Wengie 'Lace Up' MV (Official Music Video)

  • Опубликовано: 9 мар 2019
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    Directed By: Austin Saya
    Executive Producer: Danny Lee
    Producer: CBCOM
    Locations: Wisdome.la & RFK Community Schools
    Music Video Featuring
    Rebecca Zamolo
    Cloe Couture
    Sharlene Taule
    Jessica Reynoso
    Susie Shu
    Matt Steffanina
    Jun Curry Ahn
    Shawn Wasabi
    David Amber
    Shadae Lamar Smith
    Skyy John
    Songwriter & Producer
    Melanie Fontana & Lindgren
    “Lace Up”

    I need to lace up
    It's going down tonight
    I need some self love
    To get you off my mind
    My girls we lace up
    And then we bat our eyes
    A little bit a lace in their face
    Gonna put it in motion
    You wasted it
    Now you craving it
    You're chasin’
    And I'm I’m fading quick
    You can try to run
    But I’m already gone
    Yeah yeah
    You were the one
    Who went and turned me loose
    You gave my heart such an ugly bruise
    Baby I’m young
    And I'm pretty too
    I’m out to find a better you
    You let me down,
    So I’m up and out
    I don't play around
    How you like me now
    You can try to run boy as fast you can
    But I’m already gone
    Lacing up to find a man
    Ima Lace up, lace up get beautiful
    Like like I never been before
    Lace up lace up and let you go
    Not trying to make you jealous but listen to me

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