• Published on Nov 17, 2019
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    Group 1: 1:52
    Group 2: 7:43
    Group 3: 13:38
    Decks Used:
    1) Forest of Enchantment Tarot
    2) Otherkin Tarot
    3) Tarot Made Easy
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  • Earths Angel
    Earths Angel Month ago


  • Elle Lux
    Elle Lux Month ago

    Preach it, sister!

  • earlgrey I-Blink
    earlgrey I-Blink 2 months ago

    3 that was beautiful. He has been so so distant but recently made small contact and it made me happy

  • Kelly Lea
    Kelly Lea 2 months ago

    Thank you! I chose 2 and it really made sense to everything that's taken place. Maybe some confusion will clear now 😊

  • Rashmi Sapali
    Rashmi Sapali 2 months ago

    just loved your readings!

  • Glittery Gaurii
    Glittery Gaurii 2 months ago


  • Sara Louk
    Sara Louk 2 months ago +1

    I picked group 2 and this is EXACTLY what is happening for me. We just had a conversation about him needing to heal before we start moving forward. Confirmation!

  • Heyhunny Bee
    Heyhunny Bee 2 months ago

    #1 💖

  • Jungle Kimmy
    Jungle Kimmy 2 months ago

    Nr 2, tht would be about time 😊

  • mia mia
    mia mia 2 months ago

    very accurate

  • Black Silk Goth
    Black Silk Goth 2 months ago +1

    #1 & #2

    #1 (strongest) - He just expressed his true feelings for me today and wants to be with me but oddly didn't officially ask me to be his gf. I guess he's thinking about it...but I won't 3 months for him 😅 he's considering the LDR part.
    #2 - this links into #1...we both think about each other a lot.

  • From the Light of the Darkness

    Very awesome thank you so much! New Subscriber 🔥♥️🔥

  • Mirzi Grace Balisi
    Mirzi Grace Balisi 2 months ago +1

    I wish I can win a private reading. I really needed it right now. Thank you! 😭

  • Frances S.
    Frances S. 2 months ago


  • Tia
    Tia 2 months ago

    #2 yes, it is what I have been hearing a lot! I'm happy about it, but as an Aries I really want it to just happen already! I am seeing progress though so that makes me giddy.

  • No One
    No One 2 months ago

    Pile 2 thank you

  • Mel Awan
    Mel Awan 2 months ago

    Love your readings ❤😇

  • Tracey T
    Tracey T 2 months ago

    #3 😎thank you

  • Roxie Flores
    Roxie Flores 2 months ago


  • Aurora Moon
    Aurora Moon 2 months ago

    Wow.. I watched all 3, 🤭 and it was almost like following a story with a happy ending relating to my situation ❤️ thank you x

  • Rainbow Brite
    Rainbow Brite 2 months ago

    Pile #2 resonated with me. Gemini waiting on my cancer twin to return. Been working on releasing past traumas as well.

  • Su Nandar
    Su Nandar 2 months ago +1

    Deck#1 I wish somebody remind me after three months. 🙏🏻💕

  • cosmicpinkk
    cosmicpinkk 2 months ago +2

    damn they made those things from jojo into a real thing

  • Iulia C
    Iulia C 2 months ago

    #3 thanks 🙏

  • Roselyn Cunanan
    Roselyn Cunanan 2 months ago

    Group 2 ❤ Resonated much... Thank you 😘💕

  • Verniece Adams Smith
    Verniece Adams Smith 2 months ago +3

    Group 2 can't wait for this to manifest!

  • Godwin Ijeoma
    Godwin Ijeoma 2 months ago +1

    Thanks thanks love, i chose 3 and it dose resonated with me love. Thanks so very much my spiritual guide.

  • helloimbaby Y
    helloimbaby Y 2 months ago

    2 🤞

  • Nelli Björkbacka
    Nelli Björkbacka 2 months ago


  • Chio Gutierrez
    Chio Gutierrez 2 months ago

    Thank you for this it gives me a light of hope ☺️

  • Ellizeh Star
    Ellizeh Star 2 months ago +1


  • Melody Utomo Putri
    Melody Utomo Putri 2 months ago


  • Monica view
    Monica view 2 months ago


  • dreamer4m
    dreamer4m 2 months ago

    I love to watch your channel,and i wish i have the luck to read for me ,since i have my birthday in a few days...love u and kisses

  • Rob O.
    Rob O. 2 months ago

    Hi. I was browsing and I saw your channel. I decided to pick a deck. I picked number 2 and God yes. You hit the nail on the head. Your reading was so accurate about my life. I would love to tell you the details maybe in a direct email. I'm sort of a private person. Also, I'm interested in your purchasing your bracelets as well. Once again thank you for creating this video because it gave me the answers that I needed it. Hope to hear from you. Sending out blessings to you in return for blessings us with your intuitive gift. Rob

  • Jazz' N Tarot
    Jazz' N Tarot 2 months ago

    glad to see Forest of Enchantment in action. gorgeous deck! ❤

  • Marlinda K
    Marlinda K 2 months ago +1

    Thank you I closed my eyes and let my finger pick out the cards and it came up as group 2 and it resonated thank you so much for the reading.

