Man Eater - Exclusive Gamescom 2019 Gameplay (New Open World Shark Game 2019)

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • Check out an exclusive look at the new ManEater game from developer Tripwire Interactive! This is new gameplay straight from Gamescom 2019 + some gameplay from E3 2019 with the game's details. Let me know what you think of Man Eater in the comments!!
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    Check out the Brutal Action-Horror game that was unfortunately cancelled... it looked amazing:

  • The Moisture
    The Moisture 3 hours ago

    So this is just hungry shark portet from mobile and upgraded. Who came up with that shit?

  • A B
    A B 5 hours ago

    In 10 min the game sucks

  • Syed Ahmed
    Syed Ahmed 6 hours ago

    So what’s the purpose of this game

  • Drako Merican
    Drako Merican 6 hours ago

    Hungry Shark 3 (2020) leaked.

  • Gatorade
    Gatorade 8 hours ago

    Who remember jaws... 👌 I honesty didn’t do missions just killed animals and people 😂

  • Dino getter
    Dino getter 10 hours ago

    Should've just enhanced jaws unleashed's graphics

  • ram narayanan
    ram narayanan 11 hours ago

    Ok what can I do with the shark ?
    Man-eater : use jaws
    Anyother ?
    Man-eater : use jaws
    This is like 2 button mode in FIFA
    man-eater : no it's GTA of sharks

  • WarChicken
    WarChicken 13 hours ago

    Is this a high-quality hungry shark evolution

  • Anthony Marlow
    Anthony Marlow 13 hours ago

    Grand theft shark.

  • Mack Williams
    Mack Williams 14 hours ago +1

    Oh god DAMN that’s bloody

  • Buccaneers are a Factory of Sadness

    1:03 Can someone explain why that small ass fish had so much blood

  • Mrbaguetta
    Mrbaguetta 15 hours ago

    L’accent québécois est bien présent

  • lemonMan
    lemonMan 15 hours ago

    you can find this game on the app store. xD

  • scott hardin
    scott hardin 17 hours ago

    So jaws unleashed 😞

  • Chad Schrader
    Chad Schrader 18 hours ago

    This will be fun for all of 4 minutes.

  • ChickenRieder
    ChickenRieder 19 hours ago

    I hope this was made by the Jaws Unleashed team. It's almost %100 just a remaster, looks identical.

  • ObVoN Flame
    ObVoN Flame 19 hours ago

    Remember that one mobile game well now you can play it for money

  • Eu
    Eu 19 hours ago

    Hungry shark 3D

  • GianniRossa
    GianniRossa 20 hours ago

    At the end he legit says “apex potato”

  • Logik -Ps4
    Logik -Ps4 20 hours ago

    Wonder if sharks play human simulator.....

  • donGripo
    donGripo Day ago

    "You'll be able to customize different parts of your shark" is not a sentense I thought I would hear in this life

  • Boost Or Lose
    Boost Or Lose Day ago

    Wish the graphics were a little better

  • Callum Wood
    Callum Wood Day ago

    It just looks.. boring. It looks like it's made with a game engine and assets bought off-the-shelf. This isn't the mid-90s, we aren't interested in boring shit like this anymore. This would get so damn old in anout 20 minutes

  • Jorge
    Jorge Day ago


  • The Man
    The Man Day ago

    This was the kind of game I’ve always wanted to play when I was a little kid.
    Now? Eh.

  • Jervon Hill
    Jervon Hill Day ago

    Soo... remastered Jaws from PS2?

  • Gemini Writer
    Gemini Writer Day ago

    I just don’t like the look of underwater. I know it says Maneater not fish eater and most of man is on the shoreline and foreshore but damn.. just empty and hazy underwater lighting bring.. the odd seal and turtle.. I’m not buying this unless it’s a deep sale and I’m drunk.

  • Colin Dumbrell
    Colin Dumbrell Day ago

    Hungry shark????

  • Quano Rondoo
    Quano Rondoo Day ago

    I know yall played jaws if y'all watching this

  • 절부
    절부 Day ago

    Jaws Unleashed

  • K S
    K S Day ago

    Reminds me of that shark Ipad game. I dont remember the game's name. Think it was sharknado

  • Dominic Tilsen
    Dominic Tilsen Day ago

    I remember jaws for ps2

  • DenDen Moshi
    DenDen Moshi Day ago

    Well its hungry shark...

  • Marley Abd
    Marley Abd Day ago

    How bored do game companies have to be to make a shit game like this

  • TeaRex_844
    TeaRex_844 Day ago

    Jaws Unleashed anyone ?

  • Myles Paige
    Myles Paige Day ago

    Shark souls😄😄😳😞

  • Thomas Paine
    Thomas Paine Day ago

    and yet we still don't have modern remake of Echo the Dolphin.

  • Psychedelic Superbeast
    Psychedelic Superbeast 2 days ago +1

    Final Boss in the main Game "Orca, Prince From The Dark Waters" and DLC Boss "Primordial Abyss Lord Kraken"

  • XxdedzonexX
    XxdedzonexX 2 days ago

    this better be on pc

  • Kylon Kane
    Kylon Kane 2 days ago

    Soooo hungry shark for consoles?🤔

  • daily dose of Hentai

    This is basically the old PS2 game, jaws. Same concept. With different physics

  • John Doughnut
    John Doughnut 2 days ago

    "Grand Theft Auto of sharks."
    Because shark games are a really popular thing now I guess

  • eeehmm what
    eeehmm what 2 days ago

    „The Grand theft Auto of Sharks“ I highly doubt that this dude ever played GTA

  • Darc Vision
    Darc Vision 2 days ago

    Hungry shark 2.0

  • Olga Muzas
    Olga Muzas 2 days ago

    Hungry shark on max settings

  • Caleb Atchison
    Caleb Atchison 2 days ago

    This is actually horrifying
    I'm morbidly intrigued

  • Sire
    Sire 2 days ago +1

    So like Jaws for ps2 but better graphics

  • Kingtigershark
    Kingtigershark 2 days ago

    Holy shit I need this game

  • Wickedmantis
    Wickedmantis 3 days ago

    Jaws: unleashed 2.

  • Mansoor Syed
    Mansoor Syed 3 days ago

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  • Last Predator
    Last Predator 3 days ago

    that is bullshit and one of the most worst game in history video game.

  • Charles Barkley
    Charles Barkley 3 days ago

    I think I have this game on my phone

  • grayfox1771
    grayfox1771 3 days ago

    looks fun

  • Little Man
    Little Man 3 days ago

    So is this just hungry shark 3D?

  • CenonPlays
    CenonPlays 3 days ago

    Carai beibe charque

  • Juz Oneill
    Juz Oneill 3 days ago

    Man eater looks like fun I love when developers think outside the box 🦈

  • Aphantom47
    Aphantom47 3 days ago

    This is a most racists game to the shark I have ever seen lol

  • Cole Bennett
    Cole Bennett 3 days ago

    I need it! To bad it’s not on Xbox

  • Pisco C
    Pisco C 4 days ago

    Es como Hungry Shark pero 10 veces más realista, genial se ve bueno