Installing a CPU - How To: Basics

  • Published on Apr 3, 2019
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    It's time to get back to basics. How do I install a CPU?
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Comments • 3 478

  • amazingblur
    amazingblur Day ago

    How do I find the gamers nexus modmat thermal paste guide? It doesn't appear in google searches

  • John Pedder
    John Pedder 2 days ago

    Stopped watching at 52 seconds. Trashing a motherboard is just so ..

  • Richard Evans
    Richard Evans 3 days ago

    Hi. Are there any more 'How To: Basics' videos?

  • GetYour LifeTogether

    Hey I was wanted to upgrade my stock computer to boost my gaming I was trying to see which one of these would be better for me or I like the first one cause of the rgb but that’s not really gonna help the performance.

  • Apple Person
    Apple Person 5 days ago +6

    Anyone else die a little inside when he put eggs and water on the motherboard and dropped the cpu into the mess

  • Clive Mattinson
    Clive Mattinson 6 days ago

    20 years building computers! Never had an "incorrectly seated" CPU! Never heard of an "incorrectly seated" CPU! Never heard of RAM sticks not showing up! Is he making all this shite up???

  • Clive Mattinson
    Clive Mattinson 6 days ago

    I don't trust blobs of thermal compound to spread evenly! I use a credit card to apply a very thin film of Arctic Silver to my CPU. Works for me!

  • Clive Mattinson
    Clive Mattinson 6 days ago

    How to make something really simple, sound really complicated! 👎

  • Grumpi Panda
    Grumpi Panda 7 days ago

    so would a i7-9700k work with my existing z370 mobo? i really dont want to upgrade my mobo if i dont have too

  • Goreface69
    Goreface69 7 days ago

    Terrible video. Too many closeups, not enough wide shots, not enough artistic shots, too much information, didn't even apply thermal paste with an applicator, didn't even use an allen key. Do you guys not have swiss army knives? Amateurs.

  • Supremeboijin
    Supremeboijin 9 days ago

    The amount of money that motherboard costs and slaps a bunch of stuff on it water eggs everything all made me cry

  • incideus
    incideus 13 days ago

    Wtf is how to basic doing here

  • Brow Bunny
    Brow Bunny 15 days ago

    Hi bud thanks for the vid it helps

  • Potato Birb
    Potato Birb 16 days ago

    5:45 can anyone tell me that can't you just unplug everything including power supply first?

  • EternaL 2k
    EternaL 2k 18 days ago

    My friend said I need to use soldering iron to heat up the thermal paste. Is it true?

    SOGGY TOASTER 19 days ago

    Thank you so much I almost spent £400 on an I7 when I had an AMD compatible motherboard

  • Airidas Kvedaras
    Airidas Kvedaras 19 days ago

    Does Threadripper use TR4 socket or what kind? And is it a good choice for gaming pc? Not going to try that, already ordered 3rd gen ryzen 7. just curious

  • VanCityR6
    VanCityR6 20 days ago

    What about cleaning the old paste from the cooler?

  • kapttain
    kapttain 20 days ago

    You destroying that cpu and mother board hurt me

  • XxHassanxX
    XxHassanxX 21 day ago

    u stupid person u could have gave me the motherboard

  • Tesla Tower
    Tesla Tower 21 day ago

    I have an Intel with a pga

  • Horry Pottur
    Horry Pottur 23 days ago


  • Unwantedho
    Unwantedho 24 days ago

    I audibly gasped when I saw him throw the egg on the mb

  • Wallmonger
    Wallmonger 25 days ago

    Don't worry little CPU we still love you :c

  • Joshua Moore
    Joshua Moore 26 days ago

    The destruction of that board in the beginning made me want to commit suicide

    JOHN LEWIS 26 days ago


  • Mad-Cyantist
    Mad-Cyantist 28 days ago

    Hold on, i need more information please.
    I have an FLCLGA1366 does this mean i can install any LGA?
    I want to swap FLCLGA1366 and replace it with an FCLGA2011.
    Using HP z800.
    Will that work?

  • Oscar Jimenez
    Oscar Jimenez 28 days ago +2

    I yelled “what have you done?” When I saw the first egg smash. Then I continued to have a stroke while mourning that motherboard.

  • Bruno Frazão
    Bruno Frazão 29 days ago

    do i need to update something if i change cpus from the same generation? For example, i have an i3 3240 and i'm thinking to upgrade to an i7 3770, do i just switch the cpus and that's it, or are there something like drivers that i need to check?

