Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Reaction & First Impressions

  • Published on May 20, 2019
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    The final episode is here! Check out my first impression and reaction to the grand finale!
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    Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created for HBO by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. Based on the fantasy novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. A Game of Thrones is one of the most successful television series to ever made and continues to captivate audiences all over the world. The series is set on the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos, and interweaves several plot lines with a large ensemble cast. The first narrative arc follows a civil conflict among several noble houses for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms; the second covers the attempts to reclaim the throne by the exiled last scion of the realm's deposed ruling dynasty; the third chronicles the rising threat of the impending winter and the legendary creatures and fierce peoples of the North. Game of Thrones is set to return for Season 8.
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Comments • 4 013

  • RedTeamReview
    RedTeamReview  12 hours ago +2274

    Dany broke the wheel and replaced it with 2 wheels

    • Alan Pennie
      Alan Pennie 7 hours ago

      +Michael Hill
      They're not wasting any time. That Star Wars trilogy's a waiting.

    • Snehanshu Shekhar
      Snehanshu Shekhar 7 hours ago


    • Korg Meek
      Korg Meek 7 hours ago

      Lol I made this joke tonight, she replaced the wheel with a tractor tire

    • Lotus Leila
      Lotus Leila 7 hours ago

      Best comment ever! :)))

    • yen xion
      yen xion 7 hours ago

      Lol 😂

  • markurbancowboy
    markurbancowboy 7 hours ago

    G.O.T was the best series ever up until season 8!!! I can't believe they messed it up this bad! G.O.T was a series where the good guys and the bad guys didn't win. It was a series that had tragic twist that shocked you! Season 8 was something from another series!

  • Aggie Capps
    Aggie Capps 7 hours ago

    Was I the only person looking for a jon vs grey worm showdown? Like jon is the greatest warrior in Westeros.. so disappointed.

  • gringopablo
    gringopablo 7 hours ago

    Beyond the bad writing... This episode is BORING. The others at least where good for entertainment. This one? Bad and BORING.


    So George RR Martin said the main plot points would be the same? So Bran will end up on the throne in the books?

  • Mon Sneaks
    Mon Sneaks 7 hours ago

    I have no problems with how it ended. I have a problem with how we got there. Instead of 6 eps it could have been 6 SEASONS!!! WTF WAS WITH BRAN SAYING "Why do you think I came all this way?" BRAN LITERALLY PLANNED IT ALL!!!!

  • No One
    No One 7 hours ago +1

    Wtf 😠
    This final season ruined the entire GOT😵
    Fans (to writers) : Am i a joke to u😠

  • Marisx25 LV
    Marisx25 LV 7 hours ago

    So, lesson for today:
    Do nothing, become king.
    Do everything, goes to rot off at the wall, cant have family, wife, etc.

  • Talia12
    Talia12 7 hours ago +1

    Jon was sold out by everyone - even his so called family.

  • Fleet Fox
    Fleet Fox 7 hours ago

    I really like the actor portraying Bran and he does have a great story. If not for the shit writing the past two seasons, they could have made Bran a character that we wanted to see on the throne.

  • Merc 015837
    Merc 015837 7 hours ago

    To be honest, i thought Drogon was going to recognize John as the true dragon and kill Daenerys at John's reluctant insistence... All the build up for such a let down... i feel cheated...

  • Ali Alhayani
    Ali Alhayani 7 hours ago

    How bran is the king if the 6 kingdoms when there is
    Dorne 1
    The reach 2
    Stormlands 3
    Westerland 4
    The vale 5
    RIverlands 6
    Iron isles 7
    (And the north 8 ❌) free kingdom
    So its already 7 lol
    Im Confounded..if they missed a hole kingdom that will not be ez like the starbucks.......

  • Kim 23_12
    Kim 23_12 7 hours ago

    Amazing how the wall was fully restored again!

