How to Get/Breed Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • Pokemon Sword & Shield 3 ways to get shiny pokemon, hatch shiny pokemon or breed shiny pokemon, wild encounter shiny pokemon, and max raid battle shiny pokemon, here is how to get shiny pokemon in pokemon sword and shield including the Masuda method, shiny charm, and wild shiny pokemon!
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Comments • 1 807

  • Austin John Plays
    Austin John Plays  26 days ago +1466

    gotta hunt for 7233hours to catch 'em all slightly discolored!

    • Blackheartzero, the Underground Song Critic
      Blackheartzero, the Underground Song Critic 2 days ago

      -Gotta Catch 'em All!- Gotta Get Those Bragging Rights!

    • Alexander van Est
      Alexander van Est 5 days ago

      I caught a shiny ditto today and started breeding with it. Then realized that i havent a clue weather this will even make a difference or not? Does breeding with shiny ditto raise chances of shiny egg?

    • Caleb
      Caleb 9 days ago

      @Geometry 2012 I think. It would be better to get a foreign Ditto though because you can breed it with everything.

    • Caleb
      Caleb 9 days ago

      @NoLoveInFear I'm pretty sure you need to get into a battle with it first.

    • Caleb
      Caleb 9 days ago

      @RedNinja Gaming I'll do it first idc if I have to waste my life.

  • John Tanseco
    John Tanseco Hour ago

    does battled count affect breeding?

  • WorkOfPeace
    WorkOfPeace 5 hours ago

    I got a full odds shiny Glaceon on my first encounter... I about died.

  • DatGuyInTheBack
    DatGuyInTheBack 6 hours ago +1

    I only have one question about the msuda method. Does the 1 out of 512 mean, out of 512 eggs your a guaranteed atleast one shiny, or is it like 2% for an egg to hatch a shiny.

    • AnimePrince03
      AnimePrince03 2 hours ago

      It is (0.19%) chance for your hatched egg to be a shiny... There is nothing really guaranteed.
      it's all about RNG.

  • Casey Aden
    Casey Aden 14 hours ago

    So does the Masuda Method still work if you use a Ditto from your game and a mon from a different language? I only heard from this video that you need a foreign Ditto

  • ex Lightning
    ex Lightning Day ago

    The combo mechanic isn't even confirmed

  • felicia putri
    felicia putri Day ago

    can a kind soul here trade me another language ditto? I've been trying for a ralts with full odds...and I am now left with 14 boxes of ralts and still no shiny...I have if anyone wants I can trade that for the ditto...

  • Sam Marran
    Sam Marran Day ago

    I'm probably going to try masuda method

  • Phobiaphobic
    Phobiaphobic Day ago

    “Shiny hunting is not fun”
    Hawlucha #473 sitting in a pc box: *Nods in agreement*

  • Edi Mad
    Edi Mad Day ago

    I just got my first shiny a Magikarp and now I don’t want to evolve it, cause it’s so shiny!

  • Mixed Pandaz
    Mixed Pandaz Day ago

    I love how you say by Christmas we will be done I got the game not even a week ago and I already have the full Pokédex

  • Toxicblock
    Toxicblock 2 days ago

    I got the full dex in 4day is that good

  • Jorge Rivadineira
    Jorge Rivadineira 2 days ago

    I would like to know if I use a mint on my zacian lvl 70, does it change the stats from now on, or the stats for what it would be from lvl1.

    • ex Lightning
      ex Lightning Day ago

      Natures are a flat increase/decrease percentage to stats, The level doesn't matter.

  • Suited Vapor
    Suited Vapor 2 days ago

    Can’t it be a foreign parent instead of a ditto? For eg. Chinese Grookey wit my American Ditto

    • silvertaels
      silvertaels Day ago

      It can, but the foreign ditto can breed with other species as well

  • Kaleb Burgundy
    Kaleb Burgundy 2 days ago

    QUICK QUESTION! (Not really) Was this posted before the official Pokémon about shiny Pokémon on their website? Tnx

  • Hailee McRoy
    Hailee McRoy 3 days ago

    I have a shiny Arrowcuda that's it lol

  • RBEO22
    RBEO22 3 days ago

    I never played Let's Go, and I regret absolutely nothing.

  • I Am Hydrated
    I Am Hydrated 3 days ago

    If I breed 100 Toxel will it add up on my Numbers battled

  • Bxmanolo13
    Bxmanolo13 3 days ago

    Only shiny I ever had was the red gyarados they give you in gold & sliver lol

  • Cruznick06
    Cruznick06 3 days ago

    It's always been hard to get shines but with dexit my go-to shiny breeding friend has decided to not bother shiny breeding this gen. Her (insane and amazing) goal was to breed one shiny of every pokemon. She was up to around 350 in ORAS. 620 in USUM. So thanks for the vid. If I want shines I'm gonna have to do it myself.

