Everything Wrong With A Star Is Born (2018)

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
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    Here is a movie a lot of people loved that has good performances, good music, it won some awards. Yada yada. Let's talk about the sins in A Star Is Born!
    Thursday: Forgotten animated sins.
    Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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Comments • 2 069

  • Surya Hung
    Surya Hung Day ago

    Everyone else praises this movie, I found it just a soft porn

  • Goee Goanna
    Goee Goanna 10 days ago

    It seems to me that this whole movie is a Gaga mastabatory wankfest in a year or two and probably more of LA wankfests.

  • Callum Fitz-Patrick
    Callum Fitz-Patrick 11 days ago

    I’m sorry this’ll be a movie for the ages - the music is beautiful !

  • That one guy
    That one guy 12 days ago

    I saw that video... It was great

  • Caitlyn OConnor
    Caitlyn OConnor 14 days ago

    bruh you gVE AT LEAST 20 sins bc you didnt realize there was a time jump

  • Steve McCullagh
    Steve McCullagh 17 days ago

    Please do Bohemian Rhapsody since it was terrible.

  • Jules Mpc
    Jules Mpc 18 days ago

    whats the problem if the audience is all white people??? we have a culture....we like this type of music so its normal. Its normal and natural, just like rap shows have mostly black audiences. STOP MAKING EVERYTHING ABOUT RACE! You are being racist!!!

  • janet aulino
    janet aulino 19 days ago

    The line about suicide in your video deserves a sin off(from cenima sins's soul) Good job 😇

  • aimee
    aimee 21 day ago

    i watched this movie last night and thought the same, it's way too fast-paced in terms of the events happening over what feels like a month

  • André Camilo
    André Camilo 23 days ago

    1:40 - That'd be an "A Star is Born" plus "The Crying Game" mashup/remake

  • Little Monster
    Little Monster 25 days ago

    Nothing is wrong with this fantastic movie! :3

  • Blissful Insomniac
    Blissful Insomniac 29 days ago

    Why would you sin sudden Dave Chappelle? Also, Lady Gaga's blank stare throughout the movie (DING).

  • Horsegirl
    Horsegirl Month ago

    I think Gaga looks far more attractive all, "scuzzed up." Also, super props for the suicide prevention plug :)

  • RRoJ
    RRoJ Month ago

    Alec Baldwin hosting SNL ?

  • RRoJ
    RRoJ Month ago

    Foregallowing LollLLLLL

  • Nikole Macon
    Nikole Macon Month ago

    This movie bang!

  • Eleanor Radaza
    Eleanor Radaza Month ago

    2:50 He called Ally a Whore...

  • brian milligan
    brian milligan Month ago

    Dude... you suck.

  • Medieaval Beabe
    Medieaval Beabe Month ago

    The only thing wrong with this film? Lacks a singer that can actually sing.

  • Johnny Marlin
    Johnny Marlin Month ago

    Talk about are pathetic overated Liberal feminist SJW Movie !!.

  • chairs or standing ufos

    Yikes this was a boring movie for me to watch

  • Charlie-Mia
    Charlie-Mia Month ago

    I love Cinema Sins. But this is my fav movie. And I’m just gonna say that you’re totally wrong with how fast the movie progresses. You can see by the size of the dog and how he grows that the film has the story line of at least 2 years, maybe more. Yes some parts of the film are fast, however it isn’t like it is “all done over night” (in a metaphorical way) like you said. I would say the movies only fault is not hinting at any time line for the viewer to know

  • crazy gamer
    crazy gamer Month ago

    You’re talking shit

  • ami padme
    ami padme Month ago +2

    13:45 Thanks guys. Appreciate so much from this point onward.

  • Booker Jones
    Booker Jones Month ago

    I can't disagree with 90% of these "This doesn't make sense" sins, my problem with the movie is it drizzles out starting with the manager's talk with Jackson about him making Ally look like a "jerk". The story's a melodrama and (like the '76 version) this one wobbles between that and trying to be "gritty" and "real". Which sometimes works, but not at the end. It just kind of putters; it definitely needed that scene from the first two with someone (grandma, the old band mate; here it should be Ramon) confronting the isolating. self-pitying Ally and doing the whole "Get hold of yourself! The show must go on! If you give up Jackson [Norman Maine] died for nothing!" I needed that overemotional wallop and it wasn't there.

  • t v
    t v Month ago

    I mean...
    _Trigger Warning_ is a pretty dope Netflix show.

  • Big D -1- Channel
    Big D -1- Channel Month ago

    The nose too big thing, was a reference to Barbra Streisand, who did the original movie and why this remake of A Star Is Born, something that should not have been remade.

  • Alexa Bella Muerte
    Alexa Bella Muerte Month ago


  • Alexa Bella Muerte
    Alexa Bella Muerte Month ago

    Canola oil! Hahaha

  • Tinthia Clemant
    Tinthia Clemant Month ago

    Bradley did a great job mimicking Sam Elliot. Bravo.

