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  • Jersey - Steeped in history and laced with cliffside walking trails, welcome to the largest of the Channel Islands. Don’t miss the top spots to check out in Jersey.
    When ready, browse vacation packages to Jersey:
    #Jersey is compact, making it easy to explore while on #vacation here. Country lanes and walking trails lace the island, ensuring Jersey’s attractions are never far away.
    #Explore picture-perfect capital, St. Helier. Each of Jersey’s four coastlines has its own distinctive personality. #Visit La Hougue Bie, one of the world’s oldest buildings, and the port of Gorey, with its iconic medieval castle. The North Coast Path offers some of the island’s most dramatic views. At St. Ouen’s Bay, surfers will find some of the island’s best waves and history buffs can explore the Channel Islands Military Museum.
    If you’re looking for history, adventure, incredible food, and total relaxation, Jersey weaves it all together into something truly magical. It’s not quite British and it’s not quite French, but Jersey is 100% unique.
    For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.
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  • Ankit m
    Ankit m 3 days ago

    This city is beautiful love from india

  • Mathi Ravi
    Mathi Ravi Month ago +2

    Expedia deserves a 1 million plus subscribers! Good job

  • K -TV Ka.ManChannel


  • TooManySteamGames
    TooManySteamGames Month ago

    Curious to know why their most famous resident @Sips_ wasn't mentioned.

  • Bahar Alli
    Bahar Alli Month ago

    hello I am interested to work and live in beautiful Jersey

  • shlobs422
    shlobs422 Month ago

    Where the guidos at?

  • lottie b
    lottie b Month ago +1

    I live here ;)

  • Lance is HereTV
    Lance is HereTV Month ago +5

    I dont know why Im watching this...even though I live in jersey

    • Typex HD
      Typex HD 23 hours ago

      Haha same

    • OvalSz
      OvalSz 2 days ago

      Lance is HereTV Same lol

    • reym avi
      reym avi 3 days ago

      I am soo surprised that it looks soo tropical.

  • Arsenal Vlogs
    Arsenal Vlogs 2 months ago

    Looks nice

  • Neto Aponte
    Neto Aponte 3 months ago +2

    And what about the Lucifer’s sculpture in the middle of a lagoon ... is this a turistic thing?

    • KumaBean
      KumaBean 2 months ago +1

      It's off of a path that leads down to the coastal cliffs, and there's a cauldron that gets filled with water when the tide comes up, very dangerous place, hence the name 'Devils Hole', but quite the spectacle nonetheless.
      It was tradition when we were kids to throw a stone at the devil statue on the way down past it.
      Here's a very brief clip showing it, if you're interested in more history just search Devils Hole 👍 🍻

  • Michel Folco
    Michel Folco 4 months ago

    Home of world famous influencer Sips

  • Brigit Houiellebecq
    Brigit Houiellebecq 5 months ago

    I am from Jersey. 1962 wy left Jersey, and went to Switzerland. I mis Jersey verry much.

  • Lisa Cleary
    Lisa Cleary 5 months ago

    it sure looks lovely

  • Jheancito Tv
    Jheancito Tv 6 months ago

    I would like to live there...

  • elegy slp
    elegy slp 6 months ago +11

    For an island of it's size it packs in a lot of history and geography !

  • RokSimmer (gal4God)
    RokSimmer (gal4God) 6 months ago

    Went as a kid and it was fun. I remember playing and climbing on the ww2 cannons but they where out of use at the time (90’s) and I remember the coast as well and the war museums but my was obsessed wiv ww2. He was a couple of urs too young to fight in ww2.

  • EngX
    EngX 7 months ago

    9 miles x 5 miles? On google maps it seems alot larger than that

    • Expedia
      Expedia  7 months ago

      Hi! Thanks very much for your comment. The measurements of 9 miles x 5 miles (14.5km x 8km) are averages but the total area of the island is around 45 sq miles (118 sq kms). We hope you enjoyed the video :)

  • Christopher McQuaigue
    Christopher McQuaigue 7 months ago

    No longer 'tax free shopping' but lovely all the same! 😉

    • FaTaL X
      FaTaL X 5 months ago +1

      Christopher McQuaigue no VAT

  • Hey boy I love to say aww
    Hey boy I love to say aww 7 months ago +1

    Beautiful city

  • SNJ
    SNJ 7 months ago +57

    Being from the New Jersey I always wanted to visit the OG Jersey.

    • Lew Romet
      Lew Romet 4 days ago

      The OG Jersey is a place deeply influenced by its Viking and Norman roots. It's not English, nor is it French. It's Norman

    • Lissandra Freljord
      Lissandra Freljord 2 months ago

      My exact thoughts too.