  • georgegotjokes
    georgegotjokes 3 days ago

    Question. If I hatch 30 eggs and there’s no shiny. And I haven’t saved the game. Could I just restart the game and start over so I don’t have to go through the whole process of breeding eggs again?

  • Miles Kenyon
    Miles Kenyon 4 days ago

    I just touch traded the whole dex and finished it in a week lol

  • numbreon
    numbreon 4 days ago +1

    6 seconds after i clicked this video i hatched a shiny scorbunny 🥺

  • schuyler morgan
    schuyler morgan 4 days ago

    So if I want a shiny Chandelure should I kill a bunch of Litwick and then breed it with my foreign ditto?

  • TheBabadookWasOverrated

    Within two boxes I got a shiny Eiscue (by mistake, was breeding for a normal competitive Eiscue), but I have 13 boxes of Magikarp and still nada. Over 20 HA competitive Magikarp, though, so if I give up I'm set.
    Edit: The Eiscue was pretty disappointing too. Perfect IVs in everything, but Decent Speed.

  • The Tatonator
    The Tatonator 5 days ago

    So for the breeding Masuda Method. Do you highly recommend a foreign Ditto, rather than a foreign (let's say) Charizard, in order to get a shiny Charmander? or it doesn't really matter, as long as one of them is foreign and the other one is my catch?? I am just wondering.

  • Foxythepiratefox Hp
    Foxythepiratefox Hp 5 days ago

    Is it ok if I turn off the game

  • Cody
    Cody 5 days ago

    Does Masuda work if my ditto is Japanese AND the other Pokemon is also Japanese?

    • Insidious_NX
      Insidious_NX 4 days ago

      To be more clear. Just one Pokemon has to be from a different language game. Ditto is more preferable since it can mate with nearly every Pokemon.

  • Jake in the Box
    Jake in the Box 5 days ago +7

    I’ve been shiny hunting shellos since forever. I’m pretty sure I’ve encountered at least 800.
    Why can’t it be like my random ultra shiny baltoy.

    • ChargedCoin
      ChargedCoin 3 days ago

      same... I've been trying to get lampent forever, then while I'm hunting a shiny golurk appeared

  • Stabbed a camel
    Stabbed a camel 5 days ago

    Do I need mew to complete the Pokédex?

  • Sierra
    Sierra 5 days ago

    7:47 Lol when you mean battle combo but keep saying catch combo cause you got Let’s go Pikachu & Eevee on the brain

  • JohnHertzzz
    JohnHertzzz 6 days ago

    Couple of days ago I ran into my 1st Lunatone n my 2nd encounter was an Ultra Shiny :'( :O I grabbed it RIGHT AWAY!! :D
    I haven't finished my Dex yet....269 sofar

  • Chris M
    Chris M 6 days ago

    This is definatly the best explanation I've seen so far on sword and shields shiny hunting

  • KeepUrSecretz
    KeepUrSecretz 6 days ago

    Imma wait til Pokemon home comes out and bring my shiny Geodude from Omega Ruby into Sword

  • Jaes Dreams
    Jaes Dreams 6 days ago

    In my old games I never got a shiny so my only experience was with let’s go Eevee .. :(

  • Littz Gaming
    Littz Gaming 6 days ago

    7:32 it stays

  • Matador
    Matador 6 days ago

    im from Germany and wanna catch a 6 iv ditto, who want join? then we can trade the. insta: rafa.e_1

  • Van Fahnel
    Van Fahnel 6 days ago

    question about masuda method 4:55. you are saying said it doesn't matter anymore if the pokemon has a foreign language, it has to be also from a different region. according to pokewiki this isn't true, it should be enough if the pokemon is from another language.
    note: another language doesn't automatically mean another region. you can start the game with a new nintendo switch account on the same region where you are living and just changing the language of the game to spanish or german or jpn or whatsoever.
    which info is true, yours or from pokewiki ?
    a friend of mine is breeding shinys with a ditto on the same region, but with a different language (second walkthrough, he just changed the language).

  • Emma Larch
    Emma Larch 7 days ago

    I actually got a random full-odds shiny blipbug my first time through route 1! it was about 5 seconds after I caught my first blipbug lmao

  • Emma Larch
    Emma Larch 7 days ago

    since the switch isn't region locked, do you know if region actually makes a difference here? is it just language or does it HAVE to be set to a different region?

