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  • Published on Jul 22, 2011
  • Action 52 was created by Active Enterprises released in 1991 for the NES and a 1993 port for the sega Genesis. Action 52 was a compilation of games mostly filler and many with similar objectives. Plenty of duplicate titles with very minor differences, the game itself was incredibly broken with many glitches leaving quite a few of the titles unplayable. The main title of the cart being Cheetah men which was intended to feature a possible fresh franchise series that never ended up taking off despite some merchandise and comic books being made. Cheetah men itself was very poorly constructed and contained numerous glitch's such as getting stuck in mid jump on top of poor level design. Plenty of the games on the cart were space shooter's and some games had other issues such as never ending, not being able to win, game freezes, misleading game titles, and numerous other issues which resulted in it's poor reviews. This is Angry Video Game Nerd Episode 90

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  • Empsy
    Empsy 9 hours ago

    Oh no here comes boob lady

  • hot dog water
    hot dog water 21 hour ago

    great spinal tap reference!

  • Jordi Setiawan
    Jordi Setiawan Day ago

    Meong = miaw

  • Chloie Kwirant
    Chloie Kwirant Day ago

    Gotta come back and watch this classic from time to time. It’s like a great movie, I can practically quote it verbatim.

  • Adam L
    Adam L 2 days ago

    Star Evil is still one of the funniest things I’ve seen in AVGN history

  • Jeff B.
    Jeff B. 3 days ago

    9:40 - "..especially when the game starts having a FUCKIN SEIZURE!" lmao

  • applecottage
    applecottage 3 days ago


  • THATpower 11
    THATpower 11 5 days ago

    "Ok ill call this a game based on the anime Devilman Crybaby, just to say it has nothing to do with the anime."

  • Dalton Stewart
    Dalton Stewart 5 days ago +1


  • Andy3
    Andy3 6 days ago

    11:04 Megalovania

  • Alexander Snyder
    Alexander Snyder 6 days ago

    I want that nintoaster

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones 7 days ago

    Lmao hoyshit

  • Mikey Batay
    Mikey Batay 8 days ago +1

    We need more Shit pickle 😂

  • Hanzo Hasashi
    Hanzo Hasashi 9 days ago

    Linus Shithead was foreshadowed here.

  • Super Smash Revan
    Super Smash Revan 11 days ago

    Rip Nintoaster. :(

  • Coot Master
    Coot Master 11 days ago

    sharks looks like NAMETHIS GAME on atari - most these games BELONG on atari

  • CHAL Gaming
    CHAL Gaming 12 days ago

    22:48 i live in Greater Manchester and i am offended

  • CHAL Gaming
    CHAL Gaming 12 days ago

    11:04 heheheheeheh. nice.

  • Magicaparanoia
    Magicaparanoia 12 days ago

    Not sure y but this is probably my fav review

  • Ben Knight
    Ben Knight 12 days ago +1

    Laser is an acronym of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. So calling it Lazer only makes sense if you spell Stimulated as Ztimulated.

  • pizzaguy100 vlogs
    pizzaguy100 vlogs 12 days ago


  • KWC04
    KWC04 13 days ago

    Of all of them, I gotta say Illuminator is by far the best.

  • Luigi Cat
    Luigi Cat 13 days ago

    11:47 Ever heard of "Minesweeper", Nerd?

  • Luigi Cat
    Luigi Cat 13 days ago

    Crytical Bypass... More like Gastric Bypass!

