• Published on Sep 28, 2018
  • HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today my pink sister Trisha Pastas and I are going to attempt to make edible eyeshadow! We both love eating and are obsessed with makeup so we thought this might be a good idea... Were we wrong? hahaha Watch us spill the tea and catch up about life, love and... food.
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Comments • 12 498

  • Yusra Masalkhi
    Yusra Masalkhi Day ago

    Trisha is the curvy version of Tana. 😂👌🏻


    This video was so dumb and anoying trishas stupid laugh every 4 seconds and shes so dumb.... even jeffree looked anoyed

  • shellyedmb117
    shellyedmb117 2 days ago

    Jeffree I'm a classically french trained baker. I can make you some bomb ass baked good. Even infused with some good stuff 😁😁😁

  • King Jhon
    King Jhon 2 days ago

    I love this 🖤. Iconic🔥🙌🏽

  • Max Russell
    Max Russell 6 days ago

    jeffree is a literal beauty killer.

  • Melissa Mermaid
    Melissa Mermaid 6 days ago

    I need another Jeffree and Trisha video ASAP

  • Fatima Mamedova
    Fatima Mamedova 8 days ago

    Damn wasn’t Tana the sister his mom refused to have?🤔

  • tater thot
    tater thot 8 days ago +1

    omfg I literally LOVE YOU SKANKKSS‼️ I live.

  • Sophie
    Sophie 11 days ago

    How do these people not understand what dough consistency means

  • Sophie
    Sophie 11 days ago

    Trish: "SciEnCe!?"

  • Shelby Goodman
    Shelby Goodman 12 days ago

    1 Table spoon is equal to 3 teaspoons

  • Marvin Mckenzie
    Marvin Mckenzie 13 days ago

    Who’s here at the conspiracy pallete with Trisha shade

  • Remy Glanville
    Remy Glanville 13 days ago

    My sister is waiting a Trisha video as I am watching this

  • itsmexristin 1
    itsmexristin 1 15 days ago

    Me and my bff tried to cook

  • Jamerra Jones
    Jamerra Jones 15 days ago

    I love she's more happier with JeffreeStar

  • Adam H
    Adam H 16 days ago

    they are high, she is fat and he/she is a satanist

  • lily kollar
    lily kollar 16 days ago


  • Silvermoon Luna
    Silvermoon Luna 16 days ago

    Scary yall said Wendy's and i was thinking of Wendy's before i watched this 😆 its a sign LMAO jk

  • Rosa -
    Rosa - 17 days ago

    living for the description: Trisha PASTAS

  • present mic
    present mic 17 days ago

    I miss sis before she was cancelled 😔😔

  • Morgan Craig
    Morgan Craig 18 days ago

    Trisha: “Ewww, what does it taste like?”
    Jeffree: “It’s fucking iconic, don’t ever say ew in my house again!!” Then like 30 seconds later he says eww like 5 times😂😂their energy is so great❤️❤️

  • H Dean
    H Dean 20 days ago

    I really love jeffree star i wish i can see him once in my life and he become my friend.... i really love him he is so cute... i dont know why i like him .

  • Rebekah Hope
    Rebekah Hope 20 days ago +1

    I wish that you guys were on Worst cooks in America I swear what a show that would be😂😂

  • Lachlan Baker
    Lachlan Baker 22 days ago

    I like how he has like 2 kitchens and doesnt even cook

  • Vo Noodle
    Vo Noodle 22 days ago +3

    No one:
    Jefree: Needs help from his assistant to follow directions for 8+ kit

  • allison muszynski
    allison muszynski 23 days ago

    We know Jeffree is stoned but what is Trisha on? Or is she just on a "clout high"??
    Whatever they're on, I want SOME!!!

  • maria tokidoki
    maria tokidoki 24 days ago

    Trisha reminds me of Tammy from Bob’s Burger

  • maria tokidoki
    maria tokidoki 24 days ago

    It’s actually kind of cute seeing Jeffree so confused lol! Kawaiiiiiiiiiiii and human like

  • okjuubs
    okjuubs 25 days ago

    Trisha looks so damn good here

  • Kermit Fucking Dies
    Kermit Fucking Dies 25 days ago +3

    "it says only on NetfliX, Did they sell this on netlfix? I got this at target."

  • LittlePenguinett
    LittlePenguinett 26 days ago

    Oh my god... this is driving me crazy!!!! I love to bake & I wanna hell at them!!!

