Nano UV Lamp Light Liquid full Glue Glass For Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  • Published on Aug 23, 2018

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  • Rich Veit
    Rich Veit 7 days ago

    The Liquid protector is just a big mess! Waste of time and money! The clip even does not match the product you get. The Specker cover is way to small for a Note 9.... Junk. I send it back to Amazon.

  • Loucif Lahcene
    Loucif Lahcene 10 days ago


  • Sandra Filipovic
    Sandra Filipovic 11 days ago +1


  • گبريِاء رجُل
    گبريِاء رجُل 14 days ago +1

    حلمي هو نوت تسعة ... ادعو لي اني اشتري

  • Rusty
    Rusty 14 days ago

    Typical chinese ah beng's hand. You don't believe me. Try go and see it for yourself. 😉

  • Emman Miclat
    Emman Miclat 14 days ago

    For electronic technicians, they need long strong nails...

  • Bagus Aldo
    Bagus Aldo 14 days ago

    Your nails its very suck old man!

  • Fiqhih Alfariz
    Fiqhih Alfariz 14 days ago +2

    Indonesian people ini mah😅

  • Fajar Subechi
    Fajar Subechi 15 days ago

    Kalo mau beli dan pasang langsung bisa gak ?

  • Dudjom Dorji
    Dudjom Dorji 16 days ago

    The phone was diagnose with rabies very shortly after the process

  • Daddy Hitman
    Daddy Hitman 16 days ago

    Oh nooo. I think that's a ladyboy

  • Shane Funnell
    Shane Funnell 16 days ago

    How does the finger sensor work at the bottom ?

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 17 days ago


  • Dennys ofc
    Dennys ofc 20 days ago


  • Mahmoud Zouine
    Mahmoud Zouine 22 days ago

    ew those nails !! fuck

  • Cullen Merchen
    Cullen Merchen 23 days ago

    Is this where Frito Lays come from? (her nails)

  • ailec corazón mío
    ailec corazón mío 23 days ago

    Oh God cut your nails

  • Moumen Meziane
    Moumen Meziane 24 days ago

    You have same shit in your hand hhhh

  • s s
    s s 25 days ago

    gross nails.. but good video

  • Galih Tube
    Galih Tube Month ago

    Meski itu kuku kena layar nya ga bakalan baret org itu layarnya note 9 pake CG wkwk

  • saad alharbi
    saad alharbi Month ago

    قص أظافرك يلعن عارك

  • Astrid Ahmad
    Astrid Ahmad Month ago

    fokus kukuxa hitam😀

  • Ahmad Ariyadi
    Ahmad Ariyadi Month ago

    Untuk s7 edge ada gak

  • tankdog03
    tankdog03 Month ago

    He nails it, pun intended

  • I'm feeling lucky, punk

    Fucking disgusting nails!😂😂 disliked after few seconds & exit.

  • Arga Pratama
    Arga Pratama Month ago

    Tipu tipu

  • Jollygoodfellow77
    Jollygoodfellow77 Month ago +1

    While scanning with the UV device I was waiting for the phone to change into a transformer

  • Don't play With me
    Don't play With me Month ago

    بلقران الكريم افشل لزكه تلزك على الجهاز اذا بقت فوك الشهرين شهر بعد متنشلع

  • Andrias Susanto
    Andrias Susanto Month ago

    Setahun lalu gw juga pake itu, tp gak tau nano apa bukan, prosesnya sama.. 180rb untuk note 8,

  • Igor
    Igor Month ago


  • Michał K
    Michał K Month ago +1

    Your tips omg

  • POD Squad
    POD Squad Month ago

    kalo layarnya sudah Gorilla Glass recommended, tpi kalau belum..ya pakai Nano Shield 👍

  • Yeah Bash TV
    Yeah Bash TV Month ago

    Freaking werewolf!

  • Andrean Maulana
    Andrean Maulana Month ago

    Untuk Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 ada gak om?

  • Thị Tứ Doan
    Thị Tứ Doan Month ago

    Dị ứng với bộ móng tay quá.

  • Leonicea A Cambridge

    Tried it this shit dont work it started to raise up on the second day without a case

  • riswandha isaris
    riswandha isaris Month ago +1

    indonesia indonesia

  • Ferb Bri
    Ferb Bri 2 months ago

    Trus gunanya CGG 5 apa?

