BROKE vs PRO Gaming PC

  • Published on Oct 12, 2019
  • BROKE vs PRO is back with full gaming PC builds...well kinda.
    The last episode of BROKE vs PRO 💸
    Thanks to Micro Center for sponsoring this video, check out the parts below!
    MAINGEAR Vybe1 Gaming Desktop PC:
    Microsoft Windows 10 Home:
    ESET Antivirus:
    Crucial Sport 4GB DDR4:
    HyperX FURY S Pro Extended Gaming Mouse Pad:
    Inland Professional 120GB SSD:
    Solid Gear 400W ATX PSU:
    Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030:
    Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H AM4:
    Kingwin 6-Bay Miner ATX Open-Air GPU Case:
    MAINGEAR Vybe 1 on Amazon:
    Inland 120 GB SSD on Amazon:
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  • Demi Kid
    Demi Kid 22 hours ago

    You can have a broke PC just have it atleast have 60 fps, all you need is skill. I can beat 1 vs 2 on my Thinkpad laptop.

    JAMES LARA 23 hours ago

    how is to 252 dollars cheap your mean I cant even afford a pair of headphones so instead of wasting your money dumb gadgets why don't you donate to people that starve each day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! while you waste money on stupid stuff and not in at least in abusiness

  • Rafighter Games
    Rafighter Games Day ago

    For next video i recommend a table sponsor, because yall always strugglin to fit everything on a small table

  • Gavin Gurung
    Gavin Gurung Day ago

    Austin is clearly just the better gamer.

  • SirG
    SirG Day ago

    *wins with broke setup*
    Me: what about skill?

  • TwoEyesPanda
    TwoEyesPanda Day ago

    And the store is not in florida

  • Killer Klown
    Killer Klown 2 days ago

    Sigh why cant i have a gaming pc :(

  • Elliot Myung
    Elliot Myung 2 days ago +2

    Austin with a power button: "I'm doing it the old fashioned way"
    Ken in his mind: "ok (ka)boomer"

  • Othmane Mahir
    Othmane Mahir 2 days ago

    3:00 got me in tears
    Btw Austin the apple section is over there

  • Maru Misu
    Maru Misu 2 days ago

    overwatch is like the worst game to use to test if someone is better lol

  • Zachary McDonald
    Zachary McDonald 2 days ago


  • AbodyAbdalluh
    AbodyAbdalluh 2 days ago

    When ken only has a 20 FPS upgrade from austin.

  • sms_1spankey1 Yo
    sms_1spankey1 Yo 2 days ago

    Hah haa fish head

  • alextamago
    alextamago 2 days ago

    I was at micro-center yesterday, I was just looking for parts, came out with all my parts. Micro-center is a drug especially there employees.

  • Jhazeel Ortiz
    Jhazeel Ortiz 3 days ago

    I mean you can give me some of those parts right wink wink* plz Austin lol

  • Glass Gaming
    Glass Gaming 3 days ago

    1:42 Heyyy, that' where the $5000 Linus PC was

  • Domingo Ramon
    Domingo Ramon 3 days ago

    micro center bring one in milwaukee wisconsin we need it

  • Maksim Chekunov
    Maksim Chekunov 3 days ago

    Hey Austin this is Guys !

  • KGT UserCast
    KGT UserCast 3 days ago

    Real Pros can use the Broke gaming PC and defeat people with the Pro PC

  • Alex Pain
    Alex Pain 3 days ago

    Hey guys thiziz ausin

  • iinaoriku
    iinaoriku 4 days ago +2

    I literally saw these guys when I went to Micro Center...

  • Demonix Gamer
    Demonix Gamer 4 days ago

    Who got mad when he LITERALLY PASSED THE 3RD BEST ALIENWARE Area 51 PC AT 1:50 ?!? (its on the left side of the screen)

  • mystic blitz
    mystic blitz 4 days ago

    Austin seven 2020

  • RayPlays Daniel
    RayPlays Daniel 4 days ago +1

    Plot twist: Austin was using 1 FPS the whole time

  • ZuRriX
    ZuRriX 4 days ago

    "Team Poverty not looking great today". Damn.

