NEW Lamborghini...NEW Girl?

  • Published on Feb 1, 2019
  • Editor: andrasraczenboeck
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    ODIN BORSSON 9 days ago

    dude i have same not a youtuber fuck one cares!!!!

    ODIN BORSSON 9 days ago +1

    not5 working dude..!!!!

  • Yonathan Asefaw
    Yonathan Asefaw 3 months ago

    Good vlog.

    ANA AMAH 3 months ago

    Fuck you , silly boy

  • Braidon Ward
    Braidon Ward 5 months ago

    I got my green car lmao

  • Mr benz
    Mr benz 6 months ago

    her instagram account ?

  • Лопатин Александр

    Какие же американки страшные

  • WorldStar HipHop
    WorldStar HipHop 6 months ago

    9:05 looking fresh vitaly with the gray on grey

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis 6 months ago

    Damn.. U got a gf that brings u food then ur trashy ass talks about other females pussy and tits. 100% trash material.

  • Перст Указующий

    this channel has a lot of whores power

    BERETTA TV 7 months ago


  • Nason Jacobus
    Nason Jacobus 7 months ago


  • jordan simms
    jordan simms 7 months ago

    A wanna be porn director

  • 陳佑嘉
    陳佑嘉 8 months ago


  • W S
    W S 8 months ago +1

    don't forget who helped you buy that lambo. viewers should get a piece of everything. boycott youtube!

  • Timur Asomadinov
    Timur Asomadinov 8 months ago +2

    Мне нравится когда он скажет до свидания на конце ролика 👍👍👍

  • Stevan Zdravković
    Stevan Zdravković 8 months ago

    This girl is cheap

  • Ahmed IQ
    Ahmed IQ 8 months ago

    Alots of practice😭

    PNSPEWBOY 8 months ago

    RSD Tylers ex girlfriend lmaooo

  • Gadget Equation
    Gadget Equation 8 months ago

    What is her name

  • Jeremy Griffith
    Jeremy Griffith 8 months ago

    Bro your a boss...the video in the video was kickass as well....

  • Blaze Kholafai
    Blaze Kholafai 9 months ago

    Everyone complaining out his content he doesn’t give a fuck 😂 he’s gonna do what he wants and you can unsub if you don’t like it so much

  • Turkish Delight
    Turkish Delight 9 months ago

    5:41 Do you wana bang ?

  • Cody Dupont
    Cody Dupont 9 months ago

    I could not find any vids on vitalyunsesored

  • adamm
    adamm 9 months ago

    Is that Lana Rhoades lol

  • facts bluboi
    facts bluboi 9 months ago

    I would bareback

  • Movies World
    Movies World 9 months ago

    Leo is so handsome

  • Movies World
    Movies World 9 months ago

    My favourite channel

  • keepitreal
    keepitreal 9 months ago

    Lambo or the girl?? Me lambo all day!!!!

  • Satlan
    Satlan 9 months ago

    What's the hoe's name?

  • Артем Тарасов

    Ну ты и пидр

  • No Name
    No Name 9 months ago +3

    RU-clipR: Makes ONE different video from the rest
    “FANS”: “this is what a dead channel looks like”, “we didn’t sign up for this content”, “this channel sucks”, “we miss the old videos”

    JKJUNIOR95 9 months ago

    I bought the uncensored she sucks his dick and shows us her titties

  • mark powell
    mark powell 9 months ago

    Keep censoring .good job RU-clip. We need to maintain some values. Our society is too loose

  • Antok Derajat Prima Klasik Bintang 6

    terimakasih like dan subcribe

  • Leng Yang
    Leng Yang 9 months ago

    New steroids.

  • Valentin Ciprian Aldea
    Valentin Ciprian Aldea 9 months ago

    Siberia doesnt Like You

  • dMXyEYe
    dMXyEYe 9 months ago

    Bye Sub.

  • Mario Vip
    Mario Vip 9 months ago

    Add other payment options on the website

  • Ryan sterli
    Ryan sterli 9 months ago

    the car has a lot of horsepower......she has a lot of WHOREpower!!!!!

  • Darkkos
    Darkkos 9 months ago

    Practising with a small banana

  • Kenny McCormick
    Kenny McCormick 9 months ago

    Когда ты делал пранк и выбегал на стадион было круто. сейчас ты записываешь всякую хуйню

  • MD Ariful Shifat
    MD Ariful Shifat 9 months ago

    Like your car man. Love you bro............

  • sauced cinematics
    sauced cinematics 9 months ago +1

    You should just do porn you don't appreciate us 😏

  • cursed 666
    cursed 666 9 months ago

    Stupid hoe

  • Suave13 Inlnd
    Suave13 Inlnd 9 months ago

    This big nose bleached head juice head is WACK!!! all you do is show off, and nothing interesting in your videos thats why this video has 1.4k dislikes, Eat ass Vitalyzd

  • Joshua Bujan
    Joshua Bujan 9 months ago

    whats good with vitaly uncensored? slacking on them videos.

  • Max 123
    Max 123 9 months ago

  • Buranbay Sharipov
    Buranbay Sharipov 9 months ago +2

    опять какой-то хренотенью занят!В твои годы прадед твой эскадроном командовал!

  • pepi manacko
    pepi manacko 9 months ago

    Privet Vitalik

  • George Hargreaves
    George Hargreaves 9 months ago

    Vitaly your shit

  • Malachi gaming
    Malachi gaming 9 months ago

    Tell me why you like Lance Stewart

  • Malachi gaming
    Malachi gaming 9 months ago +1

    You have kids fans

    • Ms V
      Ms V 9 months ago

      Malachi gaming exactly!!! Thank you!!

  • D Davis
    D Davis 9 months ago +7

    This is getting boring Vitaly!

  • Dan Goodale
    Dan Goodale 9 months ago

    What's happened to this channel?

  • emanuele carrus
    emanuele carrus 9 months ago

    I wonder how your girlfriend s ok with all this hahah you’re fucking other chicks.. damn

  • Alberto Rodriguez
    Alberto Rodriguez 9 months ago +1

    I'm done watching these vids
    I used to love watching your pranks
    Now it's nothing but your lifestyle
    Congrats by the way
    Not hating
    But pranks got you where you are today

  • waliyya ismail valjie
    waliyya ismail valjie 9 months ago

    yo vitaly big thumbs up from south africa

  • MyBrain 2018
    MyBrain 2018 9 months ago

    new Video please.....

    • MyBrain 2018
      MyBrain 2018 9 months ago

      ahahaha just for fun bro

    • Ms V
      Ms V 9 months ago

      MyBrain 2018 just unsubscribe
      This sell out is dead

  • Mfhairstream
    Mfhairstream 9 months ago +1

    u will have to do a lease like the g wagon