  • Owl_Goddess_18
    Owl_Goddess_18 2 months ago

    Group 2, pretty cards

  • Niyah Jones
    Niyah Jones 2 months ago

    That last comment you made for pile 2 whew I swear I hope so cause I’m so confused and tired of feeling this way feel like I’m always making bad decisions in men but I feel this weird connection with him maybe cause he a Pisces ♓️ and I’m a cancer ♋️

  • Deshawn Thompson
    Deshawn Thompson 2 months ago +1

    Group 1 resonated on the dot 😳

  • sweet bird
    sweet bird 2 months ago +1

    Deck 2 !! hopefully they do come around. Thank you :)

  • Kayla O.
    Kayla O. 2 months ago

    #2 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

  • Phoenix Star
    Phoenix Star 2 months ago +1

    The reading and messages from spirit for number 2 were very similar to another reading I had today. "he's thinking and then moving" Finally! "just kidding" Lol. Thank you so much! PEACE&LOVE

  • Scorpio Sun
    Scorpio Sun 2 months ago +3

    Chose group 3:
    So far he hasn’t yet spoken his truth. He keeps his emotions and feelings very close to his chest. Yes he expresses his thoughts and desires as we share intense passion however he has not yet told me how he truly feels. I see the love in his eyes, I feel the love in his actions by the way he treats me. I love him, deeply however I too have held off using the L word for fear of scaring him off. I’ve told him I adore him, I think he’s amazing and that he’s a huge part of my life. Great read, thank you for the confirmation 😘

  • Frances Nabaunag
    Frances Nabaunag 2 months ago

    Thank you it resonate with me. I'm sagittarius she is scorpio. She will come towards me. I can feel it. She needs to heal. I'm praying for here to be healed. And put love to here heart..
    Thank you again Godbless
    Deck no.2

  • Sandra Goddard
    Sandra Goddard 2 months ago

    Pile nr 1, let's see what they will do.

  • The Ham Fam T.H.F
    The Ham Fam T.H.F 2 months ago +4

    Pile 1&2 both similar and both bring me hope. Then I said, "I'm going to watch all piles". 🙏

  • Niela Drew
    Niela Drew 2 months ago +1

    Your crystals are so beautiful 💜

  • Stacy Marie
    Stacy Marie 2 months ago +1

    You're incredible. I chose 1&3 for two different prospects...and you absolutely nailed it. So impressed!! Mahalo Nui Loa!!! 🌺

  • Lacey Johnson
    Lacey Johnson 2 months ago +1

    The person you are talking about for me has slowly begun communicating each day. He has been hurt in the past but continues to work in himself as I do as well, so we can come together once we are ready. Thank you for this reading.

  • Theo Samuels
    Theo Samuels 2 months ago +2

    I chose group 3 and it totally resonates with me!

  • lila 1215
    lila 1215 2 months ago


  • Anna' Lee
    Anna' Lee 2 months ago +18

    Timestamps 🔮
    Group 1🌳 1:52
    Group2💭 7:43
    Group3☁️ 13:38

    • Anna' Lee
      Anna' Lee 2 months ago +1

      @Añejo Rhum I choose deck 1, the vibrant colors are what gets me everytime 🔮🌳😀

    • Añejo Rhum
      Añejo Rhum 2 months ago +1

      Anna' Lee deck 2

    RICHER DIAMOND 2 months ago

    I pick group 888...lol
    Ain't Life Grand.........BOUYAH!

  • Crys_Marie
    Crys_Marie 2 months ago +1

    Deck 3 💗 I would love to win a private read from you 🤞🤞🤞🤞💜

  • Bettina Fritz
    Bettina Fritz 2 months ago

    #2 Such a great reading! Suits totally to our situation, thank you my dear 💐👍

  • Shazza A
    Shazza A 2 months ago

    Hello Moonlight x
    I was drawn to both 1 and 3 so listened to both.
    They both resonate so much.
    Me and my boyfriend live a distance apart. We both work fulltime but his job is weekends too so I saw him for the first time in 3 weeks on Thursday.
    What you said makes alot of sense.
    The love is there and growing between us. You have always said to trust and have patience. I find this challenging waiting. However I know everything will be as it is meant to be or us both. Love him so much, he is adorable and kind.
    Thank you xxx

  • UK
    UK 2 months ago +1

    I do need healing too
    Thankyou for the advice and the reading ❤️😇

  • mitali gujrati
    mitali gujrati 2 months ago

    Thanks my dear. Wonderful reading. God bless!🙏🏼

  • Areli
    Areli 2 months ago

    Beautiful! #2