How do you spell REVENGE? - Spelling Bee-Kini Wax #5

  • This round of Spelling Bee-Kini Wax puts our hostess with the most-ess Sarah Whittle in the hot seat! Let’s hope she knows how to spell revenge…
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Comments • 80

  • cloudcolumn cat
    cloudcolumn cat 4 hours ago

    I almost forgot sarah she is half(?) korean(??)

  • Zia Shelly
    Zia Shelly 12 hours ago

    Ian enjoys this way to much

  • Intact Metal
    Intact Metal 18 hours ago +1

    imagine Shayne trying to spell pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

  • thog life
    thog life Day ago

    Ég bý á íslandi

  • Cristy De Veyra
    Cristy De Veyra Day ago

    Ian getting waxed=ian's monkey impression


  • Caring Animals
    Caring Animals Day ago

    Matt should get waxed on the next episode

  • banan abusalem
    banan abusalem 2 days ago

    does it feel like skin getting peeled of cause it seems like it

  • PhycoSunshine
    PhycoSunshine 3 days ago

    Ian the second time he got waxed he sounded like patrick 😂

  • WildGoose Chase13505

    i appreciate that the subtitles are confused about Clark Griswold too, they switch between. Griswold and Griswald

  • Tara Jones
    Tara Jones 3 days ago

    A couple weeks ago we had a practice chemistry science test and I was so out of it for water I did wa instead of h2o I was like miss I did one of them stupid sand she was like what and I said I did wa instead of h2o the class started laughing that’s for sure

  • TheSnowLeopard12
    TheSnowLeopard12 3 days ago

    Has Matt lost weight? Proud!!

  • Daniel George
    Daniel George 5 days ago

    Balsom Fir

  • Charlie King
    Charlie King 6 days ago

    the waxer was the most excited about it hahaha

  • Izzul Ahmad
    Izzul Ahmad 6 days ago

    I hope rachel can broke elliot next time. It very satisfying to see ian broken

  • Izzul Ahmad
    Izzul Ahmad 6 days ago

    On dolphin camera, "you like it" sounds like Shayne, but it is actually Kimmy voice

  • Nikkita Drake
    Nikkita Drake 8 days ago

    Loving the Tyra breakdown mention in there.

  • Nico Di Angelo
    Nico Di Angelo 9 days ago

    I can actually spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

  • Txramiisu
    Txramiisu 11 days ago

    _that awkward moment everyone sounds like you're putting Velcro shoes on in 4th grade_

  • _.wdwcolbybrock._ _!
    _.wdwcolbybrock._ _! 11 days ago

    i want joven to do the sentences

  • John Sonia
    John Sonia 11 days ago

    Rachel looks so familiar

  • John Sonia
    John Sonia 11 days ago

    Ian is so dumb! A dead guy knows there’s no space in mistletoe

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 13 days ago +1


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 13 days ago +1


  • David Bloom
    David Bloom 13 days ago

    out of all the waxings so far, i think Ian's was the worst (based on reactions)

  • Asa Yagami
    Asa Yagami 13 days ago

    wait, is that IAN AGAIN?????

  • SCARZgaming
    SCARZgaming 16 days ago

    We need a shayne vs sarah episode lol

  • Gunner Zessau
    Gunner Zessau 17 days ago

    Also it is a common misconception that Jesus was born in December. Many scholars and theologians based on “clues” in the Bible and how they describe the stars and events that had been described they believe Jesus was born in the summer months.

  • Benjamin Schuyler
    Benjamin Schuyler 17 days ago

    Shane: Ebenezer Scrooge
    CC: ebony xur Scrooge

  • tiffany Parker
    tiffany Parker 18 days ago


  • Makenna Elise Wallace
    Makenna Elise Wallace 19 days ago


  • Pedro
    Pedro 19 days ago

    26:05 those are not icelandic gods bro, Oden and Thor are gods

  • Celina B
    Celina B 19 days ago

    More Sarah

  • Mark Andrew Tubog
    Mark Andrew Tubog 19 days ago

    24:23 my face when i have evil plan

  • Hiroshima
    Hiroshima 20 days ago

    Ian is a boring person what’s the point of this if he doesent react

  • Nicolette Macphail
    Nicolette Macphail 20 days ago

    Rachel to the girls: I’m SO Sorry🥺
    Rachel (with fire in her eyes) to Ian: Did I hurt you???😈

  • LJScribe
    LJScribe 21 day ago

    I'm only aware of the Yule Lads thanks to Cox n Crendor's podcast a few years ago.

  • PropoPauL MD
    PropoPauL MD 22 days ago

    That space in the mistletoe and that "missile" made me crazy..