  • Dobadobadooo
    Dobadobadooo 7 hours ago

    Though the season was undeniably rushed, I actually loved this ending. Most of the character arcs felt satisfying to me, and I was glad to see my favorite characters (those who are still alive anyway) getting some surprisingly happy endings. A lot of the people who hate this ending also seem to be Daenerys fanboys/fangirls, who think her turn to evil made no sense. But like Tyrion said, she's been a self-righteous conqueror for a long time, so I had no problem accepting her as the Mad Queen. Overall not a great season, but definitely a great finale.

  • LT RT
    LT RT 7 hours ago

    Bitter sweet ending? Wtf is that shit. I was really hoping that dani survived that stab and Jon travels north to the cave and find dani waiting for him.This ending would’ve been better than the shit that we got

  • Iliyan Tsvetanov
    Iliyan Tsvetanov 7 hours ago

    Naming your kid Denerys is as good as naming your kid Hitler back in 1938.

  • Neta Avrany Nessimy
    Neta Avrany Nessimy 7 hours ago

    Such a disappointing ending for Jon aka Aegon Targaryen the rightful heir 💔
    We might be better off with Queen Cersei...

  • Adrian P
    Adrian P 7 hours ago

    Bran killed littlefinger just to become like him. If he never told jon about being targerian he would never have been king.

  • thevoiceofreason
    thevoiceofreason 7 hours ago

    I laughed out loud so fucking much

  • Kelly Mason
    Kelly Mason 7 hours ago

    Perhaps a whole new series springs forth from Bran the broken... the memory ... the history of Westeros... and written out by Samwell Talley.
    That’s all I have right now. I’m in shock. I personally think it was fitting for Drogon to Burn the Throne. Favorite parts... the entire throne room scene from Daenerys desperate plea for love to Jon... hearing Drogon cry out sensing her death... the whole scene. The scene with Jon and Tyrion was strong. I wish the whole dragon element hand been expanded...personally.. I kind of wanted Drogon to come back and get Jon... I mean, instead of burning Jon, he burned the symbol of what killed her... is it symbolic that the last Targaryen goes to the true north.
    I think there was always subtle hints that Dani could come unhinged. She seemed uneffected at her brother’s brain melting . She did numerous barbaric things... every bit as murderous as Cersei...! The blood of the dragon....
    I wish there was more to that scene . I guess I wish there was more everything 😭

  • Nishant Kabra
    Nishant Kabra 7 hours ago +1

    So Dothraki and Unsullied didn't kill Jon, instead, they call lords of seven kingdoms to come and give them justice for killing their queen. So sophisticated and patient of them.

  • Hand Paw
    Hand Paw 7 hours ago

    All seasons were good, but last season is sucks.

  • Samus Lorans
    Samus Lorans 7 hours ago

    Bran planned everything. he planned daenerys' downfall

  • Reality Bites
    Reality Bites 7 hours ago

    I’m starting a rewatch of LOST immediately to wash this bad taste away.

  • chris sanvo
    chris sanvo 7 hours ago

    Don’t care about the episode, all that matters John pats ghost

  • Nicosixth Robin
    Nicosixth Robin 7 hours ago

    I'm not happy with Jon's ending. Not just because he was sent North.
    He is a Targaryen.
    Everyone knows that the Targaryans have the tendency to go insane. For all they know the complete last generation of that family did. Mad king, Viserys. Rhaegar (yeah, he didn't, but they thought he did), Danny. And yet, they all just assume that that won't happen to Jon. -.-
    If Jon ever has a child (he is still young, give him time and a nice wildling woman) that will mean the Targaryen line continues! Great setup for a future "The kingdom should be mine since I am the rightful heir". That is why you don't just send of characters to "guard the North".

  • Luke Tyson
    Luke Tyson 7 hours ago

    People only really hate it because it's not what they'd already planned in their heads as how it ought to end. Looking objectively it's pretty decent. 7/10

  • Anuojat
    Anuojat 7 hours ago

    To ALL except the writers, i SALUTE THEE. Holy crap did you all make such fantastic effort and work on the series despite its flaws and awful writing. Thank you, your acting made it if not worth it, much less painful.

