Surprised Our Teenager With A NEW iPHONE XR !!!

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
  • SURPRISED OUR TEENAGER WITH A NEW iPHONE XR 😱The ultimate surprise gift for our 13 year old who has *never* had his own phone
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Comments • 153

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens 13 days ago

    It’s iPhone 10 not X numeral X means 10

  • Abby Stephens
    Abby Stephens 13 days ago

    I had a phone at 7

  • Christina Steinmetz
    Christina Steinmetz 29 days ago

    This was so cute!!

  • Katlynn Albert
    Katlynn Albert 29 days ago

    Please do a sit down video with fathering austim.

  • thfcalice _
    thfcalice _ Month ago

    I got my phone (iPhone 5s) when I started secondary school (I was11) bc I had to walk to school but before that
    I didn’t have one, now I’m 13 and I have a 6s I’m saving up for an XR because I really want one but I don’t wanna ask for one cuz they are sooooo expensive

  • Gloria’s World
    Gloria’s World Month ago


  • aherna224
    aherna224 Month ago

    Chubby nelly 🤗🤗😍😘

  • A HighLegend
    A HighLegend Month ago

    Cleaning video?

  • kiki andrea
    kiki andrea Month ago

    She’s a baby she’s going to look and miss being a baby I’m 22 so young still and miss being 14 😭

  • Jenna Lewis
    Jenna Lewis Month ago

    I’ll I just got iPhone 6s it’s my first iPhone ever and it’s old as you said

  • Naomi 546
    Naomi 546 Month ago

    What on your iPhones

  • Pauline Thessa
    Pauline Thessa Month ago

    I love how lonnie take over the vlog hahaha

  • Carrie McDaniel
    Carrie McDaniel Month ago

    Big hugs! I love seeing your kids so happy 😊

  • Brenda Waechter
    Brenda Waechter Month ago

    Where's Noah been?

  • martha fazzini
    martha fazzini Month ago

    Meal prep.

  • L. Cruz
    L. Cruz Month ago

    I love the intro, It’s Dad Lonnie,....

  • LaurStar25
    LaurStar25 Month ago

    Lol. I’m so old. People had beepers when I was 14.

  • Carrie Bowlen
    Carrie Bowlen Month ago

    Hello Stephanie! Didn't know you wear glasses.

  • Brinley Skidmore
    Brinley Skidmore Month ago

    Can I have a shoutout

  • Brinley Skidmore
    Brinley Skidmore Month ago

    Can I have a shirt

  • Victoria Wolf
    Victoria Wolf Month ago

    Love Lonnnie videos! Like the teal color, and any videos are great!

  • Dana AlJared
    Dana AlJared Month ago

    I got my first phone when I was 8 it was a Nokia block phone Hahahah I only got it bc my parents were traveling to Europe for 2 weeks and I had attachment issues

  • Soldiers Unite
    Soldiers Unite Month ago

    My kids rule is middle school. So 12 and I even have a hard time w that. Also they walk to school so they to me needed a phone. My 6th grader has a 6s and my 14 yr old just got an iPhone 10 for Christmas.

  • Soldiers Unite
    Soldiers Unite Month ago +1

    Awe I’m so happy for him!!! Your kids are appreciative and it makes it so much more special. I even squeaked a tear out.... Danielle’s reaction was epic too lol!!! Loved it!

  • Jo Jo Kukahiko
    Jo Jo Kukahiko Month ago

    Bahah moisturizing the beard getting long!! I love yall so much!! #noshavelife

  • ALG Inda house
    ALG Inda house Month ago

    When you buy a red phone, a part of the proceeds go to Red. Red is an AIDS charity.

  • Kylie Magyar
    Kylie Magyar Month ago

    Awe his reaction was so cute lol 😂❤️

  • Sarah Scarlett
    Sarah Scarlett Month ago

    I think you did things right. I have a 2 month old but when she is 10 I'm going old school and getting her a flip phone just for calling and texting cause she won't get those luxury type of phones until she's older like 13 or 14 like you did so I think the way you went about it is great so no you're not a bad mom!

  • AwsomeScents4You
    AwsomeScents4You Month ago

    I have a quick question! Why didn’t you get Danielle the new iPhone 10r and pass her phone down to Lonnie Jr.? Or has she not shown that she is responsible with her phone? Since having a phone is new to him he would then be able to prove he’s responsible enough to take care of it and use it responsibly. Plus I’m sure he would have loved any phone lol. I love you guys!! And think your amazing parents!

    • AwsomeScents4You
      AwsomeScents4You Month ago

      Our LANDing Crew thanks for responding! And makes perfect sense! Our almost 10 year old wants a phone so bad lol but she has to wait until she is at least 13 before we will get her one! We kept my husbands old iPhone for when our oldest two are at dance but it doesn’t have service they just use it on WiFi to stay in contact with us. Your big kids seem very responsible. I love seeing them help with the littles and they always seem to be super patient with them!