  • Kennie Yu Ray
    Kennie Yu Ray 2 months ago +1

    Hey, could you please cut your nails first the next time you make a vlog? You nailed it bro 😂😂😂😂 because of your nails😂😂😂

  • Ян Н.
    Ян Н. 2 months ago +3

    Why Chinese Love Keep Long Dirty Nails?

    • Ян Н.
      Ян Н. Month ago

      @Cine vino yeap hilarious)))

    • Cine vino
      Cine vino Month ago

      did you ever seen chinese vampire ?

  • Reese van Zyl
    Reese van Zyl 2 months ago

    Do they have nail clippers where you come from 😂

  • Diego Hernández Feregrino

    Q feas uñas se ven hediondas😝

  • Fitria Ningsih
    Fitria Ningsih 2 months ago

    Saya mau pesan antigores not 9 bisa gan

  • Simon O'Kell
    Simon O'Kell 2 months ago +3

    Throw that phone in some anti-bacterial mix, wouldn't put that to my ear!

  • Memati Baş
    Memati Baş 2 months ago

    o tırnaklar ne amınakoduğum

  • Vit
    Vit 2 months ago


  • dodi setiawan
    dodi setiawan 2 months ago +1

    Link ny mna om.
    Lokasi dmn siap tau deket

    • i-case
      i-case  2 months ago

      dodi setiawan gak jual ol gan model ini

    • dodi setiawan
      dodi setiawan 2 months ago

      @i-case luamayan jauh ane jaksel gan . .ada link online nya ngak.
      Kalo s8+ bisa presisi ngak gan di lengkungan nya

    • i-case
      i-case  2 months ago

      dodi setiawan daerah klp gading gan deket gak

  • Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith 2 months ago

    Should of a just gotten glass protector for 14.99 and fingernail clippers for a .89 cents , could of saved money and not look disgusting.

  • waldemar Riffel
    waldemar Riffel 2 months ago

    in welchen Laden kann man es kaufen?

  • ymlccc
    ymlccc 3 months ago

    fucking hell man, cut them ugly and disgusting nails man.

  • عطر الجنة
    عطر الجنة 3 months ago

    الاضافير بقرفو

  • بهاء جريو
    بهاء جريو 3 months ago

    And dalate

  • بهاء جريو
    بهاء جريو 3 months ago

    Very bad

  • B1LLaLonG
    B1LLaLonG 3 months ago

    clip nails that disgust....

  • حسن مرزا
    حسن مرزا 3 months ago


  • DqdoMraz100
    DqdoMraz100 3 months ago +1

    god , this guy haVE best opening tool for phones just on his tumb finger. sadly it is disqusting , but it do great job

  • Rikna Racmat
    Rikna Racmat 3 months ago

    Temperd glass nyh berapa duit gan

  • Asyhrof Hakimi
    Asyhrof Hakimi 3 months ago

    nail 😠😬

  • josiprajzl
    josiprajzl 3 months ago

    Waiting 3 times for 3 minutes for glue

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  • Jeanine Martis
    Jeanine Martis 3 months ago

    I'm very sorry, your nails aren't representative. And during the video I hoped you were going to cut your nails with that scissors but no, unfortunately.

  • Макс Афанасьев

    Ебать у него когти....

  • Crossing Over
    Crossing Over 3 months ago

    Cut off that Nails.

  • Aizaz Khan
    Aizaz Khan 3 months ago

    I didn’t even noticed his nails till i saw the comments 😂😂

    • Ezz
      Ezz 3 months ago

      Me too

  • Indranil Sarkar
    Indranil Sarkar 4 months ago

    What is the price of the glass protector ?

  • Poko Piko
    Poko Piko 4 months ago +2

    These nails cook noodles everytime we order delivery

  • Marz Tye
    Marz Tye 4 months ago

    I've used these protectors before. There actually really good. Only have 2 tips.... First, make sure you cover the top ear piece because the glue will leak onto it.
    Last thing you want is to get it blocked up. And second, CUT UR FUCKIN NAILS!!

  • AWMc
    AWMc 4 months ago

    Bisa kasi link pembelian bang?

