3lement2010 5 months ago

    Anyone have Netflix TV Originals suggestions? Only shows I've fully seen are Stranger Things and Umbrella Academy. I love science fiction, but open to anything.

    • Callum McDonald
      Callum McDonald 5 months ago

      @3lement2010 the good thing bout black mirror is you can watch any in any order and miss any you want. They have references to other episodes but no tie-ins that you need to watch multiple for. Bandersnatch is definetly a more time consuming one because it's choose your own adventure.

    • 3lement2010
      3lement2010 5 months ago

      @Callum McDonald Okay that sounds cool. I hear a lot about Black Mirror. I saw a little bit of Bandersnatch, but don't have the motivation to watch the rest of it. Not sure if that ties in with the original.

    • Callum McDonald
      Callum McDonald 5 months ago

      @3lement2010 each episode aswell as differnet actors/actresses. They (mostly) have a recurring theme. They most times are technology based stories aswell as being based in the future. A lot of them explore bleak futures where humans and technology has evolved and changed how people live.

    • 3lement2010
      3lement2010 5 months ago

      @Callum McDonald That's a anthology series right? Different characters in each episode/season

    • Callum McDonald
      Callum McDonald 5 months ago

      Black mirror might be good if you like science fiction. It's got depressing/disturbing ish moments though.

  • Netflix
    Netflix  5 months ago +604

    I forgot to include "Sweet birthday baby!" and I will never forgive myself.

    • reachthroughreality
      reachthroughreality Month ago

      hey, nothing in life is easy, except pissing in the shower.

    • Eduardo Campos
      Eduardo Campos 2 months ago

      “Nads what the fuck”

    • Karma Cafe
      Karma Cafe 4 months ago

      i t s p e a k s

    • D ES
      D ES 4 months ago

      and when she pronounces cockroach as "cock-a-roach"

    • OnceAPunAThyme
      OnceAPunAThyme 4 months ago +2

      I can't make out a lot of the dialogue because the music is too loud (and it doesn't fit the tone of some of the lines, I think) but for those struggling to make out the lines, take it on faith that it was a great and funny show. Thanks Netflix, looking forward to the next series! :)