    And yes the cinomatography... why was in charge here and in general on the show? THANK YOU! :D

  • vasilis striker
    vasilis striker 7 hours ago

    Such a disaster...Tyrion just to know that, when an ending is so lame, then no one appreciate the story...pff eight years of my life, filling a vaze and suddenly the vaze is empty.

  • Navneet Thapa
    Navneet Thapa 7 hours ago

    jon remained a bastard !

  • Sassy Saddles
    Sassy Saddles 7 hours ago +1

    Starks were the villains all along! danny deserved better, i cant believe i waited 8 years for this

  • HoracioDerpington
    HoracioDerpington 7 hours ago

    Imagine the monarchs of Europe disbanding feudilism because a dwarf told them to. Holy Roman Empire just becomes a republic overnight with a crippled, spaced out new emperor, and all the former kings/queens cheering his name.

  • ndiluso
    ndiluso 7 hours ago +1

    No matter what the ending was or would have been, people will complain..

  • scatalin09
    scatalin09 7 hours ago

    Sam did not finish training and became maester, but don't forget Arya, she did not finish training and yet she still became a Ninja and killed the Night King.
    Utter ball of crap!

  • officialgamerz29
    officialgamerz29 7 hours ago

    What makes you think that the unsullied and dothraki would stop Arya from proceeding up the stairs to jon

  • Nauman Ibrahim
    Nauman Ibrahim 7 hours ago

    Bran : I don't want to be king
    Also Bran : Why do you think I came all this way??

  • harsh bharadwaj
    harsh bharadwaj 7 hours ago

    I don't get it.. What was the point of changing Jon's identity to aegon ?

  • franklin wenzler
    franklin wenzler 7 hours ago +1

    What’s this about the longest night ? How this isn’t the end

  • Juan Ferreira
    Juan Ferreira 7 hours ago +1

    Basically the writers made Westeros into the Holy Roman Empire lol

  • Budd631
    Budd631 7 hours ago

    Just watched this episode 2 seconds ago. What a steaming pile of shit this episode was. Truly horrendous. No one should get paid for this episode.

  • Ted Pow
    Ted Pow 7 hours ago +2

    so Season 7 has better ending..
    Night King breaks the Wall and kills 'em all.THE END.

  • 4K Pixel
    4K Pixel 7 hours ago

    I think it‘s good that it ended. The story was extensive until the end of Season 7 and the producers had to fix it in only 6 Episodes. That‘s why I think it was more than a good job. The story deserved a better endig but life goes on! I‘m happy to say, that I‘ve seen the whole story. Thank you to the whole cast and the fans all over the world!

  • anthony macias
    anthony macias 7 hours ago

    Arya traveling will be the next spinoff

  • Air Destroyers
    Air Destroyers 7 hours ago

    I predicted the nonsense of this back in like season 3 "game of thrones" Naw democracy of thrones. Pure crap.

  • Mrs B
    Mrs B 7 hours ago

    - Hi George! How do you feel about Season 8 's GOT final?
    - ....
    - what else?

  • Bigboy Ramboy
    Bigboy Ramboy 7 hours ago +1

    I was waiting to buy the box set when it finishes for years after season 8 saved me from buying it.

  • Josh Walton
    Josh Walton 7 hours ago

    In my opinion, they played it safe because they didn’t wanna upset anyone. But ultimately that left people disappointed and feeling unfulfilled

  • Yhur Hurt
    Yhur Hurt 7 hours ago

    I'm really happy that now every time I think back on this series I'll have the taste of shit from season 7 and 8 in my mouth. Wow. I've never seen a show fall from grace so hard. I can't wait to forget about this.