  • 1234evana
    1234evana 7 days ago

    Do pokemon other than Ditto work with the Masuda method?

  • iMYX
    iMYX 7 days ago

    Easy to see how alcahol poisoning was a crucial benifactor

  • Mr. Wumpus
    Mr. Wumpus 7 days ago

    can anyone clarify the whole full odds? I have the shiny charm and masuda method. does that mean that every egg hatched has a 1 in 512 or do my odds get better with ever egg? so I hatch "said egg" and now I have 1 in 511 on my next egg?
    just hatched a shiny charmander took around 200 eggs. just not sure off the odds thing.

  • Bao Not
    Bao Not 7 days ago

    I accidentally encounter a shiny Steenee at Raid battle

  • Acey Kamishiro
    Acey Kamishiro 7 days ago

    That was a 9 second explanation!

  • Ju ju Alexander
    Ju ju Alexander 8 days ago

    I have a 5 star raid
    Be online for a while

  • Jack J.J
    Jack J.J 8 days ago

    I have 89 Pokémon left for the shiny charm, if any of you complete Dex guys want a Shiny Dreepy I’m willing to trade you one of mine if you help me get the rest of the Pokémon I need reply or dm me for the discord link

  • andreis marco
    andreis marco 8 days ago

    Diamond Shiny Duskull yesterday

  • Divine Genesis
    Divine Genesis 8 days ago

    So if you battled 500+ of a single poke (and it caps out at 500+) does that mean you can just run from that point forward or do you need to keep knocking them out?

  • Lumikki Cresent
    Lumikki Cresent 8 days ago

    5:02 - 5:07 nope not at all, I’m here for breeding and thank you!!🥰

  • Destructive Toaster
    Destructive Toaster 8 days ago +5

    The irony is I've been breeding a Milcery for a few days now and I finally hatch a shiny in the last 10 seconds of this video.

  • Engi Moon
    Engi Moon 8 days ago

    I found yesterday accidentally a pelipper. I just ran into it and it was shiny. I don't even have a shiny charm😅 the same thing happened in pokémon sun. Also a wild shiny pelipper at first encounter without looking for it and without shiny charm

  • Niall Bollard
    Niall Bollard 8 days ago

    Am I they only one that hates this new method shiny hunting? It's just going into the grass, finding a pokemon, killing it, then repeat until you find a shiny.
    SOS chaining took preparation, skill, knowledge, maths and patience.
    I remember trying to find a Shiny Female Salandit in Moon version. I had to find a pokemon that can have Cute Charm and train it up so it can 1-shot the non shiny Salandits. It felt so rewarding when a Shiny Female Salandit appeared on my screen.
    Another of my favourite hunts was for a shiny Shuppet. I need a way to hit it with False Swipe because it was a ghost and False Swipe wasn't effective. I used a Pangoro with the Scrappy ability to hit Ghost-types, but eventually in the battle, the Shuppet used Curse and knocked itself out. My eventual solution was to use a Smeargle with Soak, False Swipe, Mega Drain and Thunderpunch. Soak to turn him into a Water-type so Curse doesn't kill him, False Swipe to take him to 1hp, and the last 2 move to do super effective damage. It took a few days to find a shiny, but when I did, I was over the moon. It's my favourite memory of shiny hunting because it took so much thought and planning, then failure, then more planning. It felt like a mighty achievement, but in Sword and Shield, it was like "oh, there he is, a shiny Honedge, I had to ko about 600 to find him, meh".
    It was the least enthusiastic I've ever been to see a shiny because it just took time and luck. No skill or preparation

    DEATHxTHExKIDx1 8 days ago

    I got a shiny Boltund&Obstagoo. Within an Hr of each other. But I was tryna to get Drampa

  • 박선교
    박선교 8 days ago

    5:4 youre probably not gonna do this in weak 1 i already beat the game and in hunting for shines booooooi

  • Kaleb. A
    Kaleb. A 9 days ago

    I found a shiny grubbin while trying to train. Lvl. 26. My team was lvl 60+. I was very afraid.

  • Jon Sel
    Jon Sel 9 days ago

    I'm just gonna keep looking for shiny golett

  • Adam McKenna
    Adam McKenna 9 days ago +1

    Finished my dex today. Let the shiny hunt begin.

  • motori
    motori 10 days ago

    this is another type of feral

  • Sonson
    Sonson 10 days ago

    Shiny Charm + Matsuda is the way to go. I got my shiny Hatenna on the 16th egg.