    • Our LANDing Crew
      Our LANDing Crew  Month ago

      Because Danielle got a new phone when she was 13, it’s not fair he would get a hand me down. Next month we are upgrading Danielle’s phone but Lonnie Jr is definitely responsible enough :)

  • maureen mae gabuya
    maureen mae gabuya Month ago

    Priceless reaction...

  • Sheila U
    Sheila U Month ago

    Comment: I LOVE your channel.. Question: What is the song played at the end of your videos? I love that also. Thanks

  • Annmarie Frank
    Annmarie Frank Month ago

    U and danielle are so much alike 💗💗💗

  • Alyssa Salinas
    Alyssa Salinas Month ago

    I want to see another meet up with fathering autism now that the kids are a little older and all! Also I’m so happy to hear you wait to get your kids phones. My nephew who is only 7 just got and iPhone 8 and I cannot understand why. But to each their own:)

  • Grandma's world
    Grandma's world Month ago

    I never paid that much for a phone for myself!

  • Shana Bordner
    Shana Bordner Month ago

    awesome! you guys deserve it! :)

  • Andrew Ditch
    Andrew Ditch Month ago

    Just dont sit or drop the iPhone XR because its fragile and will bend and break.

  • Kassanadra Donat
    Kassanadra Donat Month ago

    Can you do a challenge

  • Kassanadra Donat
    Kassanadra Donat Month ago

    I have the iPhone XR I didn’t get AirPods

  • Woo Woo
    Woo Woo Month ago

    Lonnie is the best lmaoooo he brings humor to the videos

  • Jaime Walker
    Jaime Walker Month ago

    How is Liam doing? Noah excited for school? I thought Penelope was really going to have red hair but you were right lol still hope tho

  • Lukas Elija Larkins

    He was so shocked to see the phone. When i was 8 or 9 my mom and dad got me a phone because I was doing dance and I needed it. It was blue and I loved it! I have a iphone 8 and I got it close to 3 years ago and its not keeping a charge and its making me mad. I use my phone all the time and I just can't shand it any more because its always dying. I dont have my money right now to get a new one so im going to need to wait till I have more money.

  • Jaime Walker
    Jaime Walker Month ago

    I Agree, my 16yro just got a phone in April. But he not allowed to have Social Media.
    like fb, snapchat, instagram.

    • Madison
      Madison Month ago

      Jaime Walker that blows 😂 but you do you!!

  • V R
    V R Month ago

    I miss ur cleaning videos

  • caitlin kelly
    caitlin kelly Month ago

    I love how appreciative your kids are

  • Maggie and joeseph wojdan

    Dang I wish I was your kid iphone xr

  • Mary catherine Smart

    Did you upgrade Danielles phone as well?

  • Cs L
    Cs L Month ago +1

    Where has Noah been?

  • Maria Cain
    Maria Cain Month ago

    He’s so sweet! His reaction was priceless!

  • amber manley
    amber manley Month ago

    Lonny is funny

  • Bee Tee
    Bee Tee Month ago

    You're not a lame mom lol. I didn't get a phone till I was 17, about 3 months before I graduated 😂 . I love Popeyes! And awwwwww, Lonnie and Nellie dancing was adorable! ❤ And ugh i love Wendy's too lol. Lonnie Jr's reaction is great!

  • Tilwaukee Williams
    Tilwaukee Williams Month ago

    I love how grateful your kids are

  • annmariesmith35
    annmariesmith35 Month ago

    WOW. HE IS SMILING. A REAL SMILE WOW. YOU CAN REALLY tell he never expected anything like that and appreciated it. He looks soooooooo happy. I watch them too.

  • annmariesmith35
    annmariesmith35 Month ago

    Hi Lonie. I like KFC better then Popeye. Here in Boston growing up it was only KFC.

  • MaKayla Richards
    MaKayla Richards Month ago

    you have the sweetest teenagers ever 😭

  • poptartsag
    poptartsag Month ago


  • Latisha Woods
    Latisha Woods Month ago

    Lonnie is SO FUNNY 😂 He should start the vlog more often!!!

  • Mikey Smith
    Mikey Smith Month ago

    In the U.K. it’s Danielle’s birthday. So happy birthday. 🎁

  • M Wall
    M Wall Month ago

    Awe I loved this...I smiled the whole video ❤❤❤

  • samantha Oglesbee
    samantha Oglesbee Month ago

    Danielle looks so cute with a bun in her hair!!

  • Kylea Perrott
    Kylea Perrott Month ago

    Danielle looks stunning!! So jealous she can pull off short hair!!