  • Jakara
    Jakara 7 hours ago

    Y is everyone ignoring the brienne writing down jaimies story? I really loved this, without this jaimies story would have ended really bad but this scene kinda saved it. But I agree with you that the episode is the least bad from the season

  • M T
    M T 7 hours ago

    The whole point of having an hereditary monarchy is that the transition of power to the heir is understood and predictable, having the nobles elect the monarch is going to lead to an endless cycle of civil war every time a king/queen bites it, it’ll be a blood bath. Another brilliant contribution from the world’s stupidest dwarf. This season was a joke.

  • martin ramsbottom
    martin ramsbottom 7 hours ago

    The makers of GOT sat down and thought to themselves ,what's the worse possible ending we can think of ,then ran with it from episode 1-6 . You have to hate GOT to slaughter the final season like that ,you have to ,have no respect for the fans or the cast for that matter ,to butcher the whole thing like that.
    It's like getting the best looking ,the best tasting cake you can ever come up with ,then putting a dog turd on the top .
    What a joke !!,what a crying shame.

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 7 hours ago

    The 1st 14 minutes of this season ender had 2 lines of script and the rest was actors facial expressions... brilliant, stable, genius writers.

  • Jay
    Jay 7 hours ago

    Sansa, arya, tyrion, sam ,and bran all knew jon is a targerian yet no one said a word . Bran being king is ridiculous, where did the dothraki go ?bronn master of coin as if ,what was the point of the night king? jon lineage .I didn't like the end but I now think it's good end for jon he is now free he loves the wildlings/tormund and he's got ghost and doesn't have to deal with any of it anymore

  • ppjysn
    ppjysn 7 hours ago

    "nobody hates bran"???

  • Tekk Luthor
    Tekk Luthor 7 hours ago

    I think the characters will end up exactly where they are in the books except more nuanced

  • spree19
    spree19 7 hours ago +1

    Jamie kills the king & he's awarded with the title, lord commander of the Kings gurad.
    Jon kills Dany & he is asked to take the black. When Jon is the true heir to the iron throne 🤦

  • erbol bek
    erbol bek 7 hours ago

    Starks ruling everywhere, belongs wall, winterfell and king landing

  • King Joffrey
    King Joffrey 7 hours ago

    *Thanks to the old gods and the new I died before enduring this bullshit ending!!*

  • ashish vaswani
    ashish vaswani 7 hours ago

    U can't kill someone with knife so easily while huggs n kisses

  • Asad Khan
    Asad Khan 7 hours ago +1

    They ruined it completely !

  • KV
    KV 7 hours ago

    It was one of the most boring episodes of GoT for me. I almost fell asleep. This show started out great and the moment Georged R.R. Martin parted ways, it went downhill hard.

  • Austin Lehman
    Austin Lehman 7 hours ago

    Bran is the most useless character ever! I’ve hated him the whole show because he didn’t contribute anything other than being pushed out a window. He is like a person in your group project who does nothing and still gets the A

  • DVo
    DVo 7 hours ago

    The only thing I didn't see coming was Bran being King... If they wanted to have Bran win the game, cool, fine, but they should've developed his character as a villain puppet master pulling the strings!!! What a waste of character development...

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 7 hours ago +1

    Bran, as his 1st decree granting special rights to Sansa when his very coronation is supposed to break the feudal system is complete fan service. FU D+D .
    Remember Bran is sans remorse now, zero empathy. For Bran to grant Sansa this demand, not request, because that is what it was, the last vote to say aye, and she dissents. Is contrary to his story arc as the 3 eyed raven.Bran would have made Sansa bend the knee or have her executed there and then. That would have been a last lil spark of real writing.

  • OB1 KenoB
    OB1 KenoB 7 hours ago

    Hadn’t seen the final episode yet but at this point i just don’t really care much anymore 🥺

  • Stu
    Stu 7 hours ago

    So there's another final episode?

  • Jiav
    Jiav 7 hours ago

    no one likes or hates bran, thats why it feels lackluster, you have emotion or passion towards him as his character. He is so bland and so underused you just feel empty when he was announced.

