The Simpsons: The Simpsons in a indoor Waterpark

  • Published on Jun 15, 2017
  • [The Simpsons]
    -Season: 27
    -Episode: 15
    -Name: Lisa the veterinarian

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  • Cartoon Guy
    Cartoon Guy  2 years ago +824

    Let me guess! The old Simpsons are better?

  • juanclarissa
    juanclarissa 18 hours ago

    you only cured it’s to roll around naked in the snow

  • MechaniCat
    MechaniCat 20 hours ago

    What's so good about plastic ring?

  • Damin - Games
    Damin - Games 2 days ago

    Weener fish

  • Evan Boi 11
    Evan Boi 11 4 days ago


  • SonicMaster Sword
    SonicMaster Sword 4 days ago +1

    I miss when the jokes were more rooted in reality.

  • political dissonance

    Matt groening is a pedophile

  • Kelci F
    Kelci F 7 days ago +4

    “She’d have chosen me if I were wearing a real bathing suit”*shows underwear* oh god

  • BlueTarantulaProductions

    " Cola wars veteran coming through, wahoo! I'm exercising!" lol

  • The prince of Nigeria

    Why is lisa so pretentious now?

  • Creep302
    Creep302 11 days ago

    I'm finding nemo! I saw Heaven.

  • Naya Amore
    Naya Amore 14 days ago

    You know how Simpsons predict the future... im willing to bet there will be dyson hair dryers like in here in the future

  • dizzyduffy5
    dizzyduffy5 16 days ago


  • BOSS Sypherrr
    BOSS Sypherrr 17 days ago

    Wiener fish

    TEA DISSCOVERY 18 days ago

    I saw heaven

    BEMMOUSSAT FATIMA 19 days ago

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  • wahid boy
    wahid boy 21 day ago

    Is só funny😂😂

    ROBLOX GUY 21 day ago

    1:10 “this slide specialises in the size of the modern American fatso”

  • Shodzzy
    Shodzzy 22 days ago

    What’s this episode called?

  • Ed1tz
    Ed1tz 23 days ago +1

    I’m finding Nemo!

    I saw heaven!

  • NextFrame Animations
    NextFrame Animations 24 days ago

    1:03 - Professor John Frink is a real person! He's the executive producer for The Simpsons! What a coincidence!

  • Thinking Larger
    Thinking Larger 24 days ago

    Awwwwww when Milhouse started crying

  • It’s Sophie
    It’s Sophie 24 days ago


  • AffeLaffe
    AffeLaffe 25 days ago

    Haha he is yellow because he ate to much cheese

  • Aimee Thomson
    Aimee Thomson 27 days ago

    ...fixing garages

  • Cooldude989x The roblox god

    They predicted the vape issues

  • stick animations
    stick animations 29 days ago


  • Chrissy-Tiddle
    Chrissy-Tiddle 29 days ago

    Poor trash panda

  • Kristina Miles
    Kristina Miles Month ago +2

    When Lisa said “
    That poor raccoon isn’t anybody gonna do anything!” The black
    People behind her (not to be racist) are just staring at each other in the backround

  • جيف
    جيف Month ago


  • USAmerican Television

    classic simpson clips are the best!!!!!! they are real.

  • HondaHarleyGurl
    HondaHarleyGurl Month ago +1

    you gotta love The Simpsons!

  • Hanamaru Productions

    *i saw heaven*

  • hosea stefanus
    hosea stefanus Month ago

    All of you groos

  • Rick Francis Belarmino

    Hmmmm this better be in the future soon so if ever someone shoots a tazer gun on a pool just fucken taze him too

  • Efemral
    Efemral Month ago

    Boozy Australian! Well I never. I would be so offended at that, if I wasn't so drunk right now

  • Roblox Gamer
    Roblox Gamer Month ago +1

    This show is stupid i am a filipibo not ann america

  • jake is smart
    jake is smart Month ago

    weres my burito

  • Alfred The Great King Of Wessex

    I feel sad that there’s a whole generation of people that don’t know that this show was once funny

  • Be amused
    Be amused 2 months ago +1

    Which Simpson are you visit my channel to find out

  • Albert nimes Sightler iii

    Y’all crazy

  • Erick Langarica
    Erick Langarica 2 months ago

    The lion king

  • SwagHags69
    SwagHags69 2 months ago

    ...Why did the women leave the pool?
    Also Lisa's first kiss was *with* Nelson!
    Current seasons are weird

  • Bully Maguire
    Bully Maguire 2 months ago

    Why are people saying this is unbelievably bad? Just because it's not classic doesn't mean it can't have good moments. I am seriously starting to believe people don't have opinions anymore and are just jumping on the post classic simpsons sucks bandwagon because everyone else is. Smh.

  • Sandra Karp Wenzel
    Sandra Karp Wenzel 2 months ago

    Nelsons Bathing suit is a RENTAL

  • Daniel Veselík
    Daniel Veselík 2 months ago

    Czech dabing is better with english subtitles.

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 2 months ago

    wait wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut!!!!!!!!!! 3:02 talk about innuendo!

  • Marvin the Maniac
    Marvin the Maniac 2 months ago

    Those tiny fish that swim up your wiener are called Candiru, they're native to the Amazon River basin.

  • David Cat
    David Cat 2 months ago

    Not what it used to be

  • Lil Mo
    Lil Mo 2 months ago +1

    Why are all of Springfields citizens always in the same place

  • Ligia Torres__playz
    Ligia Torres__playz 2 months ago +1

    Me at 0:50 when I go to school 😐

  • Creeper Gam3r
    Creeper Gam3r 2 months ago


  • Vanessa Miller
    Vanessa Miller 2 months ago

    Simpsons Characters
    001. Homer
    002. Bart
    003. Marge
    004. Lisa
    005. Maggie
    006. Sideshow Bob
    007. Grampa Simpson
    008. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
    009. Groundskeeper Willie
    010. Milhouse Van Houten
    011. C. Montgomery Burns
    012. Moe Szyslak
    013. Krusty The Clown
    014. Ralph Wiggum
    015. Ned Flanders
    016. Luigi Risotto
    017. Eleanor Abernathy
    018. Akira
    019. Jeffrey Albertson
    020. Fat Tony
    021. Bumblebee Man
    022. Cletus Spuckler
    023. Medicine Woman
    024. Mayor Joseph Quimby
    025. Itchy
    026. Scratchy
    027. Snake
    028. Frank Grimes
    029. Nelson Muntz
    030. Hank Scorpio
    031. Jessica Lovejoy
    032. Kang And Kodos
    033. Lyle Lanley
    034. Lucille Botzcowski
    035. Molloy
    036. Artie Ziff

  • Homersimpsonfan 1234
    Homersimpsonfan 1234 3 months ago

    1:02 What the fuck was their problem
    Bart was just minding his own business & he wasn't doing anything wrong

  • World War History
    World War History 3 months ago

    DJ Daffy Dizzle - The Simpson Trap Mix

  • Dayana Carrasquillo
    Dayana Carrasquillo 3 months ago


  • kaleb knight
    kaleb knight 3 months ago

    Homer was nakid
    In the snoe

    • kaleb knight
      kaleb knight 3 months ago

      OK thanks so much for your reply homer Simpson

  • Matthew Olsen
    Matthew Olsen 3 months ago

    Not funny. Was actually disturbed a bit. Jokes seemed too simple, forced, and typical. Stop trying to be like the other animated shows.

  • RottenAple
    RottenAple 3 months ago

    Who ever wrote the title is an iduot because it is so mildly infuriating
    It's meant to be 'in an indoor water park'