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AUTOMATICA - Robots Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford

  • Published on Sep 15, 2017
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    Robots rock, they were fun to work with. My favorite is the robotic drummer. More work to be done, and maybe I could play with them live. Stay tuned :) Thank you to Kuka, Sennheiser and Roland
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  • Nigel John Stanford
    Nigel John Stanford  Year ago +3900

    A huge thanks to all the people who helped me make this record.
    And thanks to everyone for your patience. I hope you all like it.

  • 叶华磊
    叶华磊 3 hours ago

    nice work

  • Андрей Богатов

    это просто охуенно!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • trinity nuggets
    trinity nuggets 14 hours ago

    I saw this on locolab

  • Khan
    Khan 15 hours ago +1

    Best KUKA ad.
    But don't try this irl and keep a safe distance.

  • kanZ Kie
    kanZ Kie 22 hours ago

    I was so amaze , I thought it was real but when ending parts came in, shit you ruined it.

  • WOTstatyuga
    WOTstatyuga 23 hours ago

    Perfect Братуха .... Реально сложная работа как и в монтаже , так и с программированием роботов.

  • yooo jaaa
    yooo jaaa Day ago +1


  • Майор Дегтярёв

    Больше похоже на графический пиздежь!

  • The Great Wolf HD

    This KUKA hand robot is actually real

  • TheDandyMan
    TheDandyMan Day ago

    Does this remind anyone else of Animusic?

  • yooo jaaa
    yooo jaaa Day ago +1

    Ja ja ja ja ja ja 🔊🎼🎵🎶😂👏👏👏👏💪💪

  • Roberto Terremoto

    Show expendido incrível chocante

  • Hreg Gerrera
    Hreg Gerrera 2 days ago

    Mind bending the brilliant

  • Karonaturrr .!
    Karonaturrr .! 2 days ago

    youtube recommendations done right!

  • Sasa Dukic
    Sasa Dukic 2 days ago

    I rly hope this is fake

  • Fritzda R. Putra
    Fritzda R. Putra 2 days ago

    Oh God... This is Insane!....

  • Orion Wilson
    Orion Wilson 2 days ago +1

    "vs" is misleading. This is more like "in conjunction with"

  • nanda mpsh
    nanda mpsh 2 days ago

    that orange thing o.o its cool but, scare me sometime

  • Paul
    Paul 2 days ago


  • Евгений Артнгольц

    Это невообразимо. Великолепно. Нет слов, одни эмоции. Очень круто, очень

  • Mike
    Mike 2 days ago +1

    For anyone wondering: I have worked with industrial laser cutters and manufacturing robots.
    This video does not accurately portray either of them.
    It is, however, an interesting video.

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Woow!!! 👽👽👽

  • Ivan Dzugalenko
    Ivan Dzugalenko 3 days ago

    за таке я б їх на гвинтики пустив би

  • How How wang
    How How wang 3 days ago

    R the robots real?

  • Fluffy Clouds! 蓬鬆雲團!

    anyone know where I can find music like this? like what genre this is?

    STERBEN L. COFFIN 3 days ago

    Aight then now that skynet has finally found its theme song, and some idiots are already makin robots that not can only move smoothly but also use guns, all we have to wait for is an idiot that give these guys their own mind... Aight bois buckle up this is gonna be one bloody ride

  • Hari Wishnawa
    Hari Wishnawa 3 days ago

    AI gonna change the world

  • Rock FPV
    Rock FPV 4 days ago


  • Sam Gadoury
    Sam Gadoury 4 days ago

    No thanks

  • VersedFlame
    VersedFlame 4 days ago

    The robots are 3D aren't they?

  • deo padilla
    deo padilla 4 days ago


  • R. Ramey
    R. Ramey 4 days ago +1

    GladOS finally dropped a new single

  • Boz
    Boz 4 days ago

    Ok, hang but, nah. Yeah? I don't know man. I have to get up now and walk this off.

  • richinator nator
    richinator nator 4 days ago


  • vix trobe
    vix trobe 4 days ago


  • Jerry Archer
    Jerry Archer 4 days ago

    Very, very cool...

  • Rodrigo FB
    Rodrigo FB 4 days ago

    Q viagem 😅

  • jom j
    jom j 4 days ago

    video is fake

    JUANA TV UWU 4 days ago


  • RaFFael ARM
    RaFFael ARM 4 days ago


  • uli Scharl
    uli Scharl 5 days ago

    Doctor Who would be proud of you

  • Jacob DeLozier
    Jacob DeLozier 5 days ago

    my friend says that this is cgi

  • Diogo lima
    Diogo lima 5 days ago

    Eu mano, me arruma ai esse pedal da roland drums se não for querer mais!

  • Dmitry N
    Dmitry N 5 days ago


  • error 0100101001001010000100000101100010101101001

    That bass' action is too high

  • Rifaldi Kurnia Ramadhan


  • Bzh W
    Bzh W 5 days ago

    There's a beef noodle restaurant near my working place in Taipei city, Taiwan which just started to run a couple months ago, they use all these machines do the cook and check bill. People can put the money into the checking machine then order the flavours, side dish, drink, soup and something else, after billing the machines behind penetrating the glass of kitchen would start to run, the only waitress serves the final meal to the table after it gets done. it's a little bit shabby decoration inside the space, creative but no marketing thought at all.
    And your stuff here is awesome actually

  • Dyliyan Rios
    Dyliyan Rios 5 days ago

    No po si

  • Damian Alfonso
    Damian Alfonso 5 days ago

    Esto es Real? :0

  • ThunderAZ27
    ThunderAZ27 5 days ago

    Me when I find out I was a failed abortion

  • ThunderAZ27
    ThunderAZ27 5 days ago


  • The Domaine Restaurant

    Sounds like animusic to me.