  • GB PN
    GB PN 7 hours ago

    The first ten minutes of tonight’s series finale should have been the last ten minutes of this season’s finale, with another season in the offing detailing the fight of Jon Snow and the other rebel Lords and Ladies against the tyrant Dragon Queen.

  • ElderGod4
    ElderGod4 7 hours ago

    Where is the reaction? Lol..

  • Son Of Thunder
    Son Of Thunder 7 hours ago +1

    👎👎👎👎This episode was so trash...The characters did absolutely nothing the whole episode....The Dragon Queen death was so lame...I thought she was going to do more things before she was can tell this final season was rushed...especially this episode...I didn't feel any joy or excitement with anything during this last episode...oh goes on

  • High streak level Gaming

    What’s weird is he takes her east toward storms end which has healing properties...

  • officialgamerz29
    officialgamerz29 7 hours ago

    Just pray George doesnt die before publishing the rest of the books

    MELODY MUNRO 7 hours ago

    Fan service? seems to me they are damned if they do and damned if they don't with some fans...

  • Vishmita Bangera
    Vishmita Bangera 7 hours ago

    I really wanted to know where bran warged into, in the middle of the battle of winterfell against the NK😐 and there is no nymeria till the end😢

  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious 7 hours ago

    D&D got a contract for Star Wars, and was told to butcher GoT "rereadable credibility". Kathleen said, butcher that shit. I'll give you lots of money. I don't want to compete with GoT anymore.

    • Daniel Martinez
      Daniel Martinez 7 hours ago

      No dip[shit,they butchered it and got out before they got the SW contract, hack, and you know it and are lying. HBO wanted 10 eps for s8 and Dumb and dumber balked HBO EX ceo let them go before the world knew what hacks they were. HBO Ceo paid for it with his job and career when Att bought them and saw what had become of HBO's highly leveraged in negotiations their golden goose, Expand your knowledge.......

  • officialgamerz29
    officialgamerz29 7 hours ago

    "That kinda happened, except she's dead" LMAO

  • Julivia Gilkes
    Julivia Gilkes 7 hours ago

    This episode was so much garbage...... John never became king ......what a waste

  • Karan Johar
    Karan Johar 7 hours ago +4

    Bran:" I can't be lord of anything. I am something else now. I am three eyed raven."
    Me:"ok. His choice."
    Tyrion:" I name you king. Will you lead us?"
    Bran: " why do you think I came all along here?"

  • cat ✨
    cat ✨ 7 hours ago

    it was a weird mix between being very rushed and spending a lot of time dragging things out?

  • Aloq Saiyan
    Aloq Saiyan 7 hours ago

    Iron throne becoming wheel of throne... Next ruler must be crippled too... Lol

  • Andrew Yucel
    Andrew Yucel 7 hours ago

    What the f*cks a Lommy?

  • D K
    D K 7 hours ago

    Everyone (Yara,Sansa,Drone other lords) arriving with their armies to save their rightful king and attack the unsullied (Because they received Varys' ravens) and then freeing Jon killing the dothraki and the unsullied freeing Jon. And then deciding that Bran will be the King as Jon refuses thethrone because he doesn't want it and grieves for Dany regretting killing her queen. Willingly accepts the Black.

    Would have been a better end for ME atleast. It would have made sense of Jon being a targeryan and Varys writing those letters.

  • Ryandre Nathanael
    Ryandre Nathanael 7 hours ago +2

    ''Well, this was disappointing.''

  • HubbleFunk
    HubbleFunk 7 hours ago

    The iron throne is now an iron ramp

  • Chetsi Rene
    Chetsi Rene 7 hours ago

    I SO DON'T agree with what everyone wanted happened! There is zero fanservice here! I mean it's so bloody frustrating for Jon cuz he went right back where he bloody started! Exactly where he started. True Sansa got to be queen and Arya got to go check out what's west of westeros but wtf Bran is King???? What did he plan that all along? And the funny thing is... ONLY the Starks remain! Up in the north.. beyond the wall. In the South and on the seas! The STARKS are RULING! ALL IN THEIR OWN WAY! This is insane! A mother of freaking dragons came from another continent, fought the night walkers, killed a city.. and yet all the credit just goes to the Starks. The ice. It started with the starks (fucking episode 1 of season 1) and it ended with the Stark's.!!!! I can't even think....