  • King Creeper
    King Creeper 13 days ago +1

    This "game" feels more like a Homebrew made by a toddler with a small brain. I'd rather play Bill & Ted on NES than Action 52 OR CHEETAHMEN

  • Glitched Goomba
    Glitched Goomba 14 days ago

    Tell us how to make a nintentoaster

  • [VHD-YouTube]
    [VHD-YouTube] 16 days ago

    *Oh fuckin hell, there's a menorah shootin q-tips!!!*

  • The Rarest Gamer
    The Rarest Gamer 17 days ago

    The worst commercial game in NES

  • Citedmoon5741
    Citedmoon5741 18 days ago

    How the fuck can I get a nintoster

    • TheGreaterG8r
      TheGreaterG8r 13 days ago +2

      I think you can get them on eBay, but they are quite expensive

  • AndersonNeo12
    AndersonNeo12 18 days ago

    Nr. 49 Jigsaw. The purpose of this game is for you to find out why does it crash 24:22

  • Great British Scarface


  • Zach Case
    Zach Case 20 days ago +1

    Lets all admit Time Warp Tickers was the best game

  • Daryl The Explorer
    Daryl The Explorer 20 days ago

    I never did see this game in stores at all back then, so I guess I was considered lucky.

  • Saturn_Devouring
    Saturn_Devouring 23 days ago

    @17:52 ah pre adpocalypse RU-clip.

  • MakaveliTheResurrection

    9:02 Shoulda been called alien beaver tomato fight lmfao why is this so funny to me.

  • Soldier4Life official
    Soldier4Life official 25 days ago +1

    How can we get this console in 2019 ? Was originally made by Nintendo ? I never saw this before than the AVGN episode. My friends want to know if we can buy this from somebody or it need to be an order custom man maid ?? ? Thanks ✌️😎

    • TheGreaterG8r
      TheGreaterG8r 13 days ago

      Im pretty sure you can get them on eBay

    • ruerue244
      ruerue244 21 day ago +1

      This was definitely a 3rd party game. I didn’t see the nintendo seal on what we were shown of the cartridge, so I don’t think this is official either. You could try to find it online, but I can’t assume that it’d be cheap. Like most old games, emulating is your best bet.

  • AngryWorkBenchProductions 89

    18:26 the TF2 pyro does.

  • Neosporin Oreo
    Neosporin Oreo 26 days ago

    I think this video is the appearance of shit pickle

  • Danny
    Danny 26 days ago

    this game sucks plz review it you asshole thx

  • Donggab Shin
    Donggab Shin 27 days ago

    legend episode

  • Ad Scientia
    Ad Scientia 27 days ago

    The second most view video of AVGN

  • Omega Maximus
    Omega Maximus 28 days ago

    Electronic Abomination, that’s what EA stands for.

  • No U Reviews
    No U Reviews 28 days ago

    The reason so many are space shooters is because that's easier to program

  • jordan secrist
    jordan secrist 28 days ago

    imagine if someone snuck into your gameroom and switched your nintoaster with a real toaster.

  • Farid Muhammed
    Farid Muhammed 29 days ago


  • Farid Muhammed
    Farid Muhammed 29 days ago

    20:16 SADAMZILLA

  • Farid Muhammed
    Farid Muhammed 29 days ago


  • Farid Muhammed
    Farid Muhammed 29 days ago


  • 北岡霊人
    北岡霊人 29 days ago

    Yep, the worst 52 games ever in history of Nintendo. Which including Cheetahmen, a legendary of Sh*tty Game.

  • jode boyd
    jode boyd Month ago

    #41 = worst music ever

  • Johnny Eayre
    Johnny Eayre Month ago

    Nintendo is bad in general lol

    • Soulless
      Soulless 16 days ago

      Nintendo didn't even make this game nor license it!

  • The Frick King 5.5.0

    Action 52 is sucks

  • Boladorn
    Boladorn Month ago

    He is wearing blue jeans

  • CodenameChick
    CodenameChick Month ago +1

    Hey, look, it's Linus Shithead!

  • Robert Mills
    Robert Mills Month ago


  • sub to get arrested


  • cyber
    cyber Month ago

    Such a simpler time it was back then on the internet... I miss these years..

  • Digicraftmon the Crystal Gem

    Where can I buy a nintoaster?

  • BubbaSteve Garcia
    BubbaSteve Garcia Month ago

    Crazy how many new comments this has

  • Ben Taylor
    Ben Taylor Month ago

    Why is james changing the thumbnails to his videos