    • Kenzo Tenma
      Kenzo Tenma 2 months ago +4

      @Ava M if u go there in the winter ofc XD

    • Ava M
      Ava M 3 months ago

      SNJ it’s very wet and cold

  • Dave223
    Dave223 7 months ago +1

    Where is the best restaurant on the island ?

    • SunflxwerJam
      SunflxwerJam 5 months ago

      Dave k marina metro at harve de par

  • OvalSz
    OvalSz 7 months ago

    I live here but it is pretty expensive but it’s worth it!

  • magnum magnum
    magnum magnum 9 months ago +1

    The background melody is louder the narrator's voice. I rarely hear anything.

  • Valeria Chaidez
    Valeria Chaidez 9 months ago

    Search jersey- haut de la garenne

  • JulioHernandez19
    JulioHernandez19 9 months ago +1

    Alguien viene por Dross?? Xdd

  • Jonas Vilhelm Lindberg
    Jonas Vilhelm Lindberg 9 months ago

    Like it...Like 2 move😁👍

  • Empy-Agario
    Empy-Agario 9 months ago +2

    Who lives here 🤔🤤 but just always stays indoors

    • KumaBean
      KumaBean 2 months ago

      Outside is nice but there's people out there, lol 🍻

  • Markogamer
    Markogamer 9 months ago +46

    ahh esta es la isla misteriosa !!! ok ok

  • Jannet Dacanay
    Jannet Dacanay 10 months ago +2

    Someday, I'll be able to visit these places...awesome...

  • Nicky Alex
    Nicky Alex 11 months ago

    So glad I will get to go very soon with my little family, now my youngest likes watching this title. So beautifully put to together .

  • rajesh
    rajesh Year ago

    I always love English culture and I love cricket sport...........

  • too. much. finance.

    Jersey, aka the North-Korea if the English channel.

    • too. much. finance.
      too. much. finance. Year ago

      @Infinity Playz that's what it was labelled by former jersey senator stuart syvret on his blog before it was taken down by google... on request from jersey. way to prove a point. let's make it an official slogan

    • Infinity Playz
      Infinity Playz Year ago

      Also true

  • Ariaan Titan
    Ariaan Titan Year ago +1

    Parlent-ils Français là-bas ?

  • mohammed nizam
    mohammed nizam Year ago +1

    After watching cricket I'm here

    GINA POALERO Year ago

    “Gaylicks” right

  • Drama Llama
    Drama Llama Year ago +3

    I love this place it’s so beautiful I live here and the weather may not be great but it is a beautiful place the oceans or amazing the people are lovely

    • KumaBean
      KumaBean 2 months ago

      How'd you get on Janet? 🙂

    • Janet Thomasson
      Janet Thomasson 6 months ago +1

      I'm applying for a job in Jersey... hope I'm making the right decision

    • Drama Llama
      Drama Llama Year ago +2

      Benjamin Shepherd yeah but sometimes the weather isn’t great like it rains a lot in the winter and in the summer we rarely get thunderstorms

  • Sabudin Miya
    Sabudin Miya Year ago +2

    i could never understand how these islands are UK territory when it is way closer to France...may be for few days to visit is ok but to live here no chance..anyone will be easily bored there after few days....

    • KumaBean
      KumaBean 2 months ago

      We are not part of the UK.

    • naycnay
      naycnay 10 months ago +2

      It was Norman territory when Normandy was more of it's own thing. Then the Normans invaded England in 1066 and the "Channel Islands" went with the Normans and split from the French side of things.
      Most people who move to Jersey love it. It's expensive, but life is so easy here. There is enough to do and it's a social island, so you spend your time drinking and eating with friends and colleagues.

  • DanDiabloJSY
    DanDiabloJSY Year ago +9

    Yeah I'm a Jersey bean 🇯🇪 and yes it's bloody expensive to live here!

    • FYE ARRW
      FYE ARRW Month ago

      Looks beautiful though. Its expensive to live where I am but it's also a crap dump 😭

    • KumaBean
      KumaBean 2 months ago

      Javiera, don't believe everything you see or read on the internet, most of it is bollocks.
      Source; I live on Jersey.

    • Ally Smith
      Ally Smith 3 months ago

      Miss Louisiana compared to most countries.

    • Javiera ōJō
      Javiera ōJō 6 months ago +1

      Have you ever seen something bad there ? An famous mexican youtuber recintly made a video about jersey islad and seid: 1 Is a paradise to hide money 2 its almost impposible migrate there 3 Rich people goes to the islad for pedophilic thing 4 there are the biggest nucleo of traffic of child 5 the most of common people are childs from service jobs for richs 6 there are strange statues includ child sucking dicks and the representacion of "child lover". I dont know wtf ....