  • ali
    ali 7 hours ago +1

    Once I loved HBO now I hate HBO
    What a fucking ending😐

  • Nolan Hargreaves
    Nolan Hargreaves 7 hours ago +1

    Episode was like a 3/10

  • lucky ash
    lucky ash 7 hours ago +1

    I was hoping for bitter sweet ending , still waiting for the sweet part ...Bitter part for me was danny🐉 dying 😭😂, sansa becoming 😡 what she always wanted to become a queen 😡 , cerci having her own sweet death with her lover by her side, jon and tyrion backstabbing danny .... ....

  • Etienne
    Etienne 7 hours ago

    This show will deserve to be remade from season 6 onward when the books are out.

  • NeoGeoSNK
    NeoGeoSNK 7 hours ago +1

    Aegon (Jon) literally is the king out side of the entire westro, Sansa becomes the queen in the north, Brandon stark becomes the king of six Kingdoms, the stark house was so fucked up during the first four seasons, now they run almost the whole known world !

    Bitter sweet? Not at all, it’s all sweet ! The only bitter is the death of Dany !

  • alba1345
    alba1345 7 hours ago

    Am I the only one who liked the ending? Jon is thrown there not to protect the north from the wildlings but to guide them😊. Who is better then him to do that? And who is better then bran to be a king? Knowledge or Sciences that made our IPhones.

    • Daniel Martinez
      Daniel Martinez 7 hours ago

      Well lets ponder that HBO paid shill, have you seen the Petition to remake Season 8 ? It was at 1.1 million plus as of early Saturday.

  • Cheryl Royal
    Cheryl Royal 7 hours ago

    Am so let down by this episode and this season in general. Jon and Danny both screwed over and the throne handed to someone that was not in the line of succession. Jon was the heir by blood.

  • Anshu Kamath
    Anshu Kamath 7 hours ago +1

    Khal Drogo was best for Dany.But she chose to love that bastard Jon Snow.Cool.She deserved it.She lost Ser Jorah and her one dragon for Stark family and see she got the reward..A knife stabbed in her heart..

  • Jaeden
    Jaeden 7 hours ago

    What annoys me about Bran being king is that I stopped caring about him when he stopped being human, when he became apathy incarnate.

  • Kool Aid
    Kool Aid 7 hours ago +1

    I don't understand why Drogon shows restraint in burning Jon Snow to a crisp especially after what he's done to his mother, can someone explain?

  • S G M
    S G M 7 hours ago

    Why is Bronn still alive? Kill that untrustworthy, useless, one-liner comic relief, don't make him master of coin?

  • Outlaw media
    Outlaw media 7 hours ago

    Arya nights bane and bran the day king

  • Guli Parpieva
    Guli Parpieva 7 hours ago

    I mean Seriously?? I Understand All of those 3 eyed raven story was beautiful! But why ending it shitttyy way? I was waiting for at least the Dragon appears fron of Jone atanding and looking at him and choosing him! All those would’ve make more sense at the end when Jon start walking and eveey body follow him drone lifting up to see all the targerians follow him ? Every single soldier in the world following the john and Dragon too from bihing and end of seen turn to black screen and theme music Starts ?!

  • Susan Bosnjak
    Susan Bosnjak 7 hours ago

    And now our watch has ended...... thank God, as I couldn’t stand another disappointing episode. I feel totally empty.
    We’ve read far better endings from the fan scenarios out there.
    This was the worst ending imaginable !!!! SHAME 🔔 SHAME 🔔 SHAME 🔔 on HBO

  • gokul
    gokul 7 hours ago

    Well at least D&D decided to show up in the form of Bronn and revealed how they don't give a shit about important things and only care about brothels..