  • LSP 05
    LSP 05 5 days ago

    S P E C T A CU L A R

  • stuart astley
    stuart astley 5 days ago

    i just love this!.....visual and acoustic masterpiece....#onetalentedguy

  • Sosyopat Kedi
    Sosyopat Kedi 5 days ago

    lol, who is pressing sustain pedal on piano? Damn, robots...

  • laxwolf
    laxwolf 5 days ago +1

    Top 10 Things A Caveman Wouldn't Understand About Today

  • Zé Xibata
    Zé Xibata 6 days ago

    *Algum BR?* 🇧🇷🤘🏻

  • Enteric
    Enteric 6 days ago

    wow amazing

  • Junk Male
    Junk Male 6 days ago

    Love the blend of music and tech, awesome job crew... Thanks for the content.

  • Bär Tiger Mann
    Bär Tiger Mann 6 days ago

    Ey,suuuuper Auftritt

  • Maximilian Schulz
    Maximilian Schulz 6 days ago

    waste of energy and resources

  • Volvirth
    Volvirth 6 days ago +17

    Skynet: I fear no man, but that thing...
    [Some orange army bois]
    Skynet: It scares me.

  • Jeremy Raboin
    Jeremy Raboin 6 days ago

    That is an expensive

  • A More
    A More 6 days ago

    I can't tell where real started to be cgi

  • Toky Randriambololonirina

    First Time i've seen this video! SO AMAZING! The Song, The Video and The Originality. Thanks Nigel John Stanford.

  • Dipak pabreja
    Dipak pabreja 6 days ago

    supar vio&son

  • 80Dannyla
    80Dannyla 6 days ago

    Kuka ton soitti.

  • Cypress Love Rosario
    Cypress Love Rosario 6 days ago +23

    One punch mans lost brother - one man band

  • imawsomw
    imawsomw 6 days ago


  • Circuitsoft
    Circuitsoft 6 days ago

    For some reason, I really want to hear this song played on the Boardwalk Hall Auditorium pipe organ.

  • din sn
    din sn 6 days ago

    Robots or fake?

  • Allcrafter
    Allcrafter 6 days ago

    Wow how die you've done that

  • Игрун Поиск

    правильно в ютубе уже все есть это уникальное видео, супер

  • Fabian Jaque
    Fabian Jaque 7 days ago


  • Wasilij Zelinskij
    Wasilij Zelinskij 7 days ago +2

    Ннн...даааа...людській фантазії немає меж...дуже красиво, дуже багато зроблено роботи, щоб нас порадувати...лайк....

  • Nikolai Filykov
    Nikolai Filykov 7 days ago


  • Palmeza
    Palmeza 7 days ago

    very good job !!

  • 夢遊病者
    夢遊病者 7 days ago

    are the arms animated or real?

  • Clement Mur
    Clement Mur 7 days ago

    Is it real ?

  • Npc 2000
    Npc 2000 7 days ago

    Needs more views

  • tony ahmad
    tony ahmad 7 days ago


  • EpicVideos
    EpicVideos 7 days ago

    Can we see a behind the scenes

  • jopageri1964
    jopageri1964 7 days ago +1

    Puts Herbie Hancock and Peter Gabriel out of business. Fantastic.

  • Сергей Афанасьев

    His equipment including nano-technological tranjectors. He's controlling machines.

  • DogeMLG420 BlazeIt
    DogeMLG420 BlazeIt 7 days ago

    Malfunction gone right

  • Bartolito
    Bartolito 7 days ago


  • Civy希維
    Civy希維 7 days ago

    For a moment I thought it was real

  • Favian Nuñes
    Favian Nuñes 7 days ago


  • Cameron Ahola
    Cameron Ahola 7 days ago

    We are living in the future..........this is insane.

  • 송영협
    송영협 7 days ago

    ANIMUSIC in real life

  • Lavee Yang
    Lavee Yang 7 days ago +1

    Wicked sick. @3:45 makes you think!

  • Terry Hesticles
    Terry Hesticles 7 days ago

    It's like Compressorhead, to the Nth degree.

  • Ben Mitchell
    Ben Mitchell 7 days ago

    I feel sorry for your cgi artist

    MAD GAMER G 7 days ago +1

    4:51 love how the robot passed him the guitar damm

    MAD GAMER G 7 days ago +1

    I only have on word wow

  • Kunal Bhagawati
    Kunal Bhagawati 7 days ago

    This video.. Reminds me so much of the old Linkin Park videos, back during the time of Hybrid Theory and Meteora.
    It's like if I slept one day listening to something from Meteora and woke up today to this. Feels like a logical evolution.

    EL SANTO RUSKO 507 7 days ago

    Good music 😀😃 🎼 🎶 🎵

  • Thechristopherryan
    Thechristopherryan 7 days ago

    The CGI is unremarkable.
    And let me explain, I worked for ford using the same machines to handle wheel sensors. Each machine cost about 10 million US dollar. So this video cost over a billion dollars to make only to gain under that in revenue.

    • Dr4gonr4ge
      Dr4gonr4ge 7 days ago

      The robots are absolutely real. Of course CGI was used for some things, like the end with lasers and explosions. But the Robots are 100 percent real, and playing the instruments, but the footage is sometimes shot over an extended timebase to accommodate for safe operation of them. But they are definitely real. And rented.

  • Victor Viktor
    Victor Viktor 7 days ago