    • Infinity Playz
      Infinity Playz Year ago +1

      Very fucking true

    JXRPBTC Year ago


  • Barbara Hobbs
    Barbara Hobbs Year ago +9

    Just love the island. Lived there for a few years, wish I was back.

  • Ident man
    Ident man Year ago +4

    Britans answer to Hawaii

  • De U
    De U Year ago +11

    Jersey packs a punch when it comes to sights to visit. Very serene with low population density

    • SJM
      SJM 20 days ago +1

      KumaBean yup. I think it’s recorded at the 13th most densely populated country/island in the world. 😕 But hasn’t always been like that. Sadly most of us (multi generations) have had no say on the matter and now we are in the minority.😢

    • KumaBean
      KumaBean 2 months ago +1

      We're over populated due to mass, unchecked immigration.

    • FaTaL X
      FaTaL X 5 months ago +1

      It is more densely populated than china

    • FaTaL X
      FaTaL X 5 months ago

      De U low popultion density????

  • OvalSz
    OvalSz Year ago +2

    I live in jersey! 🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪

  • Ernest Lumezi
    Ernest Lumezi Year ago

    Real beauty

  • Ernest Lumezi
    Ernest Lumezi Year ago +1

    The shimy carot is jersey UK teritory or ???

  • Priva Bonito
    Priva Bonito Year ago +1

    Beautiful place. Greetings from Spain

  • Steve S
    Steve S Year ago +1

    I was in the Great Storm of 1987, Jersey Island. I am trying to remember the name of the hotel I stayed
    in. The hotel was quite near St. Helier if I remember correctly. The hotel/motel was at least three
    stories, about half way down the side cliff of the island. The hotel was by itself, and built recently.
    I had to drive down the side of the cliff to the front of the hotel. There was one tree in front, and when the tide was low, one could walk to a "round defense bucket" that the Germans had used during WW2.
    (Looked like someone took a bucket of sand and flipped it upside down, like in sand box.)
    I remember the tree was broken in half after the storm.
    Does anyone know the name of the hotel?
    I read a British paper which stated it was the worst storm in some 325 years.

    • naycnay
      naycnay 10 months ago

      Was it Mount Bingham?,-2.1063285,3a,75y,73.73h,77.32t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sNifgGvHC_OQBk2QBSNA5aw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
      And was this your "Round Defense Bucket"?,-2.1016916,3a,75.6y,142.02h,85.16t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sFkOKxPwy17zGKRQguvryZg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
      I was born in '88 and the place has changed significantly in my lifetime. So I wouldn't know what hotel or whether or not the German structure remains unchanged.

  • Raymond Lee
    Raymond Lee Year ago

    Looks really nice. I'd like to visit it sometime

  • David Huffman
    David Huffman Year ago +4


  • Parul Srivastava
    Parul Srivastava Year ago +2

    Would like to visit this place someday ❤😍😘

  • Luca Double
    Luca Double Year ago +4

    Yo I live hear it’s so peacepul

    • SunflxwerJam
      SunflxwerJam 5 months ago

      Luca Double it really is I love it

  • bogdan
    bogdan Year ago


  • Remi Couriard
    Remi Couriard Year ago +2

    Good over view of what my island has to offer.
    Wish the pronounciation of the local place names were spoken correctly.

  • Rishav
    Rishav Year ago +15

    good tax heaven...

    • Ardi80
      Ardi80 Month ago

      But most of products are imported right? So it will be expensive for sure

    • KumaBean
      KumaBean 2 months ago

      It does no good for the average local, trust me.

  • bastek.
    bastek. Year ago +2

    I like 👍👍👍

  • Joe Garagozzo
    Joe Garagozzo Year ago +1

    Beautiful place...too bad you have to sell your first born to spend a week there. Canada is doubt. I rather spend my money in PEI . Absolutely beautiful and green!!! Awesome sea food and the tax I pay goes to my land and not the bankers of Jersey that stash their earnings there. It's too bad that such beauty is not accessible to more people.

    • Pontius Pilate
      Pontius Pilate 11 months ago

      Alot of people from jersey end up in Canada it seems.

  • Kiran Kapadia
    Kiran Kapadia Year ago +10

    I watch a lot of your videos regularly and enjoy them very much. But I have a small suggestion to make. We watch your videos to see the places shown around the world and also to listen to the narration . Music is always good to hear but for these videos I suggest you turn down the volume of music or not have it at all.

  • Stephwinsyouknow
    Stephwinsyouknow Year ago +4

    After watching this video, I don't need to go to Jersey.