  • Sophia D
    Sophia D 27 days ago

    I fucking love you two on camera together your chemistry is fantastic 😂💕 after you’re done riding the crazy Conspiracy wave with Shane can you film more with Trisha. Help surround her with good people away from the yes men and women. I love seeing you be a real person who isn’t putting it on for the cameras. When you’re with Shane, Trish and Garrett on camera you’re so relatable and human everyone else you’re two egos too many so to speak but when you meet people who are happy to step back and give you the spot light you seem so much more inclined to help them feel the spot light with you. It’s so clear when trish jumps into putting the eye shadow on her eye and you jump, and when you both make dumb blonde jokes you were just in each other’s heads 💕 please make more videos with trish 🥰👸👸

  • Brooke
    Brooke 28 days ago

    “I made rice krispies once”

  • Muffinpurpergurk
    Muffinpurpergurk 28 days ago +51

    Jeffree: "I flopped in science"
    Also Jeffree: has the dopest formulas for his products

    • Muffinpurpergurk
      Muffinpurpergurk 15 days ago +1

      @Crista I know 😉 but still. He obviously knows what makes a good formula and what doesn't work so good

    • Crista
      Crista 15 days ago +1

      I mean, he technically isn't the one making the formula. He's just working with the people who do make the formulas and tweaking them to his liking by telling them more or less of what he wants.

  • Feten Esseghir
    Feten Esseghir Month ago

    I may sound weird but i think trisha and jeffree look cute together!
    Imagine if they were a couple
    I bet they had a Threesome with nate!

  • Aifric Brennan
    Aifric Brennan Month ago

    I love how Trisha doesn't give a shit and just laughs while being so funny

  • Ryan_ Gaming
    Ryan_ Gaming Month ago

    No offense but Trisha laughs at nothing

  • uwuking an I oop-
    uwuking an I oop- Month ago

    Y'all gotta understand.. they👏have👏never👏baked👏

  • whatido120
    whatido120 Month ago


    BRATZEIDA Month ago

    Awww Jeffree’s laugh In the beginning was so cute ❤️

  • Christian Mendoza
    Christian Mendoza Month ago +2

    Now she has a shade named after her

  • HERMIONE 117
    HERMIONE 117 Month ago

    6:40 engage heavy metal mode

  • Oliver Davis
    Oliver Davis Month ago +1

    14:53. Obscure reference but who knows tanas and james' coachella outfit review video when Tana kept putting in clips of jeffree and manny this is literally one of thOse clips

  • Oliver Davis
    Oliver Davis Month ago +1

    13:00. They are literally my last 2 brain cells being the 2 gay icons they are

  • Oliver Davis
    Oliver Davis Month ago +6

    Imagine this is how jeffree star cosmetics are made

  • Katie Brazee
    Katie Brazee Month ago

    No one:

  • robijuli236
    robijuli236 Month ago

    i need to see trisha & trixie get tg now

  • robijuli236
    robijuli236 Month ago

    yay i no longer feel like a monster for dumping icing sugar into my mouth lol

  • Madison Mabry
    Madison Mabry Month ago

    1 tbsp of CS, 3 tsp of PS... 3 TSP = 1 TBSP

  • MoonaticDestiny
    MoonaticDestiny Month ago +1

    Jeffree: Eeeeeeewwww
    Trisha: eeeeEEEeeeeww

    • MoonaticDestiny
      MoonaticDestiny Month ago

      Trisha:*pours all the water*
      Also Trisha: Maybe we put too much water?
      Lmao! xD

  • Kiki Playz
    Kiki Playz Month ago

    OMG Jeffree star has replaced Shane Dawson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used to like you Jeffree

  • Sarah Elizabeth
    Sarah Elizabeth Month ago

    I miss this Trisha

  • Jessica Mercury
    Jessica Mercury Month ago

    JEFFREE I have never watched a video with trash except Shane’s. I saw her on tv and say her name to my dad and then I go on RU-clip and I see this😱

  • Dashyloulou
    Dashyloulou Month ago

    I got a minute and 26 seconds into this video and had to stop. Her laugh is so fucking annoying. Actually, all of her is.

  • Isaiah Guerrero
    Isaiah Guerrero Month ago

    Trisha laughs like chucky

  • Sam R
    Sam R Month ago

    Trisha: “I wanna do a crease cut”..... “wait I wanna do a crease cut”

  • Sebastian Wojcik
    Sebastian Wojcik Month ago

    Visco girls be like

  • I'm Here
    I'm Here Month ago

    They're both so high and adorable

  • Natalie Austin
    Natalie Austin Month ago

    I don’t get why they acting like they didn’t tell Trisha bout the make up they did in the mukbang they did on her channel that acting tho no hate

  • deborah vasquez
    deborah vasquez Month ago

    Why am I just now seeing this?? I love u guys.