  • Rami Yohay
    Rami Yohay Month ago

    I agree with the whole suicide decision thing. I mean, one sentence out of Rez and Jack decides to commit suicide? Jack should have punched him in the face and say "who the fuck are you telling me and my wife how to live our lives?!". I mean come on man ! You have a successful wife, a roof above your head. So you are down on your luck... swallow your pride and start over!

  • Wes DK
    Wes DK Month ago

    6:19 I'm done hahahahahahaha

  • Wild Side
    Wild Side 2 months ago

    I'm shocked but honestly impressed with Cinema sins for promoting anti-suicide. I had a cousin who committed suicide sometime earlier this year. Not something to take lightly.

  • Dr. killpatient
    Dr. killpatient 2 months ago

    I would never watch this fucking movie !!!!

  • Jim Wright
    Jim Wright 2 months ago

    The fourth remake and the original is still the best. My opinion.

  • The sky's the limit.
    The sky's the limit. 2 months ago

    I fu*king hate this movie🙄🙄

  • jaylecia davila
    jaylecia davila 2 months ago

    the whole plot where Ally has been in multiple record exec office and been told she is too ugly to be a pop star, its not supreme bullshit. It actually happened to Lady Gaga in real life. She has talked about it a lot in interviews, that she had such a hard time getting into the music industry because record execs thought she wasn't pretty enough.

  • da Rosa
    da Rosa 2 months ago

    I really love it when a women has a nose like hers

  • brian maddox
    brian maddox 2 months ago

    14:40 deserves a standing ovation. Thank you Cinemasins.

  • cami sweet
    cami sweet 2 months ago

    “Ah suddenly Dave Chappell” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tim McCarthy
    Tim McCarthy 2 months ago

    I never leave comments but thank you for the suicide prevention moment. You guys are amazing

  • Jaydee Paquette
    Jaydee Paquette 2 months ago

    Word to SWAG87, but for the suicide hotline and doesthedogdie messages Jeremy/CinemaSins puts near the end of this video, mad props to them. Mad respect for taking time from their "stupid CinemaSins video" to shout-out and inform of helplines that could really save people's lives and help them steady themselves against, or altogether avoid panic attack/anxiety episodes. Real stand-up thing to do, guys. Major props and love to you, CS.

  • Jaydee Paquette
    Jaydee Paquette 2 months ago +4

    "I can't believe I'm holding one of these!"
    'Especially since I left my meat suit at home!'
    Okay, that got a decent laugh out of me. That was pretty alright. haha

  • Andy Salter
    Andy Salter 2 months ago

    I am triggered by the term " trigger warning " !!!!! It's for snowflakes who can't handle life!!!

  • Andy Salter
    Andy Salter 2 months ago

    God this movie is overrated!!!!! And Bradley Cooper sounds like he is speaking through a mouth full of lady Gaga's testicles!!!!!

  • kai powell
    kai powell 2 months ago

    Your reasoning for half the sins literally make no sense, it’s like you’ve never seen the film

  • Tara Blackmore
    Tara Blackmore 2 months ago +1

    I know you only said it to make a balls joke, but goddamn. What if she was a trans woman? It really would be so much better, and have way more guts.

  • Jorden Sanders
    Jorden Sanders 2 months ago

    I got 30 minutes into this movie and was SO BORED and couldnt stand the constant MUMBLING. Sucks though since everyone says how great it is, I was very disappointed with what I could get through lol

  • Fletcher09
    Fletcher09 2 months ago

    Dude you can see your camera to make a sound 😂😂😂 they most certainly do make that sound and I'm on a galaxy s9 right now. You just have to go to your settings.

  • Camille
    Camille 2 months ago

    Alec Baldwin isn't an SNL cast member. He has just hosted the most times, and does his Trump cameo. Just FYI lol.

  • keenan sudworth
    keenan sudworth 2 months ago

    Everything wrong with A Star is Born: nothing

  • Dan LaCourse
    Dan LaCourse 2 months ago

    LOL. Well done, man. You accomplished the impossible: hitting just the right tone that enables you to criticize what many people really love, without those people feeling mocked or belittled. BTW, I enjoyed the movie despite, as you point out, more than a few flaws. I agree with another reviewer that Sam Elliot's backing-up-in-the-pickup-truck scene was really good. Cheers!

  • Jacob Sherman
    Jacob Sherman 2 months ago

    I honestly didn't like the movie; I like the music, but didn't like the movie.

  • BadKid95US
    BadKid95US 2 months ago

    Sorry baby, but there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS MOVIE

  • flowerbombdiamond
    flowerbombdiamond 2 months ago

    Love how you have said basically everything I thought about this film and then some!

  • Caleb Steele
    Caleb Steele 2 months ago

    The fact that this is even being made is a crime

  • Andrew Keyser
    Andrew Keyser 2 months ago

    Not removing sins for the amazing Sam Elliott is a bloody sin.

  • Willie D
    Willie D 2 months ago

    This is a bit much

  • Esmee
    Esmee 2 months ago +1

    The sin from 6:24 doesnt make sense? They are singing a song so thats a sin? Okay.

  • Mooston 29
    Mooston 29 2 months ago +3

    You defo should have removed a sin for that six second stare dont even @ me