Fake COP in Vietnam Prank! (POLICE CHASE)

  • Published on Jul 5, 2019
  • Fake COP in Vietnam Prank! (POLICE CHASE)
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    The Ireland Boys went to Vietnam and decided to film an INSANE fake employee prank... but instead of dressing up as an employee of a store we bought a Vietnamese Cop uniform and pretended to be a Vietnamese Cop person! This was easily one of the most crazy stories and videos that we have ever filmed! We had to eventually take off the Cop uniform and put on a fake security uniform and pretend to be a fake Vietnamese security guard, after we got dressed up in the uniform we went around the country pranking people and exploring the country dressed as a fake security guard... until the real military and security came. SMASH the LIKE BUTTON if you thought this video was crazy and COMMENT down below what you want to see us FILM NEXT! We can film another #fakeemployee prank if you want to see us do it! #cop
    We used and have an account with epidemic sounds
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    Fake COP in Vietnam Prank! (POLICE CHASE)
    Ireland Boys Productions
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  • Trevor Terry
    Trevor Terry 11 hours ago

    Be more savage in Wal-Mart to 5 days in walmart

  • Mohd Mohd
    Mohd Mohd 17 hours ago

    The logo of ibp looks like a ancient key

  • staiker109 fortnite
    staiker109 fortnite 20 hours ago +1

    duma may khong

  • staiker109 fortnite
    staiker109 fortnite 20 hours ago +1

    um idk how to tell you this, that uniform is a security guard uniform and that green one is police

  • Nguyen Nghi
    Nguyen Nghi Day ago

    team việt nam đâu
    việt nam

  • Błûë Črÿstał

    I meet I’m to I’m like you

  • Błûë Črÿstał

    Me yo I’m like you

  • Mikaella Michelle Ibuan

    This is lmao

  • Juan Garza
    Juan Garza 3 days ago

    Am i the only one who realised dude had on yeezys

  • Ivan Villegas
    Ivan Villegas 3 days ago +1

    Bshz sbf tq. Hq. hew rh w h w. R gb a t egg y. F r y wry. Y tf. H. Y he. E y e u 3 h. D 5 2 5 e g e t. Ryt5. H hrjy

  • Rayyan Hakim
    Rayyan Hakim 4 days ago

    i am malaysia fans ....yeye

  • Huan Pham Dinh
    Huan Pham Dinh 5 days ago +1

    i live in vietnam and the cops usually take money from you

  • Jenn_ Nguyen
    Jenn_ Nguyen 5 days ago +1

    Aye I’m Vietnamese too! Like if you’re Asian! #AsianSquad #Vietnam

  • Jenn_ Nguyen
    Jenn_ Nguyen 5 days ago

    Yay thank you for going to my country!

  • Kaden Is Asian
    Kaden Is Asian 5 days ago

    9:05 its a real Vietnamese word

  • Scotty MSU
    Scotty MSU 6 days ago +1

    How is it that illegal... funny as hell though

  • John Nguyen
    John Nguyen 6 days ago

    I’m from Vietnam 🇻🇳 and I speak Vietnamese

  • Plexios
    Plexios 6 days ago +1

    "military person"

  • rYan
    rYan 7 days ago +1

    "Pic pic pic pic"

  • rYan
    rYan 7 days ago

    xd picpicpicpicpic

  • Bruh moment
    Bruh moment 7 days ago

    Did you just take there phone and keep it 6:18

  • Rice Is Life
    Rice Is Life 8 days ago

    This is so stupid but I love it XD

  • Noct Nguyễn
    Noct Nguyễn 8 days ago

    that's security form not police xd

  • xXgamerwolf Litt
    xXgamerwolf Litt 10 days ago

    My mom is from Vietnam to but my dad is Irish

  • LAraised
    LAraised 11 days ago

    Was that scary for you

  • Peter Quinn
    Peter Quinn 11 days ago

    Are actually Irish because I am

  • LAraised
    LAraised 12 days ago

    That was cool

  • Unknown
    Unknown 12 days ago

    *Top 10 Epic anime characters* 1:31

  • Em Burggraf
    Em Burggraf 13 days ago


  • MMM Thompson
    MMM Thompson 14 days ago

    Agin nice vid

  • MMM Thompson
    MMM Thompson 14 days ago

    Sub tome please you are legends and I would love you legends to sub to me

  • MMM Thompson
    MMM Thompson 14 days ago

    Nice one

  • Tanner Starkey
    Tanner Starkey 14 days ago

    The huter him self Rtf
    Dome rtv the huter

  • Mia Balu
    Mia Balu 14 days ago

    Imagine during this video they barge in and say illegal illegal lol

  • Kaden Pace
    Kaden Pace 15 days ago


  • Naivedhya Rai
    Naivedhya Rai 15 days ago

    Why are the cops making arests and the military detracting traffic I mean isn't it supposed to be the other way around

  • Catnip Nieto
    Catnip Nieto 15 days ago

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaa yeeeeeeeeeeeet

  • Zachary Vroman
    Zachary Vroman 16 days ago

    I’m Vietnamese to my mum I from Vietnam anyone else Vietnamese

  • Janita Gregorious
    Janita Gregorious 16 days ago

    #challengers here bois

  • Creative Beast
    Creative Beast 17 days ago

    have a visit to the UK

  • Augustine Arvidson
    Augustine Arvidson 17 days ago +4

    Who else is here rewatching this cuz its so good? Like if this is same for you.

  • Ethan Master 2
    Ethan Master 2 17 days ago

    Ooh tuh tahhh

  • Thu Tra Nguyen
    Thu Tra Nguyen 18 days ago

    I dont watch you guys for 3 months and you guys come to my country

  • Jacob Hunt
    Jacob Hunt 18 days ago +2

    Crazy how that man lied about it not being being ieagl like if agree

  • Luan Nguyen
    Luan Nguyen 18 days ago

    Fake ass Vietnamese

  • Simple
    Simple 19 days ago

    I wish you guys would delete your youtube channel.

  • Nut 2Brite
    Nut 2Brite 19 days ago

    Hanoi is where My dad grew up

    GUCCI MYTH 20 days ago

    Almost got arrested
    The cops still looking for them there
    But it was still funny asf

  • Faze bob_chins
    Faze bob_chins 20 days ago

    My friend is From Vietnam

  • Joey Paul 1206 Joey Paul 1206

    I bet this comment won’t get pinned

  • xoxo.unique
    xoxo.unique 21 day ago

    Lmfao my moms viet nd I showed her thin nd she was dyin 😹.

    • Simple
      Simple 19 days ago

      Lmao just like i hoped these guys' channel would

  • The Smore’s
    The Smore’s 22 days ago

    10:06 What Ricky will do if yo dont have IBP Merch

  • Kwanruthai Alicea
    Kwanruthai Alicea 22 days ago


  • nhu nguyen
    nhu nguyen 22 days ago

    I live there well moved

  • Itz ya Gurl
    Itz ya Gurl 22 days ago +1

    I’m virtnamese

  • Jose Rascon
    Jose Rascon 23 days ago +2

    I know this was real but what if the police was a pranking you

  • Oscar Mai
    Oscar Mai 23 days ago


  • gerardo hernandez
    gerardo hernandez 24 days ago


  • Brian Liu
    Brian Liu 24 days ago

    green laser in elevator and red eye

  • Victor Pinto
    Victor Pinto 25 days ago

    red eyes