  • علي محمد
    علي محمد Month ago +1

    *i understand nothing*

  • SoulGaming
    SoulGaming Month ago

    I know how to put a cpu on a motherboard... BUUTTTT i don't have a pc....

  • Agio Azza
    Agio Azza Month ago +4

    8:11 someone laugh like a car machine starting :v

  • Damped Gosling94
    Damped Gosling94 Month ago

    I thoight for a second that this is old..
    0:45 Why did u do that!?...
    Lol i think that motherboard is expensive..

  • Pajarito
    Pajarito Month ago

    Me in the minute 0:37 to 0:57
    Excause me wtf

  • BANT3R
    BANT3R Month ago +1

    So it takes 15 minutes to do this?

  • Tanuj Kumar
    Tanuj Kumar Month ago

    They even have a motherboard and cpu to destroy. I don't even have one to use 😢

  • Ann-Marie Shaltes
    Ann-Marie Shaltes Month ago

    Always been super nervous about handling the cpu and installing/removing it myself. Thanks for the great basics video - it's really helped!

  • Dhenzie Co
    Dhenzie Co Month ago

    does any kind of motherboard is same? coz i want to assemble new for my partner any tips?

    • NoxianScum
      NoxianScum Month ago

      They’re somewhat different, depending on what features you’d want to have.

  • Gta cleo
    Gta cleo Month ago

    Hahahaha 👏👏😆😁😄

  • Paweł Horaczy
    Paweł Horaczy Month ago

    If i have Ryzen 5 3600 and input cpu pwr 8+4 on motherboard but only 8 pin plug in power supply, can I use it? Sorry for bad language.

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku Month ago +1

    Instructions not clear! I bent my CPU!!

  • Harry Liang
    Harry Liang Month ago +1

    when i saw you rek that motherboard i was like - oh my god, he just rekt a motherboard that cost more then my whole entire rig.

  • Emerald
    Emerald Month ago

    You can lower the fIRst lid

  • William Steven
    William Steven Month ago +3

    I was concerned I clicked a HowToBasic video at first looking at the title.

  • Arthur A
    Arthur A Month ago +3

    Is the backplate necessary of metal? I'm going to buy a new cooler, but it has a plastic backplate. Under the influence of temperature, it can deform ?? Or is this all nonsense ??

    • Juan Tomas Castellon Pineda
      Juan Tomas Castellon Pineda Month ago

      the backplate does not receive too much heat, if the cooler is from a reputable brand and it is rated for the wattage of your cpu then there is no issue with it, but you should do a little research on it before you buy anything.

  • draconath Firesoul
    draconath Firesoul Month ago +1

    this helped me learn how to build my first rig

    • Travis Coward
      Travis Coward Month ago

      Make a video of the rig if you haven't already

  • WarpBeast
    WarpBeast Month ago

    Bro, you could've given me that beautiful motherboard and cpu.

  • Rev Capitle
    Rev Capitle Month ago

    Best part of this video was the the eggs. XD

  • Эридий Смук

    I remember when i was 7 years old and press keys F+2 instead of just F2... What a shame.

  • harld kardika
    harld kardika Month ago +2

    a desktop a day keep linus away

  • harld kardika
    harld kardika Month ago +1

    of course linus, of course

  • luke bessonov
    luke bessonov Month ago

    Lest we forget... to remove the plastic. And fry your 3000$ pc

  • Buzzard
    Buzzard Month ago

    Basics with Linus

  • frost
    frost Month ago

    Wtf you poped up the warning at :46, that wa already fat too late for mei was fallowing stab by stab

  • Jo Blow
    Jo Blow Month ago

    12:10 "Says reset those Pins" for the heatsink BUT! didn't, those pins are in the unlocked position for removal, twist them back first to the locked position then install/push down.

  • Jo Blow
    Jo Blow Month ago

    6:49 and this is the problem with the AMD socket (AM4), also the stock AMD heatsink TIM (Thermal Induction Material) is thick and sticky, not easy to remove the CPU from the heatsink and if you push it sideways the TIM can buildup on the side and ooze over the pins giving you another headache to cleanup without damaging CPU pins. AMD really need to redesign the socket so the CPU is hard locked to the motherboard like Intel.

  • Emerald Bros
    Emerald Bros Month ago +3

    0:46-0:55 this is why you dont invite how to basic over to your house

  • James Alvin
    James Alvin Month ago

    Oh jesus

  • Old Andy
    Old Andy Month ago

    Dam, rough reference there. NICE!

  • espen edvardsen
    espen edvardsen Month ago +1

    can you give me a I5 core from intel? please?