  • George Doty-Williams
    George Doty-Williams 22 days ago

    It's definitely McAllister

  • Josue Rivera
    Josue Rivera 23 days ago

    Was I the only one furiously rooting for Kimmy?! I shall protect her with my life

  • Go Topless
    Go Topless 25 days ago

    Definitely racheal got fired after this episode never see her again

  • lor reine vega
    lor reine vega 25 days ago

    we want olivia, noah, keith, shayne and courtney to do this

  • jarter bon
    jarter bon 25 days ago

    fuck you sarah get pain

  • Spud
    Spud 25 days ago

    Yo Ian doesn’t have a cushion.
    He just vibin’ tho

  • Reuben Gamezxd
    Reuben Gamezxd 26 days ago

    How there meaning the private or legs

  • Ion
    Ion 29 days ago +1

    I don't care what ANYONE says, Sarah is the most attractive smosh female

  • Breki Hlér
    Breki Hlér Month ago

    Afhverju eru þið að leggja ísland í einelti

  • Jessica Logie
    Jessica Logie Month ago

    Kimmy should be in more videos she is amazing 💙💙

  • Evangiline Nicholls

    I would have a panic attack if I was on camera at all and it's sad cuz I wanna be in Smosh when I'm older :

  • Autumn Garrett
    Autumn Garrett Month ago

    Has anyone asked for Rhett and Link or Thomas Sanders to be on here?! that would be hilarious! I love them :D

  • pandasquad
    pandasquad Month ago

    Dude Ian even I can spell Mistletoe !!

  • Austin Stack
    Austin Stack Month ago

    Dude I literally thought Sara and jimmy were the same person for a minite

  • Johnalyn Climaco
    Johnalyn Climaco Month ago

    Whyyyy....did i just watch this today!!!

  • Michael Tiller
    Michael Tiller Month ago

    Yes. My sadism is satiated.

  • Liam Sutherland
    Liam Sutherland Month ago

    Why does kimmy look like a girl from lost in space season two

  • Bo jangles
    Bo jangles Month ago

    Pain so good made kimy cat paw at the end lol

  • MyLife IsDead
    MyLife IsDead Month ago

    I spent like 5 hours replaying kimmy as she got waxed in the 3rd round in the middle of the night, just laughing.

  • Hell Hound
    Hell Hound Month ago

    I’ve had scoliosis surgery, gotten two tattoos, fallen of a horse mid jump, gotten my eyebrows waxed, and finally had a horse stand on my right big toe and couldn’t get her to move. So by these standards/examples I should be fine with losing hair down there.

  • Shania Reid
    Shania Reid Month ago

  • Dante Taikutsu
    Dante Taikutsu Month ago

    I miss Rachel hope she's doing fine

  • Thomanom
    Thomanom Month ago

    shayne pronounced gawk wrong XD

  • •Henry LEGENDARY•

    I realized how do they put theyre pants back on later

  • CherryCØlaBabe
    CherryCØlaBabe Month ago

    poor Ian...he got no pillow...1 like=1 pillow 4 Ian.

  • cool fall
    cool fall Month ago

    Sarah finally

  • BisexualBuddy Xp
    BisexualBuddy Xp Month ago


  • Tashi Greenberg
    Tashi Greenberg Month ago +1

    im 12 and i know and can spell balsam fir

  • Ya Boi Tyronne
    Ya Boi Tyronne Month ago

    shayne is revenge master

  • Michael Kiefer
    Michael Kiefer Month ago

    :my gf three weeks ago said she would never get a wax but NOW she does. Eat at Wendy's

  • Maddison Martin
    Maddison Martin Month ago

    at 0:37 ian made me wanna jump off a cliff

  • Jackie
    Jackie Month ago

    I always laugh when people make the reference to "YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE"

  • Reilly Z
    Reilly Z Month ago

    I was so prepared for the last round because I watch Drawfee

  • Chloe Carnoy
    Chloe Carnoy Month ago

    It’s always Shane that gats revenge

  • DryBones271
    DryBones271 Month ago

    I like that they are including Kimmy in more things.

  • Samid
    Samid Month ago +1

    When there is a wrong spelling
    Sarah: "That is wrong.."
    Shayne: "No.."

  • Caliab
    Caliab Month ago

    Did Ian decide to get a new waxer after this particular experience? :D

  • What’s Up With?
    What’s Up With? Month ago


  • Bear Rader
    Bear Rader Month ago

    I want Garrett on the Show!!

  • Mystic Plague
    Mystic Plague Month ago

    Anyone else know the Yule Lads because of Sam O’Nella?

  • Ayuno K
    Ayuno K Month ago

    tables have turned eyy

  • Tatertot72015
    Tatertot72015 Month ago

    You should have the try guys on that would be so much fun!

    • Nate Robinson
      Nate Robinson Month ago

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      Nate Robinson Month ago

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  • armenianply
    armenianply Month ago

    Does anyone know water Rachel’s last name

    • Nate Robinson
      Nate Robinson Month ago

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      Nate Robinson Month ago

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