    AHMAD QUSAIRI 4 months ago

    Orang yg review ngomong bahasa indo yg komnt pada bahasa inghris

    AHMAD QUSAIRI 4 months ago

    Cairan naon itu teh.

    • Giovanni Diana
      Giovanni Diana 2 months ago


  • RH 0703
    RH 0703 4 months ago +1

    If in the future i want to remove the installed glass, will my note 9 screen get damage?

  • Jon H
    Jon H 4 months ago

    I couldn't help but watch the crappy job he did cleaning the phone, Also i like the name of the product ..NANO HI-TECH NANO OPTICS , named to cash in on the keyword of the day..NANO, even though there's nothing nano about the product...It's not liquid glass....Oh yeah..Nails = ewwwllllllll

  • raynutty82
    raynutty82 4 months ago

    Better wash that phone when you get home! I bet he has as and balls under his nails!!!! Sniff them fingernails 🤭🤭🤭

  • STOC 2110
    STOC 2110 4 months ago

    Tagliati le unghie schifezza umana

  • Nyimas Shafira
    Nyimas Shafira 4 months ago

    S10 yg ultrasonic fingerpint bisa pake ini?

  • Hel Mut
    Hel Mut 4 months ago

    Que nojo

  • Ahad Fazal
    Ahad Fazal 4 months ago

    Love u samsung

  • ianzkee
    ianzkee 4 months ago

    I'm just here for the fingernail comments

  • Patrick Mcdaniel
    Patrick Mcdaniel 4 months ago

    *watches for 5 seconds* I don't see why everyone is complaining about the nails they aren't that ba-oh dear god

  • Roger Ropucho
    Roger Ropucho 4 months ago

    Ada untuk redmi note 5 pro ga bg?

  • Mateusz Nalepa
    Mateusz Nalepa 4 months ago

    No doubt you need a screen protection with nails like yours... ugly!

  • Mehmet Can
    Mehmet Can 4 months ago

    Was für nägel boe :-))

  • Kingzz Z
    Kingzz Z 4 months ago +1

    gunanya apa bnag pake lampu

    • i-case
      i-case  4 months ago

      Ilham Nami Arrouf spy beku l/freez cairan nya gan padat

  • Studiovydra
    Studiovydra 4 months ago

    Fujjjj ty nehty hruza

  • Brian
    Brian 5 months ago

    Ewww that finger nails

  • Åýāąñ Jåvęđ آیآن جاوید

    Why Are You're Nails So Big, Why Don't You Cut Them? Cut You're Nails Please. 😯😦

  • Jhoe Anda
    Jhoe Anda 5 months ago

    Ada untuk LG G6 ?

  • Duhan Soysal
    Duhan Soysal 5 months ago

    O tırnak ne öyle amk at yarra gibi soksan adam öldürür aq

  • Vinod vinu
    Vinod vinu 5 months ago

    Wt hell man

  • gamgon serpoveta
    gamgon serpoveta 5 months ago

    Goddamn u dig in yo butt and scratch your brain with them long ass claws

  • Serega Starkov
    Serega Starkov 5 months ago

    Ебать ногти, черт ебаный.

  • DieselTips
    DieselTips 5 months ago

    Cut off your hands please.

  • Sandra H testado
    Sandra H testado 5 months ago

    Que unhas horríveis

  • Stalin Garcia
    Stalin Garcia 5 months ago

    I have a question, does Google pay for his own ad to be on youtube?

  • RDJ3000
    RDJ3000 5 months ago

    i didnt noticed the nails until i read these comments..

  • Andressa Cordeiro
    Andressa Cordeiro 5 months ago

    Onde eu compro

  • Bill Yeo
    Bill Yeo 5 months ago

    Got mine done up and lasted only less than 3 months before the edges started to show bubbling by having the protector lifting off - as seen in the incomplete flow of glue @ 2:20 (& like you see the guy coaxing the glue into the top right hand corner subsequently)...otherwise it was a very good quality protector cover whilst it was 100% adhered to the phone's screen...

  • Viral Panas
    Viral Panas 5 months ago

    I got question u need to covrr speakee?

    KHAMENAI. IR IRAN 5 months ago

    chamaaron wala nails hai

  • iwa zoro
    iwa zoro 5 months ago

    What use of a UV light?