Tom Segura Tears Up While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • Tom Segura is one of the biggest stand-up comedians in the game, with a Netflix special called Disgraceful out now and a long-running podcast (Your Mom's House) with his wife-slash-fellow comedian Christina P. But how is he with hot food? Find out as Tommy Bunz scampers up Mount Scoville alongside host Sean Evans and discusses everything from savage hecklers, to 6ix9ine, to the inner workings of the Nike-Adidas beef. Eventually, Segura ends up with tears streaming from his eyes-but is it the hot sauce, or the tender words from BFF Bert Kreischer? Find out in this scorching new episode of Hot Ones.
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    Season 6
    Episode 5
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    #hotones #spicywings
    #hotones #spicywings
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  Year ago +5764

    Get you a friend who talks about you like Bert Kreischer talks about Tom Segura.

      MLG GAMER 15 days ago

      You know what's funny about him referencing Trick Daddy? He asked the same question to Kevin Hart on Truth or Dab. Now I definitely need to see that

    • Fred Baggs
      Fred Baggs Month ago

      Yeah good luck getting Tekashi 69 on the show. he's giving someone head in prison right now

    • JMJ JR11
      JMJ JR11 Month ago

      First We Feast I wish! 😭😭

    • Brett Harding
      Brett Harding 2 months ago

      Get Brad Williams you tubby bitch!!!!

    • Shane
      Shane 2 months ago

      Get Joe Rogan on

  • Ixo Utermöhl
    Ixo Utermöhl 14 hours ago

    Muuy delicioso

  • pv3Hpv3p
    pv3Hpv3p 2 days ago

    Hit one's, the last dab... try it out
    That shit made me laugh

  • Drew Lovitt
    Drew Lovitt 5 days ago

    Damn much love tommy boy. Coming from hickory nc dude try it out man

  • R Schultz
    R Schultz 6 days ago

    Reebok BYOTCH!

  • R Schultz
    R Schultz 6 days ago

    FUCK Nike.

  • Jade Kerrigan
    Jade Kerrigan 7 days ago +1

    Me after I pop 4 tabs of acid without thinking

  • spencer7efm
    spencer7efm 7 days ago

    the rare time tom wasn't fat as fuck

  • Subaru STi
    Subaru STi 8 days ago

    Invite President Trump to this show.

  • Alec Newman
    Alec Newman 8 days ago

    i wasnt really listening then i heard "what the fuck are you wearing" and it made me pay attention

  • Michael Vigil
    Michael Vigil 8 days ago

    It's like hurry up and eat some shots ones already!!!

  • hellowhitepeople
    hellowhitepeople 9 days ago

    segura's jacket tho

  • TheGuyWhoIsAustralian

    That Nike story made me really angry.......still gonna buy some Jordan IIs tho

  • M M
    M M 9 days ago

    Is that Macgruber?

  • jamako
    jamako 9 days ago +1

    Watching this, I can only ask one question: When is Joe Rogan gonna be on Hot Ones?

    • BartSimp Son
      BartSimp Son 5 days ago

      That's what I'd be saying too ... Eddie bravo would be hilarious too and Alex Jones ... Lol get to Rogan on one episode n Alex Jones and Eddie bravo on a seperate episode together

  • Lee Raiolo
    Lee Raiolo 10 days ago +1

    It’s funny because after Sean tell’s Tom what Burt really said Tom does EXACTLY what Burt said he always does. He takes something that was about him and turns it around to make it about the other person again. Very humble man right there.

  • K Garcia
    K Garcia 10 days ago

    ‘SUP KANE!

  • Noah Dinsmore
    Noah Dinsmore 10 days ago

    3 different 15 second ads in this? 🙄

  • Zach Hoke
    Zach Hoke 11 days ago

    God this show is so fucking good, the compliments and respect is just amazing, I appreciate the love on screen. Greatness

  • Nicole Price
    Nicole Price 13 days ago

    Why does Sean never laugh?! Ugh

  • styu3 knewton
    styu3 knewton 13 days ago

    Thanks for wearing the shirt Sean

  • Harrison Smith
    Harrison Smith 13 days ago

    This is the best one yet 😂😂

  • 1hour
    1hour 13 days ago

    Hope you have a good day and remember to smile

  • DinoTheThird
    DinoTheThird 14 days ago

    Tom "fuck that guy" Segura

  • Edward Castro
    Edward Castro 16 days ago

    "That's a W!" Mother fucker watches Letterkenny

  • Benjamin Compson
    Benjamin Compson 18 days ago

    Pause it at 12:40 and it looks like Sean is having a conversation with his future self.