  • Chungy
    Chungy 4 days ago

    "And it runs on the best OS for gaming, Windows 10, pretty sure Windows 7 is like way better.

  • Phoenix Gaming
    Phoenix Gaming 4 days ago

    In first game broke pc was getting 73ish fps nd pro gaming was getting 104ish fps

  • Almy Games
    Almy Games 5 days ago

    The skill hurt mr

  • K H
    K H 5 days ago

    RIP everybody with a 400w power supply.

  • K H
    K H 5 days ago

    I just moved to Missouri and I'm so happy there's a Microcenter 30 minutes from me.

  • Mohamed Master
    Mohamed Master 5 days ago

    How many time they said micro center

  • M-Jay
    M-Jay 5 days ago

    Ken plz give me ur pc, I would highly appreciate it :)

    • sashank k
      sashank k 5 days ago

      wait i will call ken and ask him

  • Otami
    Otami 5 days ago

    Hey Austin, I love all your videos I hope your reading this because im really broke. One of my wishes are have a PC please help me

  • Orlandas Gaming
    Orlandas Gaming 6 days ago

    sometimes cheaper can be okay for gaming, i stopped playing video games as much and watching youtube

  • TNB Yeah!
    TNB Yeah! 6 days ago

    im building a setup

  • Sharif Zaim
    Sharif Zaim 6 days ago

    next video


  • Grayson Hunt
    Grayson Hunt 6 days ago

    Im in the broke section

  • The Average Mlg
    The Average Mlg 6 days ago

    Cuz we all have $3500 laying around you weapon

  • Shandiesel1000
    Shandiesel1000 7 days ago

    ken looks very anime today :>

  • bbg
    bbg 7 days ago

    Ima noob what do PCs do?

  • Gi-me-the-game NERD!

    Gt 1030 is a good card but you should of found a used gtx 960 for more power to the player lol.

  • Mason Ruediger
    Mason Ruediger 7 days ago


    BARRE†† QUIMBY 7 days ago +1

    bruh I wish I had any type of pc I got a Mac air from my school that doesn't allow you to download games

  • Skyway YT
    Skyway YT 7 days ago

    Ken is so cringe

  • Glozingxd
    Glozingxd 8 days ago

    Donate me a pc I use a laptop and hit 20 fps on fortnite and overwatch

    • Reaper Soft
      Reaper Soft 7 days ago

      Glozingxd nah mate u gotta work for one

  • G4Tanus
    G4Tanus 8 days ago

    Dude that MicroCenter employee got you.

  • Israel Zavala
    Israel Zavala 8 days ago

    6:21 me everyday

  • James Marquardt
    James Marquardt 8 days ago

    I love the unapologetic sponsorship lmfao

  • Joseph Cardona
    Joseph Cardona 8 days ago +1

    "We need a cheap power supply" look behind you $59.99 (4:38)

  • Amon her
    Amon her 8 days ago +1

    5:07 I legit thought that was a guy at the back

  • The Pigs Are Rebelling
    The Pigs Are Rebelling 8 days ago +1

    This is a micro centre ad

  • The Pigs Are Rebelling
    The Pigs Are Rebelling 8 days ago +1

    3:03 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • ErdaeCrusty
    ErdaeCrusty 8 days ago

    akk of the parts

  • SRN Ulmac
    SRN Ulmac 9 days ago

    ken only getting 120 fps?

  • Aniket Dhiren Bhanushali

    We want more broke Vs pro

  • ACupOfJoe
    ACupOfJoe 9 days ago

    ah a yuru camp t shirt. i see youre a man of culture as well.

  • L
    L 9 days ago

    Who pays for Windows 10? 🤣

  • L
    L 9 days ago

    AMD is the answer to both.

  • Taaovad
    Taaovad 9 days ago

    Who else watched him press the nut button on no nut November

  • John Cicala
    John Cicala 10 days ago

    ken is the most un-like-able person i have seen in my life

    • Jake Parker
      Jake Parker 6 days ago

      Dude fr he laughs at his own jokes when he's so unfunny lmao. Also just annoying