  • Mes Khan
    Mes Khan Year ago +1

    Jersey belongs to UK

    • Richard Schiffman
      Richard Schiffman 8 months ago +2

      Jersey wants nothing to do with United Kingdom of Pakistani immigrants.

    • MC Meyer
      MC Meyer 9 months ago +1

      No it doesn't.

    • Tziu Ricky
      Tziu Ricky Year ago +3

      It's a Crown Dependency, not "part of the UK".

  • beasmith1
    beasmith1 Year ago +9

    Always brings a tear to my eyes watching Jersey videos, I was born there but not been back since 89. Can't afford to, but the kids are under instruction that my ashes will be with family at St Brelades church....

    • Neelima Christopher
      Neelima Christopher 10 days ago

      I hope you will go there again

    • KumaBean
      KumaBean 2 months ago

      I buried my Auntie there a couple of weeks ago, I'd never been there before and had no idea how beautiful the place was.
      I understand your wishes, all the best to you and yours 💚

    • elegy slp
      elegy slp 6 months ago +3

      May your wish come true .

  • W Ghost
    W Ghost Year ago +4

    It is a very unique historical island indeed , very nice for a vacation

  • Kevin Gallagher
    Kevin Gallagher Year ago

    nice place

  • Michael S
    Michael S Year ago +1

    Beautiful video and the views thanks

  • MysticFieryNeko
    MysticFieryNeko Year ago +6

    You forgot to say that it cost an at and leg to live over here in Jersey

    • KumaBean
      KumaBean 2 months ago +1

      'Get to learn a beautiful language'?
      We have Jèrriais? 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • dontlaughtoomuch11
      dontlaughtoomuch11 11 months ago

      That part they conveniently leave out ofcourse seeing as it's mostly a tourist destination! If it's too expensive, the Islanders could always migrate to France (get to learn a beautiful language).

  • Dileep Jaiswal
    Dileep Jaiswal Year ago +2

    Very nice channel by you I now the world I want go on world Ture

  • I Jackson27
    I Jackson27 Year ago

    WHAT a nice country to be in it surely it would be humble

  • Ultimartinum
    Ultimartinum 2 years ago

    Your videos need more saturation

  • Sabrina Yu
    Sabrina Yu 2 years ago

    would love to see a video for langkawi and koh samui

  • TheStgmp44
    TheStgmp44 2 years ago +2

    if you are interested in history, you might like to know ..... Jersey has more Neolithic artefacts than the whole of the UK. Corbiere light house was the first concrete light house built in Britain and that Elizabeth Castle was where the last siege of the English Civil War was fought.

  • Joe Northcott
    Joe Northcott 2 years ago

    It’s a wildlife preserve not a zoo Durrell Wildlife Preserve

    • Joe Northcott
      Joe Northcott 2 years ago

      TheStgmp44 well that’s idiotic, they have a whole area dedicated to him and don’t forget that one random rock with him and a lemur on it..

    • TheStgmp44
      TheStgmp44 2 years ago

      sorry but it has reverted back to being called Jersey Zoo, as Tourists didn't know what Durrell's was.

  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom 2 years ago


  • Robyn Daniels
    Robyn Daniels 2 years ago

    I'm visiting in October and not in the least interested in all the wartime stuff so not sure what I will do with myself over 3 days. I will probably visit the art gallery and museum the first day along with a little shopping, then take a one day coach tour of the island on the second day and some more shopping on my last day. I have been told it is a beautiful island and my late brother used to love the place - sadly I can't see the attraction on the vids on offer and it may well be a one-off visit.

  • joanna 44
    joanna 44 2 years ago +2

    Please do Düsseldorf,Cologne,Brussels and Antwerp

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 years ago +2

    Warning! Do not book with Expedia. They will not assist if anything goes wrong. There is zero customer support. Prices often cheaper at hotel itself.

  • Danilo Krnjaić
    Danilo Krnjaić 2 years ago +2

    I just discovered your channel and I can tell "Bravo!" to you. You have the best travel videos that I saw. I just watched few of them and I felt joy and goosebumps. Beautiful shots. Wow! 😃

  • Traveller - Trip Reports & Travel Videos

    We love your destination videos and always watch them when planning new trips! Best Regards from Maxi and Maro.

  • TalkingTon Gamer
    TalkingTon Gamer 2 years ago +65

    I’ve been to all these places - probably cuz I live here

    • wranglemz Z
      wranglemz Z Month ago

      Um saem

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    • Marcelo Díaz
      Marcelo Díaz 8 months ago

      Hey dude can you tell me a place where i can find these Lil Boys who Made famous this place? Is for a friend called Mauricio paredes bugueño

    • Caline BRUNO
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      wilkins sahdala why ?

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