  • Quenteq Mampff
    Quenteq Mampff 18 days ago

    0:33 Sean, what next? SEAN!?!

  • talentedpigeon
    talentedpigeon 20 days ago

    Netflix is awesome! 💀

  • Sophie Romero
    Sophie Romero 20 days ago


  • Harrison Gooch
    Harrison Gooch 20 days ago

    invite Pat Mac you figs

  • Joe N
    Joe N 21 day ago +1

    Tom eats those wings like a Boss.

  • Gabriel Coloma
    Gabriel Coloma 21 day ago

    Tom’s the fucking best lmao

  • CrackaZack510
    CrackaZack510 21 day ago

    Tom is 100% right about hip-hop. Over saturation has led to alot of shitty music. One hit spawns a 1,000 mini-me's. Back in the day, there weren't hardly as many shitty rappers cuz if you weren't original and talented, nobody would of even heard you; there was no platform for the wack. And, if you sounded like somebody else, nobody would fuck with you.

  • steven vasquez
    steven vasquez 21 day ago

    washed out - you and i remix at the end. caught it🙌

  • Chad 395
    Chad 395 22 days ago

    2:39 rotfl

  • CareBare Hair
    CareBare Hair 23 days ago

    In the UK, you do get to decide the context. Google count Duckula and how the cunts turned him into a Nazi...

  • Michael Christoferson
    Michael Christoferson 23 days ago

    19:33 that bars pussy shit it's kinda like wearin gloves and working out

  • robochrish
    robochrish 23 days ago

    Good job he's the water champ. He's gonna need it!!

  • Matt B
    Matt B 24 days ago +1

    "How you feeling Tom?"
    "Like I regret coming here."

  • willastralian
    willastralian 24 days ago

    20:11 his thoughts are replaced with the dial up sound

  • MrWarbandit
    MrWarbandit 25 days ago +1

    Greatest regional fast food joint is Zaxby's!!

  • ViRaL- Vitallity
    ViRaL- Vitallity 25 days ago

    He said fuck 69 lmao. That's why hes the for the people!

  • dotatough
    dotatough 28 days ago

    Tom Segura tears up while making his bed

  • dotatough
    dotatough 28 days ago

    Tom Segura tears up while his wife gets fucked by other men

  • dotatough
    dotatough 28 days ago

    Tom Segura tears up while emptying the lint trap from his dryer

  • dotatough
    dotatough 28 days ago

    Tom Segura tears up while taking out the garbage

  • dotatough
    dotatough 28 days ago

    Tom Segura tears up while washing his car

  • dotatough
    dotatough 28 days ago

    Tom Segura tears up while putting on mittens

  • dotatough
    dotatough 28 days ago

    Tom Segura tears up while boiling spaghetti

  • dotatough
    dotatough 28 days ago

    Tom Segura tears up while cutting his nails

  • Truth Or consequences
    Truth Or consequences 28 days ago

    Tekashi69 is in the joint for a while so you don’t have to worry about him anymore

  • Truth Or consequences
    Truth Or consequences 28 days ago

    Sean I love you and your style but you need somebody to help dress you … That was a cool rain jacket though so I’m probably not much better at it than you

  • MJ G
    MJ G 28 days ago

    Drip Daddy just made mommies pants so wet.

  • Anthony Gonzalez
    Anthony Gonzalez 29 days ago +1

    I was bouta comment get joe Rogan on here but I can already hear him tryna talk to Sean about DMT

    • Corey
      Corey 26 days ago

      Wings with Ayahuasca dipping sauce.

  • Greg Over
    Greg Over 29 days ago

    20:17 best line

  • Rachel Marks
    Rachel Marks Month ago +1

    Sean should have Jenna Marbles or Julien on Hot Ones !!!! 🙏🏻

  • Erkman3stax
    Erkman3stax Month ago

    I can't tell if Tom's crying from wings or the message at the end

  • Matt LaForce
    Matt LaForce Month ago

    What are the odds that Bert's wife helped him write that like he was a 3rd grader doing a book report?

  • Aaron P
    Aaron P Month ago

    69 is a dork, fuck that guy. And Nike, fuck them too.

  • Mimi Shan
    Mimi Shan Month ago

    Where are my mommies at?